How to make a screen screen on an asus laptop

make, screen, asus, laptop

How to make a screen picture on an asus laptop [Easy]

Error messages, suspicious Комментарии и мнения владельцев on social networks and forums, interesting shots in video, fragments of texts protected from copying, sometimes it is necessary to save to confirm someone’s actions, working tasks, contacting technical support or simply as a sake of memory.

Removing the image on the smartphone camera means not only getting a low.Quality picture, but also earn a reputation of an inept user, because this problem can be solved with standard means of the operating system or using special applications. The image obtained in this way is called a screenshot or screenshot.

The program intercepts the picture, which the video card built on the display, and temporarily puts the frame in RAM. Different manufacturers of laptopes have developed their own algorithms for preserving the picture, which is displayed on the screen. In particular, your own sequence of actions is needed to take a screenshot on the ASUS laptop.

The first way

The first method is suitable for dozens and seven ASUS laptop. You need to click on the Printskrin button. The screenshot button is usually written on the keyboard key, or “PRTSCN”, sometimes “PRNTSCRN” or “Print Scr”.

After clicking, run the pain, although it is not necessarily it, any available editor is possible, since the screenshot is then placed in the exchange buffer and in this folder

Free programs to screenshots of screens on laptops or computers

As I wrote above, they know how to make screenshots with screenshots, but to give them a sophisticated look is not.

If you are interested in such things, then download any of the above (or experiment with everyone). They are free and it is very easy to find them yourself.

  • Faststone Capture. In addition to creating screen images, has many additional functions
  • Screenshot Captor. Equipped with a wide variety of opportunities for working with screenshots.
  • Easycapture. Creates various types of screenshots and is very simple to work.
  • Duckcapture. Will make different types of screenshots of the laptop or any window.
  • Clip2net. Not only makes screenshots, but also if necessary posts them on the Internet.

That’s all, as they say, what he could, he helped. What he knew, told. Who knows more. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and we will check, discuss, learn. Success to everyone.

make, screen, asus, laptop

The method is “classic

  • Find the Print Screen button on the keyboard of your laptop. Sometimes manufacturers reduce its name (PRNT SCRN,PRTSC).
  • Open the window from which you need to take a screenshot, and press this button. The resulting picture of the screen is stored in a computer memory (buffer).
  • Open the Paint program and click “Insert”.
  • We save the image in the desired format on the hard drive of the computer, for this we click in the upper left corner “Save”, or “Save as”.
  • In the resulting window, select the “file type” and the place where we want to save the screenshot. Here you can rename the file.
  • Press the “Save” button.

In Windows 10, you can save the resulting image in Paint 3D, and then transform it beyond recognition.

make, screen, asus, laptop

You can insert the image into the Word or Excel document. To do this, open the desired document and click in the same way “insert”.

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Note! On some models of laptops, the screenshot of the screen does not go to the buffer when pressing one Print Screen button, it is necessary to apply the combination of Print Screenfn buttons (click at the same time).

How to make a screenshot of the screen on a laptop: 5 simple ways

Screenshot (screen, screenshot). A picture of the laptop screen or its area stored on the media in JPG, PNG, JPEG, etc.D. It will come in handy when writing instructions and maintaining important data that cannot be copy or download, sending the system notifications to technical support or provider. Special skills and knowledge in order to take a screenshot of the screen on any laptop. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the integrated in OS Windows 10 tools and third.Party utilities.

Screenshot in OS Windows 10 from the keyboard method

The use of the built.In capabilities of the OS greatly simplifies the process of preserving the images from the monitor, since it is not necessary to install additional programs. To make a screen, use a combination of functional keys on the keyboard. The process will be as follows:

Screen in OS Windows 10 from the keyboard method

The first way is good when the resulting file needs a short refinement. Deleting excess, applying signatures, etc.D. But there are times when you just need to save the screenshot of the screen without improvements. Then it is more convenient to use a combination of Win key (graphically marked with windows windows) and PRTSC. Their simultaneous pressing will automatically maintain a picture of the monitor in the service folder “Screenshots”. She is in the “quick access” menu in the “Image” folder. The resulting file can be edited in any graphic editor.

