How to Make a Screen on Samsung A70

I have always been a fan of Samsung and the A line recently, there were a7 different years and a8, all the phones pleased, the same one.
Firstly, the build quality of the smartphone itself has become worse, it doesn’t feel as monolithic and steep as the previous ones, a lot of dust cluttered between the glass and the front camera, the ORIGINAL cover is backlash on the case and not specifically mine, but everything, dust is packed between the cover and the phone and this wretched plastic scratches, all the ends of the phone are scratched, in two months, and he was not without a case for a day
The cameras were crammed without measure, and all to no avail, especially the neutered PRO mode, and not informative other modes

In general, earlier, for this money, it was a flagship according to the sensations, with less characteristics, but it was solidly assembled and worked stably, and now you pay as before, and you hold a piece of G.
The new line upset me

In general, for such a price a very worthy device! Impressions of use are positive.

Among the shortcomings: after the Galaxy S7, the camera is much worse. Take good pictures. NOT about this phone for sure. Before the update, the fingerprint scanner (it’s under the screen) did not work very well, now it’s better, but it still doesn’t always recognize it the first time.

Additionally: I have assumptions (nothing unreasonable) that the poor quality of images and glitches of the fingerprint scanner. more likely a jamb of software than iron (well, I hardly believe that in Samsung 2019 the camera is so worse than in the flagships of 2016!). I will hope that this is so, and will be fixed in the future with an update.

Battery 7-11 hours of screen (1.5-2 days). Charges too quickly.
But not right away. You need to unload the smart from the trash and drive the apps into sleep, except for important ones.

Screen. handsome, bright, juicy not 2k, but for me five points! Wide and glass for 3 months without snoring.

Navigation 1-2 seconds catches, super.

In the male hand lies well, like 5.5 (16/9) old phones.

It shoots well and there is slow motion. (4k)

The photos are average, but night shooting appeared (by 4k with a minus)

And then the schools, the schools:

675 snap here to see throttlit, smart likes to hang and freeze, even in the shell. Games only on pubg minimals (for the first 10 minutes you can also maximize and then friezes). He also likes to heat up. The game percentage is very tight. (Optimization is also bad.Asphalt 8.9 goes better on a50 and a9)

The modem is weak. Wifi and communication catches so-so, state employees of 2016 and it was better to catch.

The spoken speaker sometimes rattles, audibility, it is necessary to adapt.

And all because of the thin plastic body. rattling and heating of the back wall.

The impression that Samsung saved. Smart for a year and fall apart.

The scanner works so far through time. I turned it off.

The screen sensor also dulls sometimes, on my old state budget this was not.
(Maybe a bad layer of oleophobic coating, xs)

There is stabilization, but it’s better to turn it off. adds “noise” in the.

Androyd 9 (ui1.1), plus and minus, there are applications that do not work on it or work poorly. The shell itself is convenient.

A bunch of flaws in this smart and Samsung is in no hurry to fix them. Do not try to take it for 29999rub, its price will drop to 18-20000r.

I do not recommend taking this month, if in doubt read on, I’m not alone.

I would put 2 stars, but there is hope that at least something will be corrected in half a year.

1) Screen. it turns yellow. MB problem of all amaled, but after the previous phone, which had ordinary glass, this is especially noticeable. Over time, of course you get used to it, but still it’s sometimes striking

2) Touch glass. the screen is frameless, so sometimes when you just hold the phone in your hand, you already touch the glass somewhere and it recognizes it as pressing.

It turns out that, for example, you are reading a book, moving the phone from one hand to another, your text may approach, the page will scroll, etc. This is annoying. On phones with frames this was not.

How to Make a Screen on Samsung A70

3) Fingerprint sensor. works terribly. Firstly, it is slow. you need to hold your finger for about a second to unlock the phone. Secondly, it stupidly does not work in half the cases.

The latest firmware update, which, as some said, solves the problem, in fact did not help much. Therefore, if you switch from a conventional fingerprint sensor (which even works like a bullet on budget phones: it unlocks instantly and in almost 100% of cases, regardless of how you put your finger), then it will be very unusual for you to unlock your phone it will sometimes go away for 10 seconds, for which you will put your finger 4-5 times. Sometimes it does not work at all, it is completely blocked, and you have to enter the code

4) The most important thing that just kills is the ill-conceived shell.

You can get used to the screen, glass and the finger sensor and somehow get some hands, for example, press the finger sensor exactly on the side that it best recognizes. But you cannot get used to the crippled shell.

Firstly, this is what you directly work with most of the time.

Secondly, there are dozens of jambs there and you will not find them immediately, but gradually, over the course of a month or two, or maybe more. and each time you will become more and more disappointed in the phone

The biggest disappointment.

I switched to this phone from the old budget Chinese model of 2016 and is still horrified at how much the Chinese phone was better made than this Samsung, despite the fact that it cost 2 times less.

If before you had a phone with a normal, well-thought-out system, then Samsung will very quickly start to infuriate you

A couple of examples of shell jambs, which I wrote about in shortcomings:

1. The screen does not block normally when making calls. Even without unlocking the phone, buttons are available to you. “put the phone down”/”turn off the microphone”. you can click on their cheek while talking

2. Button “select all” hidden in an additional menu. when you correspond with someone in messengers you need to do 2 extra actions to press it

3. It cannot accept calls from different applications in parallel. On an old telephone, when I talked for example on Viber, and at that time someone just called me on the phone number, I could pick up the phone to say that I was busy and continue talking on Viber. In Samsung, when I pick up the phone, neither Viber, nor the one who called the number can hear me.

4. Even on an old phone, which is already almost 4 years old (!), If you woke up before the alarm clock, you’ll get a notification “alarm clock at 11:00” and next to the button “Disable”. This is convenient and this suggests that those who made the system thought about the user and tried to make it convenient. There is no such thing. You need to go through the clock and turn it off manually.

These are just a few examples, but in reality there are dozens of them.

Of course, these are trifles. But it’s these little things that shape your impression of using the phone

It’s nice to just watch the phone, otherwise it’s done poorly.