How to Make Good Internet On Your Phone

The low speed and quality of mobile Internet is a common unpleasant feature of this type of communication. Information is transmitted using a cellular signal, which can be caught directly by the user’s phone or a special set-top box, modem, router, which distribute communication to several devices at once. However, if the digital signal is weak, then there will be nothing to distribute.

You need to know what you can do to increase, amplify and improve the quality of the received signal. What software and hardware can be used for this, how to amplify the Internet signal on a phone or other received device.

How to Make Good Internet On Your Phone

What is a cellular network signal?

The cellular network works in such a way that a high-frequency radio channel is created between the subscriber’s telephone and the operator’s tower, the range of which is in the range from 500 to 2700 megahertz. The specified channel is capable of transmitting various types of data, which include SMS messages, voice data, access to the global network.

Important! To provide all functions with operators, various communication standards are applied, which differ in frequency and equipment used.

The towers or base stations of the operators are installed in such a way as to ensure continuous and high-quality signal reception at different distances. Access to the network is in the room (apartment or house, car, train). The signal can be accessed within the city, in the village, at the cottage and other settlements, as well as outside them.

However, not always and everywhere the quality of the received signal will be as clear as possible. When various obstacles in the form of buildings and structures, forests, landings, ravines and other obstacles are encountered along its path, a good signal weakens from each new one.

The longest range within which the phone can pick up a signal pretty well:

  • for a settlement within seven kilometers;
  • outside the village within thirty kilometers.

Note! Range is indicated for GSM standard. Another format, CMDA boasts a 2-fold increased distance, while LTE is reduced as much.

You can identify the dependence, which says that the higher the frequency of the signal, the shorter the range it can provide. In the process of attenuating the transmitted signal, places may appear where there is no connection at all. The most common places with no connection:

  • basements, underground structures, parking. In such places, it is almost impossible to find a connection;
  • apartments and offices in old houses with thick walls;
  • holiday villages and houses in the suburbs. The signal is lacking due to the distance from the sources;
  • industrial zones. There is no connection due to the large amount of concrete and steel;
  • high-rise buildings. Above the 14th floor, communication may be absent due to interference.

Causes of Bad Internet

Before searching for tools that will tell you how you can improve your mobile Internet signal in various conditions, it is recommended that you study for what reasons the signal may be bad. Signal quality is reduced due to:

  • the presence of bumps in the terrain (ravines, hills, mountains);
  • buildings and constructions;
  • a large amount of metal and concrete;
  • a lot of interference from other frequency emitters;
  • user movement. The higher the speed of movement, the worse the quality of the connection.

Signal Dependence on Terrain

Important! Poor signal quality may also be due to malfunctions in the user equipment or the operator’s base station.

How to measure

Smartphones that work with the support of the Android operating system are most widely used around the world. Using this gadget, you can measure the signal that the device receives.

Mobile devices and the signal that is supplied to them from the base station is carried out using radio waves operating in the AM / FM bands. The unit of measurement for this indicator is the decibel. Any tablet or phone that is connected to the Internet from a mobile operator works with the support of this standard. The signal level is measured in a negative order and ranges from −50 to −120 decibels. At the same time, −50 provides maximum quality, and −120. the area where it is completely absent.

Any owner of such a device can find out how many DBs a particular phone catches on Android. To do this, perform: “Settings”. “About the phone”. “General information”. “Signal strength”.

Note! The indicated path may differ, section names may be different. It all depends on the version of the operating system, manufacturer and brand of the device.

Remove obstacles

The signal transmission consists in the fact that the phone sends a request and receives a response from the base station of the operator. The farther the tower is, or the more obstacles you encounter, the worse and longer the signal will come. If both participants in the process are located within line of sight and without barriers, then the quality of communication will be as ideal as possible. This applies to both calls, SMS, and mobile Internet.

When obstacles and various large objects appear on the map, the quality will decrease depending on the size and number of such objects. The simplest recommendations with which you can enhance access to the global network:

  • It is recommended to go outside and measure the quality of the connection there. Concrete walls or internal metal structures that prevent the signal from entering may interfere with the transfer of information;
  • it is advisable that the area is not surrounded by forests, hills and mountains, as well as deep ravines. In a city, any building and structure greatly affects quality;
  • perhaps the connection speed has decreased due to geomagnetic storms or worsening weather. Rainfall and thunderstorms also have a big impact.

Station search

The farther the distance from the base station, the worse the connection. A map of towers from the applicable operator can help. You can measure the quality of the received signal in the immediate vicinity of the station. It may be possible to direct the Internet signal booster for the phone toward the nearest tower.

