How to Make a Youtube Channel on a Computer

How to Make a Youtube Channel on a Computer

Today I will tell you how to create a youtube channel. the most famous hosting. Actually, you need your own channel in this service so that you can not only watchs and even movies, but also to publish yours on it and, for example, earn money on advertising in them in the future!

The meaning of YouTube, in Russian. hosting on the Internet that stores and shows userss according to their needs and preferences.

A lot of users shoot, for some it is self-expression, for someone it is simply interesting to capture some moments of their life and the lives of loved ones, they shoot everything that catches your eye.

Users can upload theirs, leave their comments on others, add their favorites, that is, use the service like a social network (especially since now in YouTube you can also send messages to each other).

So, in order to create a channel, for this you need to perform a series of actions, which I will now describe in detail in the form of step-by-step instructions, namely: how to open your Google account from scratch using a computer, as well as how to create a channel on YouTube.

Step One: Create a Google Account

The first thing you need to have in order for you to make a channel on YouTube. Google account, since only registered users in Google can have their channel.

If you already have Gmail, then you already have a Google account and you don’t need to create one, and so you can use all its services!

To create a Google account, go to the company page:, click “entrance” and further to the button “Create an account”.

In the form that opens, enter your first name, surname, login, password (so that it is at least 8 characters), then you need to repeat the password, enter your birthday (be sure to be more than 18 years old otherwise there will be restrictions on YouTube) and click “Further”.

And the restrictions regarding those under the age of 18 are as follows: if thes are intended only for an adult audience and a user is under 18 years old, a warning will appear on the screen.

The next step is to fill in all the lines of the form: gender, mobile phone number and if there is a spare email address in case you suddenly forget or lose your password (an SMS message with a forgotten password will come to it), enter captcha (characters from the picture) and indicate the country.

Then you need to agree to the privacy policy, after which you need to click on the “I Agree” button, located below:

An SMS message will be sent to the phone number with a code that must be entered in the field and click “continue”:

By entering the code, you will confirm your phone number in Google services, registration will end on this and you can proceed directly to creating the channel.

If something is not clear, then I have on my blog a separate separate detailed article on registering a Google account, right here

Step two: create a channel

Now we have come close to the question: how to create a channel on YouTube, which can be done in just a few clicks! In the upper right corner we see “checkers” and click on them. A window with symbols opens, select YouTube and get to the YouTube main page.

But the channel has not yet been created, and in order to create it, you need to click on the “enter” button in the upper right corner, specify the login and password for your Google account (if you have not already entered it), and now you have entered the YouTube channel with your address Email.

In the column on the right appeared “my channel”:

Then in the upper right corner we click on the avatar and a window opens, here we click on the gear (YouTube setting).

We have come to the stage of creating a name for the future channel and an important question!

Channel Name

YouTube allows you to create two types of channels: regular, where your name and surname are used as the name, which are taken from the created Google account (for example, Ivan Petrov).

However, you can imagine how many names and surnames you have, and maybe you would like to be named for something special, for example, a nickname or brand name should be indicated in the name and then you will already be making a channel on youtube of the 2nd type: by name brand.

In general, before you start a channel, I would advise you to come up with the theme of your channel, because it’s not just that you decided to create your own channel from a dugout, you should have some idea that you want to share with the world!

So, having reached this stage, a window will open in front of you, where you will be asked to create a channel of the 1st type, that is, by name and surname. If you need such a name, then just click “Create channel”:

If you want to name not by your name, as in the example above, but, for example, indicate the brand name, then in the window where you want to create a channel on youtube, click on the link “Use company name or other name”:

In this case, a page with a single line will open, where indicate any name of your channel and click “Create”, eg:

Done! After this final stage, your channel will be created and ready for operation:

Conclusion and one more tip.

Following my short instructions, you can easily, like me, make your own channel on YouTube, then uploads to it and share it with the whole world, or maybe only with individuals, setting up limited access tos 🙂 As you want!

Of course, you’ll still need to configure the channel, for example, place your photo, header “to decorate”but the theme is customization. this is perhaps the topic of a separate article.

I created my channel in early 2018, when I was just studying in affiliate programs to record my, it was very interesting to me! First I tried to record from the screen and made my first slide show “Holy Baikal”. Then I made a for a friend “Red rowan” and put music on him, she liked it 🙂

And then she began to shoot herself, record thematics and share her experience in those areas where I can be useful. Now, when I reviewed mys, I decided that one was more or less worthwhile. this is about the DENAS apparatus for physiotherapy, and I would like to rewrite the rest, because now there is more experience, I have accumulated some and I know that I can write better.

In general, you need to think about rewriting olds, because there are still new plans and thoughts too. We will wait. see 🙂

As an advice from me: you don’t need to create a channel on YouTube just to have it!

If you have experience in something and you know well what you want to share with people, for example, play games well and can convey your experience.

Or maybe you have a beautiful garden plot and you’ll tell how to care for it or you just can’t help but not take any ideas out of you, then shoot a and share it with people! But if you don’t know what you can carry away, wait until better times when these ideas ripen.

If my article was useful to you, leave your comment, share it in social networks, I will be very grateful to you.

Elena Kashina was with you.

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