How To Make Whatsapp Dark On iPhone


If you have many friends with smartphones and cell phones, no matter what brands and manufacturers, you can significantly reduce your communication costs by organizing a communication network based on the WhatsApp service. What is WhatsApp? This is a cross-platform application, in other words, a messenger that works on both Android and iOS and other common mobile operating systems.

How To Make Whatsapp Dark On iPhone

Installation procedure

Let’s proceed directly to the installation. By following our instructions, you will be able to use the messenger in 5 minutes. So:

The program will scan your contacts, identify and mark with an icon those who have the same software installed. Now you can freely communicate on this social network: send texts, voice messages, videos, photos, drawings and much more.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone

If the previously described Android is the most massive operating system, then iOS for Apple phones is an image system, which is bought due to extreme brand loyalty. The power of marketing is so great that connoisseurs of Apple products are ready to do absolutely everything to get a new model of the coveted “apple”.

You can download the official version of Whatsapp for iPhone for free quickly and right now, SIMply by clicking on the button:

Also, we have prepared step-by-step instructions and will tell you how to do it right from your phone.

Browser to help

In the second version, we use the browser to download and launch the messenger. To successfully install the application, you need an internet connection.

  • First, open a browser on the iPhone, for example Safari and find WhatsApp for iPhone 4.
  • Download the installation wizard and run the downloaded utility.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen exactly.

The third option is the SIMplest and most familiar, is to search for “WhatsApp” on iPhone 4 in the AppStore.

  • We also connect to the Internet.
  • If you have already entered the AppleID perfectly, if not, then enter your data.
  • Search for WhatsApp in the AppStore and download it.
  • Launch the application and follow the instructions on the smartphone screen.

Any of the methods will not take you much time, but in the future you can use WhatsApp on iPhone 4 without any problems.

How to install “Vatsap” on iPhone 4: instructions

From year to year, Apple never ceases to delight us with the release of new devices. Smartphones are no exception. Many will no longer remember such models as iPhone 3 or iPhone 4.

Therefore, we decided to tell you how to install WhatsApp on iPhone 4. Interesting? Then read and follow our instructions.

How to download messenger

If you decide to install WhatsApp for free from your iPhone, then first we go to the App Store and type in a search engine a phrase for example: “download WhatsApp”. If in the iPhone settings the Russian language was defined as the main language of the device, then Whatsapp will be downloaded in this language.

After that, it will be enough for us to click the “Install” button, you will immediately be taken to the Whatsapp download page. Each user created an account in the AppStore in advance, immediately after purchasing an iPhone. If so. It doesn’t matter which version of iPhone you have in your hands. It will be enough to enter your Apple ID (password) to download the application for free to your phone.

After the phone has managed to download Whatsapp, you can see the “Open” button in the AppStore window. Once launched, the application will request access to the iPhone’s contact list, as well as permission to send you notifications, which may contain reminders, sounds, icon stickers. These two options need to be confirmed.

As soon as the permissions are issued, the messenger will offer to read the terms of the privacy policy, you must press the button “Accept and continue”.

To use Vatsap, you need to register in the messenger itself. Enter a phone number that will be permanently linked to the iPhone. To avoid confusion (and further inconvenience), Whatsapp will ask you to check the correctness of the entered data before final confirmation. If everything is correct, you must press the “Yes” key.

To complete the acceptance of the number, the application will send a confirmation code to the iPhone, consisting of 6 characters. It will need to be entered into the appropriate window of the program. The device will check the uniqueness of the code.

If you have ever used WhatsApp, but you had to delete it, and the correspondence was saved on iCloud, you can easily restore it when you reinstall the messenger. However, remember that if you do not do this immediately after installation, it will no longer be possible for you to continue using WhatsApp. In order to return to the recovery option, you will need to re-install the application for free.

Then you can upload your unique profile photo. Either by making a new one with the iPhone, or by uploading an existing one. However, if there is no need to upload a photo, you can skip this step. But it is mandatory to indicate your network name. It is one of the identifiers by which your friends and relatives will search among WhatsApp contacts.

Also, the application will request access to the photos, videos and microphone of your iPhone in order to enable free communication on the network, as well as sending photos and videos through the system.

