How to make a video screen on Android

How to capture video from a Samsung phone screen

Samsung mobile devices have a screen recording function, but not every user can find it. In addition, the function may be absent or present, depending on the model of the phone.

For example, on Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S models, this function is supported, while on A10 or A50 models, you can record video from the screen only in some applications.

What is the purpose of this feature

Screen Recorder allows you to show your loved ones who are not around how to do certain complex operations, as well as record the game playthrough for a friend.

In addition, thanks to this feature, the user can record the game playthrough for other viewers. Also, screen recording allows you to record various training videos.

top secret screen recorder programs for desktop and mobile users

The following is highly recommended to hide recorders for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac users. You can easily record screen activities and get secret videos. Just read on and check it out.

Top 1: The hidden screen recorder

Hidden Screen Recorder can record everything that happens on your phone into a digital video. Even if the phone you’re tracking is locked, you can still run the Hidden Screen Recorder app as a background screen recorder. It can continue to record video and audio on Android for free.

Top 2: Spy monitor screen recorder

The spy monitor screen recorder can monitor and record desktop activities. As soon as the user logs in, the secret screen recorder software will start recording video and sound. Spy Monitor Screen Recorder is undetectable. So you can freely use this secret screen recorder for Windows software. The recorded secret file will be saved in WMA or AVI format.

Top 3: Secret Screen Recorder

Secret Screen Recorder APK is compatible with Android 4 devices.Top 1 and later versions. You can secretly record almost anything in the background. The user will not notice any difference. No shutter sound or other strange reactions. You can use the Secret Screen Recorder for Android app to track on that phone.

Top 4: iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor. Is a secret screen recording app for iPhone and Android users. As for iOS users, you need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad before remote screen recording with iKeyMonitor. The hidden recorder automatically takes screenshots of all mobile actions. Not just search sites, but also videos, online calls and more.

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Top 5: BlurSPY

With BlurSPY, you can monitor all activities on most Android phones without anyone else knowing. BlurSPY knows how to cleverly hide itself. You can’t find it in the default app folder. So you can safely use BlurSPY as a hidden screen recorder for WhatsApp, and other installed Android apps.

Top 6: TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy. A good secret screen recorder for Mac and Android users. You can record not only incoming but also outgoing activity. To be more specific, when TheOneSpy records conversions, it can record both receiving and sending messages. What’s more, you can use the secret video recorder to block certain phone numbers.

Top 7: SP Camera

SP Camera. Is a secret screen capture app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users. No need to open the default camera app. You can secretly record videos and take pictures. The interes of your phone just shows the fake background. Even if someone checks your phone, they can’t know. Recorded and captured files will be saved directly to your phone.

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Top 8: TapeAcall Pro

This is the secret call recorder app for iPhone. You can record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone without prior notice. TapeAcall Pro. A popular choice among parents. Because it’s a good way to secretly record children’s calls.

FoneLab Screen Recorder lets you capture video, audio, online. Д. On Windows / Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.
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Record Android screen video on your Samsung Galaxy

Depending on the version of Android on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the video screen recording capabilities may vary:

  • On Samsung smartphones with Android 10 and newer, just go to the notification area and find the “Screen Recorder” button (note that the list of action buttons can scroll horizontally). If it’s not available, click on the menu button (three dots at the top right), select “Order of buttons” and see if the screen recording button is available among the disabled ones and add it if necessary.
  • When you start screen recording with this button you can choose if you want to record the sound and from where: only from the phone (from a game, an application) or from the phone and a microphone.
  • When you record screen video, a panel will appear on top of it where you can stop recording.
  • Settings for screen recording on Samsung with Android 10 are in Settings. Advanced Features. Screenshots and Screen Recording (for example, there you can select the resolution of the recorded video).

On Samsung Galaxy smartphones with previous versions of Android screen recording was possible in games: to do this in Settings. Advanced Features you need to enable Game Launcher.

And during the game, open the control panel and use the Game Launcher button on it, where the screen recorder functions will be.

Mobizen Screen Recorder [no Root]

Screenshots from the developer’s website (Mobizen Screen Recorder)

A good and reliable screen recorder. The app supports recording from games, other apps (including video calls), camera. Also in the arsenal of the program has a handy editor: t.е. you can “wrap up” your video on your phone and post it on the web (without using a PC). Convenient?!

  • various recording settings resolution up to 1440p, frame rate (FPS) up to 60, bitrate (quality) up to 12.0 Mbps;
  • does not require root rights, completely free;
  • the ability to simultaneously record yourself and what is happening on the screen;
  • There is a built-in editor to add your own music, trim unnecessary pieces of video, add your own captions, text, and more;
  • to start recording video. 1 click on the screen is required;
  • support even relatively old versions of Android: the application works in Android 4.4.

Phone screen recording applications

If the iPhone ability to create screencasts appeared only in iOS 11, Android smartphones and tablets got this feature in 2014. since the fifth version of Google OS. True, iPhone screen capture is available after activating one item in the settings, while on Android you’ll have to download additional apps.

AZ Screen Recorder

If you have Android 8, 9, 10 or 11 installed, you should allow your AZ Screen Recorder to appear on top of other windows. To do this, first go to “Applications and Notifications” in the settings and select “AZ Screen Recorder”. Then expand the advanced options, click on “Top of other apps” and activate the toggle switch.

