How to make your phone vibrate

The vibration of the phone does not work. what to do?

The vibration in a mobile device plays an important role, especially for people with impaired hearing, and even vision. It helps to know that something has happened on your phone. For example, you received an SMS, someone called you, an application sent you a notification. If your phone doesn’t vibrate, we’ll tell you what to do.

The cell phone consists of the main board on which all his modules are located. If you’ve ever been able to see the motherboard of a computer, it’s easy to see what the board on your phone is. If you disassemble any modern cell phone, we will see a small electric motor.

Which performs the role of vibration on the phone. It has a small asymmetrical crescent at the end of the axis. Which at high speed of rotation causes the whole phone body to vibrate.

We are lucky if at not working vibration turns out that the problem was in the software part of the phone. And the motor itself is not burned out or out of order inside the case.

In this case you will need to take your cell phone to the service center for the replacement of the element. Or buy a new one, if you have such funds at the moment. Let’s hope that with the help of the instructions below you will be able to fix the defect and you will not have to give your device for repair. What exactly to do. we will tell further.

Ways to fix the breakage

Before you check the motor of the device, you need to make sure that the settings “are not confused”, and the vibration is enabled. To do this, in the “settings” menu, check the item “vibration”. it may simply be disabled. It is also recommended to look separately at how calls, SMS, vibration response are adjusted. The root of the problem may be there.

If everything is set up, do a complete reset. It is important to remember that before you perform this action, you should transfer your files, documents, and important information to a separate storage device, which is usually a forced measure and will result in a total loss of your data.

How to set the vibration when calling

  • Go to the settings menu and under “Device” click on “Calls. Calls” contains all the settings for calls
  • To disable/enable vibration, check/uncheck the “Vibrating and audible” option in the “Ringtone” section. Unchecking “Vibration and audible” allows you to leave only the audible notification when you call

Setting the vibration for SMS and notifications is slightly different.

Some applications have individual notification settings. For example, “.”.

  • Launch the application, open the menu in the upper left corner and look for “Settings”. The “Settings” item is almost at the very bottom
  • Next, click “Notifications. In some applications you can configure the notification for yourself
  • Finally, customize the app to your liking. By disabling the “Vibration” we get rid of it for notifications from this application. Disabling and enabling notification vibration will only work for that particular app
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Replacing the vibrator on the iPhone with your own hands

The most common reason why the vibration on iPhone does not work is the breakdown of the vibration motor, that is, the component that is responsible for generating low sound frequencies, as a consequence of which the vibration process begins.

The part itself looks as follows:

Before you start the repair, make sure you have all the tools you need, namely:

First, open the back cover and detach it from the display with a spudger. Then you need to unscrew the protective panel of the motherboard and with the help of spudger disconnect the three cables shown in the picture:

Disconnect the operation of the battery by first disconnecting its cable. Now you can proceed to replace the vibration motor. Remove the two highlighted screws:

Using tweezers or your fingers, carefully remove the bracket that covers the vibration motor. Then unscrew one screw at the inner end of the case (it connects the motor assembly to the phone).

Take note of the way the original motor was installed. Take out the part and replace it with a new one. Fix the motor so that it is properly located relative to all the pins. Assemble and turn on your iPhone.

Any instructions for iPhone repair you can find on our website, or call a specialist for any convenient location for you.

Users have long been accustomed to the fact that mobile devices have a vibration function. This allows you to understand the need to answer the phone when you are in a noisy place or, for example, to set alerts from different applications. There are many ways to use this feature and everyone must decide for himself how much he needs it and whether he needs it at all.

Now we will talk about how to control the vibration in smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system. The thing is that there are a few important nuances that all the owners of such gadgets, without exception, should really be aware of. Do not be lazy to spend a few minutes reading this article and you will surely learn something new.

How to disable vibro response when pressing device buttons?

By default, most tablets and smartphones vibrate every time they press a button, as if to confirm that the user has actually performed the action. If you do not like it, you can disable vibro response by following the steps below:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your device.
  • Choose the “Sounds and notifications” section.
  • Disable the vibration mode by moving the appropriate slider to the left.

Note: here and hereinafter the menu appearance and section names may differ depending on the operating system version and specific smartphone/tablet model.

How to enable key vibrate?

It is easy to guess that in this case you should perform all the above described procedure, except for one detail. the slider to adjust vibro response should be moved to the active position.

Is it possible to set the vibration for text messages?

It is impossible to enable or disable vibration only for SMS messages using the standard means of the Android operating system. For this purpose it is better to use special applications, for example, Customize Vibrancy, about which you can learn more by continuing reading the article. There are all necessary options for this purpose, which should be used.

Vibration response settings for games and apps

But when it comes to the software installed on your smartphone or tablet, there should be no problem setting the vibration. Most applications have their own settings menu, where you can control the sound and vibration. It remains only to find them and change them so that you were comfortable using the software.

Why the vibration may not work?

Many users at a certain point encounter a situation when their gadget suddenly stops vibrating with calls, notifications, etc. If all the settings are correct, you need to think about what could be the cause of the problem.