We easily managed to download the messenger, this completes the free installation and you can start a chat with those users from the phone book who have this messenger installed.

Downloading WhatsApp on iPhone means saving on communications

Since communications are provided via internet telephony, in the process of communicating via WhatsApp you pay only for the Internet. And you already pay for it, since you already own an iPhone.

And here’s what you get if you can convince as many of your friends as possible to download and install Watzap on phones and smartphones:

  • Free SMS sending.
  • Free phone and video calls with excellent call quality.
  • Sharing files, photos and videos.
  • Organization of group chats.
  • Preservation of the entire history of correspondence. Archiving and restoring.
  • Convenient option for assigning statuses. Your friends will always know what mood you are in now.

The WhatsApp app is free to download and the subscription fee is ridiculous. Only 99 US cents per year. Many users wonder why this is so. There is not even advertising in the application, how do the developers of the messenger make money to support the project?

Whatsapp Messenger is a free messaging manager for iPhone.
Whatsapp for iPhone allows you to send and receive text messages without paying, as well as send audio, photos, pictures and video files to friends from your contact list. Download WhatsApp for iPhone. A great solution for fast and free communication.

Special features

For the curious and very active, a not quite official, but quite acceptable option is available. The second WhatsApp. Here’s how to install the second WhatsApp:

  • First, we go through all the steps of the official installation and creating the first account (see above).
  • Next, we activate a special browser. Safari.
  • In the search box, enter the name of the site ios.Othman.Tv.
  • In the drop-down list of softwares, we find “Vatsap” and tap it.
  • An information window will open with a green button at the bottom. You need to click it.
  • Then you need to agree and start the installation.
  • The process will start and upon its completion the second messenger icon will appear on the screen.

To make this account work, we correct the “iPhone” settings:

  • Turn on the Settings. General. Management section.
  • Opening the VNE Software protocol.
  • Selecting the action “Trust”.
  • After that, we go through the activation of the second account through the phone number.

This option is available for iPhone 5, 5s and higher.

Well, now you know how to install and use the messenger for yourself on an iOS device.

Is it possible to make different backgrounds in different chats

The ability to set different images for correspondence is implemented on smartphones. You need to go into a separate conversation, go to settings, select “Wallpaper” and select the desired image.

How to change wallpaper on WhatsApp

You can quickly and easily change the background in WhatsApp in the chat settings of the messenger. It can always be returned to the standard one and configured individually for different contacts.

In WhatsApp, there are several ways to change wallpaper on a PC and smartphone:

  • Standard. Installed by default after installation;
  • Choice of color. Solid fill without patterns and pictures;
  • Loading from gallery. Selection of photos, pictures, wallpapers from what is on the phone;
  • Selection of themes from special applications. Whole catalogs with a large selection of themes that need to be downloaded to a smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

All options for installing wallpaper work in the messenger itself and do not depend on the operating system. They are the same for Android and iPhone. Only a few details differ. In the computer version, this function has some limitations.

On “Android”

The procedure for changing the design on Android devices:

  • Launch the application, go to the “Menu” section by clicking on the icon in the form of three dots.
  • Go to “Chat settings”.
  • Click on “Wallpaper” and select from “Gallery”, “Library”.
  • Go to the desired image and click “Install”.

In the web version

In the computer version of the messenger, it is possible to change only the general background for all dialogs. The function of setting an individual image of the chat will appear soon.

You can set a new background in the web version of the application as follows:

  • Launch the application, click on the call icon at the top.
  • Select “Settings”, then go to “Wallpaper”.
  • Click on the desired image.

You cannot upload your photos and pictures in the PC version.

How to change the background in WhatsApp

In the WhatsApp application, you can choose different designs using standard themes and your own images. This feature is available in different versions on Android, iOS and Windows. There are SIMple instructions on how to change the background in WhatsApp on your smartphone and computer.

On iPhone

How to change the screensaver in “Watsap” on iPhone devices:

  • Run the application “Watsap”.
  • Go to the “Settings” item, select “Chats and calls”.
  • Click on “Chat Wallpaper”.
  • Choose from the offered options “Library” (from standard), “Photos” (your photos and pictures from your phone) or “Solid” (one-color).
  • Press “Install” on the screen of the desired wallpaper.

