How to open a cover on Xiaomi Redmi phone

Instructions on how to open the Xiaomi cover

One of the reasons for the poor functioning of the phone is mechanical problems. It is they who lead to the need to disassemble the device. There may also be a need to make a display, battery or other details.

Fortunately, Xiaomi smartphones are very simple, so in most cases you can do without contacting the service center. How to make out Xiaomi Redmi 4x. We will analyze in this article.

Tools for opening the back cover

A few years ago, the installation of the SIM card required disassembling the device. It was not difficult to remove the rear panel-after all, it was otherwise impossible to connect a SIM card. Modern devices are equipped with a special tray for Simka and an additional memory card, as well as a non.Removable battery, so that the need to open the cover of the Xiaomi smartphone in normal mode may not arise.

But sometimes this action is necessary: ​​for example, in case of falling into water. To save the gadget, it will be necessary to urgently get the battery if other ways of disconnecting do not work. Some risk performing more complex work on their own. To change not only the battery, but also the screen sensor or dynamics. This instruction will help, first of all, if you need to open Xiaomi Redmi 4x. But also the owners of other models of the Xiaomi Redmi 4 line is useful to find out how to remove the back cover.

Ideally, the work should be carried out by special equipment. On sale on the relevant sites you can find a special spatula for analyzing the device. But in emergency conditions, it is necessary to cost the improvised means. A guitar mediator or a plastic card. You will also need a thin screwdriver and tweezers. A special hairpin is used to extract a SIM card, but it is easy to replace it with a stationery clip.

Redmi 7 how to open back cover


If you need to open the Xiaomi Redmi 4x smartphone, you must act as accurately as possible. You cannot use sharp objects due to the risk of scratches. And in the case of a breakdown of internal latches, the harm caused will be incorrigible.

How to open the Xiaomi Redmi 5 lid

Smartphones of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 series combine high performance, functionality, excellent design and affordable price. That is why they became an absolute bestseller in the Russian market. Today our instructions are devoted to this particular apparatus.

Remove the cover on the Xiaomi Redmi 5 is necessary to repair the device or replace the battery. Previously, manufacturers made a corps that easily opened on their own. Today, the back cover of Xiaomi is fastened with the frame so reliably that it becomes difficult to remove it with your own hands. However, we will tell you how to open the Xiaomi Redmi 5 cover without resorting to the help of the service center specialists.

To work, you will need a thin plastic spatula or shoulder blade, as well as a mediator with which you will open the case. The mediator can be replaced with a regular bank card, preferably from dense plastic. We do not recommend using metal objects, since they are able to damage the back cover and other elements of the case.

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Disconnect the smartphone power and remove the SIM card connector using a paper clip that is included in the device.

Turn the phone so that the back cover is on top.

Using a spatula, Pandalize the back cover in the lower end of the case, where the speakers and the charger connector are located. Do not overdo it so as not to break internal mounts.

When the case opens below, pick up the mediator or plastic card to open all the internal latches. Move from the corners around the perimeter of the device.

When all the latches are open, you can open the Xiaomi Redmi 5 lid. Just don’t forget about the fingertips of the fingerprint scanner! Careless or sharp movement will lead to the train will be damaged. Gently disconnect the train, after which the back cover of the phone is completely removed.

Now you know how to open the Xiaomi Redmi 5 lid. And here you will find detailed instructions for disassembling Xiaomi Redmi 4x.

How to open the Xiaomi Redmi 5 phone cover

In this article, I want to show in detail and clearly how to remove the cover on the Xiaomi Redmi 5, 5A, 5S and 5X phone. What for?For example, to independently change the smartphone battery. Previously, this did not work anything complicated and everything could be done independently. Now on modern thin devices this has become much more difficult. And still, to be at least a day more carefully, then everything can be done on your own! The instruction will be relevant for those who want to open the cover on Xiaomi Redmi 4, 4s and 4x.

