How to Open Bios On Sony Vaio

Hello, friends! In this article I want to show you how to enter BIOS on a Sony vaio laptop and set priority to boot from a flash drive or cd-rom. There are a lot of questions on this topic, users can not understand how to make Sony vaio in Bois so that the download occurs from a flash drive or cd-rom.

Just want to note that the manufacturer Sony vaio does not stand still and laptop models are being modernized, so bios may be slightly different, but the essence remains the same. I will show the Sony vaio BIOS model as an example PCG-71812V.

Next section. Advanced. This section has only one tab. Virtualization technology. You can turn it off (Disabled) or enable (Enable) To do this, press the Enter key and use the arrows on the keyboard to select a function. Disable / Enable, then press the key F10 and Enter.

How to Open Bios On Sony Vaio

Next section. Security. In this section you can set passwords.

Set machine password. Set a password when entering the BIOS.
Set user password. Set user password.
Password when power on. Set a password to log in.

To set a password, as usual, select the tab on which you want to set a password, press the key Enter and prescribe a password. After all that has been done, press the key F10 to save the settings.

And so the most important and necessary section of the BIOS.

Download from a Sony Vaio flash drive or CD-Rom.

To boot from a flash drive or cd-rom to BIOS, we need a section Boot.

External devise boot. Download from external device
Network boot. Network Download

Internal Optical Disc Drive. internal optical drive
Internal Hard Disk Drive. internal hard drive
External device. external device
Network. network

Select the tab with the arrow on the keyboard External devise boot press the key Enter in the drop-down menu, click Enable. In this way, we allow booting from external devices.

Next, down the arrow on the keyboard, selecting the tab External device(External device) and now not by an arrow, but by pressing a key F5 raise this tab to the very top, thereby we set the priority of loading from a USB flash drive to the BIOS. In order for the download to go with cd-rom, you need to select the tab Internal Optical Disc Drive and also with the key F5 raise to the very top, then the download will be from cd-rom. After setting, be sure to save everything by pressing F10. After rebooting, in some cases, to start the download from a USB flash drive or cd-rom, you need to press any key briefly. I hope it is clear!

The last section of the bios. Exit(Exit). There is definitely nothing to configure here, everything is connected with logging out and saving from the system.

Exit setup
Get Default Values. Exit and save the default settings.
Biscard Changes. cancel changes.
Save changes. Save changes.
Shutdown. Malfunction.

Well, that’s all friends, I hope everyone understands, how to enter BIOS on a Sony vaio laptop and set the boot from the Sony Vaio flash drive. If you have questions and additions, be sure to write in the comments, I will help everyone than I can. Good luck.