How To Open Phone Samsung Galaxy A10

Use cloud storage

If you are often faced with a lack of memory, and there is no opportunity to purchase a memory card, you can install the mobile version of the cloud storage. For example, Google Disk. The utility will help to automatically synchronize files and send them to the server.

This option is perfect for those who work from several devices at once, including a smartphone. You can edit files if possible, corrections will be automatically saved.

Delete files from explorer

This option is suitable for those who understand in which folder which files are located. For example, Download usually stores all downloaded documents. Sometimes there are files for installing utilities. Perhaps they got here from the Internet that you needed to quickly download, and then you forgot to delete them.

All this must be quickly disposed of. It is enough to understand what is important to you and what is not. How to clear memory on Samsung Galaxy? To do this, just go to the file properties and select the Delete item or hold down the file and select several at once, and then click on the basket icon.

Complete phone cleaning using the example of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Many phone manufacturers use their own shell instead of the standard Android interface. For example, the Android phone Samsung Galaxy S4 mini uses an interface called TouchWiz. Here, in order to completely clear your phone, you need to open the Accounts tab and go to the Backup and reset section.

How To Open Phone Samsung Galaxy A10

After that, you need to open the Reset data section and confirm the phone reset.

As a result, a complete cleaning of the phone memory will start. After completing this procedure, the phone will reboot and become completely clean as it was from the factory.

Phones often suffer from memory deficits. Even if the buyer chooses the most capacious version, sooner or later he will still face a similar problem. Most often this is due to the fact that along with programs and games, system files are installed, which require additional space. Therefore, it is useful to know how to clear memory on Samsung in order not to allow drastic measures.

Complete phone cleaning using Android 8.1.0 as an example

In Android 8.1.0, a full phone wipe is performed a little differently. In this version, you need to go to the Settings application and go to the System section.

Next, you need to open the Reset settings section.

And select the option Delete all data (factory reset).

After that, you need to confirm the action by clicking on the Reset settings button.

As a result, Android will begin the procedure for completely cleaning the phone’s memory. After completion, the phone will reboot and become completely clean as it was from the factory.

What is the problem?

All Samsung smartphones have the Android operating system. This, in turn, leads to a number of troubles.

The fact is that the system memory of devices on Android is the most vulnerable place. Many smartphones suffer from errors related to a full archive.

Sometimes the problem is the improper use of the smartphone, sometimes viruses and other malware can be the cause. Sometimes it is impossible to prevent this, but sometimes careful use can help avoid such problems.

Clear messenger data

How to clear memory on Android? Samsung and other smartphones usually store almost all the information that goes to the device. Not many people know that photos from instant messengers and other files can be automatically downloaded to the smartphone’s memory.

This leads to the fact that even if you delete all your photos that were stored in the corresponding folder, you cannot completely free up memory. And all because at the root of the system there are files that were downloaded by one or several instant messengers.

This problem can be easily fixed. It is enough to find a folder in the explorer called the name of the messenger and clear it.

How to turn on or restart Samsung if the button doesn’t work

Even the most expensive smartphone is not immune to breakdowns. During operation, the device may fall to the floor, suffer from exposure to water, and receive other mechanical damage.

As a result, individual controls may fail.

Practice shows that one of the most vulnerable points of a Samsung smartphone is the power button (on / off).

If the main button of the phone breaks down or stops responding to pressing, only the master will help to correct the situation. However, you can use your smartphone for a while with the power button inoperative.

Turn on Samsung with a disabled button

How to turn on Samsung without the power button?

There are several options for solving this problem, here are the most effective ones:

1. We put the smartphone on charge. Many models of Samsung phones and other manufacturers turn on when connected to a charger. The first thing you can do in this case is to put the device on charge and try to hold down the volume key.

2. If the first method does not work, try holding the volume button to the position., The home button and, while holding these two buttons pressed, connect the power cable (do not release the buttons all the time!). After a few seconds (about 5-7) a warning menu should appear on the screen.

The buttons must be released immediately, and after that, press and hold the volume button slightly to the position. After 5-10 seconds, the device should start loading.

3. The third method gives the result in almost 100% of cases, if the button does not work on the Samsung Galaxy. It involves manipulating the battery of a smartphone and requires some manual dexterity.

You need to remove the back cover from the device, insert the power cable. When the second battery indicator appears, you must abruptly disconnect the power cable and also abruptly remove and insert the battery. The phone will start to reboot.

Turn on Samsung without a button using the Mobile Uncle application

It is not very convenient to turn on a Samsung phone without a power button every time using all of the above-mentioned intricate methods, therefore, after a successful launch, we recommend installing a special application Mobile uncle tools 2017 (Mobile Uncle) on your smartphone.

With this universal multi-tool, you can do almost anything with your Android device by completely changing the settings and functionality of the working buttons.

There is another application Power button to Volume Button (available for free in the Play Store), it is designed specifically for such a case. It can be used to shift the function of the power button to the speaker volume keys.

There are only two active items in the application menu: Boot and Screen Off. It is enough to check the box next to Boot and the smartphone will turn on using the volume rocker.

As an additional option, we recommend that you consider the Shake Screen On Off application, it allows you to turn on / off the screen with a slight shake of the device if the power button does not work.

How to set up SMS on Samsung Galaxy phone

Hello! Today I will show you how to set up SMS messages on a Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very simply and quickly set up the SMS function on your smartphone. See the instructions below and write comments if you don’t understand something. Go!

On the home screen, find the Messages app and tap on its shortcut.

On the messages page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

Here you will be shown what functions you can configure.

