How to Open the Back Cover of Samsung A10

How to Open the Back Cover of Samsung A10

The way to insert a SIM card in a children’s watch

Depending on the model of the Jet Kid watches, a way to insert a SIM card into them is also implemented.

In the case of the model we are considering, the installation of SIM is reduced to approximately the following:

If you purchased a new SIM, we recommend that you first activate it on your smartphone, as this will be difficult to do on the watch. After successful activation, proceed further;

Take a screwdriver and carefully unscrew the specified bolts;

Under it you will find a battery. Gently lift it;

Close the watch with the back cover and tighten the bolts;

  • Install the necessary applications for the watch functionality.
  • Features Samsung Galaxy A10

    The Samsung Galaxy A10 phone is a frameless smartphone with a 13 MP camera, a 1.6 GHz processor and a 6.2-inch display. The device is notable for its small thickness, stylish design and powerful 3400 mAh battery. The power source is not removable here, so the SIM is replaced through the side connector.

    Before you insert a SIM card into the Samsung Galaxy A10, you should understand the features of the device. We single out the main ones:

    1. The SIM card tray is located at the top left, if you hold a smartphone and look at it.
    2. The SIM card must be Nano size.
    3. There are three slots in the phone tray. two for SIM cards and one for a memory card.
    4. To remove the tray, a special tool is used that comes with the smartphone.

    Knowing these features, you can proceed to the next stage of work. installing a SIM card in Samsung A10. We will consider detailed instructions below.

    What to do if the tablet does not see the SIM card

    It also happens that even after the SIM card is correctly inserted into the tablet, the device does not respond to it at all. That is, just does not see the SIM card. The causes of this problem are many:

    1. The SIM card itself is locked. For example, it has not been used for more than six months. In this case, contact the operator.
    2. Connector pins damaged. This happens both with expensive tablets (from Samsung, Apple), and with budget models (from manufacturers such as Dexp, Prestigio, Alcatel, etc.). Only a service center can help.
    3. Software issues. For example, the old firmware on Android is often reduced to inactivity of the SIM card. What can be done? Of course, update the OS.
    4. SIM card wear. For some reason, many forget that Simka cannot work forever. In addition, with active use, she quickly erases contacts. This problem is being solved by a visit to the telecom operator and replacing the old SIM with a new one.
    5. Inactive network. Some models of Chinese tablets have limitations that allow you to use only SIM cards from a particular operator. In this case, you have to seriously climb in the settings. Perhaps it will be possible to register the desired telecom operator and activate the network.

    Some tablet models are equipped with a SIM card slot, which allows the owner not only to connect to the Internet via 3G / 4G technology, but also to call landline / mobile phones. If you do not know how to install a SIM card, then check out the information published below. The article will also give solutions to some problems associated with the use of a SIM card.

    How to insert SIM in Samsung A10: step by step

    The process of installing a SIM card takes no more than a minute, which makes the process quick and easy for users. The instruction for action looks like this:

    • Inspect the Samsung A10 and determine where to insert the SIM card. As noted, the connector for the chip is located on the front of the smartphone (on the left side).
    • Turn off the machine to avoid system errors during the replacement process.
    • Take the tool to open the Samsung tray and insert it into the special hole. It is located at the top in the left end.
    • Press lightly until it clicks and the card holder comes out. If the tool is not at hand, you can use another thin object, for example, a paper clip.
    • Remove the SIM card tray. Now you need to correctly insert the SIM card in the Samsung A10. At this point, put one or two SIMs at once. You can also insert a memory card in a special slot.
    • Check that the SIM card is correctly inserted and that it is not out of the slot.
    • Insert the SIM card tray into the slot. At the same time, make sure that the hole is in the correct position (bottom).
    • Turn on your smartphone. Samsung A10 should boot and determine the SIM. After determining the mobile operator and setting the settings, you can make calls and connect to the Internet in normal mode.

    With the correct completion of all steps, you can quickly insert a SIM card into the Samsung A10 and avoid problems.

