How to make your phone screen on your TV

How to output an image or video from your phone to your LG TV

Modern gadgets and home appliances have long been complementary devices thanks to the ability to connect them to the Internet and synchronize. And it is very convenient, because it allows you to expand functionality and make use easier and more convenient. For example, you can control your LG Smart TV with your smartphone (by turning it into a remote control) or display images and videos from your smartphone on your TV screen.

What it’s for? The pros of connecting your smartphone to your LG TV:

Synchronizing your smartphone brings with it many benefits. And here are the main ones:

  • You will be able to watch photos and videos from the “Gallery” of your smartphone on a big screen TV in high quality.
  • You can play your favorite mobile games by displaying your picture on the TV, and also use various applications (e.g. sports applications, foreign language learning applications, etc.).д.).
  • Very convenient to browse various sites, as well as to read documents and view presentations.

How to connect your smartphone to your LG TV: step by step instructions

Picture and video output from your smartphone to your LG TV can be done in several ways, either by cable or using a wireless network.

Screen Share is a program designed for synchronizing your phone and LG Smart TV and viewing content on the big screen. You can transfer images and videos by

Miracast (Wi-Fi Direct technology). You are 100% likely to be connected if you have a LG-branded TV and smartphone. With smartphones from other manufacturers this option may not be supported.

To start the synchronization process you need

  • Press the Home button on the remote control of your LG TV.
  • Find and turn on the Screen Share app.
  • Make sure that your smartphone has the Android operating system firmware higher than 4.2 versions.
  • Activate the Miracast mode (in some cases it can be called AllShare Cast). If your smartphone does not have this option, you will need to download Miracast app on Google Play.
  • In the list of devices available for synchronization, select your TV and connect, following the instructions on the screen.

Important: Manufacturers recommend to use the phone in a horizontal mode and lock the screen positions, so that the picture on the TV screen is not displayed rotated by 90°.

Owners of smartphones other than LG can try to bring the picture and video from your phone to the TV with Wi-Fi Direct. This is possible if your LG TV is a modern model and supports Wi-Fi.

In order to sync your smartphone and LG TV via Wi-Fi Direct:

  • Make sure your smartphone has the Android operating system installed with a firmware higher than 4.0.
  • In “Settings,” select “Wireless Networks,” then tap Wi-Fi.
  • Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. On the menu that opens, select Wi-Fi Direct.
  • If you can’t find this option, tap “Advanced settings”.
  • Turn on the TV with the remote control and enter the main menu.
  • Select “Network” and then select the Wi-Fi Direct section.
  • In the list of available devices for synchronization that opens, select the name of your smartphone.
  • The phone itself will prompt you to connect, confirm it by following the instructions.

Connection of the smartphone to TV LG via HDMI is possible in the case if the phone is equipped with a mini HDMI interface, in other cases you will need to buy a special adapter.

  • Plug one end of an HDMI cable into the connector on the back of your TV and the other end into the port on your phone.
  • Go to “Main Menu” of your TV and select “Source” / Press Input button.
  • Choose the HDMI connector that your smartphone is connected to as the signal source. You can see the connector number on the back of your TV, but in the vast majority of cases it is the only one that is active.

This way you can output picture and video to the LG TV from almost any smartphone: LG, Samsung, Huavei, Lenovo. In order to sync your iPhone, you’ll need a special Lightning to HDMI adapter.

You can also connect different smartphone models to your LG TV using different connectors. For example, a number of LG phone models (including the LG 2X) are equipped with a special Micro HDMI port or the more modern USB Type-C. Also a number of smartphones of democratic models support the standard MHL (Mobil High Definition Link), with which the signal comes directly from the data and charging port Micro-USB. The analogue of MHL. SlimPort standard, implemented in many models of LG smartphones, which allows you to transmit video in 1080p resolution.

All of these ways are suitable for older models of smartphones. For the new models it is recommended to prefer wireless data transfer methods.

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Connecting your phone to the TV using OTGMHL

The easiest and most obvious option is a wired connection using the appropriate adapter.

On the one hand yes, in the era of wireless technology connection via wire is generally the last century and it is not clear why there are so many wires in the house. On the other hand this method transmits images directly from the phone without any delays, so in some situations it is the most appropriate. over, using an OTGMHL adapter allows you to connect your smartphone keyboard, mouse or joystick and turn your phone into a full-fledged game console or computer, and the smartphone itself can be used as a system unit.

Picture output via USB

This method lets you access cell phone memory and data. Through the familiar to all USB wire you can transfer photos, videos, files to the TV device. Playback of any material will take a little time.

