How to open a zip file on your Android device

Opening ZIP archives on your Android device

To open a ZIP file and extract its contents on an Android device in most cases you won’t need any special tools, because there is almost always a file manager installed, and most of them are equipped with tools for working with archives.

Below we will demonstrate how to use different Explorer for the “green robot” in order to view and unpack compressed packages, and if you use a different file manager from those presented, act similarly to the instructions. most often this will be an effective solution.

B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver is a popular tool for archiving and unarchiving various types of archive files. It supports popular formats like zip and rar, but also has compatibility with 37 other formats. B1 Archiver is great for those who are used to dealing with unique or unusual types of archive files on a regular basis. This archiver also has support for RARs consisting of several packages and b1-archives, if you need it. Overall, it’s a powerful app with a good design, but you will have to pay 000 rubles if you want to use some extra features and get rid of ads. But in any case B1 Archiver is a good application that does its job perfectly.

How to unzip files on Android

To unzip zip and other files on Android, we need an app that does this. Not all file managers on Android can do this. In this guide, we’ll be using the Files by Google app. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

Before you can unzip a file, you need enough space on your phone. Without enough memory, you will get an error. Before decompressing zip archive make sure you have enough space on your phone or free it using one of the tools to clear space on your phone.

  • Download and install Files by Google from Play Store if you do not have it installed.
  • Open the application, then navigate to the folder containing the ZIP file (ZIP files have an extension.ZIP).
  • Click on the ZIP file and select Extract from the popup to begin the process.
  • When the application finishes decompressing, it will display a list of all extracted files.
  • If you no longer need the ZIP file, check the Delete ZIP file box and click Done.

Files by Google extracts the files and saves them in the same folder as the original ZIP file. If you select Delete ZIP-file option, the original file will be deleted, but its content will remain in the folder.

How to open a ZIP file on Android?

ZIP is a file compression format and lossless data compression. This format is convenient for transferring multiple files, and the reduced size will be an additional plus. File compression is typically performed using the Deflate algorithm. Android is not capable of opening this format “out of the box”, so the only solution is to use third-party applications on Google Play. However, which one is the best and proven?

Earlier, Google released Files. a file manager. With its help it is possible to open ZIP-archives. To do this, download the application using the link below. After installing it, we open it, go to the “Views” section. If the file is located in the “Downloads”, you can immediately open the “Downloaded files” category. In our case, the ZIP archive was downloaded from Telegram, so go to the internal memory and look for the “Telegram” folder, then go to “Telegram Documents. This folder should contain the downloaded file. If you click on it, the application will offer to extract the archive files, after clicking on “Continue” a small window with a preview of the documents will open.

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Click on “Done”, and then the archive will be unpacked to a folder with a similar name.

Files is a very useful and handy application from Google

Sharing lets you share videos, apps, and more with people in your neighborhood who have it installed.

Special attention should be paid to the interface designed in the style of Material Design version 2 with Google Sans fonts. The main Files window displays how much memory you’re using and analyzes your storage for junk files. Duplicates, app cache with images and videos, downloaded and large files are displayed just below. In simple words, Google Files, in addition to support for ZIP files, will like many other features. We recommend!

open, file, your, android, device

Application: Google Files: free space on your phone Developer: Google LLC Category: Tools Version: 1.0.224103129 Price: Free Download: Google Play Already interested in the app: 0 people

Applications for unpacking ZIP

ZIP is a kind of archive, and it can be opened only with the help of archivers or file managers, where this feature is present. By default this format cannot be opened using the built-in tools on most smartphones, so you will in any case need to download and install one of the following applications.


A universal application that allows you to work with different types of archive formats, including zip.

Warning! Application has English interface only, so keep this in mind when choosing a utility for working with archives on Android.

The original WinRAR product that is so popular on Windows and other computer operating systems. Comes with a Russian interface, so you will not have any problems when working with the application. Opens most file formats, including zip.

ES Explorer

This is not an archiver, but a file manager that allows you to view the different files, folders, directories in your phone, both system and user. And the same program has the ability to view the contents of most archives.


A simple program to work with different types of archives. Supports a huge amount of data, including zip, rar, iso, and more. It has Russian interface, works quickly and does not overload your phone.

open, file, your, android, device


This is another representative of programs that combines a file manager and an archiver in one person. The application has a huge list of possibilities, with Russian language support, which is very good for such a product.

As you can see there are a lot of options for viewing zip, rar and other archives on Android. Hundreds of applications have been created for this, most of which are available for free. Yes, some of them contain ads, but they do not interfere with the work with the files. And you can always cut such banners out if you want to. About this we have described a separate article on our site.

How to decompress RAR on Android

Let’s take a closer look at how to decompress a file on Android.

Phone built-in tools

The developers add to the firmware an Explorer, which unpacks the archive without installing additional software.

How to unpack? Press on the archive with your finger and hold until the message appears:

Let’s extract, for example, in the same directory. RAR unpacking will start.

Specialized software

What to do if there is no built-in Explorer. Or maybe it doesn’t support unpacking? Specialized software will help.

Go to: Install Application. Find archive on your phone. To unzip the PAP on Android, tap on the file with your finger and hold until an additional menu appears:

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ES explorer

For more information on how to install, download and configure the file manager, see this article: “Opening files on Android. Find file in application. To unzip, press the three horizontal dots button on the top right. Go to:

RAR for Android

RAR is a popular and convenient archiver for Android. Often it is enough to perform all necessary actions.

