How to make an iPhone backup through iTunes

Reserve iPhone X/8/7/6 on PC with Windows with or without iTunes

How to make a backup iPhone on PC? Do not want to use iTunes to backup iPhone? This post will help you find out how to make an iPhone backup on PC with or without ites.

Want to make an iPhone backup on PC?

Currently, an increasing number of people would like to save all types of data on iPhone or iPad directly, since people cannot live without their beloved iPhone and other smartphones. But the backup copy seems very important if your iPhone has been stolen or broken, and you cannot access this important data of iOS.

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So, how to make a backup copy of the iPhone, such as photographs, messages, documents, contacts, etc. D.? And this post is very useful.

PC. This is a good place where you can store and reserve iPhone data.

Whenever you need to update the iPhone to iOS 11/12, replace the new iPhone X/8/8 Plus or just free more space for storage of iPhone, you better create a backup iPhone on Windows or Mac computer to make a backup copy. Thus, it becomes easier to access the iPhone data or restore the remote or lost iPhone files using previous backup files.

This article will show you 4 different ways to easily and quickly make an iPhone backup on PC.

Which is not included in the stable data

However, in both cases, the main data will be saved, and judge the best of the options. You.

How to make an iPhone backup in iTunes

Many consumers are more familiar with iTunes, because it is they who use to buy applications, music and books in Apple stores. If you do not want to store backups of the iPhone in iCloud, you can store them locally in iTunes.

Step 1 Open the latest version of the iTunes on PC / Mac and connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Wait until itunes automatically finds your device, then click the device icon next to the category opening menu in the left side of the iTunes window.

Step 2 Select the conclusion from the side panel, then scroll down and find backup copies.

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Step 3 Choose this computer under automatic backup and make sure you check to encrypt the backhone backup at the same time. This will ensure the transfer of data on performance and passwords along with a backup copy.

Step 4 To make an iPhone backup through iTunes, click the option back to backup and manually recovery.

make, iphone, backup, itunes

After backup IPhone on ITUNES, you can find out here to restore the iPhone from the backup of iTunes.

The algorithm of actions

Download your computer or laptop and open the iTunes application. Update the program if necessary. Install the conjugation between gadgets. Now everything is ready for copying.


To increase the data transfer speed, it is recommended to use the wire.

Step.By.Step instructions on how to make an iPhone backup via iTunes on a computer:

  • After mating, if necessary, enter the password from the smartphone.
  • Go to the “Review” section. Select the iPhone.
  • Indicate what data you need to copy. Click “Create a copy now”.
  • Check if the procedure has passed successfully. In the “Review” section, a copy should be displayed indicating the date and time of creation.

Creating a backup through iTunes

A copy created through iTunes will be stored on a local PC hard drive. It can be an Apple computer and a device on Windows. The main thing is to first download and install iTunes of the latest version on your PC.

  • Launch the iTunes program.
  • Connect the USB smartphone or Apple tablet to a computer.
  • In the left side menu, select the device (the iPhone/iPad model or its “name” will be indicated, as well as the volume of the built.In memory).
  • In the “Review” menu you need to choose “Create a copy now”. The button is located under the heading “Reserve copies”.
  • The process of creating a backup will begin, which usually does not last more than 5-10 minutes.
  • Upon completion of the formation of a copy, it will be available to the user in the journal “Last copies”.

Opposite the created copy, the name of the device from which the data was saved will be displayed. The user will also see which device back-up was created on and at what time of day. In the future, you can get access to a copy through the “Settings” section in iTunes, the “device” tab.


If the owner of the gadget needs to save information from the programs “Health”, “Activity”, “Key bunch”. It is necessary to use the function of encryption of the backup in iTunes.

Wash the copies from iCloud and with PC

You can delete copies made through iTunes by finding files on a hard drive, however, it is easier to do this through the program itself.

Go to the “Edit” menu and select “Settings” or click Ctrl, (commas).

In the next window, go to the “Devices”.

You will see how many iTunes backups are stored on a hard drive.

Highlight an unnecessary copy and click on “Delete a backup”.

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Confirm that you really want to erase the backup. Click “Delete”.

Copies will be removed irrevocably. They cannot be found in the basket!

You can erase the backup from iCloud as follows:

Go on a gadget along the path of “Settings”. “ICLOUD”. “Storage and Copies” and go to the “Storage”.

