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Instagram profile how to make it open

Instagram provides a high level of protection of personal user information. You can publish photos and videos, post short stories in the Storis tape in general access, as well as hide all posts and personal information from prying eyes. For such purposes, the ability to make a profile closed is implemented. After that, no visitor can subscribe to your page without approval and see the above content. This operation can be carried out in the reverse order. In the article we will tell you how to open Instagram for everyone and what to do when an error occurs.

If you do not want strangers to visit your page, watch publications and answer them, activate the function of a closed account. This possibility is implemented to protect the user from unwanted subscriptions and intrusive advertising.

If there is an open profile on Instagram, all your notes can be seen by any visitor without restrictions, subscribe to your updates without warning and write a personal message. You can independently limit access to your page.

Consider the main features and differences of the closed account in 2019:

  • All published photos and videos of the user can watch, leave comment and like only friends and subscribers.
  • When searching using hashtags, your publications will not be displayed.
  • The account can be found by name, but when transitioning to it, all personal information will be hidden from prying eyes.
  • A visitor who wants to subscribe to you must first send a friendship application and only if it approves it is able to watch content.

It should be remembered that the profile privacy function is available only for ordinary users, commercial business accounts cannot hide information and posts. To implement this, you will have to transfer the page to personal.

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How to save Instagram data for transfer to another phone

If there is a change of old phone to a new one, do not forget to move the saved data of the Instagram account with you. It can be:

This will be done using cloud storages or SD cards. Cloud storages include: built.In (for example, micloud on Xiaomi) or third.Party (Google disk or Yandex disk) with a limited free “place” of 5 or 10 GB.

Among other things, the transfer of contacts for synchronization with a profile in insta is important. To do this, you need to use SIM cards options.

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Since each method deserves special attention, consider them in turn.

Through the cloud storage

To use a third.Party cloud will need:

If there is a built.In storage (micloud), then you will not have to download anything. You need to work with it as follows:

  • Unlock the screen of your gadget and slip through the “Settings” label.
  • Scroll the page down and find the column “Accounts”.
  • Select the “Synchronization” section and the Mi Cloud option.
  • Click “Turn on”.
  • Select objects for synchronization.
  • Save the changes.
  • Take another smartphone in your hands and get back on this Mi accounting.
  • Transfer data to your phone.

Good to know. The application cache can be postponed through Google by mail that is used in Play Market. To do this, in the Synchronization settings section, select the Google tab and confirm the reservation.

Using a memory card

If there is no way to use the “clouds”, then act “in the old way”-copy files through a memory card. For this:

Then you need to remove the card from one smartphone and insert it into a special connector of another, and in the same way move the objects back to the internal memory.

Via a SIM card

To copy contacts from the phone book from the old gadget, you need to use the function of exporting numbers to the SIM card. This happens as follows:

Ready. Now you can again enable synchronization in the Installation application.

How to enter from a computer like a phone

As mentioned earlier, you can enter through third.Party applications that allow emulsing the Android operating system. There are a lot of such utilities on the Internet, and they are all similar. We look at the example of BlueStacks, you can install any other android emulator.

Through extensions for the browser

The loading of the Android emulator seemed to you too complicated or your computer is too weak for this? Install any addition from the Google Chrome store and use Instagram in full force.

Computer application for Instagram

Install the expansion for Instagram. Open the extension using an icon in the form of a camera located to the right. Then enter this for the entrance or just get back through

App Phone for Instagram Direct Message

App Phone for Instagram. You don’t even have to go to your account after installing this extension. Just open the store and enter the specified name in the search, and then click on the “Install” button.

If you are authorized on Instagram.COM, then after opening the addition, you will automatically redirect you to a personal Instagram profile.

Web examiner for Instagram /H3>

Web examiner for Instagram. Another plugin replacing the desktop version of the Instagram site. All the functions that are on the phone are available here. In addition, you also do not need to log in if you have already opened your Instagram profile in the browser.

After loading, the expansion will automatically open in a new small window, which can be easily changed in size.

When it makes sense to close the profile

Those people who do not want their personal photographs or posts watch outsiders close the profile. Often users keep a page on Instagram as a personal diary.

The closed profile has the following features:

  • Only a certain circle of people can view publications;
  • No one can like and comment on the notes;
  • Publications cannot be found by geolocation or hashtag;
  • It is impossible to subscribe without an application;
  • Other users cannot see the list of followers.

