How to Open a Clipboard on a Computer

In my work, I often encounter the need to have several versions of the text on the clipboard. I think I’m not the only one who would like to get more opportunities and increase the efficiency of working with the clipboard, and therefore I want to talk about one great ClipDiary program, the capabilities of which will pleasantly surprise you.

Let me remind you the standard methods for working with the Windows clipboard:

  • CtrlC or CtrlInsert. copy the selected fragment to the clipboard
  • CtrlX or ShiftDelete. cut, i.e. copy to clipboard and delete from text
  • CtrlV or ShiftInsert. paste the last copied item

You can also use the context menu of the right mouse button:

I personally use only combinations with “Insert”, in my opinion it is much more convenient, maybe just not everyone knows about it. On some keyboards on the buttons “C”, “V”, “X” are already marked, so as not to forget how to use them. But the standard method has a drawback, because you can paste only the last copied element, i.e., each new text overwrites the previous one.

Clipboard program

Download and install ClipDiary.

The program is free for home use. At the first start, a wizard will appear that will show all the features of the program and help you configure it. In the main program window, you can open the current clipboard using the icon at the bottom of the screen.

The essence of the work is simple. everything that you copy to the clipboard using the “CtrlC” or “CtrlInsert” buttons is saved in the list and called “clips”, even after restarting the computer. At any time, you can open the list and find previously copied text. I rummaged through several similar programs, but ClipDiary was the only one that can insert data from the history using hot buttons. Other programs only opened the entire list, from which it was possible to select something, and then manually insert where necessary.

Everything is automatic here. Press the assigned key combination one or more times until you find the copied text, and it is immediately inserted into the document. The only thing I’m missing is that you can associate the hotkey with one specific phrase, which you often have to insert. You have to press the buttons many times until you get to what you need on the list.

It looks like this:

How to Open a Clipboard on a Computer

The list contains all the most recently copied items. I configured my hotkeys like this:

Accordingly, I can navigate through the history using the “CtrlShiftInsert” and “CtrlShiftHome” combinations until I see the text that I previously copied in a small pop-up window, for example, the phrase “I personally use only”

And using the “CtrlShiftEnd” buttons, I can go to the clipboard by opening the main program window.

Check out this short:

Using the “CtrlI” hot buttons, you can clear the Windows clipboard without having to clear the Clipdiary list. To clear it, you need to open the program window, select everything that is there and press the red cross or “CtrlDel”. If the list appears on several pages, then do it several times.

In the settings of the ClipDiary program in the “Advanced” section, there are a bunch of subtle settings with which you can configure everything for yourself.

Clipboard history in Microsoft office

The program package Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint includes the ability to work with the advanced clipboard. To activate it, you need to click on a barely noticeable button here:

and then you get into an additional window in which the clipboard is located. The last 20 copied elements are saved here, including screenshots.

You can only insert from there manually, and the list is cleared after closing the program. You can also clear the clipboard using the “Clear All” button. By the way, you can work with Word and Excel documents online.

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