How to Open Power Bank Yoobao

It is not necessary to purchase an external battery from a well-known brand, since it does not differ in reliability and performance from models of lesser-known manufacturers. That is why we chose the most affordable devices that will never let the user down.

The best external battery today is Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 16000. It is the best choice in terms of price / quality / performance ratio.

If it is important for you to purchase a model with a flashlight, but that it also has high technical performance, then you can give preference to TP-LINK TL-PB10400. Although the capacity of its battery is slightly less than the model from Xiaomi.

Modern people prefer to use smartphones instead of tablets and laptops, because they are equally productive and at the same time more compact. But due to the small size, their battery life is reduced: it is impossible to install a capacious battery in a small case.

To solve the problems that arise because of this, you can purchase an external battery for your phone. How to choose which characteristics to pay attention to and which models are the most popular today, you will learn in the article.

Top external batteries

An external battery (also known as Power Bank) is designed to charge a smartphone or other mobile device if there is no access to power networks. To do this, the device is connected to the mobile gadget using a special adapter cable.

Using a second battery to replace the main one is not always convenient. In addition, many modern flagship smartphones have a molded case, in which the battery is non-removable. In this case, using Power Bank is the best option.

Principle of operation

An external battery is a set of batteries combined with each other and enclosed in a housing that has a universal output (usually a USB port) for connecting an adapter. For the manufacture of the case, plastic (cheap models) or aluminum is used.

After connecting the smartphone to the Power Bank, the standard charging process will begin. These steps can be repeated until the external battery is completely discharged. Due to the fact that it has a large capacity, you can simultaneously or in turn charge two or more gadgets, or one mobile device several times in a row.


When choosing an external battery for a smartphone, pay attention to the main characteristics that will help you choose a high-quality and durable device.


This is the main characteristic that determines the performance of an external battery. It shows how long the device provides power to the mobile gadget.

This parameter is measured in ampere-hours (Ah) or milliampere-hours (mAh). In order for Power Bank to work effectively and not have any problems with it, its volume must be at least 2 times the battery capacity of the device that it recharges. But the larger this parameter, the better.

In addition, it is worth considering that the greater the capacity of the selected device, the more expensive it will cost. The golden mean is 6000 mAh models. And Waters Power Bank with a capacity of 15,000 mAh or more is suitable for charging a smartphone or even a tablet.


The strength of the outgoing current affects the charging time of the device. The higher it is, the faster the smartphone charges. For a mobile phone, the standard indicator is 800-1200 mA, for tablets 1500-2000 mA.


Please note that the larger the capacity of the external battery, the larger it is, because more batteries are placed inside. But in this case, everyone chooses a model for himself, depending on the requirements that he makes for it.

How to Open Power Bank Yoobao

For fans of hiking, Power Bank of a large capacity and size is suitable. And for users who recharge a smartphone to “sit” on social networks, a compact and less capacious option is suitable.


Different models of Power Bank may have their own characteristics.

  1. Number of slots. On some models there are several sockets for simultaneously connecting two or more gadgets. In most cases, they have different outgoing current strengths: 1000 and 2000 mA for charging smartphones and tablets, respectively.
  2. Cable with adapter kit. Such devices are suitable for new, as well as for older smartphones that use not Micro-USB or USB Type-C sockets, but other connectors.
  3. The method of charging an external battery. When buying an external battery, choose a model that charges via the Micro-USB jack. This will allow you to use a regular charger from your smartphone to charge it.
    There are Power Bank models with solar panels mounted on the chassis. Basically, they compensate for the effect of self-charging batteries, but to fully charge the external battery itself is not suitable.
  4. Battery Level Indication. The indicator will tell you how much energy is left in the external battery and when it needs to be connected to the network for charging. This is a convenient option, but it affects the cost of the model.

The best choice

The models presented in this rating, in our opinion, are the most optimal option for purchase in terms of price / quality / reliability.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 16000

Price: 1 600 p.

The main advantage of the model is excellent quality, high reliability and affordable cost. Thanks to the metal case and large battery capacity, you can easily charge the same gadget several times in a row (from 5 times or more).

The presence of two USB ports allows you to simultaneously charge several devices, but their close proximity will not allow you to connect two massive plugs at the same time. In general, the minuses of the model end here, so it is the best choice for purchase.

  • housing;
  • battery;
  • battery level indicator;
  • 2 USB ports
  • price;
  • output current 2000 mA.


Price: 1 900 r.

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of batteries, the battery case had to be made square, which is not always convenient in operation. In addition, it is made of plastic, albeit reliable. This allowed to reduce both the weight and reliability of Power Bank.

The current strength at the two outputs differs: 2000 and 1000 mA, so you can choose which device and where to connect.

The presence of two USB-ports, a flashlight and a battery charge indicator allows you to operate the device comfortably and easily. Although the flashlight is of medium quality.

  • battery;
  • charge level indicator;
  • 2 USB ports
  • flashlight;

Yoobao YB665

Price: 3 000 r.

Glossy plastic made the device stylish, but easily soiled, so it will need to be constantly wiped. Cost Yoobao YB665, although quite high, but a set of functions and reliability will allow to operate it for a long time. In addition, the Power Bank comes with a charger and adapters for the iPhone.

The presence of a flashlight and two USB-ports with different outgoing current strength extends the functionality of the model.

  • housing;
  • reliability;
  • flashlight;
  • 2 USB ports
  • adapters for iPhone;
  • battery level indicator.

Rombica NEO X100

Price: 2 800 r.

The top cover of the model is made “under the skin”, so the Rombica NEO X100 looks stylish and modern. At the same time, the battery is compact, thin and has a large capacity, so it is suitable even for a fragile girl.

The absence of a flashlight reduces the functionality of the Rombica NEO X100. But USB ports located at a considerable distance with different values ​​of the output current ensure comfortable charging of several devices at the same time.

  • housing;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • battery level indicator;
  • 2 USB ports
  • price;
  • lack of a flashlight;
  • lack of adapters.


Price: 3 000 r.

Due to the large capacity of the battery, the dimensions of the model are quite large, so wearing it in your hand will be inconvenient. But HIPER SP12500 is perfect for charging not only smartphones, but also tablets. If you take into account the low price of the device, it will be a great purchase for any user.

When charging gadgets, the HIPER SP12500 does not heat up, so it is completely safe for the user. Conveniently located USB-connectors allow you to simultaneously charge various devices, including those with massive plugs.

  • 2 USB ports
  • battery capacity;
  • build quality;
  • price.