How to Open Email on a Computer

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create email for free. First we select a mail site, and then quickly register. Right after that we will receive a new box on the Internet (email).

Where can I make mail for free

To get an email, you need to register on some mail site. There are several such sites on the Internet and the most famous are Yandex, (Google) and

Which one is better to make an address on? By and large, this is not important. they are all about the same. And according to capabilities, and convenience, and security. Some are slightly better by some criteria, others by others. But the difference is not significant.

A little lower I made a sign comparing these sites. But, again, the differences are insignificant. With their main function. receiving and sending letters to any part of the world. all these sites do equally well.

Step-by-step instructions for registering a new address

So, you have decided on the site on which you would like to create an email. Now you need to open the address on it, and to do this, register.

Registration. this is just filling out a short questionnaire. You will need to answer a few questions about yourself, choose a name for the box and come up with a password.

Filling out the questionnaire is a simple, but extremely important business. After all, not only what address you have will depend on this, but also whether there will be problems with it in the future. Often people do not pay due attention to registration, and then can not enter their mailbox.

Now I will tell you in detail and show in the pictures what and where to print in order to correctly configure e-mail on a computer or laptop.

Open the instructions for your mail and start registering!

1. To create an email on Mail, you need to go to the service

2. In the upper left part of the site, click on the inscription “Register a new box”.

How to Open Email on a Computer

3. Fill out the form and click “Register”.

I will show how I filled out this questionnaire. You will need to enter your data there.

Name and surname. Here we print our name and surname. It is better to indicate the real data, but it is possible and fictitious. no one will check.

Date of Birth. Choose the date, month and year of birth. It is desirable that this be true information.

Floor. Choose male or female.

Desired postal address. Here you need to assign a name for the box. This will be his unique address on the Internet. Just on it and letters will come.

The address must consist of English letters only. You can also add numbers, an underscore (“_”), period (“.”), Or minus (“-“).

In addition, the ending will be added to this title. Initially, it is: @ But if you wish, you can choose another ending: @, @ or @

True, many addresses in the system are already occupied and you have to choose from what is left. Or come up with some tricky name.

For example, I want to create mail with the address But the system shows that a box with that name already exists.

This means that such an email already exists. it belongs to another person, and you won’t be able to arrange it for yourself.

So, you need to make another address. For example, add a couple of letters or numbers to the selected name. Suddenly, such an option will be free, and it will be possible to use it.

And you can choose some other name, for example, something from what the system offers.

Password. Here you need to print a few letters and numbers with which you will open your box.

Password must be at least six characters long. It should contain only English letters and numbers. Letters are both large and small.

Be careful: the size of the letters matters. What is typed with a capital letter, then will not open with a small one.

When typing a password, dots are printed instead. This is done on purpose: so that no one can spy on what you are typing. But you can also show the password. to do this, click on the icon with a crossed eye.

Password confirmation. Here we print the same thing as in the “Password” field.

Be sure to write down your desired mailing address and password in a safe place. This is your mail access!

Telephone. Here the site wants you to enter your mobile phone number.

When you print it and click on the “Register” button, an SMS message with a code will come. This code will need to be entered in a special field.

If you don’t have a number or simply don’t want to add it, click on “I don’t have a mobile phone”. After that, the “Additional email” field will appear. Leave it blank.

4. Immediately after registration, your mail will open. It looks like this:


1. To create an e-mail in Yandex for free, go to

2. Click on “Create Mail” in the upper right corner.

3. Fill out the registration form and click the “Register” button.

I will show a sample of how I filled out this questionnaire. You indicate your data there. Next I will tell in more detail where and what to print in order to register a new mail.

Name and surname. Accordingly, you need to print your name and surname. I advise you to print the real data. But you can, of course, indicate fictitious ones. no one will check.

Create a username. Here you need to print the name for your future box.

Login must be typed in English. You can use numbers, along with them one hyphen (“-“) and / or one dot (“.”).

If the login you select is busy, the system will offer free options. Choose one of them or come up with a different name. You can try adding a couple of letters or numbers.