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Here are the main causes of vibration failure:

  • The OS does not work properly.Sometimes it is typical for the Android operating system to undergo a variety of malfunctions. The reason may be in the recently installed firmware, because when this is done by a regular user, the consequences can be unpredictable.
  • Third-party applications conflict with the OS.This is especially true if the vibration stopped working after some game or program was installed.
  • A lot of dust has accumulated inside the case.Yes, yes, don’t be surprised when dust gets under the case, the vibration mechanism can be immobilized. So, until a proper cleaning is done, the vibration will not work again.
  • The device has been subjected to mechanical impact. It’s not hard to guess that if you step on the gadget or, for example, drop it on the pavement, the consequences can be unpredictable. Actually, one of the most common damages is exactly the loss of vibration.

Eliminate vibration problems

Planning to solve a vibration problem on your smartphone or tablet? Then do the following steps:

  • Check the settings. Trust me, it’s better to spend a few seconds on this than find out later that this was the problem.
  • Reboot your device.As in the case with any other problems, rebooting sometimes gives the desired result and after it the gadget begins to function normally.
  • Make sure the power-saving mode is not enabled.Most smartphones and tablets disable the vibration, if the battery is almost empty or a special mode is set.
  • Update the firmware.Here it is important to remember that you should only use the original firmware approved by the manufacturer.
  • Contact the service center.To disassemble the device by yourself. is not the best solution. It is better to find a suitable service center and entrust the work to its professionals.

How to increase the vibration?

it also happens that with the vibration of the device everything is fine, but its strength leaves much to be desired. For example, a weak vibration signal is almost impossible to feel if the smartphone is in the of a warm sweater or jacket.

What to do if your phone vibrates for no reason?

Try using a hair dryer, but not too close so as not to overheat, but rather use cold air. If the keyboard does not operate properly after being exposed to water, take it to a service center.

Potential causes of infinitely vibrating iPhone

This usually indicates a damaged or damaged USB cable or charger cable, or simply disconnecting it from that charger and using a new or different charger.

What to do if the vibration function does not work or has disappeared?

There are several reasons why the vibrate function does not work.

The function is not enabled

Check to see if vibration response is turned on in the keypad settings. As for vibration response for notifications (messages, calls), their settings are in “Settings. Sound and Vibration”. It is possible that the vibration of the device as a whole is turned off. You can check this not only through the settings, but also through the notification panel. Swipe down from top to bottom, lowering the panel curtain. There is a quick access to the vibration settings, you can also see if the vibration is enabled or not.

Power-saving mode is on

Vibration consumes a lot of energy, so the power-saving mode will turn off the vibrate function. If you want to recover vibration. disable the power saving mode or set it so that it does not turn off the keyboard vibration.

Keyboard does not support vibrate response

If you are using a third-party keyboard from Google Play, it is possible that the developers did not provide for it to interact with the mobile vibrator. The problem can only be solved by installing another keyboard.

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An accidental bug

It is also possible that the system somehow “stalled”. The program code is not perfect, so this could very well happen. Resetting the device should help.

The vibration motor is defective

If none of the above helps, it is possible that the problem is in the hardware. Vibration response will not work if the vibration motor of the mobile device is physically damaged. Take the device to the service center to replace it.

Should the phone vibrate?

I think everything should be on time. Vibrating the phone is important when it needs to draw attention to itself. Other times, it’s unnecessary. It’s still very difficult to make a true tactile response. Especially because the motor has to be in the right place, but usually it gets a place in the corner, since the middle is occupied by the battery.

If you like your smartphone to vibrate when you tap, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s like liking or disliking the color green. it’s all individual. That’s why I would like to hear your opinion. Let’s do our own research on the love or dislike of tactile feedback. Write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and answer the question below.

How to enable/disable vibration alarm?

For notifications

To turn on/off the vibration of all notifications, open the notifications panel (swipe the screen from top to bottom). Find the “Vibration” button, turn it on or off.

Vibration for notification of individual applications is disabled in the application settings. As an example, let’s disable vibration of notifications in

  • Open the settings.
  • In the settings select the item “Notifications”.

With SMS

Without the help of third-party software, you cannot enable or disable vibration on SMS at your own discretion. Only completely disable notification vibration.

But you can use the Customize Vibrancy program (see “Vibrancy” on page 5). above). Press the button “On incoming SMS” from the main menu, it will open the settings of vibration for SMS. You can set it at your discretion from the list of vibration notifications or disable it by selecting the “Do not vibrate” option.

For all taps

On Android, vibrate is used in keyboards and system buttons. To disable/enable them one by one.

  • To disable keyboard vibration, open settings. Then open the “Language, time, keyboard” section. Open the menu of the keyboard you are using. Disable/enable vibration.
  • To disable keypad vibrate, go to settings. Then the “Sounds and Vibration” section. Turn off/on “Home” button vibration (Back button vibration, system button vibration or other options depending on your device).

Software for Vibrations on Android Phones

The Customize Vibrancy app can increase or decrease the vibrations and gives you different vibration signals, like call, SMS and so on (vibration signal can be chosen from a list)

The second Vibration Notifier app. This program has less functionality, but judging by reviews it works more stable.

It has a setting to notify by shaking, after a designated time of missed calls and unread SMS.

Without third-party programs to enable or disable the jolt in the SMS is usually not possible. On almost all Android phones vibration can be enabled on the keyboard and system buttons.

I have described only two programs, in fact, there are many. With their help, you can configure everything to your liking: to disable on notifications, on a call, on the keyboard, in a particular application or event.

Quickly find and download them for free can easily on Play Market, and I say goodbye and good luck.

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