How To Open Notifications On An Iphone

Instructions for updating TikTok on Android and iPhone, for which notifications

Tiktok is a popular service for creating and viewing shortcuts. The entire functionality of the social network is revealed when using a mobile application. To access all the features of the service, you must regularly update the program. To quickly update the TikTok application, you need to follow a simple algorithm of actions.

On Android

Manual installation of the update on Android is carried out through the Play Goggle. The following steps are taken:

Google Play opens.

“TikTok” is entered into the search bar.

Application page opens.

If there is a new version, the “Update” button is available for a click. To complete the procedure, you should wait for the download and installation of changes. If the download is completed successfully, a notification appears in the notification bar.

What is it for

The developers regularly add new features to the application. To access them, you need to update the program. Among the changes that most often come with an update are:

  • Adding emoji and masks;
  • Changing tools for creating and editing;
  • Improving the stability of TikTok.

Users who want to develop their channel should be sure to keep the app version up to date. Without updating, you will not be able to take part in trending challenges and promote yours to the top.

How to update TikTok

The procedure can be carried out both in automatic and manual mode. If auto-updates are enabled on your smartphone, then when a new version of TikTok is released, an update will be made, after which a corresponding notification will appear in the status bar.


Updating TikTok on iOS phones requires:

On the bottom panel, find and click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing down.

All programs that need updating will become available for visibility.

To update, click on the “Update” button, after which the download will start. It is recommended to download on iPhone via Wi-Fi network if there is no traffic or the speed of mobile Internet is too low.

Everyone can handle downloading the new version of TikTok. In order not to perform manual manipulations in the future, it is recommended to enable auto-updates.

How to turn off annoying notifications in Windows 10

Do it for all apps or select only the most annoying ones.

Disable advertising notifications

The first thing that comes to mind is a pop-up message that suggests trying Microsoft Edge. To get rid of it forever, you need to do the following.

  • Press Win i to open Windows Settings.
  • Go to the “System” tab → “Notifications and actions”.
  • Go down a bit and turn off the “Get tips, hints and tips when using Windows” option.

Turn off all notifications

  • Press Win i to open Windows Settings.
  • Go to the “System” tab → “Notifications and actions”.
  • Scroll down to find the “Receive notifications from apps and other senders” option and turn it off.

You will no longer be bothered by messages from pre-installed Windows apps, programs downloaded from the Microsoft Store, or other sources.

Leave only important notifications

  • Press Win i to open Windows Settings.
  • Go to the “System” tab → “Notifications and actions”.
  • Scroll down to the “Receive notifications from these senders” list and disable unnecessary applications.

Temporarily turn off notifications

If you need to be quiet, you can turn off notifications for a while.

  • Open the notification panel using the Win combination or click on the icon in the lower right corner.
  • Select Do Not Disturb Mode.

While this mode is running, all messages are saved in the “Notification Center” so that you can return to them later.

Turn off lock screen notifications

Windows 10 allows apps to show information on the locked screen. You can view your tasks in the calendar or check your mail without having to unlock your computer. Quite a handy option that can always be turned off if necessary.

  • Press Win i to open Windows Settings → Personalization.
  • Go to the “Lock Screen” tab.
  • Disable unnecessary applications.

Setting up Instagram notifications

You can easily enable or disable push notifications on Instagram in your profile settings. It should be noted that setting up Instagram notifications has a very wide functionality, so the user can:

  • Set up notifications about new publications;
  • Enable or disable notifications about live broadcasts, stories, comments;
  • Set up notifications for new IGTV, as well as chats;
  • Enable sound notifications about messages in Direct and other notifications.

In the application

You may need to enable notifications in the app itself. Sometimes a user forgets that they have disabled notifications. Also, when you first start Instagram (after installation) on an iPhone, it is possible to make sure that notifications do not come. In this case, the algorithm of actions:

Open Instagram, go to the profile tab, at the top three dashes, and click “Settings”.

  • We are looking for the “Notifications” section.
  • Here, among the items, we check that notifications are included in the necessary ones. The “Pause All” button is switched to the off state.