    SIM card installation process

    Now, having decided on the format of the SIM card for the iPhone, you can proceed to the main thing. try to insert it into the slot. It’s not as difficult as it might seem. much easier than putting a song on an iPhone ringtone. The user needs:

    Find a small hole on the right side of the device (in new models, just below the on / off button), the diameter of which fits a regular paper clip.

    Take a special paper clip attached to the device, or, as just mentioned, a clerical one, immerse the sharp end in this hole and press down without undue effort.

    Wait for a characteristic quiet click, followed by detachment from the end of the front cover of the slot, and carefully remove the SIM holder.

    Once again, check the required size of the SIM card, break it out of the frame and load it into the slot. it itself will lie along the guides.

    Carefully, again until a small click, insert the slot back into the iPhone. Now you can turn on the phone by clicking on the appropriate button, and start working in normal mode.

    Excellent! Simka is installed in the device and after a few seconds should be authorized by the operator. Having successfully completed the task, the user should not stop there. it’s much better to expand your knowledge by learning why iCloud is needed in the iPhone and how to use this multifunctional service.

    Under the lid on the back of the case

    It is relevant for Digma, Explay tablets, as well as the only way to insert a SIM card in the Irbis tablet. even in the 2018 model.

    Here, not the entire back cover is removed, as was done in older models of smartphones and phones, but only part of it is a narrow panel on the upper or lower edge of the back of the case.

    What do we have to do:

    1. Turn the tablet with the back to you. We look where the removable panel is.
    2. We pry the panel for a special groove, gently pull it towards ourselves and remove it from the case.
    3. We put the card in the slot. How to correctly (which side) insert the SIM card into the tablet, you can consider in a special drawing. it should be stamped next to the slot or directly on it.
    4. Return the panel to its place.
    5. Turn on the tablet and start using it.

    For Lenovo Yoga

    To insert a SIM card into a Lenovo Yoga tablet, you also need to remove the special panel. However, it is on the left (as if we were looking at the spine of a book) and comes unfastened differently.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    • Turn the tablet with the back surface toward you. A convex, rounded edge away from you.
    • There is an oval button on the panel (cover) covering the slots. Click on it.
    • Flip the lid.
    • To the right of the button there is another cover. a plastic rectangle. Pick it up with a fingernail and remove.
    • Expand the SIM card as shown on the plastic above the slot. Insert it into the slot and push it fully in. A slight click should be heard.
    • Replace the second (inner) cover, and then snap the first, outer.

    Not used to using a tablet, but most often using a phone. read our other article on how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone or, for example, into Samsung!

    To remove a SIM card from such a slot, use the instructions below, from the subsection “How to remove it.”.

    Additional process information

    In general, if you don’t know how to insert a SIM card into iPhone 4 and don’t want to spend time studying this material in detail, it’s better to ask a sales consultant to buy this device. For him, this procedure should be sufficiently familiar and relatively simple. You just have to watch his manipulations and try to remember them. If you can’t remember all of them and you are embarrassed to repeat the procedure, then our material may come to your aid, in which you can easily find all the necessary information. We described in great detail the procedure for installing a SIM card in the fourth-generation iPhone. In addition, you can safely read the article and carry out this procedure at the same time. The fourth generation iPhone is positioned as a device for sharing all the capabilities of the Internet, as well as e-mail, games, music, films, using media (periodicals) and making calls.

    SIM Card Installation

    The phone’s SIM card slots are located under the back cover. To be able to insert a SIM card into HTC Desire SV, you need to:

    • Put the device on the palm of the screen face down and hold it tightly in your hand;
    • Hook the bottom of the lid with your other hand and slowly pull it up.
    • Turn the SIM-card with the gold contacts down and stick it in the full program into one of the slots;
    • If you have another SIM card, insert it into the next slot in the same way;
    • Close the back cover of the device.

    A distinctive feature of the HTC Desire SV model is the introduction of MicroSIM cards. To change an existing ordinary SIM-card to MicroSIM, you need to contact the representatives of the mobile operator.

