How to measure the speed of Wi-Fi connection with a router

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How to check Wi-Fi speed between devices

Hello. In today’s article, we will show you ways to check your wi-fi speed. Just please do not confuse, not the speed of the Internet that the provider gives you, but the speed of wireless Wi-Fi connection between the router and the computer. These are completely different things, if the provider turns off the Internet to you, then you cannot measure the speed. But the speed of the Wi-Fi connection is unable to turn off you no one can ever check it and you can always check it.

There are some points that need to be taken into account when testing. They, one way or another, affect the final result.

  • If you decide to find out the speed of Wi-Fi by copying a file from one computer to another (see this method below in the article). Know, a significant role is played out in this, your hard drive, which is on PC. With HDD disk, the result may be worse than with SSD disk. Because SSD processes and transmits information much faster.
  • Pay attention to the standards that the router and laptop support. For example: the IEEE 802 standard is written on the router.11n speed up to 150 Mbit/s. And your laptop does not support this IEEE 802 standard.11n. It supports only an outdated IEEE 802 standard.11a/b/g/. This means that you will definitely not see the desired 150 Mbit/s, you can pump a maximum of 54 Mbps.
  • Any modern router that operates at a frequency of 5 GHz and supports the IEEE 802 standard.11ac, theoretically capable of pumping up to 1 Gbit/s traffic. But this does not mean that when choosing a 350 Mbit/s tariff, you can pump it. And the reason here is not Wi-Fi. And the fault of the port (Wan, Internet) into which the cable is inserted from the provider. In some models, this port can skip traffic only up to 100 Mbps. Therefore, when ordering such a tariff, first, make sure that your router has a port that can skip up to 1 Gbit/s traffic.

Built.In capabilities of Windows

The current speed of the Internet connection is easier and fastest to see the tasks in the “performance” tab. If the network is loaded weakly, the schedule in the “throughput” window will be low; If strongly, the window is filled almost completely, and the speed shown in the upper right corner will come close to what is indicated in the contract with the provider. So it should be normal. If the speed remains low with a strong load of the network, then somewhere an obstacle arose. But where is you or with him?

To find out the most achievable (in theory) Internet speed as part of a specific type of connection, open the “network connection” folder and select the “Status” section in the context menu of your network.

The necessary information is contained on the “General” tab.

Real speed is usually 2-3 times lower than maximum. By the way, when transmitting data via Wi-Fi and cable, it may differ significantly.

Suppose you have established that the Internet on your computer should work faster. The next task is to find out who is guilty of reducing speed. Your devices or provider.

How to check Wi-Fi speed

To do this, you can use any device, browser or operating system. The wireless network can be checked in the following way:

Close third.Party tabs in the browser, leaving only SpeedTest;

Check that other applications and programs do not work in the background, because they consume Internet traffic and thereby distort the results;

Wait for the end of the audit and roll the results obtained.

After the diagnosis, the service displays 3 indicators in terms of quality of the provider:

Download files. The amount of data in megabytes loaded in 1 second.

How To Check Your Wifi Speed On Phone | Test Your Internet Speed on Google | Internet Speed Test

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Data unloading. The amount of data in megabytes loaded from the device to the server in 1 second.

Ping. Delaying the connection displays the time period used to send a data package to the server and a complete data exchange process. The lower the indicator, the faster the Internet works.

Check Wi-Fi speed on a computer with Windows

The parameter displays the maximum possibility for the exchange of data between the receiver and the computer. The Internet speed cannot exceed this parameter, which is affected by the technical capabilities of the router installed by the manufacturer and the distance at which the device is located.

In the lower part of the screen on the Windows taskbar, click the Wi-Fi indicator with the right mouse button, clicking on “Open network and Internet settings”.

In the window that opens, select the “Wi-Fi” item;

Then, on the right side of the window, press the “Change Adapter Parameters” button;

The next “network connection” window will appear, where your network connections will be presented. Double.Click on the speed whose speed you want to check.

In the “Connection” section, find the “speed” that will show the speed of your Wi-Fi connection.

Another way to check on Windows:

Select the “Networks and General Access Management Center” in the Wi-Fi window (see the 3rd stage from the instructions presented above);

In this window, select the “Internet connection” section;

A similar window with the parameters of the network will appear where the speed of your connection will be indicated.

How to check Wi-Fi speed on a Mac computer

It is much easier to find Wi-Fi on a Mac computer than on a computer with Windows.

