How to Make Instagram Post From Computer

How to add multiple Instagram posts from my computer and phone? How to add photos and other publications in the history of the network? Read the instructions in this article.

How to add Instagram post from computer. description

The creators of the most visual social network Instagram five years ago made a long-awaited gift to lovers of computers and laptops: appeared. But the present turned out to be a trick. In the web version, you can register an account, close it from strangers, it will be possible to delete the profile (we wrote about these operations in detail). However, the most important action. how to add publications to Instagram from a computer. remains only in the application for the phone.

Users with such a deplorable state of affairs did not put up. Several options are already known how to add a publication to Instagram from a computer. To do this, you can apply additional programs or browser extensions, use cloud storage. There is also an incredibly simple, but not the most beautiful way: connect the computer and the phone with a wire, upload pictures ands to the mobile phone, and only then upload them through the application to your page.

Now we’ll tell you how to add publications to Instagram from a computer, without additional installations, without wires and clouds. But we will have to make a phone screen look like on a PC monitor. And for this you need to look into the developer panel. Do not be scared in advance, there is nothing complicated in the instructions. The procedure is as follows:

In the search bar of the browser, enter the address of the site;

Log in to the start page or register if you do not already have an account;

The next action is the transition to the developer panel, it can be done in different ways: simultaneously press the three keys CtrlShiftI; right-click, and in the menu, select the option “View code” or simply go through the F12 key;

How to Make Instagram Post From Computer

On the panel that opens to the right, pay attention to the two rectangles in the upper ruler, they should be highlighted in blue;

Next, you should reload the page;

After that, a similarity to the screen with the Instagram application will appear on the monitor, among other things, there will be a “” sign for placing publications;

Touching the plus sign, you can see the photos /s that your computer stores, choose what you publish, make a description, do not forget about the hashtags (about the most popular tags and the rules for selecting them. in another article), determine the geolocation;

When everything is ready, click on “Share”.

Sometimes users who first use this method complain that the magical transformation of a computer into a phone does not always succeed. If unsuccessful, try reloading the page again. You can also change the option to go to the developer panel. Or access the site through another browser. By trial, you will surely find out what exactly will work flawlessly.

To complete the picture, we’ll talk about other ways to add a post to Instagram. Among the lungs, work can also be attributed through an official application specially created for a computer. Now it has appeared. It has full functionality. But there is a significant flaw. you can install the application only if your computer is running Windows 10.

A more complicated way is to use emulator programs (or simulators). On the Internet you can find a lot of offers. But Russian instagrammers especially liked BlueStacks. The program has a version in Russian. It works with any Windows or MacOS. And most importantly, completely free.

Another disinterested program is Gramblr. Through this service, you can not only publish photos ands on Instagram, but also do delayed posting. That is, prepare several publications, draw up a schedule by which they should appear in the tape. And the rest of the program will execute itself. This is very tempting, but Gramblr has one drawback. there is no interface in Russian.

In addition, it is worth considering that any additional installation carries a potential threat to the health of your computer. Unfortunately, along with programs you can download malicious viruses or software that you do not need. In addition, emulators greatly slow down all work processes. So do not be surprised that after installing them, the computer freezes or thinks for a long time.

The above disadvantages you will not get if you add publications to Instagram using cloud technology. You will need Internet storage as an intermediary through which files from the computer get to the phone, and then to Instagram. Experienced users claim that this is the most optimal way. To check their opinion, use this instruction:

Upload photos ors from your computer to any cloud storage familiar to you, for example, Yandex.Disk;

Enter the “cloud” through your phone;

Find the files that you plan to publish on Instagram and upload them to your mobile phone;

Open a photo /, click on a command to select an application, check Instagram;

Process a future publication and publish on a social network;

Or do it another way: on your phone go to your Instagram account, then publish the photo / downloaded from the “cloud”, as usual.

As you have seen, making a publication in the Instagram feed via the web version is not such a difficult task. She has several solutions at once. Choose the one you like.

We examined in detail how to add a photo to an Instagram publication, but it’s worthwhile to find out how to download something from Instagram and how to delete files from the feed and history in this social network. You will find even more useful, curious and important about communication, promotion and earnings in 8 social networks on the website Be sure to check out this platform to become an effective user.

How to add a publication to Instagram history from your phone and PC

The Stories section (in Russian history) appeared on Instagram not so long ago. The feature of this option is the fleeting life of the publication. From the appearance of a story in an account to its disappearance, only 24 hours pass. And it disappears by itself. True, you can save your photo or story in the “Actual” section. Then he will decorate your profile as much as you want.