Often close the profile for commercial purposes. An advertising company is held that intrigues other people. To find out information about the offer or product, subscription applications are submitted.

What is an open page and why it is needed

To begin with, we will figure out why, in principle, you need to allow access and whether it is possible to do without it. Of the advantages of the open account, they note:

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  • Publishing all the content, whether it be steris, posts, videos or direct broadcasts to all users. That is, any person will see your publication, will be able to open your page and subscribe.
  • All users, without exception, can subscribe to the open page. If it is closed, you will have to send a request and wait for it to confirm what few people want to do. Because of these reasons, you should not close the account if you need to promote.
  • Anyone can write in personal messages of the Direct. The owner of the page will receive a notice of message.

Thus, if you do not want to put your own personal life for public display, then close and do not open an account. Closing will not change the current amount of the audience in any way and you can still subscribe to you at any time by sending a request and waiting for its confirmation. If this order does not suit you, then figure out how to open the profile on Instagram from the phone or from stationary devices in the browser. Remember that it is impossible to close a business profile, since it is originally conceived as a page that needs to be promoted.

What is an open account

There are two types of profiles on Instagram: open and private. And you can switch between them without problems. At the same time, the private page is such an account that can not get without confirmation of the owner. People who do not have access see only an avatar, the number of posts, subscribers and subscriptions. And to see an open account, confirmation is not necessary.

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You decided to open your profile for everyone. What in this case people will see? Everything. They will be able to find out who is signed for you, and whom you are signed. They will be able to see publications and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on them. In addition, if you have figured out how to open a page on Instagram for all users, people will be able to analyze the profile on statistics and analysis of the user’s network activities in the network.

How to make a profile public using PC

If there is no smartphone at hand, then the status of “publicly accessible” can be set through PC:

How to open your Instagram profile from the phone

Owners of mobile devices can use the social network using the official application. After the primary installation of the utility and registration in the service, your account automatically becomes open. If you previously blocked access, then at any time you can change the confidentiality settings at your discretion. Below we will analyze in detail the procedure for opening a profile for different types of cell phones with different operational systems.

On Android

The process of changing safety parameters is made in only a few clicks. If you are the owner of the mobile device with the Android operating system, then to open Instagram for all users will need to take the following steps:

From this moment on, all your publications will be in general access and anyone will be able to subscribe to your page.

On the iPhone

Owners of equipment from the global Apple brand need to perform a similar algorithm of actions. The difference between mobile applications on different operating systems is only in the design and design of the Inte Week. To open an Instagram account on the iPhone after updating the new version, follow the instructions:

  • Launch the utility on the mobile device.
  • Aim in the service, indicating a personal password and login from the profile.
  • The public page of the social network will be displayed on the screen. Go to your personal account.
  • Here it is necessary to open the settings section, it is located on the right panel of the workspace.
  • In the next window, find the section of confidentiality and security, remove the slider to the disabled position.
  • Save and update the page.

At any time you can cancel the settings and make an account via the phone back to a closed position.

Data collection, communications and analytics

Bot for generating UTM meters in a couple of clicks. Especially convenient if you need to make a mark from a smartphone.

Collects and unloads full statistics by subscribers of his or alien Instagram profile. The functionality is constantly updated. Now you can with the help of a bot, see the income on Instagram, calculate the growth or fall of organic coverage, determine the active audience of the profile. It will also come in handy for downloading a backup copy of subscribers.

And higher.

Bot from the Chotam service.Ru: allows you to track Комментарии и мнения владельцев, direct, lead forms and brand mention. Available after authorization on the service website.

Price: for 1 account is free, but you need to log in once a month in the service to confirm that you are still using your account with a free tariff.

The bot from the service of the same name sends Комментарии и мнения владельцев and mentioning the Instagram account with the possibility of response and deletion. It is also possible to send everything to group chat if your team is so convenient. It is necessary to connect a business account with linking to the service that allows you to unload Комментарии и мнения владельцев from Instagram to Google Tables, Excel, PDF and HTML files.

Per month per account. Discounts are valid for more accounts.

Starcomment service bot.IO online Parishes Комментарии и мнения владельцев and entries Instagram. Both yours and other people’s accounts. Available after authorization on the service website. In the service, by the way, you can filter the receipt of Комментарии и мнения владельцев from certain users: on the floor, country and by the number of subscribers. You can also download ID users who left Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Depending on the chosen tariff.

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