    New settings are applied without rebooting the device.

    How to enable Instagram notifications on iPhone and Android

    First of all, you need to enter your profile and click on the avatar at the bottom right, and then click on the button with three dots at the top right, or the button with the gear icon for iPhone;

  • In the list that opens, you must find the “Notifications” section and select the “Push notifications” item;
  • On the next screen, the user can choose which notifications to enable. The list is quite extensive. In this case, you can choose to enable notifications from all users, or only from those to whom the account owner is subscribed.

    How to enable Instagram notifications on Android

    If Instagram notifications do not arrive on Android, this may be the result of the corresponding settings both in the application itself and in the phone OS. The steps to find out the reason, in general, will be as follows (for different models of Android smartphones, the path, starting from the 4th step, may be slightly different, but the logic is the same):

    Open your profile in the Instagram application (icon at the bottom right), click on the menu button, and then on the item “Settings”.

  • Go to the settings section “Notifications”. “Push notifications”.
  • Make sure the desired notifications are turned on. If not, turn them on.
  • If all notifications are enabled in Instagram settings, go to Android settings and open the “Notifications” section.
  • This section may look slightly different depending on the phone: for example, on a Samsung Galaxy you will see the Do Not Disturb item (which should be disabled if we need notifications), but on all smartphones this section will have a list of applications, which we and needed.
  • Find the Instagram app on the list and make sure notifications are turned on for it. Please note that some versions of Android and branded skins have both just an on-off switch for app notifications, and additional notification settings that open when you click on the name of the app: make sure everything is in order there too.

    Also, if there are notifications in the notification area, but there is no sound, make sure that you do not have Do Not Disturb enabled, and that the desired, not quiet or silent mode is selected for the notifications themselves (see How to set different notification sounds for different Android applications).

    Usually, these steps are enough to make the notifications work again. Just in case, if everything is turned on, but Instagram notifications still don’t come, try just restarting your phone, and if that doesn’t help, uninstall and reinstall the application (provided that you remember your password).

    Solution through removal

    This method should be used last. Since it was not possible to turn on notifications about publications, marks, comments, messages on Instagram, we are moving on to radical methods. You need to uninstall the application and reinstall it.

    Remove Instagram from iPhone.

  • Install the application via the App Store.
  • On first launch, Instagram will prompt you to turn on notifications. We agree.

    How to turn off Instagram notifications

    How to turn off Instagram notifications? To do this, you will need to follow the same procedure as for enabling notifications (and which is described above), only disable the display of notifications accordingly. Thus, you can easily remove Instagram notifications on iPhone and Android in the profile settings.

    First-time setup

    If you have just started using the Instagram mobile application, then the service will ask you for permission to notify you when you first start it. If you do not agree to activate this function, then you will not receive notifications about events within the social network. One of the options to enable is to reinstall the application:

    Done! You will now be notified of ongoing events on Instagram again. However, this option is not entirely convenient, since reinstalling the application every time you need to enable / disable alerts takes a long time. Therefore, let’s move on to other ways.

    How to turn on Instagram notifications on iPhone

    App notifications greatly simplify the use of instant messengers, social networks or news feeds. You don’t have to constantly open the program to check incoming messages or new events. Therefore, in this article, we will figure out how to enable notifications on Instagram on iPhone.

    Setting via phone parameters

    Now let’s move on to a situation where notifications from a specific application are disabled through the iOS system settings. To turn them back on, you need to do the following:

    Go to settings through the shortcut on the desktop of the phone.

  • Go to subsection “Notifications“.
  • Find and open Instagram in the list of installed applications.
  • In the menu that opens, enable the “Allow notifications” option.

    As you can see in the screenshot, in this section you can also manage the content of notifications and their display. After configuration, you need to check the functionality of the notifications. If, upon any changes in the social network, the notification system does not react in any way, then proceed to the next method.

