How To Open Tabs On Iphone 10

How to close all open tabs on an iPhone

When I first encountered an iPhone, I was very surprised when I looked at how many open applications had accumulated in it, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, an album, folders, safari pages, games, a camera and other things. In a word, as it is customary to call Windows “windows”.

I had to experiment a lot until I found out how to close it all. It should be noted that the procedure is slightly dependent on the version of iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 10 or iOS X.

From the version of the phone, for example, iPhone 5s, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone se, iPhone 5, iPhone 6s, iPhone x, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, almost nothing depends, only on the version of the operating system.

Only before proceeding to the description of how to close open tabs on an iPhone, I recommend that it be determined whether it is necessary to close open program windows on the iPhone at all. See the last section.

How to close all tabs in Safari

Safari has an interface that allows you to conveniently close tabs. With a simple trick, you can even close everything at once at the same time.

To do this, hold your finger on the first icon (show icon) from the bottom right. In the form of two squares superimposed on one another.

After that, a menu pops up from below, all open tabs are closed at once (the number will be indicated.)

Note: in iOS 9, close all cards, you must one by one. In iOS 10 you can do it with one click.

How to close an app on iPhone X

Swipe in from the bottom of the iPhone X display and place your finger in the center of the screen. Pause is the key to open switching between application tabs.

Hold your finger on the window of any tab from the running windows until the delete icon is displayed at the top left.

Click the icon or swipe up on the tab to close completely.

How to close open apps and tabs in iphone

Ios 7 has made quite a few changes to the system, both in terms of appearance and functionality.

Not all of these changes are intuitive for everyone. In iOS 6, we had to double-click the Home button to pop up the icon bar.

To close one of them, you need to hold your finger a little longer on one of them, which made the system enter edit mode and we could close open programs

In iOS 7. 10, this view has been completely replaced by the full-screen application manager, which displays background programs as preview tabs.

We can still enter it by double-clicking the Home button, but applications close differently.

For each open program in the background on ios 7, an icon with a name appears at the bottom, and a preview tab is displayed above it.

To close apps, simply drag an open tab to the top of the display, as you would like to throw it off the screen. In version 10, the closure is also performed with a sharp jerk upwards.

By swiping left or right, you can switch between open windows and turn them off.

You can also close two applications at the same time. Just use your second finger to “throw away” the two tabs.

Do I need to close open windows on an iPhone

All active applications slow down devices. Using memory, battery and processor resources.

Following the logic, you should manually close these processes. Only when you press the Home button does iOS disable apps.

It stops using processor resource and battery power. First the application goes to the “Background” and then stops (Suspended).

At the same time, although it takes away the minimum memory, it does not use the processor resource and battery power.

Although the application takes up memory, it is not necessary to close it. As soon as you start, for example, a large game, the system will automatically stop all unnecessary.

So you don’t need to worry about it yourself. You don’t need to manage background apps. The system will do it for you, and of course it is up to you to close everything manually or not. Success.

What to do if the “Create text document” item is missing in Windows 10?

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s OS is capable of fraying its users’ nerves with even such trifles. At the most inopportune moment, it turns out that there is no required tab in the context menu.

Why is this happening? There are several reasons:

  • Viral exposure;
  • Making critical changes to the registry by third-party applications;
  • Human factor (someone accidentally or intentionally made you nasty);
  • Crash after updating Windows.

Often, it is the deletion of registry entries that causes such a problem to appear. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the damaged values. We recommend downloading the following archive:

Unpack using a standard archiver. Or utilities like 7-zip. Inside, find one single object named txt_fix.Reg. We launch it, a warning appears. “Are you sure you want to continue?” YES!:

All that remains is to restart your computer and check if the “no New tab” issue in the context menu has been fixed. 99% of the time it works!

We use the standard “Notepad”

This is a built-in Windows OS application that cannot boast of extensive functionality. But it is quite enough for creating documents of different formats (not only txt, but also with the bat, ini, cfg, etc.).

What should be done?

  • Right-click on the desktop or in any folder (except for the root of the system drive on which Windows is installed, this option does not work there). Select the “Create” item in the menu that appears, then “Text Document”:
  • As a result, a file icon appears, you can immediately rename it, open it for editing. We will not consider further developments in this review.

How to Create a Text Document in Windows 10. All Methods and Troubleshooting

The topic may seem very simple, but sometimes unforeseen situations arise. For example, how to create a text document in Windows 10 if there is no New tab in the context menu? Let’s look at several working methods.

Other ways to create a text document

Next, we’ll talk about alternative, more sophisticated methods.

  • We use the command line. We launch it through CMD (enter this query in the Windows search). In this case, it is NOT necessary to open on behalf of the administrator:

We find ourselves in the user’s folder, but using the cd command we can go to any path, for example:

Newdir. This is the name of an existing folder. If you need to create a new one. The md command comes in handy:

Now we use the construction to create a text document:

Copy con newfile.Txt

Newfile.Txt. The name of your file. Can be created with other extension, not only “txt”.

