How to make your face emoji on iPhone

How to make memoja on iPhone

The success of the animated Avatar Memoji, published on iOS 12, was not a surprise. The technology was successfully crowded in Snapchat, because the crazy popularity on iOS did not surprise anyone. The ability to create your own personalized and animated front avatar, which can be used in messages, Facetime and other applications, attracted quite a few users. They appreciated the funny functionality and funny nature of such avatars. Below we will analyze how to make your memoja on your iPhone. And also what we need for this.

Memoji is an animized facial avatar, first presented with iOS 12, and improved in iOS 13. For their work, a front camera is used, which allows the use of Memoji as living talking avatars in messages or Facetime. You can create your own picture. By independently choosing an avatar visual style, type of face, hair, accessories and much more.

Previously, the technology of the front camera was used during the operation of Animoji. Animated characters that appeared on the iPhone x. In fact, Memoji is a new version of Animoji/ but now, instead of a dragon or tiger, you can create your own human avatar, and play with it already with it.

Memoji operates on the basis of Trudepth technology and face recognition sensors. This technology monitors the movement of the head and facial expressions, catching even winking and moving the tongue, and synchronizing them with your animated avatar.

In iOS 13, the functionality of Memoji was significantly updated. The update included new skin colors (for example, green), new makeup, accessories, piercing and even the ability to customize teeth. Improved avatars are already included in the functionality of the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max Pro.

In fact, Memoji is another way to personalize your device from Apple, and an apple attempt to go around your main competitors in the form of Google and Samsung. The latter has already included the functionality of the Animated Avatars “AR Emoji” in its Galaxy S10, but so far the capabilities of the latter are significantly inferior to the analogue from Apple. Apple tries to leave the constant development of the concept of Memoji’s concept far behind the main competitors, simultaneously attracting new users to their ecosystems.

Memoji, or how to make emoticons emoji from your photos on iPhone

The emoticons have become an integral part of the correspondence for most users of mobile devices for quite some time, but most attempts by their cardinal update fail, because in order to introduce new emoji, it is necessary not only to create high.Quality icons or animations, but also to force the developers of messengers and social networks to realize their support.

However, there is an alternative way. To force users to do a slightly more time.Consuming procedure for sending an emoticon in return for its originality. For example, the reporting application Memoji from Facetune allows you to turn your own face into the right face, and this can be done quite quickly.

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The desired image is in advance to download the desired image (instead of your face, by the way, you can use the “face” of the interlocutor or any other). Apply one of the 11 options for Emoji and send the addressee, after adding a desired messenger to the list of programs for “sharing”.

The application was released by the Lightricks studio, under whose authorship a multifunctional editor of video clips for iOS devices called Facetune spreads. In Memoji from Facetune, developers used some algorithms from the mother program, as a result of which the quality of processed animations is at a high level.

In addition, in the near future, developers are going to present a Pro version of the application with an extended assortment of emoticons.

Where can I find in Memoji in the iPhone

Let’s find out where Memoji settled and how to find them in your iPhone. Their main purpose, as in other places. Use in communication. Therefore, they are used most often in correspondence. And are added, as in previous versions of iOS from the block with emoji.

Consider one of the possible options for using Memoji:

  • Open messages to the iPhone;
  • Click on the App Store icon near the input line for opening Imessage;

How to create Memoji on iPhone X

Press the Animoji button (monkey muzzle);

make, your, face, emoji, iphone

“Messages” will help you configure your Memoji;

Click “Ready” in the upper right corner to complete and use your Memoji.

Turn the ovation

Be the most stylish! Use super effects:

make, your, face, emoji, iphone

Another bunch of life hacks, processing secrets, the best filters and unusual masks. As well as how to make a rainbow on the face, put the text, correctly decompose the layout in the photo, is described in the national team in a large article. Click on the picture!

Now you know everything for sure: how to make memoja and where to use them. Express yourself, experiment and create your own cartoon character!

How to use the stickers of Pajing and iPad

Open the “Messages” application and select the existing message or start a new.

In the lower left corner, click on the emoticon (starting with iOS 13, a separate button for emoticons appeared on the iOS keyboard).

Make a swipe from left to right along the “Acidowry keyboard” or immediately click on the label Memoji stickers and select one of the available options.

When you first open a keyboard with emoticons, you will see the skewer icon by Pajing. Click on it.

make, your, face, emoji, iphone

You can access these stickers both from the “message” application and from the section of the most common emoticons.

The user will be offered to choose one of the available options shown on the panel of the most commonly used emoticons. But it is worth touching the icon with a threefold, how the window will open with all the stickers of Pajing.

There is an opportunity to use the stickers of Pajor with any of the previously created options, including animals, creatures and characters. But no one interferes with creating their new element.

How to create your emoji on iPhone?