    Management how stick SIMa map into the phone HTC One M9. Overview HTC One M9:

    In this tutorial I will show you how to put your SIM card and micro SD card into your HTC Desire 530, 630, 825. You can use.

    Removing SIM Cards

    To be able to remove the SIM cards, you need to:

    • Turn off the mobile device;
    • Remove the back cover of the phone;
    • With a touch of a finger, slide the SIM card out of the slot.

    It’s important to keep in mind that, with frequent installation and removal procedures, the gold-plated contacts of the SIM card will be scratched and the microchip installed in the card will become unusable over time. To change a failed SIM card, you need to contact at least some consulate of the mobile operator.

    The presence of 2 SIM-cards in a mobile device allows not only to be online immediately with 2 operators, but also to use one of the cards to access the web, revealing to the user its endless abilities.

    The website does not store personal information of people in our country (registration is closed, disabled). Some materials posted on our website should contain information intended for users over 16 years of age (according to No. 436-FZ of December 29, 2010, “On the protection of which they have developed imagination from information that is harmful to their health and development”). 16. The implementation of this website requires acceptance of the user agreement criteria.

    Smart Watch Setup

    Each user is able to configure the device and adjust the parameters independently. The process is simple and in most cases does not require contact with professionals. Let’s consider the details.

    Setup consists of 3 simple steps:

    • Preparation for the process
    • User registration
    • Data setting

    Parameters of different models are individual.

    Depending on the brand of watch, some setting conditions change. The sequence of actions is saved. Regarding smart gadgets from China, everything is simpler here. The principle for most samples is common. Let’s talk about how to properly set up a smart watch Smart Watch.

    How to find out your tablet model

    Let’s go back to the preparatory stage and try to figure out where to climb in order to get information about your device. Suppose the device’s cover does not come off. you won’t be able to read the information on the battery. Catch a universal algorithm for all Androids:

    1. Open “Settings” (gear icon).
    2. Go to the “About the tablet” section (sometimes “About the device”).
    3. Scroll down.
    4. Find the “Model Number” option.

    Here you will see the symbolic marking.

    Go to Google and drive in the received number. It turns out that you are dealing with a Galaxy Note 3 smartphone that supports LTE technology. This is the simplest example. With tablets, everything works the same way.

    SIM preparation and activation

    The functionality of a smart watch is significantly inferior to the capabilities of a phone or smartphone, so before inserting a SIM, it is better to configure and prepare it in advance. To do this, select the phone, smartphone or tablet as the first device to insert it into. Using the phone menu, do the following:

    1. Activate SIM by making the first call
    2. Disable locking and entering PIN code on it
    3. Check the balance and, if necessary, put money into the account
    4. Choose a suitable rate
    5. Set up Internet access by selecting 2G networks (enable data transfer)

    Now SIM is considered activated, then it can be installed in the Smart Watch.

    Possible problems

    Sometimes, after installation, the SIM card may not be detected on the phone. The reasons for this behavior are quite diverse, but in general they boil down to two main ones. improper installation or breakdown.

    Incorrect installation

    The most common option is to insert the card incorrectly into the slot. A similar problem can provoke a situation when the card is installed on the wrong side, i.e. contacts not down, but up. In this case, it is enough to change its location and most often it will work.

    Technical difficulites

    Failures also occur, in which case any SIM will not be recognized by the iPhone. In such a situation, it is best to contact a service center to localize the problem and repair.

    Other malfunctions

    It is also likely that the package has expired. You can clarify this only in the operator’s office. However, you can check by installing another SIM in your iPhone.

    SIM damage is also possible. After several years of use, especially if they are often removed from the phones, they may become worthless. You can verify this as described above. However, you can replace and restore the number in any office of the operator.

    Features of Samsung A 30 and A 20 phones

    Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A20 is a high-quality device with a bezelless display, rounded edges and a shiny back cover. It has a large screen diagonal of 6.4 inches and there are two cameras for creating high-quality images. On board the device is an 8-core CPU, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. NFC, bluetooth 5.0 and other features are provided.

