How to Open Phone Files on a Computer

How to transfer a file via phone to a computer

Hello everyone today I want to talk about how transfer file via phone on a computer, I think everyone who has a smartphone has encountered such a problem, people write to me more than once that when they buy a new device, they have these problems. Consider the methods of solving it and the pitfalls that the manufacturers of your mobile device slipped to you. I look forward to questions and suggestions in the comments below.

How to transfer a file via phone

And so I have an Android phone, it has built-in 32 gigabyte memory, I was on vacation and completely scored it. When I tried to transfer data from the phone via a USB wire, I realized that I simply do not see half of the photos as accessible files, and they quietly opened on the phone, a free utility for copying files to the computer from the phone called ES Explorer helped me pull them out.

Es explorer app

And so the application es conductor, you can, like everyone else, download and install from the Google Market. You can also download it as an apk file and then install it without a google account. This program will help us through wi-fi to connect your phone and a personal computer or laptop into one local network. As a result, you will be able to transfer files from a computer to a smartphone, and in the opposite direction. First, install the software. Enter the letters es in the Google Market search and the search engine will immediately offer you the option you need.

The installation process, as in any other cases, is no different.

Setting up a data network

And so in order to transfer file via phone to computer we need to perform two steps: to make settings on the computer if we copy from the phone to the computer and see the option when we see the entire file structure of the phone on the computer.

And so, first of all, we connect your phone to a wifi router so that it gets into the same local network as the computer. Next, run es explorer. We select remote access.

How to Open Phone Files on a Computer

As you can see, I have a Wi-Fi connection, from the bottom we click the Enable button.

es explorer will give you the ftp server address of the form ftp: // ip address: 3721. We will use it for access from a computer to a telephone.

If you click on the wheel icon on top, you will be taken to ftp settings. Here you can set the login and password for access, since the default access is anonymous, you can change the port number.

Next, open the explorer on a laptop or computer and enter the received ip address. You should have the Android file system open. For me, the DCIM folder was important, in which Android stores photos.

Transfer file from phone to computer

Now we will copy it the other way around, the same es explorer will help us. In the beginning, you need to perform certain things on the computer.

First, find out the ip address. You can do this with the ipconfig command on the command line. I have it

Next, you need to configure the service in the network settings, for this we go to the network and sharing control center, through a right click on the network icon.

Select Advanced sharing options.

Make sure that the daw is enabled:

  • Enable sharing so that network users can read and write files in shared folders (you will need to enter a username and password from a computer)
  • You can enable without password mode by checking the box Disable sharing with password protection.

Now create a new folder 123 on any of the local drives and make it accessible to everyone on the network. Go to the folder properties and click sharing

select the group all with read / write permissions and click Share.

We see everything, the shared folder is created, click done.

Now we all start transferring files from your Android phone to your computer. To do this, open the LAN section in es Explorer.

You will see the network section, in which you will see the available computers on the local network, I have this ADMINKO.

If your devices didn’t appear immediately, then you can press the search button at the top.

We select the desired device, I have this computer ADMINKO, and I see the folder 123, which I created earlier. As you can see the ip address is

For example, create a folder called Hello

Checking the new folder

As you can see, we got access to the computer from the phone, now you can copy any files you want.