Options: creating RAR and ZIP archives. Decompress RAR, ZIP, 7z, GZ, BZ2, XZ, ISO, ARJ, TAR. Repair of damaged archives (ZIP and RAR). Encryption option. Uninterrupted Archives. Creating Volumes. Using multiple processor cores for compression.

The free nature of the application indicates the presence of advertising that covers the cost of development. Ads can be disabled for a fee.

This application is able to fully replace the classic file explorer. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, it is very easy to use (get used to it after just one day of use).

File explorers for working with archives. how to open zip on Android

As already mentioned, there are a great many guides that allow to work with archived documents. Many of them are capable of working with rare formats and are loaded with many additional functions. Such programs are divided into two main types. archive archivers and alternative explorers, capable of working with archives.

Developed not to work with archives, the developers thought that the presence of such a possibility will be very useful.

They completely or partially change the interface and make the documents management (including those contained in archives) more convenient.

They are often able to work directly with cloud services, connect to other devices via various communication protocols, and, of course, allow you to open archived files in the normal mode. They are easy to manage.

Archiving programs. specifically designed to work with archived files. They can work not only with zip file format, but also with other popular (and not very popular) archive formats. You can use the following ones:

They are capable of working with various encryption standards, allowing you to process files directly in the archived archive, and to send them directly from the archive via e-mail. Google play offers the best suited for every user’s needs.

I am looking for all alternatives, but do not find any definitive solution.

is there a library or an easy way to open a password-protected ZIP archive in Android? I know that there are different types of ZIP encryption. I would like to open the simplest of them, create in Unix using the zip-E command. The same file can be opened in Windows (which will ask for a password). This should be the standard ZIP 2 encryption.0? How can I open it?

I’m looking for all the alternatives, but I can’t find any definitive solution.

3 replies

I need to create a ZIP file in the node.password-protected js. I use the node-zip module, which unfortunately does not support password protection: var zip = new require(‘node-zip’); zip.file(‘test.file’, ‘hello there’); var data = zip.generate( ); browsing other.

Does anyone know of a way to create a password protected zip file like I could in 7zip, but using the Google Apps script. I can create an unprotected zip file using this script: create zip file However, we need to send the CSV file containing the confidential information to our executor.

I found a library.jar, which runs on Android and can decompress and decrypt ZIP 2 files.0.

This worked for me (encrypted ZIP created in Ubuntu and decrypted in Android).

There may be a way to do this without any library, as described here: Implementing ZipCrypto / Zip 2 encryption.0 in java, but I couldn’t get it to work.

And here are some issues noted in Java regarding Zip encryption that you can look at.

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You can also take a look at this library. which can zip and easily unzip files with a password:

The documentation of this library is pretty good, I just added some examples from there. This is completely free and was written specifically for Android.

I want to create a password protected ZIP: // Set the compression level parameters.setCompressionLevel(Zip4jConstants.DEFLATE_LEVEL_NORMAL); // Set the encryption flag to true // If this is set to false, then the rest of encryption properties are ignored parameters.setEncryptFiles(true); // Set the.

I went through several libraries like SSZipArchive and ZipArchive to create password protected zip files. But both of these libraries don’t have a way to create a password protected zip file. They only have the ability to unzip a password protected file. Are there any libraries/ APIs.

Similar questions:

My question is similar to this one: Write a password-protected zip file in Java. But I need to create a password protected zip file using a mechanism simpler than AES, because not every archive manager.

suggest that I read the password-protected zip file using c#

I need to create a shell script in which I unpack a password-protected zip file. I know the password and I need to automate the unzipping process. How can I do this with a Unix shell.

I need to create a ZIP file in node.js password protected. I use the node-zip module, which unfortunately doesn’t support password protection: var zip = new require(‘node-zip’);.

Does anyone know of a way to create a password protected zip file like I could in 7zip, but using a Google Apps script. I can create an unprotected zip using this script: create zip file

open, file, your, android, device

I want to create a password-protected zip: // Set the compression level parameters.setCompressionLevel(Zip4jConstants.DEFLATE_LEVEL_NORMAL); // Set the encryption flag to true // If this is set to.

I went through several libraries such as SSZipArchive and ZipArchive to create password-protected zip files. But both of these libraries don’t have a way to create a password-protected zip file. У.

I am trying to open a password-protected zip file in Python. However, I am completely stuck! I have looked through the python documentation on zip files, but I can’t find anything to open something that is protected.

How can I extract a password protected zip using ionic?The zipper files that are not password protected extract fine, but the password-protected ones they return an exception. string selected_zip =.

I was asked to create a password protected file.csv file. It would be similar to the password protection in Excel or Word. The version that I assume should create a from.csv.

If you received such an attachment and you do not know how to open the Zip file on Android, we created a simple instruction for you.


Another archiver application designed specifically to handle ZIP archives. Is an adaptation of the Windows program of the same name for the Android operating system. Similar to WinZIP has a paid version without ads and with extended functionality. But to view and unpack a ZIP-archive the free version will be enough with its limitations.

  • After launching the application, you will be prompted to select where the archive is located on the internal memory of the device or on the SD card.
  • In your explorer, navigate to the folder containing the necessary archive. Click on it to open its contents in view mode.

These are the most popular applications, with which you can quickly open a ZIP-archive on Android and unpack its contents. If you select some other program, then the process of interaction with it will be similar to the ones which are described in this article.

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