Create a password. Here you need to print a set of English letters and / or numbers with which you will open your box. There should be at least six.

The size of letters typed in a password matters. If you add a capital letter to the password, and then when you enter the mail you type it in the same, but small, the box will not open.

By default, the password is typed in dots. To see it, click on the icon with the image of the closed eye at the end of the field.

Repeat to avoid mistakes. In this field, enter the same password that you just typed. If you make a mistake somewhere, the system will display that the confirmation does not match the password and will not pass further.

Be sure to write down the selected username and password in a safe place. Without them, you cannot enter your box!

Mobile phone. Here you need to print your phone number and click “Get Code”. An SMS with a code will come to the indicated number. This code will need to be entered in a special field.

If you do not want to add your number, just click on the inscription “I do not have a phone.”

Then additional fields will appear where you will need to select a security question, print the answer to it (you can use Russian letters) and a verification code.

Questions are non-standard. This is done specifically in case you forget your login details. I strongly advise you to print a true answer to the question.

If everything is filled out correctly, your new mail will open. It looks like this: is email from Google (Google). To create it, you need to register a new account. Now I will show how this is done.

1. We follow the link

Usually, the login page opens immediately. But since we don’t have it yet, click on “Other options” and select “Create an account”.

2. Fill out the registration form and click on the “Next” button.

I will show how I filled out this questionnaire. You need to print your data there. Read more about filling in further.

What is your name. We print here our name and surname. It’s better to print real ones, but you can also make them up.

Create a username. Here you need to specify a name for your new mailbox. The ending @ will be added to it. All in all. this is your email address.

The username must be strictly English letters. May include numbers and dots.

Many names are already taken by other people, but the system will tell you what to do in this case. In addition, one or more similar names that are currently free will be offered.

Create a password. Password. this is the key with which you will open your mailbox. It must consist of a minimum of eight characters. It can be numbers, English letters, as well as numbers and letters.

The password is typed in dots when entering. In addition, it is sensitive to letter size. This means that the mail will not open if you then type a small letter instead of a capital letter.

Confirm the password. Here we print the same as in the previous field. the same alphanumeric letters.

Be sure to write down the specified username and password in a safe place. Without this information, problems with access to mail may occur.

  • Date of Birth. We indicate here the day, month and year of birth.
  • Floor. Choose your gender. In addition to female and male, you can select “Other” or “Not specified.”
  • Mobile phone. A box to print your phone number. You can not fill out.
  • Spare email address mail. If you already have a mail address (no matter what site it is on), you can add it here. Or you can not add.
  • The country. Usually the correct country is automatically indicated. If not, set your country.

3. Click on “Next” and the “Privacy Policy and Terms of Use” window appears. The text in the window needs to be scrolled down (and it’s better to read it) and click “Accept”.

That’s all! The box is registered and Google is happy to give its address. We write it to a safe place and click on “Go to the Gmail service.”

Immediately after this, your new mail will open.

How to find out your email address and enter it correctly

Email is an email address, a unique name for a personal mailbox on the Internet. This is the same name / username that you selected when creating your email. But besides this, the prefix is ​​also included in the email:

  • in this prefix can be @, @, @ or @ One of them.
  • Yandex has only one prefix. @ But each electronic mailbox in the system is also available with other endings: @, @, @, @, @
  • has only one prefix, with no options. this is @

To correctly enter your email, you need to write a username and the correct prefix. No spaces or extra dots.

For example, I want to write on a business card my email address, which I registered on When registering, I chose the ivan.petrov35 username. So, you need to write the following:

If I had a box with the same name, but on Yandex, I would have to indicate the following address:

Instead of @, you can print any of these consoles: @, @, @, @, @ They all belong to the same box.

But with an address on Mile is more complicated. This site has several prefixes: @, @, @ and @ It is impossible to put any of them. you need to indicate only the one that was chosen during registration.

So, if I created a mailbox with the prefix @, then I need to specify the address with it. And if I indicate another one, for example, @, then letters will not reach me.

Note: your email address (email) can be found through the upper right corner of the box.


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