How To Mount A Magnetic Phone Holder

A car phone holder is without a doubt a thing for any driver. It is convenient and useful in a variety of situations. from the need to use the phone as a car navigator or just place the phone in the car so that its screen is always visible and easy to reach. Today we will consider a relatively new version of the car holder. magnetic.

Until recently, the most common type of car holders were the so-called “Crabs”. that is, holders equipped with special clamps (of various variations) for grasping the phone’s body and securing it securely. However, now they have been replaced by a new option. magnetic car holder.

How does a magnetic car holder work?

From the name, it is logical to assume that the principle of the magnetic holder is to magnetize the phone to the platform of the holder. However, it is not entirely clear. how exactly is this implemented? After all, the cases of many phones are made of plastic, which definitely will not interact with magnets. Therefore, a thin metal plate is included with each magnetic car holder. it provides the necessary coupling between the holder platform and the phone. It can be pasted both on the phone and on the (under) cover.

Accordingly, the initial installation process looks like this:

  1. degrease the surface of the smartphone case (or cover);
  2. remove the protective film and install the response metal plate on the body (or case);
  3. install the holder in the right place in the car;
  4. install the phone. a plate on the holder. As a result, he will attract himself and the phone will be firmly fixed on the holder.

Where to install a magnetic car holder?

An installation option that offers the maximum selection of options is installation on a double-sided tape. The sizes of such holders are usually the most compact, and there can be an unlimited number of installation options:

How To Mount A Magnetic Phone Holder
  • anywhere in the windshield;
  • on the side “windows” (if there are any in your car);
  • on a torpedo. vertically (on top);
  • on the dashboard. horizontally (next to the dashboard);
  • . and any other option. from the armrest to the sun visors. Simply put. you can install the holder exactly where it will be most convenient for you to use it.

Perhaps one of the few places in the car where you can’t install the holder on double-sided tape is the ventilation grill. For her, her own form of magnetic car holder is made. With the help of a special mount, the holder is installed on the air duct, where it practically does not take up space.

The above installation options are the most ergonomic, convenient and, as a consequence, the most common. However, there are also specialized mounting options on the market, for example: into the slot of the radio, to the sun visor, to the cup holder, etc.