How to make two screens on your iPad

Can I open two windows on my iPhone?

Here’s how to use Split View. Open the program. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open the Dock panel. On the Dock panel, tap and hold the second program you want to open, then drag it outside the panel to the right or left side of the screen.

Setting up split screen mode on your iPhone or iPad

To split your iOS screen, you just need to open the second app and minimize it. After that it will appear on the Dock bar at the bottom of the screen. Open the main application. Now open the main app, the one you want to share screens with.


Take advantage of the additional benefits of Air Display

Besides just using the iPad as a second monitor, there are a few additional really useful features in the app.

In addition to simply extending your desktop, you can duplicate it. To switch to “mirror” mode you need to right click on the application icon, select Options, and then Mirror Mode.

Also, don’t forget about the iPad‘s touch screen, which still continues to function in its normal mode. This means that any app that will be moved to the tablet, as a second screen, can be controlled by touch.

Finally, you can drag and drop various forms and other forms onto it and fill them out using the on-screen keyboard. For example, you’re working on a computer and would like your client to fill out a form electronically. To do this, you’ll just need to drag and drop it on your iPad. While he fills it out, you can finish your work.

iOS 9: Sidefari

Sidefari is a great old-school hack. It uses Safari View Controller to display two Safari windows next to each other. It is quite difficult to install and start using. And it’s limited. But if you’re determined to use Safari as your browser (in conjunction with content blockers), and want to use Split View mode in iOS 9, then Sidefari will be your only choice. After downloading the app, you first need to enable the Sidefari extension by clicking the “Share” button and selecting “Advanced” in the dropdown. Here, you can enable both Sidefari extensions if you wish.

Then, when you’re on the page you want to see in Split View mode, click on “Share” and select “Send to Sidefari”. Then go to Slide Over mode and select Sidefari from the list. You’ll see that the given page is already open in Safari View Controller within Sidefari. Close the Safari tab, open another page, and voila, you’re using Safari in Split View.

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You won’t have a tab bar in the Safari window and a control tab in Sidefari, but hey, that’s something.


At this point, Split View isn’t perfect. The feature has a limitation and only works with built-in iOS apps. However, Apple has opened up relevant APIs that will allow third-party developers to add Split View support to their apps.

Many are already working on this, so we’ll probably see more apps supporting Split View in the near future. As the base of such apps expands, the future of productivity on the iPad will get better and better.

You can easily open YouTube alongside. Evernote alongside Chrome or Pages alongside your banking app. Combinations like these make the iPad a useful productivity tool that could really replace your laptop forever.

Multitasking on your iPad Made Easy

The prospect of Apple replacing iPads with laptops may appear in the distant future. Still, there’s no denying that features like split screen and slide over will make more and more users question whether they need their laptop when its current one eventually dies.

make, screens, your, ipad

With each new version of iOS that Apple releases, iPad becomes an increasingly impressive productivity tool

Moving content around in split-screen applications

When you have two or more apps open, you can drag and drop content (text, photos, and files) between them, such as text or images from an email or webpage to a Notes app, or from a webpage to an email or text message.

  • Open two apps in Split View or Slide Over mode.
  • Tap and hold the item you want to move to separate it from a document, email, web page or note.
  • Drag and drop into another app.
  • You can also select multiple items by lightly dragging the first and selecting the second with another finger, but this operation will require some skill.

Split the screen on the iPad by standard means

The option Split View, which allows you to split the iPad into two screens, appeared with iOS 9 and today is available on all modern models of Apple tablets (iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad and iPad Pro).

How to activate the option

The ability to split the screen on Apple devices that support the feature should be active by default, but if for some reason it is not, it is easy to activate it:

  • Go to iPad settings.
  • Go to the “General” tab, and then to the “Multitasking Dock.
  • Move the rocker switch to the option “Allow Multiple Apps (Move the rocker switch of the “Allow Multiple Apps” item to the active position.
  • The option is enabled, you can now take advantage of the ability to work in multi-window mode.