It is desirable that the user’s device is at a distance from other phones, routers and others. Even a microwave oven can dramatically change the quality of the connection if it is not far from the phone. It is better to put the modem or phone on the window, where concrete and metal interfere the least.


Few people know, however, the number of divisions indicating the charge of a smartphone can also affect the speed of data transfer in a cellular network. If the phone has a low energy level, then the battery may not be enough to find a better connection. Improving the quality of the connection will help fully charging the device.


Previously, almost all mobile phones had a physical antenna, which was visible on the case externally. Modern devices are made with an antenna hidden in the case. It is used to receive and send a signal to the operator’s cell tower.

When the device is in an upright position in the hand, the hands may cause additional interference to communication as they close the antenna. It is advisable to keep the device upright, it is believed that this contributes to better signal quality. Any other phone cases and accessories may cause additional interference.

Changing the position of the antenna can affect signal quality. You can twist the phone in different directions and find the most convenient location.

Settings using software

There are a large number of programs and applications whose activities are aimed at improving the quality of network connections. Their functionality does not have the ability to amplify the received signal. However, they can contribute to increased network performance.

  • Faster Internet 2X;
  • Internet speed master;
  • Speed ​​Optimizer et al.

You can consider the algorithm of work on the example of the latter. Speed ​​Optimizer. The software can be installed on various operating systems for telephones. The activity algorithm is quite simple. The user can change some connection parameters, for example, the largest load and its speed. Thus, you can achieve maximum balance by limiting one and expanding the powers of the other.

You can make changes to the GPRS class, increase stability or speed.

Note! When working on a mobile network, the program quickly reduces the battery level.

Hardware method

The most effective method of signal amplification is hardware. In this case, special antennas and electronic amplifiers are responsible for improving the quality, which together guarantee the greatest effect. In the room, an amplifier and two antennas will help to improve the connection, one of them is taken out to the street, and the second remains in the room. The principle of operation is as follows:

  • The outdoor antenna is installed at maximum height. This contributes to more coverage than a mobile phone can. Concrete walls and metal will not interfere with the signal;
  • a second catcher is installed indoors;
  • an amplifier should be installed between the devices, which increases the signal power and helps to reduce losses in the wire.


A repeater or repeater is a device that is designed to ensure maximum quality of the received and sent cellular signal. These are more advanced devices, unlike antennas. The cost of a simple repeater starts from 8 thousand rubles.

Even the simplest devices provide quality coverage on two hundred square meters. expensive and advanced repeaters are able to create a good connection within the whole building or office, the dimensions of which far exceed the standard home parameters.

However, much attention should be paid to the correct installation of such amplifiers. This can be done independently, saving on the services of third-party representatives. It is important to follow these rules:

  • An external antenna is mounted externally. The directional type should look towards the base station;
  • the internal one is placed indoors, at a height that is more than five meters below the external antenna;
  • both catchers are connected by wire and repeater;
  • The repeater is installed away from moisture and household frequency emitters.

If the location of the base station of the operator cannot be determined, then the help of one person is required. It is necessary to turn the external antenna and ask an assistant to monitor the signal level. When it is the best, you need to fix the antenna.


On the market you can find many different stickers that are installed under the cover of the smartphone and enhance the connection. They are made in the form of a thin plate with a pattern of metal strips. It is believed that they contribute to better capture, but the effectiveness of the devices has not been proven. Most users do not see any effect from the application.

Homemade antenna

Do-it-yourself 3G, 4G antenna for a smartphone is an effective device that you can do yourself. There are many ways, starting from a steel can, in which one bottom needs to be cut and a modem inserted inside, to more complex devices. For example, a directional antenna gun.

To build the latter you need:

  • cut copper discs of various diameters;
  • screw each disk onto special studs;
  • connect the wires to the last two plates;
  • connect the design to the modem.

Important! Materials for assembly and a complete process with a description can be found on the global network.

There are many ways to amplify the global network signal for a smartphone. The easiest way is to find the nearest tower and avoid obstacles that may interfere with the quality of the connection. It is recommended that you try to solve the problem using various amplification programs. The greatest efficiency can provide only hardware devices in the form of antennas, amplifiers and repeaters. With the help of a good amplification system, it is possible to provide a stable and fast signal to a large area of ​​a shopping center or office. The main thing is to follow the rules and recommendations for the installation and configuration of equipment. The antenna can be assembled with your own hands, many schemes are presented.