How to Make Two Whatsapps on One Phone

Phones with 2 SIM cards are used today more often than in the traditional version. Users have difficulty using instant messengers. Therefore, the interest of subscribers who want to learn how to combine two Vatsaps on one phone is understandable.

How WhatsApp works on a phone with two SIM cards

One of the drawbacks that the developers made is the inability to sit with 2 Whatsapp accounts on the same device. Many users in this case are forced to look for a way out. A phone number is attached to the application, which receives more messages. The second of the numbers is made active, for example, in Viber.

Can I install two WhatsApp accounts on one phone

In the official version of the mobile application, duplicate accounts are not allowed. However, there are applications for two different mobile device platforms:

Before installing the messenger on the phone, where there are 2 active numbers, any of them must be docked with the mobile application.

How to install two Vatsap on one phone on Android

For mobile devices on the most popular platform, there are several ways to connect Watsup for 2 cards at the same time.

Android shell tools

Prior to downloading and installing some additional resources, you will need to make special settings for the Android-based device. This is required in order to be able to install third-party applications. They operate according to the following algorithm:

  • go to the “Settings” section of the smartphone;
  • go to the “Security” section;
  • in the sub-item “Unknown sources”, check the box to obtain permission to install applications.

Installation Algorithm Using Ogwhatsapp

The program is found through any of the search engines, downloaded and activated on the phone. Further actions are carried out in this order:

  1. Enter the messenger menu. In the “Settings” section, open the “Chat” line and perform a backup.
  2. Log in to the file manager, where they are looking for the “WhatsApp” folder. Change her name to “WhatsAppold”.
  3. They return to the “Settings” menu, where in the “Applications” section for “Votsap” they clear the cache. The messenger is removed from the device.
  4. Rename the “WhatsAppold” file to “OGWhatsApp”.
  5. Register in the created application for the previous number.

At the final stage, they re-download the official version of the WhatsApp mobile application, where they create a new profile for the second SIM card. Now the dual-SIM smartphone simultaneously works on two numbers.

How to Make Two Whatsapps on One Phone

Installing a messenger marked Business

In the event of a question about how to clone a messenger, it is worth using a version of the program designed for businessmen. The difference between this version is the need to provide additional information that can be set arbitrarily:

  • institution hours;
  • location;
  • Contact phone numbers.

The advantage of this method is the parallel operation of 2 applications. If you clone each of them, then on one phone you can place as many as 4 accounts.

Using GBWA

The disadvantage of this method is the possible termination of parallel operation in the case of installing the latest updates of the messenger.

Cloning through Parallel Space

When using Parallel Space, you do not need to have any permissions. To duplicate an account, you can download the application from the Play Store and install it on your phone. You will need to enter the program, select the WhatsApp section and create a copy of it. During operation, follow the prompts. After creating a shortcut, it is placed on the screen of a mobile phone.

After completing the work to create a copy, the second number is registered. Check the operation of the device with the new number.

Cloning through the App Cloner

The method allows you to duplicate a mobile application through cloning. First you need to download from the Play Market and install the program of the same name. After entering the App cloner tool, the “Watsapa” icon is selected on the main screen.

The program will independently create a copy of the messenger, after which you will need to connect a second phone number.

How to install two WhatsApp on one iPhone

There is also the option of having two WhatsApp accounts on an iPhone-based device, but the option with cloning does not work. To get started, download the application and create your first account there. Next, choose one of the appropriate algorithms.

Using TuTuapp

Using the Safari browser, they log in to The TuTuHelper assistant is downloaded from the information resource. The user will receive an offer to download the developer certificate. you need to agree. Further operations are carried out in the following sequence:

  • in the “Settings” section of the phone enter the “Basic” subsection, use the “Device Management” item;
  • in place of “Winner Media Co.” select the item “Trust”;
  • launch TuTuHelper, simultaneously agreeing to notifications;
  • select “Whatsapp” in the list and give a command to start.

Using Tweakboxapp

In the future, you only need to bind a new account. Failures during installation of the requested application are not ruled out. The most common cause is insufficient memory. The program itself takes up little space, but requires more at the time of its integration into the platform.

Install WhatsApp Business