    The Samsung Galaxy A30 is very similar to its brother. It also features a bezel-less display, rounded edges and two cameras. The screen has a diagonal of 6.4 inches, which is characterized by a high level of contrast and clarity of the picture. On board there is a dual-core eight-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of its memory. There is also a version with 4 GB and 64 GB, respectively.

    A feature of both Samsung is the ability to install two SIM cards simultaneously and additionally a memory card. Each element has its own connector. If your task is to insert a SIM card into the phone, consider the following features:

    1. The trays where you want to insert a SIM card in the Samsung A30 and A20 are located at the top left (on the end of the smartphone). This is the standard location for many phones of the South Korean manufacturer.
    2. The size of the SIM card is Nano.
    3. The card holder has three individual connectors. You can install SIM cards in two of them, and in another SD-card (micro).
    4. To get the tray, you must use a special product in the form of a thin pin bent at the end.

    Knowing where to insert a SIM card in the Samsung A20 and A30, you can easily do this job. The main thing is to follow the step-by-step instructions below.


    Turn off the tablet.
    Before you start installing a SIM card, carefully read the instructions for your device. There, the whole process should be described in detail and in pictures.
    Locate the tray cover on the device case. Usually it is on the side. Less often on the back wall. On cheap models. under the battery.
    Release the cover. By pressing, tucking in, or using a special key.
    Place the SIM card in the tray

    It is always made in its shape, pay attention to the “corner”. The main thing is to set the right side

    As a rule, she should “look” with a chip to the back of the device. Sometimes on the case there is a drawing of the correct location.
    There are times when a special metal frame (tray) is missing. On such devices, you just need to put the SIM in the hole indicated by the picture until it clicks.
    Lock the cover back.
    Turn on the gadget and make sure that it recognizes the mobile operator (the name and icons of 3G, 4G, LTE, Egde will appear).

    How to insert a SIM card into the slot

    Consider this with the example of Xiaomi Redmi 6A.

    The kit includes:

    • smartphone;
    • Charger;
    • micro-USB cable
    • clip;
    • warranty card:
    • brief user manual;
    • box packing.

    Using a paper clip

    Get the metal clip that comes with the smartphone and is used as a device key to open the slots. If for some reason you do not have this tool, you can use a paper clip, having previously unbent it from one side. It is strictly forbidden to use a needle, since it is possible to damage the smartphone.

    Xiaomi clip is made of metal wire in the form of a clip with an elongated end.

    Find on the left end of the device two slots with a hole in the form of a dot in each.

    Opening a SIM card slot

    remove the paper clip from the package;
    carefully insert it into the upper pinhole perpendicular to the end of the smartphone;
    press lightly;
    after a light click, the tray will slightly extend. you need to remove it;
    install the first SIM card with the contacts down;
    insert it into the phone until it clicks lightly.

    Opening a memory card slot

    In Xiaomi Redmi 6A, the manufacturer has provided a combined slot made to accommodate the first SIM card and memory card. SIM card and microSD are inserted simultaneously in the upper tray. Each of them has its own form, so it is impossible to make a mistake and mix something up.

    SIM card trim for Galaxy S8

    Before you insert a SIM card into the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, you need to give it a proper shape. This will be done in 3 ways:

    Management how insert SIM card and microSD card to phone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. Overview Samsung Galaxy J2.

    When everything is ready, you can proceed to the practical part:

    1. Print a cutting template on a color or b / w printer. You can download it from the web in PDF format in a different JPEG format by going where necessary: ​​http: //beeline365.ruuploads/2015/10/Nano_SIM.pdf.
    2. Using adhesive tape, in other words, PVA glue, attach an existing SIM card to the template. The zero point, which is why it is necessary to navigate when fixing a SIM card, is a cut corner. With all this, if the initial card has the size of Micro-SIM, the MicroSIM to NanoSIM template is suitable for you. In this case, there is a real SIM on hand, use the MiniSIM to NanoSIM template.
    3. With thin scissors, in other words, with a clerical knife, cut the protruding plastic along the lines drawn. It is necessary to work very carefully so as not to accidentally destroy the microcircuit.
    4. Take a walk around the cut edges with fine sandpaper without too much interest. This will allow us to remove what remains to our client to do with burrs, which, if necessary, may interfere with the normal insertion of the card into the corresponding slot.