Let’s figure out how to add a publication to Instagram history in a mobile application:

Open Instagram, click on the “camera” symbol, which is located in the upper left part of the screen, or drag your finger to the right anywhere on the ribbon;

We touch the white round button below to take a photo, and hold it for shooting a;

Or we take a photo from the phone’s memory, to do this, drag up on any part of the screen;

Then create a story using the new options: click on the special icons; A pencil makes a drawing, “Aa.” for text overlay, “square smile” adds stickers;

If you need to remove something, drag the object into the “basket”, the icon is at the bottom of the screen;

After we complete the design of the story, touch the words “Your story”, they are on the left and bottom of the screen.

If your story is long, you can post a series of photos. Pictures during viewing will be displayed in turn.

We’ll figure out how to add a publication to Instagram history using the capabilities of a computer. As you noticed, the icon of this “camera” function is missing in the web version. But to compose stories, you can use almost all of the methods described in the first chapter. Perhaps the most convenient option to do this is through the official web application. It will be more difficult with the method where the developer panel is used. This method is applicable only for a laptop, but in a stationary PC it will not work. And emulator programs will cope with the task effortlessly. Consider how to use BlueStacks:

Download BlueStacks from the official site to the computer and run;

We enter the section “My applications”, in the search we insert “Instagram”;

We install on the computer a simulation of a mobile application;

Log in to your account;

At the top and right, we click on the “camera” to create a story, then we do everything as in a mobile application.

You learned about the different ways to post on Instagram, including Stories. As you understand, it is not at all necessary to do this from the phone, a computer is also suitable.

How to add multiple posts to Instagram. step-by-step guide

Instagram activists love to share their impressions. Therefore, during the day dozens of posts are posted on your account. Especially for such reporters, we’ll tell you how to add several posts to Instagram. It has a tool that allows you to place in the tape up to 10 photographs or clips.

To do this, follow our instructions:

Log into your account in the Instagram mobile application;

Tap “” to start publishing;

Then select “Gallery”;

Then click on the “boxes” next to the “Select Multiple” option;

Select a series of photos ors (but not more than 10);

If desired, each can be processed individually, but will have to maintain a common orientation;

After editing, click on the word “Next” on the screen at the top and right;

Use a common filter or separate to each picture;

When necessary, change the order of the photo layout by dragging them again. to “Next”;

Give a description, as well as geolocation, to the entire publication as a whole;

Tap Share to post to the feed.

The initial photo will be reflected on the page, and dots below it. Swipe to view the entire publication. It is worth considering that downloading a few photos /s takes a lot of time. The duration of the process depends on the speed of the Internet.

Another way to add multiple posts to Instagram is to combine them into a single collage. To do this, you have to download the Layout application developed for Instagram, there are versions for iPhones and Android devices. We’ll take a closer look at using Layout:

Download and open Layout on your phone, tap “All” for a complete overview of the photo gallery; the option “Faces” will show only images of people, and “Recent”. 30 last;

Choose up to 9 photos for the collage, after clicking on them, a check mark will appear;

At the top of the screen, mark the collage template that you like;

Process images, zoom;

Click on the word “Save”;

To post a collage on Instagram, tap the network symbol.

Using Layout, you can quickly take a number of photos on iPhone and immediately collect a collage from them. To do this, use the option “Photo booth”, which is hidden behind the icon “lens”. This is an imitation of “instant photo”. We will tell you how it works:

Click on the “lens” icon to launch “Photo Booths”;

Touch the blue circle with a dot inside, so you take 4 pictures in a row with the front camera of the iPhone;

From the options that are located at the top of the screen, mark the acceptable collage shape;

Process the photo, revealing everything separately;

Save the collage by clicking the appropriate button, and send your creation to the Instagram feed by clicking on the network icon.

And finally, how to add several publications to Instagram using the Gramblr program you already know. It works with the web version of the network and provides the ability to upload pictures not all at once, but gradually, according to the schedule. This option is very convenient for those involved in the promotion of your account and takes care of regular updating of content. How to work with Gramblr:

Download the program from the official website;

Install it and complete the registration;

Drag the photo into the Gramblr window or click on the central field to open the download folder;

Cut the pictures, process them with a filter, make an animation (there is a “Motion” button for it);

Add a description text with hashtags and publish a photo, if you need to postpone the action, use the “Schedule” button.

So, we considered, perhaps, all the most effective ways to post on Instagram for various devices. You just have to take high-quality and emotional pictures or shoot a, follow our instructions to get comments and likes.