How to make an inscription on a postcard on a computer

TOP-15 best programs for creating postcards and invitations

Want to call friends to a New Year’s party or congratulate your child’s birthday? You can prepare beautiful invitations and postcards yourself on a computer or smartphone. In this article, we have collected the best programs for creating postcards, as well as mobile applications and online services.

TOP-3 best programs for postcards

  • Photomaster is the best program for Windows, which will make postcards with photographs, text, effects and frames from zeroonline service that contains ready-made postcards Mobile software for Android and iPhone. Suitable for making invitations based on finished layouts.

Adding a Wordart style on top of the drawing

Open the “Insert” tab and in the “Text” group, click on the “Wordart” item.

From the expanded menu, select the appropriate inscription style.

After you click on the chosen style, it will be added to the page of the document. Enter the necessary inscription.

Note: After adding Wordart, the “Format” tab will appear, in which you can perform additional settings. In addition, you can change the size of the inscription, pulling the boundaries of the field in which it is located.

Add the image to the document using the instructions on the link below.

Move the Wordart inscription by placing it on top of the image as you need. In addition, you can align the position of the text using our instructions.

Ready, you posted a word in the style of Wordart over the image.

How to insert a text into a card

Beginning “Photoshop” users are often asked about adding their text to a photograph or any picture. This task can be easily handled if you use tools from the same panel.

To create personal postcards, photos and images uploaded from the Internet have become increasingly using. It is enough to add a few decor elements and text to them. Ready-made postcards can be used in different ways, for example, sent by e-mail or placed on the walls of users of social networks.

First of all, you need to start the program itself, clicking on the icon on the desktop or finding a shortcut in the Start menu. In the window that opens, call the file opening the file, by pressing the combination of the Ctrl O keys or clicking the left mouse button twice in the free workspace. Select the photo and press the Enter key or the “Open” button.

Remember that the primary element is precisely the picture, not the text. On a dark background, light tones of the font should be used, for light objects this value will be directly opposite. Select the “Text” tool (an icon with the image of the title letter “T”), click on the image and stretch the text layer. At this time, a new line will appear on the layer panel.

If this does not happen, you should add a text layer yourself. To do this, click the “Create new layer” button. The new layer will be located above the main layer and will be painted like a chessboard, this means empty space. In the upper part of the window, the extension panel will appear for the text layer, select the font, size and nature of the inspection.

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Check before entering the text, in which layout is the language switch. It happens that a person writes a long congratulation, despite the screen, and in the end he gets a bunch of text incomprehensible to him.

After entering the text, it is worth adding a few effects so that the congratulation does not look too simple. Click the top menu “layer”, then sequentially select “layer style” and “relief effect”. A window settings window will appear in front of you. By default, the necessary values ​​are set here, if you did not like the relief, try to change its settings. Close the window by pressing the OK button.

How to make a postcard in InDesign | Adobe Creative Cloud

It remains to add translucency to your text, for this, the value of the parameter of the same name must be changed in the layers panel, scrolling the slider left or right. Save the image by pressing a combination of Ctrls keys or through the point of the same name in the “File” menu.

In the Photoshop editor

Consider another way with which you can place the text in the photo. Use the Photoshop program. The editor requires additional time to study, but gives more opportunities.

Install a photo editor on a computer or use an online version.

Download the desired image to the work surface.

Select “Text” on the toolbar on the left. It will display as a separate layer.

You can change color, transparency, font kegle, add a shadow to it, etc.

Do not forget to save the changes after you have done the inscription.

How to print on cards

Not every printer is suitable for printing on postcards. But even if your printing device is suitable, make an inscription on the postcard with it without spoiling the latter, not so simple.

Oddly enough, old matrix printers, as well as writing machines, are suitable for printing on postcards. They differ from all other similar devices in that they allow you to refuel paper manually. Thanks to this, you can print on paper of high density, non.Standard format, with excesses, etc.P., that is just inherent in postcards. Try to purchase one of these devices at an Internet asociation.

Turn the postcard into the printer or machine in the open form so that the surface on which the seal will occur is facing the head or levers. In the case of the printer, it is necessary to combine the left border postcards with the left border of the printing zone, otherwise the head can touch the edge of the paper.

Using a machine, you can apply a congratulatory inscription on the postcard the first time. But remember that you will not have the right to error. Only one incorrectly printed letter. And you need to buy a new card. Slow slowly and carefully.

If the printer is used, this problem is removed, but another arises. The correct location of the text. It is important that he falls on that part of the postcard that is not busy. Make a control printing on a sheet of thin paper, which has the same size and filled in the same way. Then combine it with a postcard and check if the text has the desired section. If necessary, correct the layout and make a new control printout. Only after making sure that everything coincides, carry out print directly on the postcard.

Also, some jet printers are also suitable for printing on postcards, but only those that are specially designed for printing on thick paper. Combine the text in the method described above, and then print only on the matte surface. With glossy ink are easily erased with a finger.

Do not use laser printers for printing on postcards, even if gloss is on the back. You can ruin the heating shaft. If your printer is not completely adapted for working with postcards, use the last of the options: make a printout on thin paper, cut it and gently glue it to the postcard.

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Do not seal the inscription with tape. At first, everything will look perfect, but then the glue can gradually dissolve the dye, and the image will become blurry.