    Install Nano-SIM in the phone

    After trimming the SIM card and giving it a suitable size, it is installed on the phone. This is done in such a way:

    1. Turn off Samsung Galaxy S8 and disconnect the accessory from the power adapter if it is charging at that time.
    2. Find the key clip in the box under the phone.
    3. Take the device in your hands with your face to you. Insert a paper clip into the round hole located in the connector cover and lightly push.
    4. When the connector slides slightly outward, completely remove it from the phone.
    5. Invest correctly sim card in the tray. In addition, a cut corner serves as a guide here.
    6. If desired, insert a microSD memory card into the appropriate slot.

    Return the SIM holder to your own professional place. A successful click fix is ​​signaled by a soft click.

    When the SIM card is installed, it is natural to turn on the phone. If something remains to be done to our client, it is made correctly, after loading the Droid, the system recognizes the attached SIM card and displays the signal level. If this does not work, try to remove and re-insert the card additionally.

    What you need to know about the SIM-card slot in the Samsung Galaxy S8

    To correctly install the SIM card in Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus, you should deal with some features of the SIM card slot in solving this issue with the device, but directly:

    The designated connector is located on the upper end of the phone in the left corner. It is rubberized, which prevents dust and water from getting inside the accessory.

    The tray is issued in 2 standards: European and Asian. First, you can put one Nano-SIM and a microSD card in it, and in the second. two SIM cards in a different combination of Sim external memory.

  • The product is revealed by means of a special key-clip that comes with the device. If the passage of its absence, an ordinary clip is used, for having previously unbent one of the ends, or a needle.
  • Removing and installing mobile cards is carried out only when the power is off. In another way, sometimes a software malfunction occurs on the phone in another way.
  • External slot, with blanking plate and without drawer

    This is a transitional option. here, to get to the slot, you no longer need to remove the panel that covers it, but the SIM card tray is not yet included in the design.

    How to insert a SIM card into a Samsung tablet or into another device of a similar design:

    • We are looking at the housing and moving aside the slot cover of the slot. Depending on the brand and model of the tablet, it can be located on its right or left edge, or on the upper end.
    • We insert the SIM card into the slot, after expanding it according to the picture / print on the plug.
    • We heat the card into the device case. you can help a little with a fingernail or a thin flat object.
    • We return the cap to the place.

    By the way, some Lenovo tablet models do not have a regular slot under the plug, but with a pull-out tray. Its side is slightly convex and it is easy to grab onto it. The chip in this tray on the Prestigio is placed as shown on the plug.

    How to remove a SIM card from such a slot

    Perhaps the above instruction on how to insert a SIM card into a tablet seemed familiar to you, and you had a hunch in your head how to remove a card.

    Yes, the same principle really works here, which is used for SD cards in cameras and laptops:

    1. We remove the plug. As you can see, the SIM card “sits” deep in the slot and grabbing it to pull it does not work.
    2. Press with something flat and firm on the visible edge of the card. Lightly so that the plate goes a little further into the case. And immediately release.
    3. The edge of the chip extends a couple of millimeters outside the body. We take our fingers over this edge and pull the card out.

    SIM Card Size

    A smart watch is a small gadget, so there is not much space inside for a SIM card. Telecommunications operators today release SIM cards in three sizes:

    • Mini-SIM. 2G, 3G
    • Micro-SIM. 3G, 4G
    • Nano-SIM. 3G, 4G

    Of all the sizes that exist today, with a greater degree of probability, you will use the last two formats. micro and nano. Which SIM card to choose will depend on the model of the watch.

    When buying a new SIM card, choosing the right size is easy. On a standard plastic card, they are presented at once in three types. The user can only select the desired one and squeeze the template.