In the section “Chat wallpaper” you can reset the settings to the default.

How to set individual wallpaper for a contact

Setting an individual background for a contact involves performing the same steps as changing the picture for individual chats. If you change the image not in the application menu, but in the dialog itself, it will not change in other conversations.

Features of the dark theme

Since 2018, WhatsApp has a “night” design mode. It involves changing the color of the entire application to a dark theme, but when activated, the text turns white, and the icons turn green. This feature can reduce eye strain and reduce power consumption in phones that are equipped with OLED and AMOLED screens. Black design can be set in the application settings.

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone

Below we will look at two easy ways to transfer all the information stored in WhatsApp from one iPhone to another. Doing any of them will take you a minimum of time.


Dr.Fone is a tool that allows you to easily transfer data from instant messengers from one iPhone to another smartphone running iOS and Android. In our example, we will look at the principle of transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone.

  • Download dr.Fone from the developer’s official website using the link above and install it on your computer.

The component will start downloading. As soon as the download is complete, a window will appear on the screen, on the left side of which you need to open the “WhatsApp” tab, and on the right, go to the “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” section.

Connect both gadgets to your computer. They must be determined: in the left part the device from which the information is transferred will be displayed, and in the right. To which, accordingly, it will be copied. If they are reversed, in the center click on the “Flip” button. To start transferring correspondence, click in the lower right corner on the “Transfer” button.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone

Icloud sync

This method using iCloud backup tools is worth using if you plan to use the same account on another iPhone.

    Launch WhatsApp. At the bottom of the window, open the “Settings” tab. In the menu that opens, select the “Chats” section.

Go to the item “Backup” and tap on the button “Create a copy”.

Select “Automatic” a little below. Here you can set the frequency with which WhatsApp will create a backup copy of all chats.

Go to the iCloud section. Scroll down and find WhatsApp. Make sure this option is enabled.

Further, in the same window, find the “Backup” section. Open it and tap on the “Create a backup” button.

You are now ready to transfer WhatsApp to another iPhone. If another smartphone contains any information, it will need to be completely canceled, that is, return to factory settings.

Read more: How to Hard Reset iPhone

  • When the welcome window appears on the screen, complete the initial setup, and after signing in to your Apple ID, agree to the offer to restore from an iCloud backup.
  • Once the recovery is complete, launch WhatsApp. Since the application was reinstalled, you will need to re-bind the phone number, after which a dialog box will appear on the screen with all the chats that were created on the other iPhone.
  • Use any of the methods given in the article to transfer WhatsApp from one Apple smartphone to another easily and quickly.

    Where to Find WhatsApp on iPhone?

    This is where all the programs for the iPhone are located. Both paid and those that can be downloaded for free. You can find it at this link: But to download the messenger, you need to open it not from your computer, but from your phone. The same must be done if you later want to remove WhatsApp.

    You can also download Vatsap directly through the application. To do this, start the Apple Store, in the search form enter the name of the program. Whatsapp.

    But before opening the Apple Store, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. The WhatsApp application “weighs” about 20 megabytes, so if you are saving traffic, it is better to use unlimited Internet.

    Select the official version from the search results. You will recognize it by the green icon with a white telephone receiver and the description on the page.

    From this page you can also download the application and uninstall it if necessary.

    How to download WhatsApp to iPhone

    Watsap is the world’s most popular messenger, the iPhone is the world’s most popular smartphone. But despite this, for a long time there was SIMply no WhatsApp application for the iPhone, the messenger was available only on Android. But the popularity of Vatsap grew, and the developers, deciding to capture a large share of the market, nevertheless decided to transfer the messenger to the iPhone, so they made a version for iOS. We’ll talk about where to download it and how to install it so that everything works fine in this article.

    How to download WhatsApp?

    When you get to the WhatsApp page, click on the download icon (cloud with an arrow) to download the application and put it on your iPhone.

    You may need to log into iTunes to install the application, that is, enter your Apple ID in the window that opens.