After we enter the desired text, and to complete / save we use the F6 key or the combination of Ctrl Z, and at the end Enter.

To view the contents, the command comes in handy:

Checking the result in the explorer:

  • Hotkeys for creating a text document. Unfortunately, the implementation of such a scheme is only available in third-party software. Directly in Windows 10 8 7 such keyboard shortcuts are not provided;
  • Notepad app. Time-tested software that is suitable for solving various problems. Opens and edits almost any format. There is Russian language, spell checker and many other modules. Download only from the official site.

Android Phones

Even modern expensive smartphones are often equipped with a small amount of internal memory. For this reason, their owners, in order to save it, compress multimedia using archivers. This method is used even more often when a large number of files need to be sent.

If you received just such an attachment and you do not know how to open a Zip file on Android, then for you we have created a clear instruction.

We need to install the WinZip archiver. To do this, go here https://play.Google.com/store/apps/details?Id=com.Winzip.Android;

  • Install;
  • Give appropriate permissions;
  • Now go to the location where the zip file is located;
  • Check the box next to it and click on the icon above;
  • Choose a place to unpack.

    Other similar applications will work according to the same algorithm, so one example will be enough to give you an idea of ​​the essence.

    We work online

    In conditions where the user for some reason does not want to use the software, you can use special sites that offer to unpack directly from them.

    Let’s start with the most popular resources.

    • http://online.B1.Org/online. Works with almost all formats, including the one we need. The developer separately emphasizes that after closing the page, the archive will be deleted forever;
    • https://extract.Me/ru/. Understands split archives and with a set password. There is integration with Google Drive, DropBox and direct download. Concise and intuitive interface;
    • https://www.Files2zip.com/. Foreign online service that does not require registration to use.
    • We must definitely draw your attention to the fact that when using third-party services, no one will ever give you a guarantee that the data will not get to 3 parties. For example, any sites with their databases can be hacked. We strongly recommend specialized software for such purposes.

      How To Open Tabs On Iphone 10

      Let’s start with Windows 7

      This is a very popular operating system today and we will start with it. And there is one interesting feature that many do not know about. There is no need to download specialized programs to perform the unpacking operation. This option is built in by default.

      How to open a Zip file on Windows 7 in this case? Look at the screenshots below, read the description for them and you can easily do it. Even a beginner can handle.

      Go to the file and right-click on it;

    • “Extract all” and, if necessary, adjust the path where the files will be unpacked.

      But create archives, set a password on them, split them into parts, restore, etc. You will not be able to, and therefore fully work with them. Below we will consider other options that will give access to all these features.

      For iPhone and iPad owners

      For unpacking on these devices, some people resort to a rather complicated and confusing option. The file is downloaded through the Safari browser and then opened in Notes, and from there it is sent to iCloud Drive.

      Such a solution is an indicator of ingenuity, but it cannot be called convenient in any way.

      And how to open a Zip file on iPhone and iPad in the most convenient way? Yes, just like on a computer or tablet. It is enough to download the program that will save you from unnecessary actions. Nevertheless, for the owners of such prestigious phones, increased comfort when performing ordinary tasks is also important.

      Introducing the most popular software in the Apple Store:

      • Izip. Zip Unzip Unrar. In addition to the standard functionality, it can send a document to print, send by e-mail, compress songs from iTunes Music, etc. Ios 10.0 required;
      • Zipapp Free The Unarchiver. Can import data from other applications and email, as well as transfer it via FTP;
      • The Unzip tool (zip / rar / un7z) is a free utility, but there are pop-up ads. If this does not bother you, then feel free to install it;
      • Winzip: # 1 zip unzip tool is probably one of the most convenient ones presented here. Be sure to appreciate its interface and thoughtfulness. Unfortunately there is no Russian localization;
      • Rar APP is a classic solution that is lightweight and simple.
      • This is quite enough. You just have to choose the most convenient one, based on your own feelings.

        We work in Windows 10 and 8

        First download any archiver you see below. You can even choose paid ones, because they have a test period of 30 to 40 days, during which they work without any restrictions.

        We decided to stick with 7Zip, because it is one of the leaders in this open source segment and of course freely distributed. Supports all formats and has a high compression ratio. In addition, there are plugins for integration into Total Commander and Far Manager.

        You will not need to remove this software after a certain period of time, so we recommend adding it to your arsenal.

        So, the algorithm of actions is quite simple:

        Right-click on the archive

      • 7-Zip
      • Unpack
      • Select the path (if necessary to change) and OK

        As you can see, the application is integrated into the explorer and you can make a call from anywhere. The interface itself is intuitive, so you quickly control the main functions.

        What program and how to open a Zip file on different systems?

        Archivers are often used to save hard disk space, as well as when exchanging large amounts of data. We will tell and show beginners how to open a Zip file in the best way.

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