To display an image from the phone on the TV via USB you will initially need to connect a micro-USB connector to the cellular phone. And the USB connector to the TV device’s port.

In some cases, the smartphone may request the type of connection. Accordingly, when this window appears on the screen you need to click on the menu “USB-connection.

For reflection of the necessary content it is required to switch the TV set into the mode “reading media files. This stage is influenced by the model of TV-device. The user will have to work with such functions as: Multimedia, Home or Source, depending on the TV series.

How to connect a smartphone to an old TV

If your TV is not very functional and it was bought a long time ago I suggest a simple method of connecting your smartphone to the TV through HDMI. Watch movies, play games, surf social networks, and everything is at your fingertips.

Connecting your phone to the TV via HDMI.

The only downside to this method is the cables. Before connecting you need to buy a special adapter. At one end it will have an HDMI connector, and at the other end. the one that is used on your smartphone. You can find these for cheap on Aliexpress.

Note: Your smartphone and TV must support the MHL standard. You can check it on a special website or through an app.

Since the connection is provided via wire, you won’t have to delve into the settings for a long time:

  • Connect your smartphone and TV with a cable.
  • Select the HDMI signal source on your TV.
  • Then the image will automatically appear on the big screen.

Important: If for some reason the picture could not be displayed, on your smartphone go to Settings, Display. Then go to Screen Resolution and change it.

If you have any difficulties, be sure to contact our Telegram Chat. We and our team of readers will definitely help you.

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Connection options

Our tips on how to connect your phone to the TV will help you make friends with each other. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android Smartphone. Here is a detailed step by step instruction for connecting via USB cable, HDMI or with the help of wireless networks and software pairing.

Connecting with a USB cable

So, you’re back from vacation, your best friends are gathered around the table with the delicious treats you brought from your trip, and you want to share with them your impressions and photos, and you want to show each of them in the smallest detail. But the photo is in the phone, and the TV with a big screen is on the wall. The easiest option is to connect your phone to your TV using a USB cable. In this case the smartphone will become a flash drive, i.e. you will be able to launch files only via USB-interface of the TV itself.

For such connection you will need: a cell phone with the Android operating system, a cord (for example, from the charger), and the TV itself with a working USB input. most modern models have it.

Connect the cable between the TV and the smartphone. Turn on the TV.

On the smartphone screen, in the notification window that appears, select “Use as storage device (as USB)”.

Using the TV remote control select USB in the list of sources (usually the Source button allows to do it).

Using the arrows on the remote control select the desired folders and open the files. Thus it is possible to look through image files, and also to start the film preliminary downloaded on a flash drive.

What to do if the TV doesn’t see your smartphone connected via USB?

Check if the cable is working. Also, the wires that come with the chargers may be for charging only. Make sure you’re using the cable that came with your phone, which was designed to connect it to your computer.

If the cable is working, check that you have selected the right item on your smartphone screen. Try disconnecting it and reconnecting it to the TV, selecting the correct option (not “Charge Only”).

What you can do?

Use your smartphone as a flash drive.

If these ways didn’t help, your phone and TV may not be compatible to connect via USB. Try the other options below.

Connecting with an HDMI cable

This way of connecting your phone to the TV allows you to turn your smartphone-TV bundle into a single computer and run all the files from your phone on the big screen. Some gadgets have a mini-HDMI jack right out of the box, but that’s rare. If your smartphone does not have such port, you need to buy an adapter: it can be a USB Type-C to HDMI cable for more expensive smartphones, Lightning to HDMI adapter for iPhone and iPad, and micro-USB to HDMI (with MHL interface).

It’s easy to connect your phone to your TV: Just connect the devices with the cable and choose the port your smartphone is connected to as the signal source. Enjoy your phone’s screen on your TV.

Through a USB Type. C connector

This adapter will help connect new smartphones, flagship models with modern connector for fast charging. It is best to choose a universal adapter that can be connected to a TV with HDMI, VGA, DVI, or MiniDP.

Via Lightning

This adapter allows you to connect your Apple device (iPhone or iPad) to the TV. The device can also be universal and fit any TV. It is cheaper to buy a simple adapter, it costs from 1500.


This is the way to connect an older or cheaper device to your TV. If your smart phone has a microUSB connector, then the MHL adapter allows you to connect it to HDMI. The Smartphone and TV must support Mobile High-Definition Link technology. To check if your smartphone supports this feature, download and run the MHL Checker app. Your TV should have MHL labeled next to the HDMI connector.