Go to the “properties” of a copy that is no longer needed.

Sweep down on the next screen, find the “Delete a copy” item and click on it.

Confirm that you want to delete backup data from iCloud and stop backup.

After that, you will notice that in your “cloud” of free space has significantly increased.

How to Restore your iPhone or iPad from a backup – Apple Support

Iphone backup in iTunes (how and what)

How to make an iPhone backup in iTunes

Backup in iTunes is very simple.

You need to prepare a computer with the latest version of iTunes, iPhone and USB cable.

Step 1 Launch iTunes on your computer. It is better for you to make sure that your iTunes is the last version, in case of the absence of any functions for the latest version of the iPhone X / 8 and T. D.

Step 2 Connect the iPhone to the computer, click the iPhone icon in the upper corner, go to the “Summary” and click “Create a backup now” in the “Reserve Copies” section (select “This computer”).

Then you just need to wait. Backup time in iTunes depends on data on your iPhone.

Of course, you can make a backup copy of your iPad iPod in this way.

Itunes performs a compulsory backup of iPhone data, and not selectively.

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Itunes also allows you to encrypt a backup with a password. You just need to click the “Highlight IPhone” backup button and enter the password. When you restore your backup later, you will also need to enter a password.

What data does the backup of iTunes keep

“Is there any music backup in iTunes?”

“Does iTunes make WhatsApp chat history?””

Not only music, iTunes also creates backup copies of other data, almost all of your data data, with the exception of the following: content from iTunes and app stores or PDF files downloaded directly to iBooks (you can create a backup copy of this content using the “Transfer functioning function purchases “in iTunes.) Content synchronized from iTunes, such as imported MP3 or CDs, video, books and photos. Photos already stored in the cloud, such as My Photo Stream and ICloud Photo Library. Touch ID settings and Apple Pay settings. Data on activity, condition and bunch of keys (for backup copying this contents, it is necessary to use encrypted backing in iTunes.)

Having learned the method of backup iTunes and the data type, the question pops up:

make, iphone, backup, itunes

Of course, find a backup iTunes on a computer.

How to create a backup iPhone on a computer

In order to create a backup copy of your iPhone on a computer, you will need the iTunes application. It can be downloaded from the official website of Apple https: // www.Apple.Com/ru/iTunes/download/or if you have Windows 10. From an application store.

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After installing and starting iTunes, connect your iPhone to a computer or laptop (if this is the first connection, you will need to confirm trust in this computer on the phone), after which the following actions.

  • Press the button with the image of the phone in iTunes (marked in the screenshot).
  • In the section “Review”. “Reserve Copies”, select “This Computer” and, preferably, mark the item “encrypt a backup iPhone” and set the password for your backup copy.
  • Click the “Create a copy now” button, and then. “Ready”.
  • Wait for some time until the backhone reserve copy is created on the computer (the creation process is displayed at the top of the iTunes window).

As a result, the backup of your phone will be saved on your computer.

Where a reserve copy of the iPhone is stored on a computer

Iphone backup, created using iTunes can be stored in one of the following locations on your computer:

However, if you need to remove a backup, it is better to do this not from the folder, but as follows.

Removing a backup

In order to remove the backhone backup from the computer, run itunes, then follow the following steps:

How to restore iPhone from the backup of iTunes

To restore the iPhone from a backup on a computer, in the phone settings, turn off the “Find iPhone” function (settings. Your name. Icloud. Find iPhone). Then connect the phone, run itunes, follow steps 1 and 2 from the first section of this instruction.

Then click the “Restore” button and follow the instructions.

How to restore iPhone data through iTunes

If there is a backup, the user can easily restore all his data in case of loss, damage to a smartphone or if you just need to transfer them to another iPhone.

The algorithm itself consists of the following stages:

  • We connect the computer to the smartphone that will be used.
  • Open itunes or finder if the device operates on the basis of MacOS Catalina.
  • On the left in the list we select the iPhone.
  • Below, click on the point “Restore from a copy”.

How to Backup iPhone on iTunes 2022!

Having copied data from the iPhone through iTunes, you can also easily restore it in case of such need

Apple made sure to make the process of creating a backup on the iPhone relatively simple and understandable. Thanks to this, users may not worry about data loss, it is easy to restore it or transfer it to another smartphone.

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