How to make slides with music on iPhone

How to create a slide show with music on my iPhone?

How to create a slide show on the iPhone with photos by choosing all photos and videos for free, tape the icon share in the lower left corner of the screen. Scroll down on a pop-up screen and select the “slide show”. Application “Photo” will automatically create a slide show with music.

How to add Background Music for all slides in PowerPoint

  • Picplaypost. Picplaypost, one of the most popular applications, offers an intuitive program that simplifies the collection of photographs, videos, music and GIF files for almost everyone
  • Slidelab
  • Director of the photo slide show
  • Picflow
  • Imovie.


Imovie is really the best application for a slide show that can be used on iPhone. It allows you to turn photos and videos saved on your computer into magnificent slide shows. You can also edit the slide show using films, transitions, headlines, sound effects, etc. D. The application also allows you to shoot video clips and take pictures for better editing slides.

The advantages of this program are that everything can be done by touch. To press, drag, and break the slides. This makes the program convenient and easy to use. You can also edit each video clip separately and easily change the audio track of the clip. You can add background music and visual effects. Cons: not as comfortable application as some programs of the same direction for PC. Available only for Mac and iOS.

How to choose the best applications for a slide show with music?

Now that you know what software for a slide show is, let’s talk about how to choose the perfect for you. In fact, there is no universal solution.

Each has its own set of tastes and requirements. The thing is to find out your preferences and criteria to choose the perfect option for you.

The six steps described here will help you start finding the best application for creating a slide show for your creative efforts.

Determine your budget

The first step to almost any purchase is to determine how much you want to spend. This can help you quickly reject the goods that do not correspond to your price range, and narrow the choice of final candidates.

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How to Create A Slideshow with Music (free slideshow maker)

Determine what functions you need correctly

You need a means to create a slide show of photos with music support or a rather simple solution? What photo transitions do you need? Understanding your urgent requirements can help you weed out candidates who cannot cope with the task, and focus on the best option faster.

Decide what characteristics you need in the future

I am sure that you do not want to buy something only in order to find in a year that you need to buy something else, since you have grown out the first. This does not mean that you should always use the slide show program with maximum functionality; Instead, think about what functions you may need in the future.

Learn your options

Simple search in Google software for slide shows will give many results. Do not forget to turn on the video editors in your search, as well as. In fact, the possibilities of simple editing videos are likely to go to the previous group of functions that you will miss in the future.

Read user reviews

User reviews are not all, but if the product has many negative assessments and you have many options, they can help you exclude several more options from your final list.

Download demo version

Currently, almost all applications have a demo version or trial version. The most important step is to download it and try it for each element on your list. Only after trying software, you can determine whether it offers the simplicity of use and the workflow that you prefer.

How to record video with iPhone music using applications

In order to make a video with music on a mobile device from Apple, you just need to install a special application that can help in this matter.

In addition, the video can be edited using stickers, texts and other tools. Also, you can configure the brightness and contrast of the video.

The program presents 8 topics that can be used to create a video. In addition, the user can create soundtracks using built.In audio materials that can independently adapt to the length of the video.

The program has 18 different styles with which you can also diversify the videos.


The application has built.In finished styles that noticeably simplify the process of creating a new video.


The program has a huge number of effects, thanks to which you can create unique videos.


The user can add sounds and music from a personal media text, and you can also insert a sunbeam.

Create an album with the necessary photos

You can select the necessary photos in the album in advance in order to quickly turn on the viewing of the slides in the future. If the necessary photos were placed in the favorites (marked with a heart) or removed in one place with geotags on, you will manage to immediately choose the desired album of the pictures.

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In the photo application, go to the album section.

Click “” to create a new album.

Add all the necessary photos and videos to it.

If necessary, start the slide show, open the desired album and click on the button with three points in the upper right corner.

Click on the slide show button to start playing.

Do not forget that in both cases, during the reproduction of slides, you can set suitable settings in the form of the speed of transitions, background music or animation.

Built.In iPhone functions

Rush into the arms of nostalgia with built.In functions on the iPhone is easy. There are “memories” for this.

The film “Memories” is an automatically mounted video showing photos and videos selected from the gallery, supplemented by crossings and music. To watch the film, you need:

Here you can choose the mood: dreamy, light or epic. The duration is also adjusted.

In order to personalize the video “Memories” even more, click on the “edit” button or editing key. You can make edits in:

  • Title;
  • Cover;
  • The duration of the roller (short, medium or long);
  • Photos and their order;
  • Musical accompaniment.

Consider the possible problems in the format of “question-answer”.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

Yes. To do this, on the iPhone you need to choose pictures for the future video. Then press the additional information button (three points) and click on “Add to memories”.

make, slides, music, iphone

Yes. In the parameters of editing the video, slip a general access button and select a suitable sending option (through messages, mail, etc.D.).

Yes. In the settings, press the “Music” button. Instead of “Sound paths”, select “My Music” and the right song.

Thus, you can create a video from the photo using standard settings or through applications. A suitable program is selected exclusively from its own preferences.

Applications for creating a presentation on iPhone

Name Description Price Rating
Keynote. This is one of the most powerful programs for creating a presentation on a mobile device. Each user will be able to easily create a unique presentation with various charts and transitions.

The program already has built.In topics that can be changed at will.

Ready.Made presentations can be synchronized through One Drive, and also if you wish, you can provide access to work to other users.

make, slides, music, iphone

Ready.Made presentations look very aesthetically pleasing, and thanks to the charts and graphs, various statistical information can be presented.

The finished presentation can be demonstrated at conferences, museums, exhibitions and so on.

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The program has more than 25 ready.Made templates for creating unique presentations, as well as a portfolio, reports and many other things.

In the process of work, the user can bring and distant certain objects of work, which allows you to create the most attractive presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The creator of the presentation can open access to other users, as well as monitor those who work on it.

Flowvella Presentation App

In the program, you can add transitions between slides, duplicate screens and objects, as well as use any files to create a presentation.

To unlock more functions, it is necessary to purchase a pro-version for 19.99 dollars a year.

Mypoint PowerPoint Remote

To use this tool, you need to install a special program on a personal computer.

make, slides, music, iphone

The creator cannot independently include and stop the video in the presentation, the program does it for it.

Google presentations

All changes are saved automatically, so the user may not worry about the fact that data may be lost.

Prezi Viewer

The program is as simple as possible to use. Even the most inexperienced user will be able to figure out in a matter of minutes.

Beginning of work

First open the photo “Photos” on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You have several solutions for the solution, what photos to include in the slide show: by date, for example, to choose a certain day, a week or year, depending on when you took pictures; using the “Memories” tools, which combines the images on the basis of the date; or by posting certain photos in the album, which gives you more control. Let’s check all three methods.

In the Appendix “Photo” (Photos) tape the icon of the photo below. You should see a collection of various photographs located on certain dates or dates, for example, weekends. To create a slide show from photos taken on a certain day, click on the arrow icon to the right of the date.

Perfect Video

Simple video editor with a large number of all kinds of options. Using Perfect Video, you can create videos from photos, cut and combine individual frames from the video, add watermarks, as well as subtitles and sound series.

There is also the possibility of adding the effects of transitions between personnel for video. There are two versions of the Perfect Video application: Free and paid. Paid is characterized by the presence of expanded functionality.

Each of these applications can be used to create a video from photos on iPhone.

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