Hold the Option key, and then press the Wi-Fi icon on the right side of the upper toolbar;

A list of options and information will appear, which will indicate the current Internet connection. Under it is information about your connection.

Find the data transfer speed and find out the speed of the wireless network.

To properly check the Internet speed, prepare your device in advance

Close unnecessary tabs and make sure that files are not loaded on the device;

Disconnect applications that can work in the background and use the Internet connection;

Check the computer for antiviruses;

Make sure that third.Party equipment is not connected to the router.

These factors can affect the final indicators displaying the low speed of the Internet connection.

Why is my home internet connection slow?

Despite the fact that finding out the speed of Wi-Fi on a computer with Windows and on a Mac computer is not as difficult as it may seem, the procedure is not easy.

Do not be afraid to resort to the use of third-party applications, such as Speed ​​Test, which will measure the speed of your Wi-Fi connection in the shortest possible time.

What to do to increase speed

As a rule, the location of the router and its settings affect the quality of the connection. Recommendations:

  • Increase the power of the transmitter through the router toolbar. On all models, this is done in different ways. If these are TP-Link equipment, then open Wireless, find Wireless Advanced, go to Transmit Power. There will be 3 reception level options: Low, Medium, High. Choose the latter.
  • Find a more “central” place for the router if it provides a large living space with a network.
  • The antenna signal diverges 360 degrees. If the router is in the corner, turn it inside the house, if there is such an opportunity. Sometimes such simple actions give a serious increase in speed.
  • Change the provider or tariff. If the service provider gives 100 Mbps, while the cable is inserted into the port also at 100 Mbps, the speed will not be higher. And it doesn’t matter, even if it costs an expensive TP-Link router with a capacity of 1000 Mbps (1 Gbit).

Applications for checking the quality of the Internet connection

There are a number of special programs and services that do not just determine the speed at a particular point in time, but allow you to evaluate the quality of the connection at a distance or with a specific site.

How to check the Internet, ping over the command line

Ping is the time during which the Internet server responds to the user’s request. In other words, this is a period of time from the user request to the response of the system. It can be easily tested.

In order to check the ping, you need to go into the start and select the command line. The command line enters the word ping and IP user address. You can find out this address in the network settings menu, as well as check with the Internet provider or see in the documents for the supply of services for access to the network.

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Further, a number of important information about the connection are displayed on the screen, including Wi-Fi access speed on a home computer and other test results.

This method is considered one of the most convenient methods to measure access parameters to the network. However, an inexperienced user may not understand a large amount of information presented on the screen: in addition to the speed of ping, real information about stability and the volume of lost packages are displayed there. If you test the device using such programs, you can learn a lot of new ones while determining the parameters.

Winmtr Internet connection test for stability, loss of packages, ping

This method allows you to obtain important information about a parameter such as the stability of the connection, and get the right results. To measure and see the connection pace is easy. So that the computer can show all the necessary parameters, it is necessary:

The number of lost packages will be displayed on the screen. The smaller this amount, the more stable the connection. Ideally, the number of lost packages should be zero, but in practice it does not happen.

Attention! For comparison, it is recommended to check the number of lost packages on different websites. If a lot of information was lost and some site, you should consult with the provider of Internet services.

With the percentage of lost packages, more than 3 % must contact the technical support of the Internet provider with whom the user has concluded an agreement. Perhaps the instability of the connection is caused by the work of the provider. But in some cases this is due to viruses. Each time the reason is clarified individually.

A large number of lost packages are dangerous in that this can cause long-term interruptions in relations both on a specific site (for example, Yandex) and when visiting any Internet resources. At the same time, a user who does not have knowledge in this area will not be able to identify the cause of interruptions without a specialist.

If you managed to make access to the network fast, you need to make sure that you maintain speed at one acceptable level all the time. Perhaps this will need to change the tariff or Internet provider. Also, when organizing measurements with mobile programs for verification, it should be borne in mind that the old models of smartphones can be less than the latest versions.

How to check the speed of Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi speed check is a simple procedure, which only requires the Internet connection and any browser. You can check the Internet on any devices and operating systems.

  • Close the programs and browser tabs that you will not use. Many programs consume traffic and work in the background. Separation of traffic at the time of verification will affect the result, reduce the indicators.
  • Enter SpeedTest.Kz. Wait for the check page to download completely. On the site a minimum of elements that load the network. The load will be fast even at a low connection speed.
  • Click the “Start testing” button. This will launch a Wi-Fi speed test on your device. The system will automatically select a suitable server for verification and make the necessary measurements.
  • Check the results, they will appear under the test launch button. The system shows 4 types of data that equally strongly affect the quality of the Internet.