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Now when you click on the program icon a touch screen “floating” button will appear on your screen. A click on it reveals a list of functions. The buttons can be used to make a screenshot, record video from the screen, start the stream, view live broadcasts and go to the application settings.

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AZ Screen Recorder toolbar will be added to the notification bar. There you can also use it to control the program.

To start capturing a screencast, click on the recording icon, which is located in the menu “floating” button and on the toolbar.

Grant AZ Screen Recorder access to photos, multimedia and files on your device, as well as permission to record audio. The system will then notify you that the application will access the image on your device screen. Select “Start”.

The timer will count down 3 seconds, after which the image capture will start.

To pause the recording, expand the notification panel and click on “Pause. Press “Resume” to continue.

You can draw during screen capture video. Select “Draw” from the program toolbar. A palette icon will appear on the screen, by clicking on it you can adjust the color and thickness of the lines.

To stop the recording click on the “Stop” button in the “curtain”. The created video will be displayed on top of other applications. You can immediately view the recording, share it, delete it, and open the built-in editor.

AZ Screen Recorder is the most feature rich app in this review. To go to its settings, select the first item in the list of options.

The settings menu consists of three tabs: the first contains the main functions, the second collects screencasts, and the third. screenshots.

You can activate the magic button, so that the small area in the upper right corner becomes a program control: a single tap pauses and resumes the shooting, a double tap stops it, and a long tap brings up a drawing tool.

Then comes the setting to stop recording. It is possible to make the shooting stop after the screen fades, after a set time or by pressing the moving red dot.

Next, you can set the resolution of the recorded video, frame rate, bit rate, orientation, recording speed (useful for creating timeslaps) and turn off the microphone.

The next point is to add text or a logo on the video. You can change the position, font, color and size of the inscription. You are also allowed to use the logo: your own picture or a sticker. The location and size of the image are also customizable.

The second option from the section “Overlay” is the activation of the camera and it is worth telling more about it. At the same time with the skincast recording, you can shoot video from the front or back camera. Image position, aspect ratio, transparency, brightness and contrast can be adjusted.

Recording doesn’t work. Causes and solutions

Wanting to record video from a smartphone or tablet screen, users often encounter difficulties. See table for common problems and solutions.

The problem is The reason The solution is
Syntax error message appears on the screen while installing/starting the application No root rights Root your device
Older Android version Install an app that works with earlier versions of Android
Not saving video Not enough memory Clear your smartphone memory
Video not saving to SD card Not enough memory on the card Clear the card memory
No root rights Get root rights to access the memory card
Video is saved but not played Your smartphone or tablet does not support the file format Send the file to a PC and try opening it with a media player
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Screencasting capabilities are expanding as mobile devices evolve. Find the best app to capture and record video from your Android devices with pleasure!

Where to get a screen capture app?

Depending on the Android version and branded shell (if available), the app may already be installed on your smartphone. It is usually placed in the tools folder.

I have such an app and it’s called Screen Capture. The following settings are available in the app:

  • Video Resolution
  • Video Quality
  • Orientation
  • Sound Source (Mute/Microphone/System Sounds)
  • Fixed Frame Rate (On/Off)
  • Frame rate
  • Stop recording when screen locks (On/Off)
  • Show touches and gestures (On/Off)
  • Show Button Presses (On/Off)
  • Return to the main page of the application after stopping the recording (On/Off)

This is the app I use to create smartphone-related video tutorials on the Portal Technologies YouTube channel.

If you don’t have the Screen Recorder application pre-installed on your smartphone, its counterpart can always be downloaded from Android’s official app store, Google Play.

All you need to do is go to Google Play (Play Store app) and type in “Screen Capture” or “Screen Recording” in the search box. You will be presented with several dozen suitable apps to choose from. You can read about their functionality (including the built-in video editor), ratings, reviews, and choose one of the applications.

I would recommend trying the first app on the list, DU Recorder. I used it for a while until I decided that the preinstalled Screen Capture app was enough for me.

Advantages of Disadvantages
Quality video Not relevant to early Android versions
Back to home page by default No roaming
Pairing without presets with other devices The package does not include SMS
The ability to download the application and update it from “Google Play” Expensive billing with some providers

AZ Recorder. No Root

Very popular program that has gained popularity due to its advanced functionality, ease of use and accessibility. Requires no root rights, basic version is completely free. Of course, it has some ads and a few cut options, but for normal screen captures is perfect. If you make professional long-lasting video screencasts on a daily basis. buy the Pro version.

The app does not have any interface as such. Once it is installed, a widget will appear on the main screen with all the necessary icons: start recording, “Gallery”. the place where the recorded videos will be saved, settings and exit the utility. AZ Recorder captures video from the Android screen in the background, just click on the startup image to start.

When the recording starts you will see a small video camera icon in the upper left corner of the phone and a similar notification, where there are two buttons. pause and end of recording. The settings are also nice: you can choose the appropriate video quality, turn on the timer to start recording, enable or disable the sound and specify where to save.

Another advantage is the unlimited shooting time, whereas such programs allow only three or four minutes at a time. Once you have the video, you can trim it, even discarding frames from the middle. At the bottom there is an option “Share”, which automatically sends the resulting material to any of your social networks or messengers.

And if you’ve accidentally deleted a video. don’t worry, you can easily restore it using our article.

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