Screen screenshot in OS Windows 10 from the keyboard method

The operating system since 2017 allows you to take a picture of any part of the screen. To do this, use the simultaneous pressing of the Win key (Start button) SSHift from the keyboard (it is important to press the keys at the same time, not in a row). When a cross appears on the monitor, with it it is necessary to indicate the boundaries of the preserved area. The file is created. It remains to insert it into Paint or another application by pressing Ctrlv.

The use of third.Party utilities

On the network you can find many software tools to create screenshots. But the simplest are Shotnes and Lightshot. They are better to download them from official sites https: // shotnes.COM and https: // App.PRNTSCR.COM/ru. The installation of utilities will be standard. It will take a few seconds. After installation, you can not reboot the laptop, all the functions of the software will be available.

  • Open the utility;
  • Press the button with the camera on the toolbar at the bottom;
  • Highlight the boundaries of the region;
  • Edit the file and save.

The choice of the method of maintaining an exact copy of the screen or its area depends on the purpose of the screenshot, and on further actions with it. With serious editing files, it is better to choose powerful graphic editors with a large list of opportunities, and save the picture itself with built.In means. But if the requirements for the screenshop are minimal, but clogging the free space of the hard disk by installing unnecessary programs is not rational.

We make a screenshot of buttons combinations

Having found an interesting image or record, you will first think about how to take a screenshot on the ASUS laptop. The course of action looks as follows:

In some laptops on ASUS, it is also called “sysrq”. The button is located near F12. It is difficult to get confused users.

  • In the future, you should open the Paint graphic editor, which can be found through the search line in the “Start” menu. After being, you need to open the program.
  • In the future, press the right mouse button. There for the user will be written in the menu of the “insert” command. The image will be inserted into the Paint field.
  • Further, the user decides: adjust the picture or save.
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If you decide to save, then presses on the right button, choosing the corresponding point.

How to make a screenshot: hot keys

Windows developers understand well what exactly the consumers of their products need. For a large number of users, the possibility of creating a screenshot is very important. The easiest option is to use OS tools. If you do not need to process the image, and you want to fix the entire area of ​​the screen on a laptop or computer monitor, just press certain buttons on the keyboard.

Print Screen (abbreviated. PRTSCR, PRTSC or Print SCRN)

This is a hot key that copies the image of the current state of the screen to the exchange buffer. Typically located in the Break and Scroll Lock keys. In the screenshot below. An example.

Easy How To Take Screen Shots Windows 10 Ten Asus Laptop

After you pressed PRNTSCR, you will not see any visual changes, but the screenshot has already been created and is in the exchange buffer. Next, you need to open any program to view images. Even standard Paint is suitable.

  • Run it and press the Ctrl V key combination. Now the image from the buffer is copied to the utility, and you will see the screenshot created earlier.
  • Open the “File” menu and find the item “Save as”.
  • Select the desired format and save the result in any place that is convenient for you.

ASUS laptop screen replacement tutorial. ASUS X540B LCD installation step-by-step instructions.

This method is completely universal and suitable for any computer or laptop, regardless of the manufacturer (HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, Sumsung, and so on).

By the way, many sites and messengers know how to work with a buffer of exchange. For example, if you open a dialog in VK and press the same combination of the Ctrl V keys, then the image will be inserted. The same can be done in Skype, Discord or Telegram. This is very convenient if you do not plan to somehow modify the screen of the screen, and you need to quickly send it.


