How to open a zip file on Android. Zarchiver

Opening ZIP archives on Android devices

To open a ZIP file and extract its contents on your Android device in most cases you will not need any special tool, because there is almost always a file manager installed, and most of them are equipped with a tool for working with archives.

Below we will demonstrate how to use different explorers for the “green robot” in order to view and unpack compressed packages, and if you use a different file manager from those presented, proceed similarly to the instructions. this will most often be an effective solution.

B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver is a popular tool for archiving and unarchiving various types of archive files. It supports popular formats such as zip and rar, but also has compatibility with 37 other formats. B1 Archiver is great for those who are used to dealing regularly with unique or unusual types of archive files. This archiver also has support for multi-pack RAR and b1 archives if you need it. Overall, it is a powerful application with a good design, but you will have to pay 000 rubles if you want to use some additional features and get rid of ads. But in any case B1 Archiver is a good application that performs its tasks perfectly.

How to open a ZIP and RAR file on your Android phone?

Imagine a simple situation: you have been emailed a packed file that contains several important documents. In order to see the documents themselves, you need to extract them from the file in which they were packed. How to do it?

It is actually easy to open a ZIP or RAR file, and often you don’t even need to use an external application to do so. If you have an explorer installed in your firmware you are likely to be able to decompress the file with it. Here is an example: the file is in a folder, click on the file and the system will ask you to extract it:

Extract it, let’s say, to the same folder. The archive is unpacked. Go into it and see our file.

If there is no built-in explorer, or it does not support decompression, you can download an application, which allows to create and unpack archives.

Go to Google Play and search for RAR.

Install the application you like. We gave preference to RAR application of the same name, developed by famous RARLAB company. Installing.

Launch and look for the file you need to unpack. Here is our file:

Click on it and hold your finger until the menu appears. In the menu, select “Extract to” and extract to the section you want. It’s convenient to extract to the current folder.

Now you can open it with the right application.

You can also use a third-party explorer, such as ES explorer. The idea is the same: use it to find the file and click on it. Then click on the menu button (in the form of three dots), in the menu select “Extract to”.

Other apps for opening Zip files on Android

In addition to Files by Google, you can use other applications to perform similar actions on your Android smartphone. Below is a list of the best apps to open ZIP files on Android.

ZArchiver is a great program for opening ZIP archives on Android. The app supports many formats, from the most common to the not so common. Supported file formats include 7zip, RAR, RAR5, BZIP2, GZIP, XZ, ISO, TAR, and more.

ZArchiver allows you to browse the contents of archives of the selected formats without decompressing, and if you want you can create your own password-protected archives. The application also supports splitting archives into parts, but this is not available for all types of archives.

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The ZArchiver file extraction process is as follows: Click on a ZIP file, then choose Extract here or Extract to. Use “Unpack” to specify where your unpacked files should be located.

RAR is another universal file management program. Created by the same developers as WinRAR, it can open RAR, ZIP, 7Z, ISO and other file types. You can also compress files in selected formats. RAR can view ZIP and RAR archives without opening them, the app is light and easy to use.

RAR comes with additional functionality, including the ability to check and repair damaged archives.

The process of unpacking files is almost the same as with the Zarchiver program.

How to open a ZIP file on Android?

ZIP is a format for archiving files and lossless data compression. This format is convenient to transfer a lot of files and the reduced size is an additional advantage. File compression is typically done using the Deflate algorithm. Android is not capable of opening this format “out of the box”, so the only solution is to use third-party applications on Google Play. However, which is the best and proven one??

Earlier, Google released Files, a file manager. It can be used, inter alia, to open ZIP-archives. To do this, download the application from the link below. After installing it, open it and go to “Viewers” section. If the file is located in “Downloads”, you can immediately open the “Downloaded files” category. In this case, the ZIP archive was downloaded from Telegram, so let’s move to the internal memory and find the Telegram folder, then move on to the Telegram Documents folder. This folder should contain the downloaded file. If you click on it, the application will offer to extract the files from the archive; after you click on “Continue” a small window with a preview of the documents will open.

Click on “Finish” and the archive will be unpacked to a folder with the same name.

Files is a very handy and useful application from Google

Under “sharing” you can share videos, apps, and other data with people in your neighborhood who have the solution installed.

Special attention should be paid to the interface, designed in the Material Design style of version 2 with Google Sans fonts. The main Files window displays the amount of memory used and analyzes the storage for unnecessary files. Just below it displays duplicates, app cache with images and videos, downloaded and large files. In simple words, Google Files, in addition to supporting ZIP files, will like many other features. We recommend!

Application: Google Files: free space on your phone Developer: Google LLC Category: Tools Version: 1.0.224103129 Price: Free Download: Google Play App already interested in: 0 people

Using other archiving apps

You can also open archive files on your phone using cloud explorers. A good solution for this task is File Manager Local and Cloud.

How to open an APK file on Android. instruction

  • Download the program from Play Market.
  • Grant the right to access multimedia.
  • Go to the internal drive and select the desired archive.
  • A window will appear with the choice of action, where you need to click on the “Extract” tab.
  • Then determine the unpacking path.

Please note! To send a folder to the cloud, you must connect a similar service to Explorer. You can also send the archive by email.

How to open ZIP and RAR archives on Android

The first program we will consider is Easy Unrar, Unzip Zip. Download it here. This is one of the easiest decisions, when it comes to how to open RAR on Android. The application has a simple design and has a basic set of functions. unzipping, extracting and viewing documents. There is a paid version. Easy Unrar, Unzip Zip supports practically all known archives.

