How to Make Memory on the Phone

We have selected the best utilities for cleaning Android, which will help free up space on your smartphone and speed up its work. These free apps will remove useless files and programs, clear the cache and clean up your gadgets.

How to Make Memory on the Phone

The internal memory is full, there is no space on the SD card, and the smartphone is left with unused files and applications. Show at least one user who has not encountered this. Our selection of gadget cleaning utilities will help free up memory space and increase the speed of your smartphone, which is especially important for older devices with low-power processors. Install one of these programs, and your phone will always be in perfect order.

Clean Master: speed up your smartphone and protect applications

One of the most popular applications that helps even inexperienced users quickly get rid of unnecessary large files, clear outdated cache, and scan the device for viruses. In addition, using this free utility, you can set passwords for other applications.

SD Maid: for users with root rights

SD Maid, a free Android application, is a maid for the memory of your device, which will quickly remove all electronic garbage. Strictly speaking, in order to get access to the maximum number of functions you will need to get root-rights on Android, but many work with the usual user rights. The application can be run on schedule or manually, it conducts a complete analysis of the memory, including successfully finds duplicates and photos.

AppMonster: for backup and recovery

AppMonster helps you install, back up, and remove applications on Android phones. If you have already said goodbye to your files and are planning to reset the system to factory settings, download AppMonster. This utility will allow you to copy applications, and then install earlier versions of programs. Those that still worked fine.

Ks Uninstaller: removes everything all at once

With the free Ks Uninstaller utility, you can remove several applications in one click. The program will come to the rescue if there are too many unnecessary games, instant messengers and other useless applications on the smartphone. At the first start, it diagnoses the contents of the repository, installed applications (this process takes a lot of time), then gives recommendations on cleaning and tells how much memory can be freed up.

CCleaner: a reliable Windows tool for Android

CCleaner is a popular system cleaning program for Windows computers. Now the application works on Android smartphones. Like the well-known PC version, the application for mobile gadgets is absolutely free. CCleaner for Android will scan the system data and delete old downloads, APK files, browser history, cache, call lists and other unnecessary files. In addition, the application will show which data types occupy the most space.

Using this utility, you can find out system information about the device, for example, the version of Android, operating time, availability of root rights, IP, MAC, network information. The paid version of the program also has a cleaning scheduler function.

The article shows in detail how to free up the phone’s memory. Cleaning methods for beginners, advanced and experienced users of android are described. General recommendations are given for expanding disk space and maintaining storage in optimal condition.

Ways to clear memory

The following methods of clearing memory are distinguished:

  1. Built-in cache flushing.
  2. Programs for automatic deletion of temporary and user data.
  3. Manual cleaning.
  4. Optimization of the internal space.
  5. Reset.

Each method is focused on the knowledge and capabilities of users. Therefore, the available methods, in our article, are arranged in increasing complexity. Let’s start with the simplest.

Clearing memory with Android built-in tools

In Android, a general basic analysis of the occupied space of internal memory is available. Detailed analysis is offered only by third-party applications, for example, Solid Explorer. But basic analysis is enough to find out what memory is being spent on.

In Android version 5.0, a graph appeared with the calculation of the cache. Temporary data. Such files appear during the use of applications. The more and more often programs are used, the more cache accumulates. For some users, the volume of temporary files is 500. 2500 MB.

To clear the cache, follow these steps:

  1. Open the system settings menu.
  2. Select “Storage” or “Storage” if the item is named differently.

Open the phone settings, go to the section Storage (memory)

Clear the cache on the phone

Main advantages

  1. A simple and easy way to clean temporary files.
  2. Ability to free up to 3 GB of disk space.

Main disadvantages

  1. There is no information on the type of files to be deleted.
  2. Removing duplicates or other unused files is not available.

Clear phone memory with third-party apps

Third-party applications offer in-depth analysis and advanced memory cleaning. For example, the SD Maid application can clear the cache, as in the previous method. And also uninstall applications and look for duplicate files. The program offers a manual and automatic cleaning method. This allows you to mark and delete more “unnecessary” files at a time.

Some similar programs analyze application usage time. Unused or rarely used applications are proposed to be removed.

If you have root privileges, system applications can be deleted or frozen. Also move to a memory card, which is important for volume games.

Such applications work on the same principle.:

  1. After starting, it is proposed to click on the analysis button.
  2. The application scans the memory, and in the report indicates the files recommended for deletion.
  3. Cleaning is done with one button.

Cleaning your phone’s memory with SD Main

Main advantages

  1. Cleaning unnecessary files in 2-3 touches.
  2. Advanced search for unnecessary files, duplicates and empty folders.
  3. Identify unused and rarely used applications.

Main disadvantages

  1. Preferred preview of deleted files.
  2. Some functions are available only in paid versions of the program.
  3. To remove or freeze system applications, you need root.

Manually clearing a smartphone’s memory

Manual cleaning is the best and safest way to delete unnecessary files. The procedure is long and monotonous, since it is necessary to check the attachments of each folder individually. Important skills are working with the Android file system, as well as understanding what a particular file is responsible for. In this case, the probability of accidental deletion of important information is noticeably lower in comparison with automatic cleaning.

For manual cleaning, you will need a file manager, preferably with the function “analyzer busy space”. The same Solid Explorer will do. A large selection of file managers, see our application directory.

  1. Install the file manager (in our case, Solid Explorer).
  2. Activate the display of hidden files in the settings.

Turn on the “show hidden files” option in the Solid Explorer file manager

View space usage in Solid Explorer

Main advantages

  1. Low chance of accidentally deleting important files.
  2. Detailed analysis and cleaning of unnecessary information.
  3. Minimum requirements for applications. Just the usual file manager.

Main disadvantages

  1. Long and monotonous process.

Interior optimization

These recommendations should be considered by all users as an additional way to increase space on the internal drive:

  1. Remove unused games and applications.
  2. Replace some programs with lite versions.
  3. Use external storage for offline maps, music, photos.
  4. If the design does not provide for the installation of a memory card or the slot is occupied by a second SIM card, enable automatic downloading of files to the cloud storage. See the best cloud drive in this collection.
  5. If you have root rights, transfer voluminous games to the memory card. If root is absent, and you do not play often, keep additional files on the memory card. Before the game, copy the data folder to the desired directory of the internal drive, and at the end of the game, delete the folder.
  6. Specify in the browser the folder for saving files to an external drive. In which browser this function is supported, see our selection of browsers.
  7. Combine the internal partition with the external drive if there is not enough memory.
  8. Check your antivirus system. A selection of antiviruses will help you choose the best program.

Reset your phone

The last, radical way to clean Android. Resetting will delete all data on the internal drive, including most viruses. It will also return to the initial state of the application and system settings. After complete cleaning, just re-configure the system. In addition, changes made using root rights will be returned to their original state. How to reset the settings on android, read in a separate article.

Reset your phone

Why regularly clear the memory on android

Internal memory is used by default for most tasks. Here is an incomplete list of such tasks:

  1. Downloading information from the network.
  2. Receiving files via bluetooth or NFC.
  3. Phone calls and messaging in messengers.
  4. Android updates.
  5. Install applications and update.

If the internal drive is full, the normal operation of the device is violated, there is no access to some functions, certain applications stop working. Also, the system requires more time to download data, such as music in the player, or display thumbnails of pictures in the gallery.


During operation, the internal memory is filled with personal information and temporary files. The lack of free space leads to a restriction on the preservation of new data, and some familiar functions become inaccessible. Therefore, we recommend that you clean the device’s memory on time and keep the storage in optimal condition.

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