    In-app setting

    The latter option involves enabling notifications in the Instagram app itself. Even if you configure all the system parameters, but turn off notifications on the social network, you will not receive messages about new events. To fix this, use the instructions provided:

    Go to the application

  • Open the tab with your profile.
  • Using the main menu, which can be opened with the button at the top of the screen or with a swipe, go to the settings.
  • In the list of options go to “Push notification settings”.
  • Now you will see a list of advanced settings. You can enable or disable notifications for specific users, for specific events, and so on.
  • Choose what you need and close the application settings. Changes should be applied automatically without rebooting.

    If all else fails

    However, in some cases, the above steps will not help return notifications to iPhone. This malfunction can be associated with the following problems:

    • System crashes. To fix this problem, simply try restarting your mobile device and retesting it.
    • System update error. If you have not installed an iOS update for a long time or interrupted the update, then you need to repeat this procedure.
    • The problem is in the application. Perhaps the Instagram program itself is to blame. Try reinstalling it via the App Store.
    • Opening on the lock screen

      To quickly view recent notifications on the lock screen, lift your iPhone or wake your iPad from sleep. You can also do the following on the lock screen.

      • Select one or several notifications of one or another program at once.
      • Swipe notifications to the left to view or delete them.
      • Manage alerts for specific programs.

      To preview notifications on the lock screen, go to Settings Notifications Thumbnail Display and select Always.

      Raise to Activate is available on iPhone 6s and later.

      Change notification settings on iPhone

      In Settings, you can select applications that will send notifications, change the sound of notifications, configure notifications based on location, allow notifications from government agencies, and configure other settings.

      Manage notifications

      To manage notifications from the lock screen or Action Center, follow these steps.

      Swipe left on an alert or alert group.

    • Click “Manage” and choose one of these options.
      • Deliver Silent: Notifications appear in Notification Center, but not on the lock screen, are delivered silently, and do not display banners or icons.
      • Disable: This option allows you to disable all notifications for a specific application. To turn them back on, go to the “Settings” “Notifications” section, select the program and click “Allow notifications”.
      • In the “Settings” section, you can also change the styles or settings of alerts for a specific program.

        Opening in Notification Center

        The Action Center displays your notification history, which you can scroll back to view missed notifications. There are two ways to view alerts in Notification Center.

        • On the lock screen, swipe up from the middle of the screen.
        • On any other screen, swipe down from the top center of the screen.

        To clear your notification history, press and hold the icon, then select Clear All Notifications. Or click the icon and select “Clear”.

        App notifications

        You can set up notifications differently for each app. This is very convenient, since few people need applications from games, but I don’t want to miss message notifications.

        Select an application from the list and configure the following options:

        Allow notifications: Enable the option to receive notifications from this app.

        Alerts: Choose where notifications will appear: screen lock, Action Center, and banners. You can select all options or only some.

        Banner style: If you have selected the banners option above, this option will be available as well. Temporary banners are displayed for a short time and disappear, while permanent banners remain on the screen until you swipe them.

        Sounds and Stickers: Choose if you want to receive notifications with sounds and stickers on app icons.

        Thumbnail Show: Choose when you want to see notification thumbnails: always, no block, or never.

        Grouping: You can group notifications automatically, by program, or not group at all.

        You can return to the settings at any time and change any options. As you can see, this is done very simply. Don’t forget to set up notifications for new apps you download.

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        Notifications on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

        Ios 12 and later and iPadOS make it even easier to view and manage multiple notifications at the same time with the Notifications feature. Therefore, you will be less distracted during the day.

        How to view profiles in silent mode

        Users who have set restrictions on their account can view the posts of others. Restrictions are applied to pages that have been blocked.

        • Viewing stories;
        • Notifications of new publications.

        The “Restricted Access” feature is more like the “Black List”. But the blocked person will be able to watch publications and Stories. Restrictions on interaction with the profile.

        On Android

        For Android devices, internal settings (of the phone itself) and Instagram are also offered.

        To set up Instagram notifications:

        Open Smartphone Settings. Notifications.

