How to make an iPhone font on Android

How to change the font on your phone. step by step

How to change the font on your phone using settings:

  • Go to screen settings, select the “Fonts” menu and turn on the one you like.
  • On the phones of some manufacturers, in the font settings, you may need to pay for the option you like.

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If the device does not imply the ability to change the font through the settings, you can download one of the many applications of the HiFont type. Most often, such programs already contain large sets of fonts, and they also allow you to find on the network and download new ones. After installing the desired font, the program can be “demolished”, the new type of text will remain. If you need to replace it, download HiFont or its equivalent again.

Changing the font on your Huawei phone

The design of the text on Huawei changes in the settings. The result is a phone with large print, standard or small. If you want to change more than just the size of the letters, you will need to install a font replacement application. Phones from the manufacturer Huawei support the FontFix program if the gadget has an Android version not older than 4.1. FontFix contains a menu of 4000 fonts, which, unfortunately, cannot be sorted by input language. You will have to work hard to find a convenient Cyrillic font.

How to change font color on Android desktop

The above HiFont mobile app has color sorting of fonts, however, installing the theme will change the color of any text on your phone.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

But the well-known program Beautiful Icon Styler does not know how to change the font on an Android phone, but it can help transform the desktop icons. The application contains a catalog of paid and free icon sets, with multi-colored inscriptions, different icon designs. Please note that the application will allow you to change the desktop design for free 3 times, then you will have to pay for using the program.

How to change the font on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi has a Themes application, enter it and search for “moby”. We are interested in the first search result. Next, click on the “view all” button and select and download a new font for your phone. After restarting your device, you will see an updated text display.

How to change the font on an Android phone

How do I change the font on Android and why should I change it? Android devices give users the ability to change the look of the screen for long-term comfort. Let’s look at ways to change the style and size of text on Android phones.

Changing the font on Android. what is it for

Mobile devices are generally source of increased risk to human eye health. A font that is uncomfortable for your eyes makes it difficult to work with the device and makes your eyes tired. Someone simply does not like the standard type of text; they want to replace it solely for aesthetic pleasure. Let’s look at the instructions for changing the display of text on Android devices.

How to Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone with MobileTrans

Install Wondershare MobileTrans on your computer (link for Windows). run the program and, to open a window for transferring data between devices, click “Start” (Start). Now we connect both smartphones to the PC via USB cables. After the program detects both phones, we will see a list of data that can be transferred from your original device (in this case iPhone) to another device (Android).

We tick the necessary ones and press the Start Copy button:

After that, the process of transferring data from iPhone to Android will be launched and the necessary information will be completely copied to the designated phone:

With the help of MobileTrans, we can also make backups from a smartphone to a PC. How we will proceed:

We connect our Android phone (or iOS, as well as Nokia) via a USB cable to the computer. In the main menu, select the “Backup” option, which will open the backup panel. We tick off all the items from the list of data, copies of which we want to make. After that, click the “Start Copy” button, and the program will start the process of creating backups on the computer:

How to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android and vice versa. moving to a new platform without losing data

When we “move” from an iPhone to an Android device, we “pack suitcases” with media files, calendars, contacts, and other valuables, and with this baggage we move to a new platform.

But, here’s the bad luck. SMS messages in the form in which they exist on iOS devices cannot be read by OS Android in any way. Therefore, now we are faced with the task of answering the question. how to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android and vice versa, as well as how and in what format to convert messages to transfer from one platform to another.

How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Android via iTunes

So, if you plan to change the “apple” device to Android, then in order for the transfer of messages to take place, they need to be retrieved. To do this, we perform the following actions:

We connect iPhone to PC using a USB cable (30-pin or Lightning. depending on the device model).

Open iTunes. When the device is connected, a button with the iOS logo will appear on the top panel. click on it (depending on the version of the program, it may be in the left or right corner). After that, the backup process can be started automatically (depending on your settings). In this case, a screen will appear with the inscription “Summary” on its top panel, then the subsequent steps will not be needed.

If this did not happen, then right-click on the item with your iPhone in the left panel and select “Back Up” in the drop-down menu:

Now on the computer we are looking for a file with SMS, here it is: 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28. Depending on the operating system of your PC, its location will look like this:

Now, among the folders under random names, you need to find the freshest one, and look for the above-mentioned file there (you can use the search bar to make the search easier).