The second program. Andro Zip. Follow this link. It is one of the best archiver for Android. The utility has standard functions, but also has a task manager and a file manager.

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The third program. Solid Explorer. It is a file manager that works with archives and is only an additional option. You can download a free version of Solid Explorer.

The fourth program is ES File Explorer. Its special feature is that it can pack only ZIP for Android, but it unpack documents of any format. The application is free, however many will not like the annoying ads. ES File Explorer is available for download here.

The fifth application is B1 Free Archiver. The main advantage is that it is free. The only disadvantage is the not very intuitive interface, which can be confusing to everyone who is running the application for the first time. Available for download from Google Play.

The sixth application is 7Zipper. This feature-rich archiver is good for newbies who have just begun to master Android. One of the interesting features of the 7Zipper is the ability to back up your documents. The application is absolutely free and can be found here.

The seventh option is the most functional from our review. Root Explorer, familiar to anyone who has obtained Root rights on their device. It is a file manager, the list of features is astounding. Root Explorer is also available in a paid version ( download ) and a very limited free version ( download ).

File managers

Google Play Store has plenty of file managers that can unpack ZIP archives, such as RS File Manager, X-plore File Manager, MK Explorer, etc. We will show you how to open an Android package using Total Commander explorer as an example, but in order to view the code files contained there, you will need a special editor, such as the “Code Editor” application.

    Launch the Total Commander, find the downloaded APK-file, tap on it, select “Open as ZIP” in the menu and browse the list of components it contains.

and select Code Editor or any other application for editing codes.

File managers

If you do not want to install a separate application designed exclusively for working with archives, you can use the file manager. It is quite possible that one of the listed variants is already present on your smartphone or tablet!

Total Commander

Total Commander is known to all computer owners. Many people switch to it from Explorer, because the two-window mode is much more convenient when you need to work with files. Unfortunately, the computer version of the program costs a lot of money. As for the Android version, it is distributed free of charge. its creators earn on the sale of plug-ins. On Google Play it is indicated that the application has advertising, but in fact the system takes for it the very same module that serves to buy plugins.

Total Commander. it is one of the most functional file managers. Here, too, you can use the two-panel mode, just like on the computer, easily copying and moving files. However, some functions become available only after installing the above-mentioned plugins. For example, only in this way it is possible to use the application as an FTP-client. Root functionality also requires a special plugin. However, here we talk about working with archives on Android, and it is available here by default. Total Commander can be used to both pack and unpack archives. The user will be able to use almost all functions, which were described above in the story about individual archivers. even a choice of the compression level is available. It is important, that the interface of the file manager is in Russian, so the user should not have any problems. In short, it is a very good option, well worthy of its four and a half stars on Google Play. It’s interesting that the creators promise stable operation of their application even on Android 1.5. I wonder if anyone has checked this statement?

ES Explorer

A very popular application, which many smartphone customers install in the first place. I don’t know what this has to do with anything. Of course, the free nature of the file manager is winning. But there are intrusive ads that can be annoying. You can get rid of it only by buying the PRO version, priced at 179. It is possible that people like the possibility of changing the theme, so they can change the app’s interior. Distributed in Google Play themes in the form of individual plug-ins, most of them are also free.

This utility includes all the usual functionality for the file manager. That is, the user will be able to copy and move files, delete them, rename them, share them and perform other actions with them. The application manager is also available to help you with deleting, backing up and creating shortcuts. Some other features are present in ES Explorer, such as WebDAV and FTP. But we are most interested in the built-in support for archives. The program understands ZIP and RAR formats. they are successfully unpacked. Only the ZIP format is available to the user when it comes to creating archives. You can use the application to create and encrypted archive using a 256-bit key.

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“ES Explorer is quite suitable for basic work with the archives, when these files are downloaded to the smartphone very rarely. It is important that the interface of the utility is translated into Russian.


It is possible to use Zipper as a file manager on your smartphone. This is a more specialized application specialized in working with archives. With this program it is possible to unpack a wide range of archives. from ZIP and 7ZIP to BZ2 and RAR. In a word, all most popular formats are supported. problems will not arise. The utility also recognizes split ZIP archives, also called multi-volume archives. As for creating archives, Zipper offers only 7ZIP and ZIP.

In recent years the tool has grown with additional functionality. In this regard, it has caught up and even surpassed many file managers. Now with Zipper You can see the statistics of SD card usage, work with a text file, use the “drawer”, get system information and even watch flash animation. Of course, an FTP-client is also built in. The program is distributed completely free of charge, its creators earn only from advertising. It’s nice that some time ago the developers were helped to translate the interface into Russian. To run the file manager is possible on an operating system starting from Android 3.0.

Solid Explorer

Probably the best file manager currently available. As correctly noted by one of the visitors of Google Play, this application has all the necessary functions, and unnecessary functions have been eliminated by the developers for their uselessness. However, the specific functionality can always be added by installing the plugin, which is made simply and easily. You should also be pleased with the user-friendly interface, which is fully russified. With this file manager you can even work with cloud services. And, of course, the unpacking and creation of archives is available here. Files can be extracted from 7ZIP, ZIP, TAR and RAR archives, including encrypted ones. When creating an archive the choice is not so wide. only ZIP and 7ZIP are available among the options. You can password protect archives when creating them.

Unfortunately, the program only works for free for a couple of weeks. But this is the case when giving up about a hundred for a file manager is not difficult. You will be able to use the program with a clear conscience after payment. And don’t forget that Solid Explorer. One of the few file managers that is completely ad-free.

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