How to Make Two Screens on a Phone

Now I will tell you how to open or close the separation of the screen into 2 windows in Android phones. We will consider the standard functionality of the operating system and third-party applications.

This article is suitable for all brands producing Android 10/9/8/7 phones: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

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Splitting the screen into 2 parts. what is it and why?

Splitting the screen into two parts is an excellent multi-window option, which is available on Android phones. By activating this feature, the user divides the device’s screen into 2 parts, in which you can work separately and simultaneously.

This feature will help users with a very busy schedule. For example, you can simultaneously correspond with superiors and watch a movie. It is not always convenient to switch between different windows.

The dual screen function is not supported by all programs. For example, the phone book or camera cannot be started in this way.

How to open / double screen on an Android phone

On the phone, the second screen can be opened through standard settings or third-party applications. Devices on Android OS below version 6.0 cannot activate this mode by default.

Standard Tools on Pure Android

  • We launch the programs that we want to use in different screens. Then open the list of running software. To do this, drag the indicator from bottom to top, and in some models of devices it is enough to use a separate button.
  • In the list with programs, select software for placement on top of the screen and click on its icon. Tap on “Split Screen” in the menu. If this section is missing, then we check to see if it is available for other applications.

The selected program will be placed at the top, and a list with other applications running will be available at the bottom. In this list, you can select a program to be placed in the bottom window. To do this, just click on it.

Dual screen received. Now we can work with different software in the lower and upper part of the window.

The following features can be distinguished in the dual screen operation:

  • There are gadgets on which you can resize each individual window. To do this, the user needs to move the strip in the center. If you move this strip down or up to the end, then the gadget will function in normal mode.
  • Some programs do not support working with 2 screens. Therefore, the day they have a tab “Split window” may be missing.
  • On different gadget models, the way you control the two screens may differ.

Share the screen on the Samsung phone

  • When you have launched all the programs that should be placed on 2 screens, click on the button with their list.
  • Click on the application icon, which will be located at the top of the screen, then select the “Launch in split screen mode” section.

How to Make Two Screens on a Phone

The program will be located on top, and for the bottom window of Samsung you can choose another utility.

Done, the 2-window mode is activated.

Floating apps

This utility allows you to open programs in separate windows. Often, Floating Apps is used on tablets, but on phones, the application also has a fairly spacious screen.

    Download and install Floating Apps from Play Market.

A menu with basic options is available on the main page. Click on the “Applications” tab to launch the list of available applications.

We select the appropriate option, after which we expect the launch of a pop-up window. The list offers a limited number of programs, but their number is constantly updated.

The windows that appear will be opened on top of other programs by default. To move them around the screen of the phone you should use the block with the name and drag them.

To scale the windows, use the arrows in the lower right corner. The user has the ability to arbitrarily change the window, regardless of screen size.

The window will be minimized after the tap to the square. The window closes after clicking on the cross.

The functionality of the utility allows you to change the color and design of windows.

How to turn off split screen

The easiest way to remove multi-screen mode is to restart the gadget. You can do it differently. minimize, close, move each open window.

If you launched two screens using third-party software, then you need to go into its settings. There we indicate the function to turn off the mode.

Everything can be made much simpler. click on the cross in the upper corner of the screen. After that, the screen splitting process will be disabled.

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