We copy the found file and send it to our Android device on the DS card, or to the internal memory:

Now let’s start converting. We will perform this procedure using the iSMS2droid service. Open the browser, insert the link https://isms2droid.com/ into the address bar. Then, following the instructions, click “Select iPhone SMS Database”. Looking for an iOS SMS backup file. Find and select the file (3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28). Here we will be able to select the desired messages, or convert the whole list:

Then on the display we will see the conversion process. After the file has been converted, we need to download the SMS Backup Restore utility to restore SMS on Android. After installation, launch the application and click the “Restore” button. The converted files will be displayed in the file directory where we will go, click “OK”:

We can specify a period of time, or restore the entire list, then click on the “OK” button to start the restore process:

Upon completion, a window will open on the display, where the number of recovered messages and the number of those that could not be recovered will be displayed. Well, it remains to check the “Inbox” folder to make sure that all important data is in place:

Using the described tools, you can convert a file from a computer, and then transfer it to your Android. What do I need to do:

  • After backing up the iPhone and detecting the file (the location is indicated above) on the PC, copy it to any place and give it a different name. db
  • Open the service http://faked.org/isms2droid/ and perform the conversion there, after which we get the iPhone.xml file
  • Now we need to install the SMS Backup Restore utility on our Android smartphone (see above).
  • We give our iPhone.xml file the name isms2droid.xml and send it to the Android root folder.
  • Launch SMS Backup Restore, open “Settings”.
  • After the performed manipulations, you need to assign the backup folder, namely. mnt / sdcard / (or another, in which you put the file).
  • Click on “Restore”, you’re done!

This method is good in that it allows, after copying the iPhone.xml file after the conversion before unpacking it in a smartphone, open it in a notebook on a PC and see in what form the conversion took place (messages should be in Russian).

How to recover data from backups

After connecting your mobile gadget to the computer (via USB), go to the main menu of the MobileTrans program, select the desired file format for the backup from the drop-down list. We find the saved file that we will restore and click “Start Copy” to start the procedure for transferring backup data to the phone:

If the backups were made using Samsung Kies (3), MobileGo, as well as iTunes, BlackBerry and MobileTrans, then in these cases, extracting backups using Wondershare MobileTrans is also possible.

It remains to add that in the same way you can transfer SMS from Android to iPhone.

Note: the free version of the program indicated in the link is relevant only for five synchronized devices.

How to change the font on Android. creating a unique interface for your gadget

The Android operating system is attractive in that it allows users to improve their device almost indefinitely, creating a unique look as well. One of the interface tools is the font used.

And although many owners prefer not to bother with changing the pre-installed font, there are (and quite a few) users who want, by all means, to have an extraordinary writing style. That is why, with all the flexibility of the system, the question of how to change the font on an Android tablet or phone remains relevant.

How to change the font on Android

There are several known ways to change the font. However, this is not an easy task. one cannot do without acquaintance with modern technologies. In this case, it is important to observe the only rule. the manipulations carried out should not affect the normal operation of the device. Therefore, you need to realistically assess your capabilities before embarking on such a procedure. You need to understand that neither our instruction, nor any other that you find on the Internet, does not give a full guarantee that you will be able to carry out your plans without damaging the operation of your device, since in most cases you will have to deal with the system settings.

So, the corresponding warnings have been received, now you can proceed.

All methods fall into two categories:

  • enough user rights to install;
  • you will need root rights (administrator or “superuser” rights).

How to change the font on Android quickly and easily?

Changing system settings is considered the easiest way, you just need to follow the instructions:

However, this feature is not available on all Android devices (depending on the manufacturer). In this case, you will have to use one of the special programs that often require root rights.

Font Apps on Android

HiFont is one of the best free apps. It is supported by all devices of the Galaxy series, for phones from other manufacturers you will have to go through the procedure for obtaining “superuser” (root) rights, which will ensure the correct operation of the application.

The main advantages of this program include:

  • Hundreds of great fonts to transform the interface of any tablet or phone.
  • Revert the old font (standard) with a single keystroke.
  • Ease of work with an application in which the installation of fonts is a standalone program.