How to apply styles to the text in Photoshop

I open the “Styles” tab in the upper menu, in it “layer style” and “overhead parameters”.

In the window that opens, a large number of options for changes in the text are available: colorproof, transparency, stroke, shadows and much more.

How to make a shadow of text

I’ll start with the shadows, this tab in the bottom of the list.

With the help of sliders, I change the size of the shadow, its blur, a shift regarding the text. All changes are immediately visible in the picture.

So that the shadow lay as if the lighting in me at the top I change accordingly and the angle of the fall of light. This is a circle with a beam that easily moves the mouse.

Next, I make the shadow more transparent, light. And I change its color from black to dark red.

External glow of the text

In the “External glow” tab, I change the size, scope, transparency, color. All by analogy with the shadow, all operations are identical.

To see how the external glow of the text will look without a shadow, I remove the box on the corresponding tab with the shadows. Very convenient for viewing results.

How to make a text stroke in Photoshop

The next item is the text of the text Photoshop. By default, the thickness of the line has 3 pixels. I change to a thinner circuit in 1 pixel. And I take the color with a pipette from the shades of the bouquet.

Changing the shade of text using “color overlap”

A very useful tab for changing the color of the text directly in the styles. Intuitively understandable. Just use a palette.

Adding a framework for a postcard

The corresponding tool is located in the palette on the left. When clicking on the icon of the rectangle in the upper part of the desktop, the panel is activated.

How Do I Select Postcard Format for Microsoft Word? : Tech Niche

  • I choose the “contour” of the figure,
  • From the “filling” I choose a crossed white rectangle, that is, the figure will be without filling, only the frame,
  • I configure the color of the frame in the “Strings” tab, I choose a gradient from red to white,
  • I determine the thickness of the frame using a slider or enter from the keyboard.

I draw a frame, just stretching out with a mouse with a pressed left key from the corner to the corner diagonally.

I correct it using the “Moving” tool. I stretch a little and shift. It is convenient to use the keyboard on the keyboard in this case for a shift. So it will be more accurate and accurate.

We create a card with our text

We open the online editor and wait for its full load. As an indicator of loading you will see a rotating color circle. Please note that to work with the editor you need a modern browser, as well as a sufficient size screen of your device. On old and slow devices, working with an editor can be difficult or inaccessible.

After full loading of the editor, you will see an invitation to select your source image. You have 3 options:

  • Loading an image from your device. It can be a photograph, background, any image-substrate downloaded from the Internet, which you will use as the main background of the postcard.
  • Without a picture. This option implies the creation of an empty image, which you can subsequently apply other images, and the background itself, after its creation, is to pour color with the necessary transparency.
  • Sample. Choose this item to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the editor. You will be loaded with a standard template image.
make, inscription, postcard, computer

In our case, a substrate-image loaded from a computer was used. Then it is proposed to either confirm the opening of the image, or reject it.

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Text field

A few wider possibilities of design and editing are provided by this option of creating an inscription in Word as using a text field.

make, inscription, postcard, computer

    On the tape with the tool editor tools, go to the insert tab.

Note: In addition to the template fields, you can use “Additional inscriptions from the Office website.COM ”(available only in the licensed version of the office package from Microsoft) and“ Adding the inscription ”(allows you to draw an arbitrary empty field and then fill it out). Any self.Created inscription through the above menu can be saved in the collection.

make, inscription, postcard, computer

Change the size and contents of the block by adding the necessary inscription to it.

    “Figure styles”. Using the tools presented in this group, you can determine the color of the background behind the text and the contour of the field, as well as add effects;

Note: Change the appearance of the text inside the field (its parameters such as the font, size, mark, etc. D.) You can also with the help of standard tools billed in the “Home” tab.

It is worth noting that the inscriptions created using text fields are separate elements of the document, but almost all the same opportunities and tools are available for working with them and editing as for ordinary text, and in some cases even more.

Creation of a congratulatory card in MS Word

It is impossible to imagine any holiday without gifts, universal fun, music, balloons and other joyful elements. Another integral component of any celebration is congratulatory cards. The latter can be bought in a specialized store, or you can create yourself using one of the Microsoft Word templates for this.

It’s not for nothing that they say that the best gift is the one that you made with your own hands. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to independently make a postcard in Word.

Open the MS Word program and go to the “File” menu.

Select “Create” and write “postcard” in the search line and click “Enter”.

In the list of postcards templates that appears, find the one that you like.

Note: in the right side list you can choose the category that your postcard is the anniversary, birthday, New Year, Christmas, etc.D.

Having selected a suitable template, click on it and click “Create”. Wait until this template is downloaded from the Internet and open in the new file.

Fill out empty fields, inscribing a congratulation, leaving the signature, as well as any other information that you yourself will consider the necessary. If necessary, use our instructions for formatting text.

Having finished with the design of a congratulatory postcard, save it and print it.

Note: on many postcards on the fields, step.By.Step instructions are indicated with a description of how to print, cut and fold one or another postcard. Do not ignore this information, it is not displayed for printing, and in the case it will even help.

Congratulations, you yourself made a postcard in Word. Now it remains only to give her the hero of the occasion. Using the templates built into the program, you can create many other interesting things, for example, a calendar.

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