For this simple process, we need a strong thin plastic spatula or spatula. It is also desirable to have a mediator at hand or at least a plastic card (credit card, discount, etc.P.) Metal tools are undesirable, since they can damage the device.

Attention! Before opening the smartphone, be sure to pull a tray for a SIM card from it using a complete key. Otherwise, she will not let you make out the phone.

To open the Xiaomi Redmi 5 lid, we pick it up and unfold it with the end side, on which the charging connector is located.

Try the spatula carefully break the phone case so that the gap forms. It is most optimal to do this from the corners, since there is the easiest way to pick up the cover cover.

After it was possible to make the gap. It is necessary to increase it along the rest of the case, gently dividing the latch along its edges using a mediator or plastic card. As soon as it turns out to disconnect most of the drawdown, you can open the Xiaomi Redmi 5 cover, but you need to do it carefully. The fact is that on the back of the smartphone housing is a fingerprint scanner. If you pull the lid strongly. You will tear off the train going to the scanner.

Therefore, you need to carefully unhook the train from the device. Only after that you can remove the phone cover completely and continue to change the battery, repair, or perform other operations with the device.

How to remove the back cover on Xiaomi smartphones

The owner of the smartphone with Xaomi can independently change the battery or dry the inside of the phone if he was shot. To do this, you need to have a special tool and know how to open the Xiaomi phone.

Necessary tools

For disassembling the plastic case, you will need devices with such characteristics:

  • Reliability. They must withstand the load.
  • The smoothness of the contours and the smoothness of the surface. Sharp edges can scratch the surface of the smartphone during installation and dismantling.

To open the Xiaomi cover, you will need a spatula for repairing phones. Its functions at home can perform a plastic guitar mediator or bank card.

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To remove the old battery and installation of a new one are needed:

  • Dismantle to disassemble on a flat and clean surface. Table, bedside table or wide windowsill are suitable for this process.
  • The parts removed are placed in the order of their dismantling. This will help with feedback.
  • Before work, it is necessary to wash your hands or use thin special.Leggings.
  • The room provides good lighting and ventilation.
  • Security measures are observed.

Opening procedure

  • A cardrider is extracted from the smartphone body.
  • It is necessary to enter the thin part of the spatula (mediator) into the gap between the screen and the lid. Simultaneously a moderate pressure, opening of the latches and the advancement of the tool around the perimeter are performed.
  • After disconnecting the lid, it is placed on the table. In the models of Xiaomi Redmi or Mi Max, it is necessary to disconnect the transmitting train (from module to touchscreen).
open, cover, xiaomi, redmi, phone

If the sensory display of the smartphone is damaged, additional complex equipment is needed to replace it. At home, it is not recommended to perform this operation.

How to pull out a battery and replace it

They go to this procedure after it was possible to remove the back cover of the phone.

open, cover, xiaomi, redmi, phone
  • Cross.Shaped screwdriver (2.5 mm);
  • Tweezers;
  • The adhesive tape is double.Sided.
  • 3 screws are fixed, which are attached to the bracket (for a train).
  • It is recommended to remove it from the board with tweezers or fingers, pushing with a screwdriver.
  • The battleship loop is disconnected from the battery.
  • It is required to remove the lower module. 8 screws are unscrewed for this, and it is carefully removed from the nest. This will provide free access to the battery.
  • From its lower part, 2 black shortcuts are peeled off, holding the adhesive tape to connect to the body.
  • The tape is carefully pulled out.
  • With a tweezer or spatula, pick up the battery and get out of the nest.
  • Before installation, it is necessary to verify the marking of the old and new batteries. They must match.
  • A strip of adhesive tape is glued on the lower surface, a protective layer of paper is removed from it.
  • The battery is inserted into the nest.

Redmi 4 phone assembly is in the reverse order:

  • Insert the lower module.
  • Its fastening 8 screws.
  • Connection of a loop of power to a new battery.
  • Screwing the bracket 3 screws.
  • The back cover is closed. You need to do this carefully, smoothly snap fasteners around the perimeter.

