How to move photos from android to iPhone

How to send a photo from a computer to your phone

Often there is a need to transmit data from one device to another. The situation with moving files from computer to phone is no exception. Depending on the model of the smartphone and resources, several ways can be distinguished. Consider the simplest and most common options.

The modern rhythm of life requires active exchange of materials between various digital devices. The need to move photos from a laptop to a smartphone can occur in many situations, for example:

  • When files were sent by e.Mail;
  • Pictures are processed in the editors on PC and now you need to download them into the phone’s memory;
  • If the images are made on the camera and saved on a hard drive;
  • Graphic material is made using screenshots or webcams, etc.

The following presents the most common solutions to the task. The choice of the best option may depend on a number of parameters:

  • Phone models, dates of its release;
  • Type of operating system;
  • The presence of a USB cable for connecting to a computer;
  • Accessibility of wireless connection options;
  • The presence of the Internet or Wi-Fi;
  • Performance of additional recovery;
  • Accessibility of personal accounts in social networks or cloud resources;
  • The presence of additional auxiliary devices on which information can be transferred.

Using programs

The easiest way to transfer data is to use special applications and utilities. Within the framework of the article, we consider several most popular utilities, with which you can throw information from Android on iOS.

A fairly simple program that allows you to transfer data in almost automatic mode. The application moves the records of the calendar, contacts, SMS, browser bookmarks, login base and passwords from web services and sites, photo, video, accounts. Works only on Android version 4.0 and above.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on both devices. Connect them into a common network, to one router.
  • Prepare the iPhone. It should not be activated and configured. In the state of parameters “from the box”. If you took the gadget from your hands, you need to reset to factory settings. Enter the iPhone in “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset”. “Wipe out content and settings”. Confirm all actions.
  • Charge both gadgets. The level of battery should be at least 80%.
  • Make sure in the iPhone there is enough memory. Ideally, it should be a little more than the occupied amount of data on Android.
  • Install the application on Android. Understand the initial setting, accept the terms of the license agreement. Stop at the “Enter code” item.
  • On iOS, follow the first launch. Make the primary settings to the “Program and Data” menu.
  • On the menu screen, select the line “Transfer data from Android“. As soon as a six.Digit code appears on the iPhone display, enter it in the device on Android.
  • Further, the iPhone will begin to synchronize the information, while the system will ask what to copy and what to leave. Choose photos, videos and programs that you need to copy to another device.
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At the end of the IOS settings, the message will display: “Transfer completed”. Next, you can make basic system settings. At the very end, the device will ask you to enter the old Google account.

Cloud storages

Another quick and convenient way to exchange files between different operating systems.

To transfer data, you do not need to look for an addressee in a particular messenger, add it to contacts or scan QR codes. Just put the file into the cloud and send the link in any convenient way. At least by e-mail or SMS.

There are no problems between our gadgets (with one cloud account) at all, we install the client and see all the data.

I prefer to use Yandex.A disk, it is easiest to get 40-50 GB of space in it, downloading a photo from a smartphone is not limited, and in the mobile application there is a simple and understandable offline mode.

How to Transfer Photos videos From Android to iPhone in Telugu By PJ

You will be surprised, but not all popular cloud storages allow you to download data for use without access to the network.

How to transfer photos from android to iPhone through messengers or mail

The user has the opportunity to throw photos by telegram or mail. Other communication services are not so convenient for copying and saving files. Step.By.Step instructions for transmitting images through telegrams:

  • You need to install software from the app store for gadgets. If you issue a request for authorization, then enter the phone number, and then the password arrived;
  • Go into the “Favorites” chat, it is opened in the application menu. Touch the icon “paper clip. Attach the file”, select the necessary materials. Then you should go to telegrams on iOS, enter the profile, open a personal chat. All transferred files can be downloaded to your gadget, they will be saved in the new album.

The algorithm of actions to transfer files through the mail:

  • The user needs to download software from the developer in the application store. Apple Stor and Google Market. You can use the miner service.Ru or by mail from Google. Having entered the application, the user presses the command “Create a new message”. The paper clip allows you to attach selected files;
  • Further there are two options: the user can save the message as a draft or send photos to another postal address. In the first case, it is enough to go to iOS in the mail application, click on the “drafts” command, download the attached files. In the second. Log in on another account, go to the “incoming” section, open a message and download pictures to the gallery.