In notifications, you can completely disable SMS messages on your phone. Or, on the contrary, enable if they were disabled. You can turn off indicators on icons. You can enable or disable sms for a separate SIM card.

You can change the background of the posts page.

You can create quick replies to quickly insert them into SMS messages.

You can block messages. You can specify phrases, in the presence of which in the message, the SMS number will be blocked.

Also you can customize the font of the text in sms, etc.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

After updating to android 9, I can not change the background in messages. Android 8 had the word background in the settings. And where to find it in 9k?

I myself have the 8th version. Look carefully in the settings, somewhere there must be.

How to use instant messages in samsung a50? I created the text in the settings, but it is unclear how to pick them up in the current message. In the previous phone, when writing SMS, the menu entered (three dots) and selected the line “quick messages”. There is no such line in A50

So the A50 is somewhere else. You definitely looked at everything carefully?

The same thing after the update I have a white font on a white background and cannot be changed in any way.

You definitely looked at everything carefully in the settings?

I have g7. I have not found it anywhere. Rummaged through the entire phone. The problem is that there are white letters on a white background and you can’t read SMS. I had to remove all themes and put the original built-in wallpaper. Then the background turned gray.
But I would like to change the color.

Put a different theme, with the color you need.

Yes. So I had to do it. It’s just not clear why the background and font settings function has disappeared. And the appearance itself has now become uncomfortable. And the signatures of the shortcuts on the main screen only disappeared.
All in all, a stupid update.


If you looked at everything very carefully and did not find it, then your phone does not have such a function.


What you fail?

I want to change the background in messages. I don’t like the white background. Previously, you go into messages, settings and there was the word background and you change, you could change the message frames, but now there is no such thing. Updates not completed.

How to configure messages to be written with verification

What does it mean with verification?

Hello, please tell me how to turn on the Samsung a10 when writing SMS so that the number of displayed characters is displayed (I need this to send SMS to the village when I can not get through) and the Internet is not caught there

Good day. There are no such settings in the smartphone. Open any site that shows the number of characters in the text, for example text.Ru. Write a message there, copy it and paste it into SMS on your phone.

I can’t delete messages. The button is there but it is transparent

Who is transparent? You need to press and hold on the message, then the trash can icon appears “Delete”. What version of android do you have?

Sends 20 pieces, on another nokia 100, how to set up a mailing for 100?

Very simple. On the compose page, first add one recipient. Then, at the bottom, click on the icon “4 squares”. A window will open at the bottom, click on the icon there “Contacts”. Now you can select all contacts by clicking the top left on the circle “All”. If you have 100-200-300, at least 1000 in your contacts, they will all be added as recipients of your message. Do you understand? It is necessary that all recipients are in contacts, otherwise you will have to manually add. What is your smartphone model? Android version?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy a 7 (2018) android 9 sends 20 SMS, you need up to 100 SMS at a time. I dial manually, the numbers are not from the phone book, but I do not send more than 20 SMS at a time, I need more than 70 SMS. I don’t want to litter the SMS program with third-party mailing. Numbers, not by telephone, manually

What mobile operator do you have? Maybe it’s him, not the phone. On the smartphone I did not find such settings at all, it seems they are not at all.

How to put a ringtone on a Samsung a10 phone

Recently, the budget phone Samsung A10 appeared and despite its good appearance, many people want to change the interior, set their own melody, or at least hear a call that is not the default one.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect miracles from an inexpensive phone, but as for putting a melody or a song, in this respect it has a very large potential.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A10 looks really good, especially in the picture, as it is made of decent plastic, fairly durable and quite pleasant to the touch.

Before proceeding to the description of the procedure, I will immediately note that, in addition to the ringtone, you can also set your own music song to a specific contact, in other words, each number from your list can have a different sound.

You can also change the sound of SMS. It seems to me that I will not describe all this here, since it will turn out to be a large recording, and today no one wants to stay for a long time.

Therefore, I will not bore you, I will immediately move on to the direct essence of how to change the music of the call to another.

How to put your own ringtone on a Samsung a10

Let’s start with how to put your own favorite motive, and in the course of the description, the question of how to change to the built-in one will be decided by itself.

To do this, of course, you need to find it and download it (if not already), while it must be in mp3 format.

No matter where and in what way you throw it on your Samsung a10, the main thing is that you know where it is.

I always drop from a laptop into the Ringtones catalog, you can also just download or transfer from another phone, via bluetooth.

Also, pay attention to the name, it is better that it is in English and consists of only one word, at least I always do this.

Now, in order to implement this music (melody song), enter the parameters (I think you know how to get there).

In the settings, find the Sounds and vibration category. There, find the place Ringtone, but if you put two SIM cards, then you need to indicate which one you will install.

I note right away that right in this window, which you see now, you can change the melody to any of the built-in.

There are at least a dozen of them. Just change the birds, suddenly you like some, but since I write how to put my own, then at the top right click on (plus).

Then from the bottom we find the Folders directory and if the downloaded one was placed in Ringtones, then scroll the screen until you find it.

Then just select it by clicking and confirm at the top by clicking on the Finish button. All.

Now let someone call you to make sure you did everything right. Hear your melody means everything is OK.

I think after a while, when you stop to admire a new call, you will want to make a separate sweat for at least a few of your favorite contacts.

There will be no difficulties with this either, and I will probably describe how to do it, or just let me know in the comments and then such a post will appear very quickly.

True, there is no way to change the sound in SMS with the built-in tools, but you can change the built-in sound to your own melody in the Samsung Galaxy A10 if you wish. Thanks for visiting. Success.