Noteworthy is the fact that in addition to the built-in fonts, the user can install many other options (download from the Internet) or create his own (personal) font. The developers have not forgotten about specific fonts for dyslexics and the elderly (a very large font has been added). Installation is simple and it looks like this:

  • Enter the “Home” menu
  • Select “Setting”
  • Click Application / Manage Application
  • Choose the desired font and confirm your choice.
  • Having opened the application, go to the settings “unknown sources”, then: “home screen”
  • We select “Setting”, after “applications”, where we check the box in “unknown sources” (unknown sources).
  • Launch the program, select and download the font you like, then install the resulting APK.
  • After installing the APK, go to the font setting menu: “Home”, then “Setting”, then. “Display” and Font

If everything was done correctly, then a list of new fonts should appear.

Important: if the device does not turn on after applying the font, you need to copy in any convenient way (for example, using the terminal emulator in Recovery) the files located in the / sdcard / ifont / backup folder with replacement in the / system / fonts folder

Font Installer is another good free application designed to help you install your favorite font from two hundred suggested options. This is a great alternative to HiFont. But, to install it on any Android device, full rights (root) will be requested.

  • Installing additional fonts on the SD card of the tablet (phone).
  • Share fonts with a friend.

The program is quite stable and easy to use, but keep in mind that not all fonts support Cyrillic.

Before starting to work with the application, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the system fonts of your smartphone: Press “Menu”, select “Backup / Restore”, then. “Backup”. If you need to return the factory font, go back here and select “Restore”.

The instructions for installing the online collection are as follows:

  • Launch the application.
  • Select the font you like and click on it to appear in the menu. You can click “Preview” or directly select “Install”.
  • Will need to restart Android for the changes to take effect.

We talked about only two, the most popular tools with which you can change the font on your Android, in order to ultimately get a unique, “sharpened” for your preferences, device. In fact, there are enough such applications to satisfy all the most sophisticated desires. On the other hand, I would like to remind you that, despite the simplicity, this procedure is not entirely harmless, so you should think about whether you need to “bother”?

How to Make a Beautiful Font on an Android Phone. 5 Ways

The default font and text size on your phone is not to everyone’s taste. To some, it seems poorly readable, too small, and to others, on the contrary, too bold and large. In such a situation, the idea comes to change the standard font, making it beautiful and pleasing to the eye. We have selected for you a selection of the best methods and services that will help you do this correctly and quickly. Read each of them carefully, and only then proceed to the instructions.

How to change the font using third-party programs

If you don’t want to use a third-party launcher, then you can pay attention to specialized applications for changing fonts. You can also find them in the Play Store on your own, or using our selection.


FontFix is ​​another quality app with a database of over 4000 free fonts. However, there are not so many fonts that work correctly with the Russian language. To install the selected font, just click on it, and then select “Install”.

After the download is complete, you need to follow the instructions on the screen, since everything depends on the specific smartphone model.

How to replace system fonts

Immediately, we note that you can change the system fonts yourself only on a smartphone with root rights. In other cases, you don’t even have to try. it’s pointless. Before starting the procedure, save the desired font to the smartphone’s memory. The file must have the extension.ttf. After that, carefully follow the recommendations of the instructions:

  • Through any file manager (it is better to use ES Explorer), open the system / fonts folder.
  • Now we find a font that starts with Roboto and has the word Regular in its name. Copy it to another folder, partially changing the name. This is necessary in order to restore the system font, if necessary.
  • The downloaded file with the font is inserted into the open folder, changing its name to the name of the moved file. For example, Roboto-Regular.ttf. That is, by name it is the same system font, but in fact it is the file we downloaded.
  • Choosing file permissions. For the owner we leave reading and writing, for groups. only reading. Uncheck the other items.
  • Reboot your smartphone.

If the fonts have not changed in the entire system, then we perform this procedure with each file that has the words Roboto and Regular in the name.

POCO Launcher 2.0

A well-known launcher from Xiaomi, distinguished by a pleasant design and a high level of optimization. It also has a dark theme by default, which is very relevant today. The standard font is pleasant, moderately large, well readable and noticeable.

If you want, you can improve the theme by changing the icon and font design. The launcher works smoothly even on old phones, so you can safely take a closer look at it.

How to put iPhone emoticons on Android 10 in Samsung a51 or a510 and others

Want to make iPhone emoticons on Android 10. I’ll show you using Samsung a51 as an example, but with others like a50 or a30, a10, a30s, a71 everything is the same.

It will not work just like that, since the system will write to you that they are not supported.

So you need to make a knight’s move. I know several ways, although at the time of writing I have not found any on the net.

how to have ios font on android ☁️

I will share the simplest one. What is its disadvantage? Is that the fact that the iPhone emoticons will not be able to put on the Samsung keyboard.