Using a computer

If you have the necessary USB cables, you can postpone photos using a file manager on a computer. The process quite sorry requires neither access to the Internet, nor the installation of additional applications on the iPhone or Android, in contrast to the methods described above. This method I recommend when you need to transfer photos and videos to a large number or size.

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By connecting the iPhone and Android device to the computer, open the iPhone internal memory and copy the folder with photos on the computer (for example, on your desktop).

Now open a phone or tablet on Android and insert a copied folder

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Manual data move

Manual movement of files is the way that many often forget about, due to its “difficulties”. In fact, there is nothing extraordinary in it-it is enough to have two smartphones with two SD cards, as well as a personal computer that will play the role of an “intermediary”. Here’s the instruction:

move, photos, android, iphone
  • We insert a flash drive with data into the phone with OS “Android”.
  • Connect the device to the computer.
  • In the window that appears, select the item “Open the File viewing folder”.
  • A section will appear in which all files located on the SD card are located.
  • Copy the necessary materials on a computer in a separate pack.
  • Insert the flash drive into the iPhone and connect the device to PC.
  • Open a folder for viewing and transferring files.
  • Copy data transferred from a smartphone to a new device.
  • Turn off the iPhone and rejoice.

This method is good because it does not require installation of additional programs. As for the shortcomings, it is one-the mandatory presence of an SD card on both phones, since data transfer is possible only from them. If you need to download a video or music stored on an internal medium, then first transfer everything to a flash drive by going to the “Memory” section in the phone settings.

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Automatic data transfer from Android to iPhone

Using the Move To IOS program, you can transfer contacts, messages, photos and videos, mail accounts and calendars to the iPhone. If the old phone has free programs available in both Google Play and the App Store, they can also be transferred to a new device.

If you want to transfer the bookmarks from Chrome, update the browser on the Android device until the latest version!

Automatic transfer of photos from Android to iPhone

With the initial setting of the new iPhone, you can use the automatic data transfer from the Android Smartphone to the iPhone. This method allows you to transfer not only photos, but all other user data, including contacts, correspondence, bookmarks in a browser, postal accounts, calendars, etc. D.

In order to use the automatic posting photo, you need to install on Android application Move to iOS (link). This is an official application from Apple, which allows you to organize data transmission from one device to another.

After the Move to IOS application is installed, you can turn on the iPhone and start its initial setting. At one of the stages of setting, you will need to go to “Programs and Data” and choose there “transfer data from Android”.

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Next, you need to open the Move to IOS application on the Android device, click on the “Continue” button, agree with the conditions of use, and press “Next”. And on the iPhone you need to click on the “Continue” button and wait until the PIN code appears.

The emerging PIN code must be entered on the Android device and wait for the “Data Transfer” window. Next on Android you need to select the data that must be transferred to the iPhone, and wait for the end of the process.

Once again, we note that this method of transferring a photo from Android to iPhone can only be used with the initial IPhone settings. If you have already passed the initial setting, then you can discharge to the factory settings and perform it again or postpone the photos manually, as this is described at the beginning of the article.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone or iPad with Move to iOS

Start adjusting the iPhone or iPad until you reach the screen with the name “Program and Data”.

Click “Transfer data from Android“.

On your Android smartphone or tablet, open Google Play and find Move to iOS through the search (you can also download the link above).

Click “install”, and after installation, click “Open”

Click “Continue” on both devices.

On the Android smartphone or tablet, read the “Conditions and Regulations” click “Take”, and then “Next”.

On the Android device, enter a 10-digit code reflected on the iPhone or iPad.

How To Transfer Photos From Android To iPhone EASILY! (2020)

After entering the code, Android, the device connects to the iPhone or iPad by Wi-Fi and determine which data will be transmitted.

After that, the question will arise what data needs to be postponed: Google account, bookmark bookmarks, text messages, contacts, photos, videos and so on. Select everything you want to transfer to the iPhone.

After the transmission process is completed, click on “Continue the iPhone settings” or “Continue the iPad setting up” on the device and enter your Apple ID and password if there is no Apple ID ”.

After the setting process is completed, you will be invited to enter the Google account, which is configured on the Android device. Enter it, after which the transfer process will end!

Data transmission time varies depending on how much data you transfer, basically it all depends on the number of photos and videos. My data volume was about 400 MB, it took about 8 minutes from the start of the iPhone settings and ending with the entrance to the Google account.

To simplify the use of iPhone and iPad, Google has developed several applications that both systems connect, here they are:

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