      • Instagram. Enable Sound and Vibration.
      • Alerts may not work if the user has previously specified “Don’t show notifications from this app”. In the settings of the social network, you also need to go to settings. Push notifications.

        When you turn off the beep and vibration, only a message appears on the screen. If an alert comes from a chat or direct, the indicator flickers white. By clicking on the line that appears, the user will be transferred to the application.

        If Instagram notifications do not come: check settings and reinstall.

        To indicate a specific melody, you should:

        Settings. Sound.

      • Scroll to “Notifications”.
      • Select signal from standard.
      • If there is an error or no sound, reset the settings in the “Notifications” menu. The application may experience sudden system crashes (“Process completed”) if the notification settings are incorrect. By changing the sound of the notification on Instagram, the user will always be aware of the actions on his page.


        If notifications from Instagram do not come to the iPhone, then you need to go to the settings of the application and the mobile device.

        Instructions on how to turn on:

        Go to smartphone settings. List of installed applications. Instagram.

      • Alert settings. Select the type of display.
      • The user can specify “Sounds”, “Stickers on the icon” and so on. The second step is to enable notifications on Instagram:

        Log in to the application.

      • Options. Configure push notifications.
      • Select events to be displayed.
      • Iphone owners often face a problem when they cannot turn on the sound of notifications on Instagram. The settings are correct, but the notification comes silently or the phone just vibrates. The reason for this error is a failure in standard sounds. You need to go to the sound alert settings and change the signal.

        Setting up Instagram notifications

        The page owner can set up notifications to receive only comment and subscription notifications.

        • From all of us. Notifications will come from any user who has visited the profile;
        • From people you subscribe to;
        • Switch off. Notifications will not disturb.

        Once logged into an account, the user will be able to view the latest activity on the page. But they will not appear on the home screen of the smartphone. By removing Instagram notifications, you can skip an important message or comment.

        By enabling notifications from Instagram on iPhone and Android, you can quickly respond to comments that appear. For example, a notification appeared on the screen: click on the notification, a line with the ability to enter will appear. Enter text and send, if sending is successful. The application will say: “Reply added”.

        To add an alert about publications of a specific user, you should:

        Open the profile of interest.

      • Sign. Three dots on top. Notify about publications.
      • Alerts for recently updated Stories are also available. As soon as the owner of someone else’s profile adds or, the message “Added a publication”.

        Turn off notifications

        What is Instagram push notifications: these are notifications that will constantly come to your phone with a sound signal. For page owners with over 10,000 subscribers, constant notifications will be a problem.

        Messages about subscription, likes and comments appear on the phone screen regularly. Instagram app consumes up to 500 MB of RAM, regular notifications slow down the device.

        It comes to the impossibility of unlocking the phone or making a call, because notifications appear on the locked device.

        You can turn off notifications on Instagram in the opposite way:

        Go to phone settings.

      • Notifications. Instagram.
      • Block All. Save.
      • Or, when the next notification appears, move the curtain down and open the context menu with a long press. Select “Block notifications”. Changes will be saved as soon as the owner of the device clicks “Ok”.

        Disable Instagram notifications on Android and iOS is available in the app. It is enough to indicate: “From whom to receive”. ​​Disable.

        How to turn on Instagram notifications

        If you don’t receive Instagram notifications, you can enable them using the Settings menu. Among the available categories are: “Like” marks, comments, chats, recommendations to users. A message will appear on the screen, overlapping other windows.

        It is not recommended to enable alerts for users with popular pages. Persistent messages on the screen affect the operation of the device, blocking many functions.

        What are Instagram push notifications:

        How To Open Notifications On An Iphone
        • Like marks. A message that another user has liked;
        • Mention in other people’s Stories or on any publication;
        • Comments. The nickname was mentioned in the comments, the post was commented;
        • Live broadcasts. The friend started the broadcast, the profile owner was invited to join;
        • New subscribers. One or more people subscribed to the page.

        You can set up notifications on Instagram according to the criteria: receive a message from friends, from everyone, or not receive it. Display options are configured differently on iOS and Android systems.

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