How to Open a Drive on an Asus Laptop

How to Open a Drive on an Asus Laptop

We would not consider ourselves as an experienced user of laptops, computers, mobile and other digital devices, sometimes there are situations that confuse us. So, not many people understand how to open a disk drive on a laptop without a button and, no matter how we look for it, there isn’t it. As you know, there are no situations from which it is impossible to find a way out and this is not an exception.

How to open a drive without a button?

  1. First of all, it is worth mentioning that option if the laptop has a dead battery or there is no light, and you did not manage to eject the disk from the drive. So, take a paper clip, straighten it. There is a microscopic button on the drive. She needs to be found. It is important to know that some manufacturers create an activity LED on the drive panel that is very similar to each other and a hole for manually releasing the drive door, and therefore you do not need to force the clip into the hole if you are not sure that it is not an LED indicator. So, straightening the paper clip, insert it into the hole and advance until there is a slight resistance. Next, gently press the clip onto the drive. When the drive is unlocked, you must remove the clip from the hole and slowly pull out the tray, removing the disc from it.
  2. Some laptops have a boot drive or drive called a crevice drive. In this case, the external button is located next to the drives. However, it should be noted that there are a number of slot-loading models that do not have manual unlocking. To open the drive without a button, no matter how difficult it may seem, you can through Windows Explorer. Here we use the eject function (click on the drive panel, and then select “Eject”). It is important not to knock on the laptop, do not shake it. Otherwise, it will break the gadget.

How to open the drive using the keyboard?

This will help a hot key combination. So, on most laptops this is FnF4. It is possible that a separate key is created specifically for this, the icon on which will tell you whether it is or not.

If you have installed the Alcohol120% program, then there is also a “Extract” button (in the case when you are going to burn an image from a disk).

If you are the owner of a multimedia keyboard, use the driver utility to program one of the buttons. This can be done using the “Drive Speed ​​Setting” function. In addition, this can be done with a regular keyboard. So, go to the “System Settings”, then. in the “Keyboard”. The Key Combination tab will appear. We need the item “Additional combinations”. Click on the plus, with the help of which we will add a hot key for the desired command. The “Team” and “Name” fields appeared, fill them. Click on “Apply.” A new line appears to which we assign a combination. To do this, just click on it and assign a certain key combination.

If you have Ubuntu installed, then the command responsible for opening the tray with the drive is the following: eject sr0, and for closing. eject. t sr0.

How to open a drive without a button on a computer?

Considering this issue, one cannot but mention how to open the drive on a personal computer with a system unit. To do this, go to “My Computer”, find the right drive there. Click on the icon with the right mouse button and select “Extract”. Everything is not as complicated as it seems. over, this method works most often.

If the device freezes, just restart it. Another option to open the drive without a button is to install a special program that can use the software to close and open the drive.