    The download process will then begin. Once WhatsApp is downloaded and installed, you can launch it. If WhatsApp does not open for you, that is, the “Open” button is not active. This means that the installation is still in progress. It is necessary to wait for its completion.

    Once all the files are downloaded, the button will become active, and you can launch the application and make sure that it works.

    Also, when you first launch it on iPhone, this messenger will require different permissions. Access to the phone book, to the gallery, to the Internet, etc. For the application to work correctly, all these permissions will need to be granted.

    Then all that remains is to register an account by confirming your phone number.

    In response to the information about the number, WhatsApp will send you a text message with a code. You will need to enter this code in a separate field.

    As soon as you do this, your account is activated.

    That’s it, now your WhatsApp is working, which means that you can exchange stickers, calls and messages with your friends for free and stay connected. In addition, if you change the device, your correspondence will not go anywhere. You can transfer it to any other phone and even to a computer.

    Transfer from iphone to iphone

    If you want to use the app on a different iPhone and have access to the same account, you need to save the account by backing up. This method will allow you to transfer chats to icloud. A cloud to save information.

    Step by step instructions on how to transfer whatsapp from iphone to iphone:

    • Start the messenger, open “Settings”, then. “Chats”.
    • Select the “Backup” section. Then “Create a copy”.
    • The item “Automatic” will appear below. Click on it and select from the list the frequency with which you will save chats.
    • On the new iPhone, download the messenger as shown above. When you enter the phone number and confirm it with the code from the SMS sent by the application, you will be prompted to restore your message history. Press the “Ok” button. The program will give access to previous chats.

    Also, whatsapp chats on iphone could be duplicated from the iTunes media player using a computer.

    The developer company is going to close this resource.

    The backup tool will be migrated from iTunes to another app.

    Other functions

    • New versions of WhatsApp have an optional “Two-step check”. To activate, go to “Settings”. Then select the “Account” tab, then. “Two-step verification” and “Enable”. The application will ask you to come up with a 6-digit password and enter an email.
    • For iPhones, Face ID or Touch ID functions are available. These are ways to enhance the privacy and security of your account. They are used when locking the screen. You can unlock it with your fingerprint. Open “Settings” then “Privacy” and enable “Screen Lock”.
    • You can use stickers for correspondence. After opening a chat, click on the text field. A window will pop up, at the bottom of which there will be an icon for stickers. Click on it. Pictures will appear. Click on the one you want to add to the chat. If you don’t see the sticker icon, update your messenger.

    Registration and connection

    Your phone number, entered when installing the program, is a login in the messenger. By activating the code sent by the system, you carry out the registration process.

    Once you open the application, you can customize it as you wish. To do this, use the menu button. Three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen. By clicking on it, you will see the settings of the messenger. They allow you to control the privacy and security of your account.

    To restrict access to personal information, click on the settings icon. A field with tabs will open, in which select “Account”, then. “Privacy”. Mark who will see your profile photo and other information.

    The main advantages of the messenger are the ability to make audio and video calls through it, send text messages and various types of files.

    • To communicate, use the “Chats” tab at the top of the screen. Click on it, then. “Contacts”. To start a conversation, click on the selected account. A chat will open. You are typing a message. To send, tap the button in the lower right corner.
    • Selecting the Calls tab at the top of the screen followed by the plus handset icon opens a list of contacts you can call. Click on the handset opposite the user account. If you want to switch the audio conversation to video format, click the video camera icon.
    • Whatsapp allows you to send voice messages. Open a chat with the interlocutor. To record a message, click the microphone icon located below. Hold it while you speak. When done, remove your finger from the microphone. The message is sent automatically.

    Step-by-step instruction

    Let’s see how to install whatsapp on iphone. To do this, you need to know where to get the application (source), how to install and registration features.

    Benefits and features of Whatsapp

    This is a free application. It is used to send any kind of files. Media content is compressed on a special server to save traffic. When sending a message, an end-to-end encryption method is used, which does not allow intercepting the message while it is being sent.