Speedtest service.KZ shows data on the load, unloading and delay in the user connection. Loading. The amount of information that the device can receive in 1 second. Unloading. The amount of information that is sent from the user device to the server. Ping and delay. Similar parameters, reflect the amount of time spent on sending data packages from the user device to the server, as well as a full cycle of information exchange.

Ping and delay are measured in milliseconds, the less the value, the better. The service also shows an IP address and a provider from which testing, a version of the operating system and browser.

How to prepare for verification

The results of a wi-fi speed check will be more accurate if the user follows the simple preparation rules:

  • Close all the programs and windows of browsers that use the network connection;
  • Delete all devices from the network, except one (checks on it);
  • Restart the router and make sure that the Internet is connected;
  • Check the system with an antivirus program;
  • Make sure that the device does not work on the device, system updates.

In fact, the user’s task is to free the channel as much as possible. So the service will be able to check the speed of Wi-Fi almost without errors.

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What is the indicator for

The first thing to understand: the power of the Wi-Fi signal and the quality of the Internet connection are different things. For example, you can “distribute” Wi-Fi from a phone not connected to the Internet. The power of the Wi-Fi signal on the laptop standing nearby will be maximum. But the Internet on the computer will not be. Any router works in the same way: it creates a network for your devices. If the Internet is provided with a provider, then it is on devices. If not, then no.

But since Wi-Fi is often associated with the Internet, I will talk about both checks-how to check the Wi-Fi signal level, and about testing Internet speeds.

Why does a router cut the Internet speed

Immediately note that the speed is cut in all routers. Most often it depends on the price of the router. The cheaper it is, the less its power, and the more serious the problems with the speed characteristics. First of all, this applies to Wi-Fi. Sometimes the speed of the Internet is cut by the router on the cable, but most often it is not critical and almost not noticeable.

When choosing a router in the characteristics, you can find out the parameter of the connection speed, for example, up to 150 or 300 Mbit/s. And here we must remember that we are talking about the maximum indicator, which in real conditions cannot be obtained. The real parameter will be below. And here much depends on the router itself and a number of other factors (we will dwell on them below).

Several reasons are distinguished why the router cuts the Internet speed on Wi-Fi. We highlight the main:

  • The network standard used, applied technologies and iron power. In particular, the more expensive the router, the less the parameter is cut.
  • Outdated by router or Wi-Fi receiver on PC or laptop. Sometimes, by updating drivers, it is possible to improve Internet speed through Wi-Fi or wire.
  • Interference caused by other connections or household equipment.
  • Distances from the signal source to the receiver. Many people ask why the router cut the Internet speed on Wi-Fi at a great distance from network equipment. The reason is interference and a weak signal. The closer the person to the source of the network, the less the speed characteristic is cut.
  • The number of connections. If many devices (by Wi-Fi or cable) are simultaneously connected to network equipment, the Internet will be distributed equally. When only one device is connected, all network capabilities are sent to it.
  • Type of connection. Considering the reasons why the router limits the speed of the Internet, it is important to consider the type of connection. In the case of the use of a dynamic or static IP, the router cuts the speed characteristics less than in the case of PPTP, L2TP or PPPOE.
  • Incorrect settings. The reason that the router cuts Wi-Fi speed may be banal errors when setting parameters. The value may have the choice of the operating mode, the channel width and other parameters.

The above is the main, but far from a complete list of reasons why the Internet speed is cut in the router by LAN or Wi-Fi. When identifying such a problem, the main thing is not to panic, but immediately take measures to eliminate the “malfunction”. Below we consider how to do this correctly without involving a specialist.

Minimum and maximum wi-fi speed

The throughput largely depends on what frequency the router works.

In the range of 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ: real speed

Most devices operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This is enough to organize a wireless network at home. If the router works without problems, its throughput “by air” will be about 50 Mbit/s.

Users who often pump large files through Wi-Fi should think about buying a modern router with a frequency of 5 GHz. Such devices maintain a speed of 100 Mbps and above.

Wi-Fi is a wireless network with which you can use the Internet from smartphones, laptops and PC. Sometimes people are faced with slow network work. To deal with such a problem, you need to familiarize yourself with the reasons for the deterioration of the Internet and the features of measuring the data transfer speed.

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