    In the case that there is an old-style SIM, then you have three options for how to proceed:

    1. Buying a new card is the easiest and most expedient, in addition, you can choose any phone number in this case
    2. Writing a statement at the office of a mobile operator to replace and issue a copy of a new sample is the longest way
    3. Trimming your old SIM card with a pattern is the most risky way

    When a working SIM card of the right size is prepared, you can begin to configure and activate it.

    Types of SIM Cards

    SIM cards are an identification module of a subscriber of a telecom operator. From the moment of their launch to the beginning of mass sales, several decades passed, and during this time their shape and size improved. This process was forced. First, smartphones appeared on the mobile markets, and there was simply not enough space under the back cover for the details. Technologies have improved, user requests have increased, batteries are getting bigger, phones are thinner, and there is less space.

    This evolution of cards allowed them to be reduced by almost half, and modern retractable slots noticeably freed up space for the rest of the details.

    Let’s look at what kinds of sim are, what is their feature, and how to insert a sim:

    • Full-size (the presence of which many did not even guess) is the largest in the lineup, along the perimeter like a bank card. It appeared in 1991 with the first wave of the popularity of cellular communications among ordinary residents. It is not used in modern phones, sometimes you can come across cars with similar “innovations” a la 90s.
    • Mini-SIM. is still used for devices released from the period of the 2000s to the beginning of the 2010s, supports 2G and 3G.
    • Micro-SIM. appeared in 2003, but is currently considered the most used generation of communication modules. It is supported by all manufacturers of modern gadgets with 3G and LTE.
    • The smallest is Nano-SIM, which looks like its predecessor, only without plastic edges. It appeared five years ago, and is used in all models of the Apple brand and some other manufacturers of the premium segment.

    All kinds of SIM cards are inserted the same way. in the designated slots on a smartphone or tablet. It is impossible to say exactly where the stand is located, as manufacturers reserve the right to place them anywhere, according to their design concept. Sometimes a sticker with a step-by-step instruction is glued on new phones; it can also be found in the User Guide.

    How to insert a SIM card into a tablet

    With the fact that there are different SIM cards, we figured it out. So now move on to the next one. Let’s talk about how to insert a SIM card into a tablet:

    Turn off the device first. Then lay it on a flat surface with the display facing down. You can lay a towel or some fabric so as not to scratch the front of the gadget.
    Most tablet models have a SIM card slot on the side (sometimes on the back cover). It can be covered with a special shutter, which must be moved or pulled out by prying with a finger, fingernail or other thin object. On some devices, you can get to the SIM card slot only by pushing an i-clip into a special hole. There are also models where you just need to press the lid and release. Then the SIM tray protrudes out of the slot
    If you cannot pull out the tray, you can use a needle or tweezers

    Just be careful not to damage the device.
    When you get to the tray, you need to install a SIM card in it. This is done quite simply.

    over, the holder itself has the shape of a SIM card with a beveled angle. You can confuse only the side. Therefore, be guided by the fact that the contact part of the SIM card is turned up and directed toward the rear panel, and not towards the display. Sometimes there is a hint on the tray itself on how to position the SIM card correctly.

    Next, insert the SIM tray into a special slot. Most often, a small pressure on it is required in order for it to lock securely. In this case, great effort is not required, otherwise you can break the mounts or the holder itself.
    We are trying to turn on the tablet. If everything was done correctly, the device will recognize the SIM card, and then give the user the opportunity to make calls and provide him with Internet access.
    However, it happens that the tablet does not see the SIM card. The most common reason for this is incorrect installation. Pull out the tray again and make sure that the SIM card is firmly fixed, that it does not protrude and does not fall
    Pay attention to whether you placed it in the holder with the right side.

    Comfortable kids watch JET Kid Next

    Today on the market there are several variations of watches of models “Jet Kid”, various colors.

    Watches JetKid Next are available in various shapes and colors.

    At the same time, they are based on template functionality, which boils down to the following:

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