    From where you can download the program. Installation rules

    • The phone must be connected to the Internet.
    • The device needs to have enough free space to download the program.
    • If the iPhone is an earlier version. 4.2.1, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, then before downloading the application, you must update the OS to version 7.
    • When activating the program, you must enter the phone number from which you will use the messenger. Then you can install WhatsApp on iPhone.

    How to install Whatsapp on iPhone. Step by step instructions

    Forwarding messages, sharing videos, making audio and voice calls are the main features of the popular messenger. It was originally designed for iPhones. And then there were versions for androids, PCs, tablets.

    You can download the application for free on the official website of the developer company. However, the program does not support every version of the mobile OS. In the article we will tell you about the ways to download whatsapp on iphone in Russian, whether you can download the messenger to all phones, how to connect and configure it.

    Which versions of Whatsapp work on iPhone

    The older the variation of the application, the less diverse its functionality. The developer makes updates to subsequent program modifications. They fix bugs, add various features, change the appearance of the application.

    To use the innovations of WhatsApp, it is recommended to update the messenger. To do this, close it if it was open. Go to the App Store. The market icon is on the main screen of your phone. Click the Updates button in the lower right corner. A list of programs loaded on the phone will open. Find WhatsApp and click the “Update” button next to the name.

    However, the most recent versions of the program are supported only by certain operating systems of the phone. About it.

    How to install WhatsApp on iPhone

    One of the most popular messengers is whatsapp (Russian-language options are watsap, watsap, etc.). It is actively used by almost a billion people. Over, every day this application is downloaded and installed by thousands of people around the world. Many have difficulties or have questions related to the installation procedure. Therefore, we decided to tell you how to install whatsapp on iphone correctly and easily.

    The procedure for installing WhatsApp on iPhone

    We can talk about all the advantages of the program for a long time. We only note that this messenger allows you to exchange messages, various information, including audio and video files, as well as make calls. And all this is completely free. However, in order to use all the functions of whatsapp on your iPhone and plunge into the world of unlimited communication, you need to correctly install the application.

    So let’s not hesitate. Let’s move on to how to install WhatsApp on iPhone. Over, we will immediately reassure you. This procedure is SIMple. Over, we will provide detailed step-by-step instructions:

    • Go to the App Store.
    • In a special search box, drive in the name of the program. Also whatsapp can be found in the Top Free section. In this case, be sure to choose messenger. Search may suggest other applications that have the word “whatsapp” in their names. For example, Run WhatsApp on tablet.
    • We load the messenger and wait for it to download. It usually takes less than one minute with sufficient internet speed.
    • We start the installation. This operation takes even less time than downloading the original file. Then we open whatsapp.
    • A window will appear where there will be a link to read the user agreement. Whether to study it or not is up to you. All you need to do is click the “Accept and Continue” button.
    • Next, you need to go through the registration procedure. To do this, enter your phone number. Expect a message with a code. Then enter it on the special line.
    • This completes the installation.

    Note that whatsapp cannot be installed on the so-called “Chinese iPhone” (various copies of the original Apple product) using the method described above. Such a device is incompatible with the AppStore and iTunes. You can run the watcap on it only by downloading it from a PC or laptop via a cable. Over, the Chinese iPhone must also support Java applications.

    Is it possible to install two whatsapp on iphone?

    This option is not provided in the official version of the application. However, different craftsmen have come up with a couple of ways to make sure that a watsap with two different accounts works on one phone. At the same time, both accounts were active at once. What should be done?

    • Download and install WhatsApp on iPhone.
    • Open the Safari browser. Go to the website ios.Othman.Tv
    • You will see a list in which you need to select the item “whatsapp 2”.
    • Then, under the icon with the application, click on the green button.
    • Next, press the install button in the window that appears on the display.
    • As soon as the installation procedure is over, go to the “Settings” section. From there to the “Basic” subsection, where we select “Device Management”.
    • In the proposed list, you should find a certificate whose name begins with “VNE Software and.”. Then you need to click on it and select “Trust”.

    After all these manipulations, another messenger icon will be displayed on the iPhone desktop. We click on it and set up the second account, not forgetting to bind it to another SIM card.

    Important things to know before installing WhatsApp on iPhone?