Nowadays, online communication on messengers and social networks has become even more attractive thanks to numerous interactive options-gifs, memes and emoji-emoticons, among which Animoji and Memoji have become especially popular. Our article is dedicated to Emoji. We will tell you where this term came from, what is the difference between Animodzi and Memoji, and give detailed instructions on how to create our own Emoji on iPhone!

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How to create your own emoji on iPhone?

It is worth noting that there is a rather complicated path, which involves the implementation of a little more laborious tasks. This will require a reference of emoticons, in return for originality.

There is an application that will allow this procedure to perform. Memoji is an original application that allows you to make an unusual and funny smiley that will please your friends and loved ones.

DANIMOJI!!! (Animoji)

How to set up emoji in iPhone x and other models

How to perform this procedure in stages:

  • The first thing to do is download and install the necessary application.
  • After you download the application, you will need, install it, follow the instructions.
  • After the application is installed on your iPhone, you will need to upload the necessary photo to change.
  • You can use both your own face and any other.
  • After the photo is uploaded, you will have the opportunity to choose one of 13 different emoji options that will turn a boring photo into something fun and unusual.
  • After the photograph is processed, you can send it to your interlocutor or copy the emoticons on the iPhone.

What are new Memoji from Apple and how to create emoji with your face. Unless, of course, you like them

Apple introduced new Memoji at the WWCS conference 2018 June 4. This is an advanced addition to Animoji. Animated emoji in the form of animals. Now iPhone users will be able to make Memoji with their own face, as well as force him to move in accordance with their emotions. When users learned what memoja is and how to create them, they advised Apple to stop developing useless programs.

At the WWCS 2018 developers conference, Apple introduced a new version of the iOS 12 mobile operating system. After updating, Apple gadgets will receive new functions, one of which will become customizable characters Memoji, writes Techrunch.

Memoji, or Memoji, is an addition to Animoji, animated emoji, which have become an exclusive function of the iPhone x in the fall of 2017. The Animoji program used the front camera to scan the user’s face and add animals to the message that are expressed by the person expressed. This was told at the conference by the Vice President of the Apple Department for the development of Craig Software Federigi.

We wanted to take Animoji and advance them even further. Now you can create your own personalized Animoji.

After the update, the program can not only automatically add a pig, cat, tiger or ramp instead of an emoticon to the text, but also Emoji with the face of the owner of the device. If a person wants to create his Emoji, then he will be able to choose the shape of the face, skin, eyes and their color, mouth, nose, ears, accessories, hats, hairstyle, facial expressions, turning the head and much more. The episode on how to create its own memoji, the company also showed at the presentation. A special designer for the image assembly will be available in the “Message” application.

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Like Animoji, Memoji will show the emotion that the user experiences when he sends a message, writes CNET. Therefore, when you raise your eyebrows, your memoja will do the same. In addition, the program can recognize the movements of the lips and works in Facetime.

Samsung has previously presented a similar function for the Android platform. The program was called AR Emoji. Emoji of augmented reality. And Apple Memoji liked users no less.

How to Record and Send Memoji on iPhone or iPad


I’m Nikita, I’m almost 28 years old, and I want Memoji.


WWDC this year disappointed Memoji liked only.

However, the majority remembered that even the Animoji function. The predecessor of Memoji. Was not popular among the owners of devices.

Mirny resident

Well, memoja is cool, cooler than that of Samsung, but it will be also useless and will be forgotten in a week of use, like Animoja.

Nicotinka with eyebrows

And remember how everyone used Animoji for two weeks, and then scored? So, now for two weeks you will only sculpt Memoji similar to yourself, and then you will score.

Some began to reproach Apple that the company is not at all the functions that require improvement.


-So, guys, everyone is unhappy with our system, and we need to change something. Your suggestions?. Increase stability so that the system does not freeze?. By Optimize the OS so that the phone does not need to be charged at lunch?. Not that We will make an animated [face]?. In development.

make, your, face, emoji, iphone

Vladislav vlasov

I wanted a smart siri? I wanted to improve work stability? I wanted comfortable android chips? And here you are, language in Animoji and Memoji.

And some even considered the new development of not corresponding to the progress of modern science and the ambitions of scientists.

Ben Sullins

Elon Musk is trying to send us to Mars and prevent climate change, while the “genius” from Apple finds out how to make emosdi with your emotions.

Be that as it may, the information about Memoji began to spread on social networks and the media, and therefore users hastened to find a popular word for a new application.

It’s great

In the place of Valery Meladze, I would urgently think about the change of name to Valery Memoji.

Recently, upgrade lovers were pleased with the domestic “Yandex”. The company released a smart column of its own production. It is enough to arrange a disco in your house, but users were interested in when the column began to eavesdrop on the conversations of the owners.

But the technology of the Italian company Vespa is intended for the street. As a rule, Vespa developed fashion scooters, but now I went on and introduced a helper robot that will carry your things from the store. And you can buy it very soon.

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