This is problem? Of course not, the one that will be even better in many respects looks definitely more beautiful, and it changes to the original in a few seconds.

The process consists of two manipulations. It is not difficult and will be done by anyone who wishes, even a child. Go.

How to make iPhone emoji on Android 10

At the time of this writing, Samsung a50, like a51, runs on Android 10, so there should be no controversy.

We go to the Play store and install the application “Phone X Emoji Keyboard”. everyone knows how to do it.

After installation, we are waiting for the application to download.

A download window will appear. click on the “DOWNLO”.

Now you need to install the iPhone emoji font.

Next, scroll down the screen a little and move the slider in front of the keyboard with iPhone emoticons and confirm by selecting “OK”.

Last step, click on iPhone 10 theme.

It’s all. Congratulations, now you can, wherever you are, put iPhone emoticons. in any place or application.

It can be Instagram, or WhatsApp, but if you don’t want to, you can uninstall what you installed or just change the keyboard. Success.


The next non-root way to replace fonts is with an iFont app. It is available on Google Play and has been chosen by over 10,000,000 users. “Enjoy life, enjoy the font”. this is such an unusual motto for this application.

iFont can replace fonts on certain models of Samsung, Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei phones. You can easily and without root-rights update fonts on Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note, Note II. On other models. as luck would have it. It is possible to replace fonts with HTC, Sony, Motorola. but with root access. The following pattern is interesting: the older the Android firmware on your smartphone, the more likely it is to replace fonts without getting root access. For example, on smartphones Galaxy S6, S7, S8 with Android 6.0.1, the installation of third-party fonts is blocked by Samsung.

Before using the application, do not forget to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the “Security” section of your smartphone.

After starting the application, you must select the font language. We choose “RU (Russian)”. Then click on the style you like and click “Download”. Typically, fonts are about 150KB in size. Then click “Install”. Go to phone settings and see a new font. We choose it and enjoy.

Go Launcher

The first way to replace fonts without getting root is to install a third-party launcher. The most popular shell for Android. Go Launcher is perfect for this. She has the broadest possibilities. Among other things, there is a function for changing fonts.

To replace fonts in Go Launcher, copy the fonts that we need to any folder on the phone. Then we launch Go Launcher.

Go to Settings (just the shell itself, not the phone). Then select the “Label and Font” section. Select the font that we need, or use the “Search” to install third-party fonts.

The changes will take effect immediately. This is how quickly and efficiently you can change the style of Go Launcher.


FontFix is ​​similar to iFont, but with more intrusive ads. It has a lot of fonts to choose from, and there are also several ways to replace them.

than 4000 fonts are available for installation here. Some of them are paid. As always, not all smartphones are supported, but only Samsung. But, with root-rights, you can install them on almost all devices!

How to change the font on Android

How can you quickly “transform” your smartphone without buying a new one? You can set a new wallpaper for your home screen or simply change your ringtone. But there is also a third way. to replace the standard boring font in the mobile operating system.

In most cases, Android has the Roboto font installed by default. It was developed by Google and presented to the general public in 2012.

Most often, he suits everyone, he is loved for his neat, even mowing lines and clarity. But there will always be those who want to stand out from the crowd.

If you consider yourself to be such people. this article is for you. A huge advantage of Android as an OS is its complete “customizability”. The system allows the user to change the built-in fonts. However, the ability to replace fonts is not always an easy task. This often requires additional knowledge. In this article, you will learn about two ways to install fonts on Android: with and without root access.

Stock Android, unfortunately, does not have a built-in font replacement feature. However, many smartphone manufacturers are tweaking the firmware and allowing users to change fonts. These include Samsung, LG and HTC. As a rule, the settings for changing the default fonts are located in the “Display” section.

For example, Samsung pre-installs several fonts to choose from. If they are not enough, additional ones can be downloaded through Google Play. But most often it is paid.

How to get ios fonts on android 2020

To change the default font, you need to go to “Settings. Display. Font. Font Style “.

Just click on the font you like in the list and then confirm your choice. The font change will happen instantly. You don’t even need to restart your phone. The new font will be displayed everywhere: in system menus, in SMS and even in the status bar.

Root access

Root access on the phone is administrator privileges that allow you to edit even system files and files that are hidden from a regular user.

Usually, these rights are obtained by flashing a smartphone. It’s not a secure process, but if you’ve already got root access, then you’re most likely an advanced Android user. And the instructions below are just for you. Remember that you do everything at your own peril and risk.!