Security measures

When carrying out all the work related to the disassembly of electrical devices and their repair, a number of rules and recommendations are observed:

  • Requirements for the place of work: sufficient illumination, ventilated room with reduced humidity.
  • Before starting work, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions for the operation of the device. If there is a description of the order of action in it, you need to strictly adhere to it.
  • The smartphone should be without a headset and disconnected from external power sources (from the charger). The inclusion key in the dexter position.
  • The battery cannot be deformed, disassembled, allowed it to be in contact with food and liquids.
  • The old battery must be correctly disposed of. It should be thrown into special urns with the sign “for spent batteries and batteries” or handed over to the utilization of household appliances.
  • When disassembling the device, fold the removed parts in order: cover, screws of brackets, brackets, etc.D. This will help when assembling a smartphone.

Recommendations for different models

The difference in order of action is small, but the nuances exist.

  • After separating the lid from the case, it should be removed carefully to it is attached to the fingerprint sensor.
  • The sensor train must be disconnected. To do this, you can use a screwdriver.
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This procedure is necessary for the following Xiaomi models:

If the device is under warranty, then the user is responsible for disassembly. Therefore, if a problem arises with the phone, it is better to solve it in the service center. In case of self.Opening, the guarantee is canceled.

What to do next

Having dismantled the Xiaomi Redmi in this way, the “filling” of the smartphone will be visible. You can see the upper panel, under it is a processor, a camera and some other components of the device, the panel itself serves the antenna for the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, another protective screen is located in the lower part, it simultaneously serves as antenna for cellular networks, under it- The main speaker of the smartphone. The central part of the “insides” is occupied by the gadget battery.

Most often, the back cover is removed to replace the battery or camera. This may be required if the touchscreen is damaged, but it will not work without complex equipment, so at home this type of repair work should not be done.

How to change the battery

The first thing that is necessary is to check the battery model so that it is clearly suitable for the phone. After that, it is worth starting to replace:

  • We disassemble the phone according to the old scheme;
  • Now we take out the old battery using tweezers and specialized bilateral tape;
  • Collect the phone again;
  • Check it for performance.

Thus, you can quickly and easily change the phone battery.

Open the back cover

Using a blade or a plastic mediator tool, neatly, around the perimeter, disconnect the mounting of the back cover and remove it.

open, cover, xiaomi, redmi, phone

⚠️ Try not to insert the tool too deep, or bend, otherwise traces of autopsy or damage may remain on the case.

⚠️ be careful when opening the lid from the side of the side volume buttons and turning on. Thin train and fragile buttons are very easy to damage.

⚠️ also, pay attention to the train sensor of the fingerprints.

The process of disassembly

The direct disassembly process is as follows:

  • Before the work itself, you need to completely turn off the device and pull out the SIM card.
  • Plastic spatula or mediator carefully clutch all the latches available on the case. Latches are blocking that does not allow to continue work.
  • After opening the latches, carefully open the back cover, you can not damage the inner trains.
  • Turn off the fingerprint scanner.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the upper part of the module.
  • Disconnect the connectors of the sensor under the board.
  • Although the battery is inexpressible, the battery must be removed, for this it must be carefully peel off using a flat screwdriver.
  • Pull out the train of the system board.
  • The most difficult thing is to remove the screen from Xiaomi, t. To. An impressive amount of time will need to warm it up with a special hairdryer. Without this equipment, you should not even start such painstaking and very responsible work.

Attention! It is strictly not recommended to independently disassemble and open the phone for people who have no experience in this matter. Any sloppy movement can lead to a complete breakdown, as a result of which the Xiaomi Redmi 4x phone will only have to be thrown away!

Xiaomi Redmi 9C : How to Remove Open Back Cover

In a disassembled state, the phone looks as follows

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