If you also do not need screenshots editing, but you want to save them for further use, then it is easier to use the combination of “Win PRNTSCR”. Thus, the result will be stored in the “screen pictures” folder. The easiest way to find it is through a fast access panel, which in Windows 10 is located on the left side of the conductor window. Category. “Images”. Or proceed to: C: \ Users \ Name of_Polizer \ Pictures \ Screenshots.

This method greatly simplifies the process of creating screenshots, which will be required in the future. After all, you do not have to open the image editor every time, insert a picture from the clipboard in it and save each file manually. However, if you need many shots of the screen that you need to edit, it is better to use third.Party means that we will talk about below.

Both of the above methods in automatic mode create an image obtained from several screens. That is, if you have two or more monitors, then the picture will be stretched, and two screens connected in one screenshot will be displayed on it.

Win S Shift

This combination of keys is suitable if you want to capture a certain area, and not the entire screen entirely. In our opinion, this method is best suited for sending images with the help of landlords, which we wrote about above. I just screened out something from the browser and, using Ctrl V, inserted the picture into a dialogue. In order to preserve the result, you will also need to go to the image editor, which makes this method not convenient for creating a large number of screen images. It is worth noting that screenshots created using the Win S Shift key combination are not preserved at: “C: \ Users \ Name of_Polizer \ Pictures \ Screenshots”.

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In order not to load the editor every time, the “Scissors” tool was invented. In general, it completely replaces the editor and is a more flexible tool. You can still choose an area for a screenshot, edit the resulting image and change its format. It just needs less actions.

  • Go to Windows search bar and enter the “Scissors” request.
  • Open the application. In order not to look for this utility every time, it can be fixed on the initial screen or in the taskbar panel.
  • Click on the “Create” item in the upper left corner of the program.
  • Then just highlight the desired area. Then the “file” and “save as”.

If you want to choose not a rectangular, but an arbitrary area of ​​discharge, then this functionality is present here. In the same upper left corner in the “mode” menu.

You can apply your markers with the help of tools to the resulting image: “feather”, “marker”, “elastic band”. If you need to make more significant edits, you can integrate the screen picture into the Paint 3D utility. Such an opportunity is also present here.

make, screen, asus, laptop

A picture using keyboard combinations

For this purpose, you will need to press the PRTSC Sysrq button (it is just called the Printskrin in everyday life). It is located in the upper row of keys next to F12. The image will fall into the clipboard, from where it can then be inserted into the window of the Paint Graphic Editor or another similar application through the “insert” menu item or using the Ctrl V key combination.

If you need to capture only a fragment of the screen, the Alt key is added to Print Screen. An active window will be removed (that with which the user works at the time of creating a screenshot, it usually differs from the inactive color of the frame and the heading). The insert and preservation algorithm is the same as when capturing the entire screen. The option is optimal for shooting a window of a messenger, a video player, a specialized application (for example, to capture all elements of the PO intense).

How to take a screenshot in a browser

Very often, when seunga on the network, it is necessary to save the online page in the graphic form. Special plugins designed for a wide variety of browsers can help. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. How to install and use this kind of plugins we will analyze on the example of Firefox. Let’s go to the add.Ons at https: // Addons.Mozilla.Org/ru/firefox/, and using the search line, find the extension Fireshot.

Click the “Add to Firefox” button and install the plugin, and then reboot the observer.

Now the corresponding button appeared in the upper right corner, which allows you to make screenshots of the screen, while maintaining them with preliminary editing or without.

One of the main advantages of the plugin is the ability to create screenshots of the whole page, and not just its visible part. In addition, built.In expansion tools allows you to save a picture in the exchange buffer, publish it on the Internet or send it by e.Mail. Judging by the drop.Down menu, Fireshot can integrate into the browsers of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Let’s say a few words about creating screenshots from videos. The easiest way to make them using the capabilities of the video player himself. For example, in Media Player Classic, it is enough to press the Alti keyboard.

This is where we will finish our article. If you know how to make screenshots from the laptop screen in some other way, tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Perhaps this information will be useful to readers.

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