The easiest access is to launch the file manager Total Commander and manually copy and then replace the desired fonts. You need to go to the / system / fonts folder and replace Roboto-Regular.ttf. It is the most common font in Android. Just take your Arial.ttf and copy it to the / fonts folder named Roboto-Regular.ttf. Don’t forget to backup all fonts in this folder. Then restart your smartphone and enjoy the new font.

There is a simpler option. you just need to select the font installation mode in iFont or FontFix. root. Applications will copy and install everything themselves.

P.S. Where to get the fonts, you ask? We recommend several places for you:

Here you can find a large library of free fonts from Google. There are more than 800 of them.

In order to download the font you like, select it and click on Then click on the dark bar at the bottom of the screen, then on the “Download” icon. Like the screenshot below.

We also recommend that you visit a good site with free fonts. Select the Russian language, and then click “Download” opposite the font you like.

How to Install iPhone Emojis on Android

Even if you love your Android phone, you may still want to install and send emojis like those on iPhone to your Android friend. They are pretty nifty, after all. While the emojis on iPhone and Android are technically the same, they have slight design differences, and the iPhone emojis are really cool.

The good news is that iOS emojis are available for Android as well, and they’re easy to customize; no changes required. All you have to do is install the app and you will be up to date with new fantasy emotions in no time. Here’s how to get iPhone emojis for Android so you can join in the emojis fun. I also advise you to read the topic “How to make your own emoji on iPhone and Android”.

How to put an iPhone keyboard on Xiaomi without third-party apps

How to put an iPhone keyboard on Xiaomi

How to Put iPhone 8 Emoji Keyboard on Android

To get Apple emojis, you need to download an app that will allow you to install iPhone emoji on Android. You have two options:

If you want to install your own emoji emulator app:

There are many entertainment apps out there, many of which are free. Some of the most popular. This is Kika Emoji Keyboard, Swiftmoji, Facemoji, Emoji Keyboard. Color Emoji and Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 5.

Select the emoji app you want to use, download and install.

Open “Settings” “Keyboard Settings”.

On most Android devices, you need to choose a language and choose them.

You will see a list of available keyboards. Select the emoji keyboard you just installed.

All is ready! You can now use Apple emojis on your Android device.

If you want to try out the popular additional emoji fonts app:

Once you’ve found the app, download and install it.

Go to the “Settings” section, then select “Display Settings”.

Choose a font style. Make sure you can change the fonts. Pick one font then revert it to default.

If all goes well, choose Emoji Font 5.

All is ready! You can now use Apple emojis on your Android device.

You no longer have to settle for emojis that have become the standard for your Android. Since you now have iPhone emojis on Android, you can have some fun including these neat emojis when you send messages to your friends, family and colleagues who have an iPhone. And you can enjoy the cool, sleek iPhone design that is familiar while keeping your beloved Android system intact. Don’t know how to enable emojis in Windows 10, read this thread.

How to get the default emoticons back on Android

Detailed instructions: how to install Telegram on iPhone

We have already written about how to install Telegram on a computer for free and quickly, we have highlighted the features of downloading the messenger on Chinese smartphones, and now we will take you step by step to installing the program on an Apple brand mobile.

How to install Telegram on iPhone quickly, plan:

Enter the name of the messenger in the search box. You can write the application name in both Russian and English;

The program you need will usually be at the top of the list. Telegram Messenger. Click “Download” and wait until it is downloaded (installed). When the download is complete, an “Open” button will appear in place of the download button;

Open Telegram. Click “Start messaging”. To switch to Russian, click “Continue in Russian” under the “Start messaging” button. If there is no button to change the language, do not worry. You can change it in the settings after authorization;

In the floating windows, feel free to choose “Allow”;

Regardless of whether you are registered in Telegram or not, you will need to enter your mobile number. Specify the phone to which your page will be attached. If you already have an account, indicate the number to which the profile was registered and click “Next” in the upper right corner of the gadget;

At this stage, difficulties may arise due to the specifics of the messenger. Sometimes you can easily access the application, and sometimes you need a VPN to use it freely. There are a lot of them now, but not everyone will work on one device or another, so you need to select.

If you have any problems at the stage of entering the number, go to the “App Store” and download VPN. At the time of this writing, it is a worker. Browsec VPN.

