How to Open a Text Document in Apple Watch

Effective documents. Create yourself and in collaboration.

Pages is a powerful text editor that allows you to create stunning documents. In Pages on iPad, you can add comments and illustrations using the Apple Pencil. In addition, you and your colleagues can simultaneously work on the same project in real time on their Mac, iPad, iPhone and even PC.

Open spaces
for creativity.

Pages has everything for creative work with text. The necessary tools are always at hand, so it’s very easy to choose a suitable template, change the font, change the text style and add a beautiful design. At the same time, everyone who works on the document has the same functions.

Start with a great template.

Choose from 70 stylish Apple templates and create your perfect document.

Keep track of your workflow.

Track changes, highlight the main thing and share comments with colleagues. Your edits are saved automatically.

Find and change sections with ease.

Pages automatically creates a table of contents based on paragraphs with a different layout. If you edit the text, the table of contents also changes. Using this is very simple: click or click on the desired item, and you will immediately go to the corresponding section.

Make it beautiful.

Give your text expressiveness by filling the letters with a color gradient or image. You can also make a document more effective by adding photos, image galleries, mathematical formulas and diagrams. And more than 700 custom shapes are available to you.

Record and edit audio.

Add narration, individual cues, or sound effects. And anyone who opens your document on an iOS device or Mac can hear it all.

Create books.

Make a guidebook, write a fairy tale or other masterpiece. Pages makes it easy to create interactive books containing image, audio, and galleries. And the built-in tools allow you to copy and paste fragments into various projects, add links to go to other pages and work on the contents of the book with friends, editors or colleagues. The finished work can be opened in the Apple Books app and sent to friends.

Will show. Will tell.

With a personal teleprompter of public speaking, you can not be afraid. To smoothly display text on the screen, turn on the report mode in Pages and set the appropriate speed for automatic scrolling of lines.

and Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil is an incredibly convenient tool for creating sketches, illustrations and documents on the iPad.

Draw and edit

Make a sketch and click the play icon: the picture will begin to appear line after line. in the form of an animation.

Edits are held in place.

With the smart annotation function, the changes made will be linked to the corrected text. Now it’s even easier for you and your colleagues to edit documents.

Work together.

Work on a document together, even if you are in different cities or countries. Your edits will appear in real time. To see which block your colleague is working on, select his name in the list of participants.

Work with any documents. On any device.

You can work in different places and on different devices. Pages too. Therefore, documents that you create on a Mac or iPad will look exactly the same on an iPhone or in a web browser. And vice versa.

How to Open a Text Document in Apple Watch

Work together on documents in iCloud. In real time.

Everyone can join the project. from their Mac, iPad, iPhone and even PC.

Unlock documents with a touch or a glance.

Password-protected files can be opened incredibly quickly. using Touch ID or Face ID on compatible devices.

Compatible with Microsoft Word.

Does your colleague use Microsoft Word? For Pages, this is not a problem. Save Pages documents in Word format or import and edit Word documents in Pages. In addition, the most popular Word features are supported. Now you can work together on the same project, even if you use different applications.

ways to do the job perfectly.

Create impressive tables. Colleagues will help you.


Memorable presentations are very simple.