    Let’s start with the fact that the owners of old “apple” smartphones may not run this messenger on their device. Whatsapp requires iOS 7 or later. Thus, the application functions only on iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s and other devices that come with IOS 8, 9, 10 and 11 (recall, this is iphone 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s, 7 etc.).

    How to set up whatsapp?

    We figured out the installation of the messenger. Now let’s talk about how to set up WhatsApp to use it as conveniently as possible. To do this, we recommend doing the following:

    • Go to profile settings and add a photo to your avatar. You just need to click on the pencil icon in the lower right corner. After that, a gallery will open where you can upload your favorite photo or picture.
    • Limit access to personal information. Again, go to the profile settings, find the item “Privacy”. Here you can mark who will see the date of the user’s last login to the messenger, photos, statuses, payments and much more. That is, the user can hide what he wants from the visitors of his profile. Also in this paragraph there is a function that allows you to block an intrusive and unwanted interlocutor.
    • Configure the interface. We go to the settings for chats and calls. Here you can “adjust” the font and their size to your liking, set the screen length and width, wallpaper options, etc.
    • Set a personalized notification ringtone. It is very comfortable. After putting the original “sound”, you will be less confused and know when the message came to your colleague, husband or wife, and when to you. In addition, in the “Notifications” item, you can configure pop-up windows, enable / disable vibration, and select the color of the indicator (if available on your smartphone).

    How to install the program?

    And now how to download and install WhatsApp on iPhone (iPhone) 5, 5s, 6, 6s or later models. Everything is very SIMple, read!

    • Find the messenger in the AppStore or click on the button below:

    Important: you will need IOS7 or higher to install. If you have an earlier version, you need to update, otherwise the application will not work.

    • Download, install and then run the application.
    • Accept the necessary permissions
    • Enter your phone number, you will receive a digital code on it, which must be entered in the next field

    Installation is complete, congratulations! Customize your profile and use it! By the way, all your contacts are already in WhatsApp! Simple and convenient)

    The application is suitable for iPhone 3GS (if updated to iOS 7), 4.2.1, 4, 4S, 5, 5S. Now you can check out all the features of the application. Probably you have already figured it out, but we will remind you: in order to start communication, not only you, but also your friend must have WatsApp installed. To add the interlocutor to your contacts, just add his phone number to your usual contact list on your mobile device.

    Download WhatsApp for iPhone

    Have you decided to download WhatsApp for iPhone? Excellent! You are just at the right place. Here you can download the popular application for free.

    Stop wasting money on SMS! Installing WhatsApp messenger on iOS 7 and higher gives you the opportunity to save a lot, because such messages are sent via iPhone 3G (if you upgrade to iOS 7) and later Apple gadgets for free using this application. If you decide to download this program, you will pay the usual amount for your Internet traffic. And no additional expenses for SMS.

    In addition, with the help of this service, you can exchange photos with your friends. Over, such an exchange takes place instantly, that is, the situation is as close as possible to real communication. Can’t wait to install WhatsApp? Then let’s get down to business)

    Application configuration and capabilities

    So, first, set your avatar, you can always change it by going to Settings and clicking on the word “Edit” under your photo.

    To see the list of your friends, click on the “Call” tab and then on the plus sign to select who you will call:

    To start communicating through messages, click “Chats”, where you will also find the ability to create groups in Whatsapp and mailings, and all your correspondence will be displayed there. We wrote about how to name the group separately.

    By the way, you can add beauty and choose an original background for chats like this: “Settings”. “Chats”. “Chat wallpaper”.

    Recently, a cool function of statuses appeared: you can get into it by clicking on the button of the same name in the bottom menu:

    They disappear after 24 hours, you can place various photos, gifs or even videos there, you will find here: cool, meaningful and even English statuses.

    You can also report your current state using the “Information” item, you can also find it in the “Settings”.

    Don’t forget to check your notification settings so you don’t miss anything important:

    Do you want to dictate someone’s phone number to a friend for a long time? Just take advantage of the convenience of the service and send him a certain contact. Do you like to travel? Feel free to share geographic coordinates. Use all the features of the application!

    Can’t download? Write in the comments! Perhaps someone already knows the answer to your question!