It is free to use. Just choose one of the free (free) countries from the list. They all go to the top of the list. If the connection fails, take the next country. Something will definitely work;

Swipe to the right on the “Protection disabled” button;

In the new window, click “Install” and then in the next. “Allow”. Done, VPN is installed. Do not close it while working with Telegram;

We return to the installation of the messenger. Enter the phone number and click “Next”;

A numerical confirmation code in the form of an SMS will be sent to the mobile that you indicated. By the way, if you are already logged in to Telegram, then the code will come in messages in the application.

If the SMS does not come, then in 2 minutes you will receive an automatic call from the Telegram service, in which the code will be dictated;

Enter the received code in the special line in the new window and click “Next”. This completes the installation of the application.!

Now you know how to install Telegram on an iOS phone and what to do if the application does not work. By the way, you can download the application through a browser from the official website. On the main page, select the type of operating system of your device and download the utility.

How to make an iPhone font on Android

Can I install Telegram on my phone for free? We consider all options for iPhone and Android. study and use our instructions.

Is it possible to install Russian Telegram on my phone for free

If before that you used Telegram on a computer and started your acquaintance with this social network through a laptop, then you probably have a question whether it is possible to install Telegram on your phone. In this article we will tell you how to do it yourself on devices with any operating system iOS and Android.

Our resources will allow you to fulfill your dream and quickly add the required number of subscribers or views from real users to Telegram on any device.

The disadvantage of this method is that you need to take into account the reason for the absence of the Play Market on your device (it was not there initially, or you yourself deleted it), as well as know the type of phone firmware and, based on this data, look for an installer without viruses and errors.

The advantage of this option is that by installing Google Play once, you can find any programs in one click and receive licensed versions for your gadget.

The second method, how to install Telegram on your phone, is somewhat easier than the previous one. You open any browser on your device that you use most often, type in a search engine a request to install the application on your phone, download the installer and do everything manually.

Next, we will provide step-by-step instructions for installing the application on iPhone and Android.

And if you use not only Telegram (of which we are sure), you can find the answer to any question regarding the most popular social networks on the website Avi1.ru.

Understanding the details of how to install Telegram on Android

Working with any application on phones with different operating systems differs slightly. Each case has its own nuances. It remains for us to figure out how to install Telegram on Android.

We proceed step by step, as when installing the messenger on an apple:

We drive the name of the desired program into the search bar;

Click “Download” and download Telegram to your mobile phone;

Once downloaded, you can open it. Open and select “Start chat”;

In order to get the code, enter the phone number and click on the checkmark in the right corner of the screen. An SMS with a confirmation code will be sent to your number;

Enter the received numbers into the line for entering the code. Please note that the Android application can automatically read the received code, and then you do not need to enter it manually;

After entering the confirmation code, the program is fully installed.

If Telegram does not work, or at the stage of linking the number you are unable to proceed to the next step, download and install VPN. “Thunder VPN” is suitable for androids.

In the pop-up window, we accept the terms of the user agreement;

In the upper right corner, select a country from those that are available for free access. Of course, you can take paid ones if you like;

Click “Connect”. We do not close the VPN until we use the messenger.

We hope we were able to convey to you how to install Telegram on your phone. Now you are completely savvy in installing the application on any mobile device and know what to do if it stops working. And how to register in Telegram, we talk in another article.

How to install a font on an Android phone

How to install a font on an Android phone, users may wonder when they are not satisfied with the standard styles. Fonts, along with other design chips, are not suitable for all owners of gadgets running the specified OS.

There are many reasons for the change in “handwriting”. here are the most typical ones:

  • poor eyesight, forcing you to look for a headset of comfortable performance;
  • desire to update the appearance of controls.

Replacement actions should be carried out carefully so as not to provoke the appearance of bugs in the phone. In the framework of the current material, we will consider the installation using the example of the FontInstaller software. The program is free, however, it assumes superuser rights for a person who decided to conduct such an information audit.

How to install a font on Android

First of all, download the application from the Play Store and install it on your mobile device. Paying for free is the display of ads at the bottom of the interface. Make a backup of the currently working font files to prevent unforeseen situations.

Before installing the font on Android, in the FontInstaller menu, click on the “Backup / Restore” line. Then select “Backup” from the list that opens. In the future, an option called “Restore” is always available in that menu to undo the manipulations made.