Via Slim Port

This method is suitable if your smartphone does not support the previous method. This is mostly for older devices. They must also have a microUSB input.

What you can do?

Use your TV as an external display for playing games or watching movies. The TV screen shows the whole screen of your smartphone.

Connecting via Wi-Fi

This method is appropriate for televisions with Wi-Fi. You can find out if it is available on your TV by looking at the manual or description on the Internet. It is also worth checking if your smartphone is modern enough: nothing will work with phones with Android OS below version 4 or iPhones below 4s. Everything will succeed if your smartphone has “Wi-Fi Direct” in the “Wireless Networks” section. You can usually find it in the settings sub-item (behind the three dots in the right corner). It must be made active.

Then in the TV you want to connect your phone to via Wi-Fi, you need to find the “Network” section in the menu. Here also select Wi-Fi Direct. In the list of available devices that appears, select your phone. it will likely be the only one here. The connection request will fly to the smartphone. confirm it in the pop-up window that will open.

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What you can do?

View images from your smartphone. The speed of information transfer is low.

Connecting with DLNA

This method will work for Android smartphones and DLNA enabled TVs. To transfer files, you need to connect your phone and TV to the internet at home (there are many ways to do this), then turn on the DLNA function on your TV in the settings. Then select a movie, picture, or music, click on the file name, and in the settings, click: “Menu. Select Player”. In the list, find your TV.

What you can do?

View files from your smartphone. For advanced settings and viewing files not only from the gallery you need to put any DLNA app from Google Play.

Google Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast device or your Smart-TV with built-in Chromecast support, you shouldn’t have any problems. Almost all Android versions support correct work with Chromecast. And, as a rule, many third-party apps also work seamlessly with Chromecast. These include Netflix, Hulu, Google Photos, and dozens of others. Just make sure your device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast set-top box or your Chromecast-enabled Smart-TV.

This option is ideal for apps with authoring content like YouTube. However, Netflix, for example, in this mode will darken the video and play only the audio stream. Android has supported screen mirroring since version 5.0 Lollipop.

To use this feature, install the Google Home app. Go to “Account”. “Screen mirroring”. “Broadcast audio/video. Your smartphone and TV must of course be on the same local network.

What will connect your phone to the TV?

Immediately after connecting your smartphone, you will be able to use all of its features on the big screen. In other words, the cell phone is transformed into a projector for subsequent transfer of the image to the TV. As a result, you will be able on the big screen:

  • View videos, photos and other content;
  • Run games and all kinds of other applications;
  • Engage in full-fledged Internet surfing;
  • Make presentations, demonstrations.

Connect a Bluetooth keyboard or game joystick for the most comfortable use of your TV through your phone. Playing on your TV will be even more convenient.

You can also use your mobile device as a remote control. To watch video from your phone on your TV, just select one of the available options. Now let’s look at each of them in detail.

Why you need it

When your phone is connected to the TV via Wi-Fi, you will be able to use the functionality of your smartphone on the big screen. The mobile device will act as a projector. The gadget will ensure the transfer of images to TV. This means that you will be able to:

  • View photos;
  • Play video content;
  • listen to music;
  • Run video games and various programs
  • Go to web-sites;
  • Conduct all kinds of presentations and demonstrations.

For the most convenient control, connect a computer mouse, keyboard or game joystick.

To transmit picture and sound from phone to TV with built-in Wi-Fi adapter will not be a problem. Once you set up the connection, you can transform your smartphone into a full-fledged remote control. This is very convenient when the original remote control is broken. Now let’s look at the main ways to connect your smartphone to your TV.

Streaming services and media

If there is no need to transfer the whole screen of the smartphone to the big screen of the TV, and you only need to open a video from YouTube, a film or music from any platform, you can take a simpler way.

To do this, open the desired video, film or music and find the button with the rectangle with the Wi-Fi icon in the corner. If you click on it, a window opens with a selection of available output devices. it can be either a TV with Chromecast and AirPlay or a smart speaker.

Svetlana Mureeva from itel told us about another way to transfer media files from your smartphone to your TV. According to her, with Wi-Fi Direct technology, users can transfer files directly to the TV, storing them in its memory.

“If the TV supports Wi-Fi Direct technology, it’s the best way to connect it. To do this, you just need to turn on the function in the TV settings. open the Wi-Fi Direct in the smartphone settings and select the TV in the list of available devices, and then you can send photos, videos and other content to it,” Mureeva shared.

However, it is worth remembering that “heavy” files will require more space, and modern TVs have on average 8GB of internal memory.

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