Split the screen by the normal means of iOS

How to split the iPad screen into two parts

To use the multi-window mode, you need to perform the following steps:

make, screens, your, ipad
  • Place the tablet horizontally (this option works only in this position).
  • Launch one of the programs that you plan to use in conjunction with the other.
  • Call up the Dock bar by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Press and hold the icon of the application that you want to open in the right part of the split window (only applications that support this function will be displayed in the list of applications).
  • Drag and drop the program icon to the edge of the screen to open Split View area (if you don’t drag the application to the edge, it will launch on top of the current software in Split Over mode);
  • In the second part of the screen you will see the standard menu of applications, from which you only have to choose the program you want to launch.
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It should be noted that the split screen on iPad OS version 13 has been significantly modified. For example there is an opportunity to change the size of selectable area of screen for displaying selected programs. Also added smart space allocation when running more than 3 windows. Most of the screen is now highlighted for the active one and you can double-tap toggle between running apps.

It is possible to add three or more programs to the display, but only if they have this feature. In this case, two of them will be in Split View mode, and the third and subsequent. as additional “floating” windows.

You can also set a triple-tap Home button to split the screen. This is set in the “Universal access” section. Turn off Siri for this is not necessary (in the iPad OS 9 and 10 versions was such a defect). And it is possible to divide the screen on the iPad Pro by simultaneous pressing of the volume keys, but this is done through third-party software (Multitasking Split Screen).

How to work in Split View mode

The split-screen option on iPad allows you to:

  • Change the program in one part of the display. To do this, you need to swipe it from top to bottom and select another software from the list.
  • Split the display in proportions of 50/50 and 70/30. To change the aspect ratio, drag the tab located in the center left of the right window.
  • Swap applications. To move a window, for example, from the left to the right side of the screen or vice versa, pull the curtain icon to the desired side.
  • Switch from Split View to Split Over. You can perform the action by touching the separator label in the Split Over window or by pulling it up.
  • Swap media content (images, video, audio) between applications. To swap the applications, tap and hold on the selected item, select “Copy” and then use a gesture (5 fingers) to paste it into another application window. This way, for example, you can quickly transfer photos from your gallery to Instagram.
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And before splitting the screen on your iPad, it’s recommended to enable gestures in the settings, as well as “Recent and suggested programs”. This will quickly change the applications in one part of the display to those running in the background.

Split Screen and iOS Multitasking

How to split the screen in Safari

Using the Split View mode in the regular iPad browser is very easy. If you need to split the Safari window into two parts, you can do the following:

  • Open a webpage in your browser.
  • In the upper right corner, click the two linked squares icon (the “new tab” feature) and select “Open new window.
  • Split View mode is activated, allowing you to view two pages at the same time and resize the windows.

Split View can also be done in the following way:

    one page.

  • Click the link on the site and hold it down until a window appears where you can select “Open in new window”.
  • The page will open in Split View mode.

You can open up to 9 tabs at a time in this way. All subsequent tabs will be hidden (you can see their list from any page in the standard list of open tabs).

How to remove split

You can remove the Split View on the iPad as follows:

  • To close the split view window, you need to tap and hold the slider between parts of the screen and drag it to the side of the application you want to close. Note that the second program will remain loaded in memory, which means you can quickly switch to it if necessary.
  • To exit the split screen mode you can switch to Split Over by pulling down the curtain icon and then dragging the program window icon to the right behind the screen.
  • To open all tabs in one window in Safari, you can unhide the split by clicking on the two linked squares icon and choosing the “Merge all windows” option. After that, all opened tabs will be in the same browser window, but in different folders. You can also choose “Close tabs” so that one window closes and the other maximizes to full screen.

As you can see, the ability to split the display makes the device more functional, and working in multitasking mode is easy and very efficient. With this option you can save a lot of time for performing various actions with different applications or browser tabs, and regardless of the nature of the tasks you perform, organize the most comfortable and fruitful environment.

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