We are done with the reservation, now we start setting up the new headsets:

  • upload a TTF file to your smartphone’s explorer (ie the extension should look like this. “.ttf”);
  • in the “Local” section of the installed utility, find the saved content and put it on the installation;
  • the “Server” section contains about two hundred types of text prepared by developers;
  • restart the cellular device to complete the process.

The “Preview” tab shows the visual style of the font of interest. Useful when you do not know exactly the parameters of the file of the corresponding type.

How to install the Bashkir font on your phone

Bashkir native speakers are interested in customizing the keyboard for communicating with loved ones. To put a native dialect on a smartphone, residents of the Russian republic must follow the algorithm below:

  • before installing the font on Android, download the Jbak keyboard from the Play Store;
  • install the downloaded product and in the configuration check the item similar to the name of the software (section “Languages ​​and keyboard” or “Language and input”);
  • in the same tab, put a tick next to the word “Bashkir”;
  • click on the button for loading dictionaries and select also “Bashkir”;
  • go to an arbitrary program that uses typing;
  • hold down the virtual key for switching the layout on the keyboard (depending on the model. space, or the button with the image of the globe or the button responsible for activating the numeric keyboard). A window similar to the one in the screenshot below will appear.

Without ROOT rights

A product with a simple name iFont is a way to change the “handwriting” of the interface without ROOT rights. Available on the Play Market and does not require financial investments to use. In addition to the software, a collection of headsets of the user’s choice is supplied.

How do I install a font on Android? A range of mobile products from Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu and Huawei let you not worry about root access to add styles. So, let’s take a closer look at iFont:

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

  • install and open software;
  • go to the “Find” section, in which click on the words “All fonts”, and then. “Russian”;
  • after determining with a specific file, tap on the download button;
  • when the download is over, click “Install”;
  • restart the gadget for the new changes to take effect.

Drag and drop your fonts into the program directory called “custom”. The main iFont frame must contain an activated “My” tab. Then select the command “My fonts” and a specific “calligrapher” for installation.

How to Change Emoji Style on Xiaomi?

  • We go to the settings of the virtual keyboard of the Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Open the “Settings” menu and activate the item “Show emoji switcher”.

How to install emoticons on Samsung?

How to insert emoticon into message text in Samsung

  • Opening a messenger or application for sending messages.
  • In the keyboard that appears at the bottom left, press and hold the button in the form of a gear, and then, without lifting your finger, select the button in the form of a man’s face.
  • A line will appear at the very bottom where you can select the type of emoticons.

How to make emoticons like on iPhone?

  • Open the Messages app and tap. to write a message.
  • Click on.
  • Select Animoji.
  • Look at iPhone or iPad with your face in a frame.
  • Click to start recording.
  • To preview Animoji, click in the upper left corner.
  • Click on

How to make an emoji for yourself?

  • Open the Messages app and tap the Compose button. to create a new message.
  • Press the Memoji button. then swipe right and tap the New Memoji button.
  • Customize the settings for your Memoji (skin color, hairstyle, eye color, etc.).
  • Click Finish.

How to view iPhone emoticons on Android?

You can open the emoji menu from the keyboard by touching or long-tapping the emoji / enter key in the lower right corner, or through the dedicated emoji key in the lower left corner (depending on your settings).

How to save emoji to gallery?

Open the message with the Animoji you want to save. Press and hold the picture until the pop-up menu appears. Select the “Save” option.

Super iPhone X theme for Android phone

Hey! Today I will show you how to turn an Android phone into an iPhone X. You can install the iPhone X theme on any Android phone!) Buttons, menus, navigation, control panel, applications, backgrounds, everything will be like on iPhone X! Everything is very simple! See further!

Open the Google Play website on your phone.

Search the top for the NEW Theme for Phone X app and install it on your phone.

Allow the app to access your smartphone.

After the application is installed, open it.

Next, the application will open. Click on the Install button below.

Next, you need to install CM Launcher 3D 5.0 ​​theme personalization application. Click on the Install button.

Allow the app to access your smartphone. Click on the Accept button.

Next, the application will start. Click on the Start button.

All is ready! Your Android phone will turn into an iPhone. All functions are exactly the same as on iPhone X!

Note! The app has ads. You can make your default theme the main.

Then your Android theme will be displayed (no ads). But, the background and navigation menu (above) will be like the iPhone X.

The navigation menu can be opened by swiping down from the top of the screen. A menu will open. You will need to click on the button on the right.

All is ready! This is how easy and fast you can install the iPhone X theme on your Android phone!

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!