How to Make a Screen Video on Android

A screen or screenshot is an instant screenshot of the device. In other words, a screen is an image with a picture of what is currently displayed on the device’s screen. In the Windows operating system, in order to get a screenshot, you need to press the Print Screen key. In this article we will talk about how to make a screen on Android.

Due to the fact that there are many versions of Android, and there are even more different firmware, there are also many ways to get screenshots. By default, in the standard Android, in order to make a screen, you must simultaneously press the volume down button and the device’s power button (lock button). You need to press these buttons at the same time and after pressing hold them until the device takes a screenshot. You will find out that the screenshot is ready by the characteristic sound, as well as from the notification menu, in which a message appears about the creation of the screenshot.

How to Make a Screen on Android

At the moment, this method of taking screenshots on Android is the most common. It is used on devices with pure Android (without shells and other changes), as well as many other devices.

If you have a device running Android 3.2, in order to make a screen you need to click on the “Recent Programs” button and hold it until the device makes a screen and notifies you about it.

If you have an older version of Android, then in order to make a screen you will have to install third-party applications, since in older versions of Android there is no built-in function for taking screenshots.

How to make a screen on Android from Samsung

If you have a device from Samsung, then a method with a long hold of the volume down and power buttons will not work. Instead, you need to use a different key combination. On Samsung devices, in order to take a screenshot, you must simultaneously press the power button of the phone and the mechanical Home button, which is located under the device’s screen.

After pressing these buttons, you need to hold them until the smartphone takes a screenshot. You will learn about creating a screenshot thanks to the characteristic sound and message that appears in the notification area.

Other ways to make a screen on Android

In addition to the above methods for obtaining a photo screen, there are others. For example, you can make a screen on Android using applications installed from Google Play. Using third-party applications you will receive more additional features related to taking screenshots.

The drocap2 application allows you to take screenshots in JPEG and PNG formats. In order to make a screen using the drocap2 application, just start the program, turn on the application using the “Start” button, go to the screen you need and shake the smartphone. Thus, you don’t have to press anything, the application will take a screenshot by reacting to the movement of the device. It should be noted that for this application you need root privileges.

Screenshot ER is a paid program. With it, you can make screenshots in many different ways: by shaking a smartphone, using a widget on your desktop, using a shortcut, using a timer, or using a long key hold. At the same time, the user can select the image format (JPEG and PNG) and send the resulting image using Dropbox, Picasa and other similar services.

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