How to Make a Printscreen on a Hp Laptop

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How to Make a Printscreen on a Hp Laptop

Hello everyone! In this article I will tell you how to make a printscreen on a laptop. Just recently I published an article on how to make a printscreen of a page, and today I decided to write an article for a laptop) You probably already heard this phrase: how to make a printscreen on a laptop. But you don’t know yet how exactly it works.

Today we’ll talk about this. And first, let’s figure out what a “screenshot” is. This is a momentary image of the monitor screen at the moment. That is, a screenshot is a kind of screen photo here and now.

Ordinary computer or laptop users do not always understand sophisticated computer terms and phrases, given the fact that every day there are more and more of these slogans. And they will be incomprehensible until you come across them personally or read about them somewhere on Wikipedia.

Having done it, you can show the other person the image on the monitor, which you currently see for yourself. Even if you photograph the monitor with an ordinary digital camera or a camera on the phone, this will also be considered a screenshot. However, everything is much simpler, and you can take a screenshot by pressing a single key. But more on that later. You can first read an article about why a flash drive is not detected.

Why are screenshots needed at all?

It is very convenient and can be useful in various situations. You yourself have often come across unique images of a monitor on the Internet. This is a great help when training personnel for any program. Using a screenshot, you can send a confirmation about the transfer of money from an electronic wallet or show a specialist an error in the program, which will allow him to understand the situation much faster and fix the problem.

Also, screenshots are used as a report on the work done or simply for sharing an interesting image with a friend. In fact, there are many options, the main thing is that this “thing” is very convenient. We read further and do not stop, and also do not forget to read the article on why VKontakte music is not played.

How to make a print screen on a laptop with one key?

Look carefully at your keyboard and find the PrtSc (PrintScreen) key in the top row on the right. This is the very coveted button with which you will find out how to make a printscreen on a laptop. By clicking it, the image is placed on the clipboard (as with regular copying) and is available for pasting into any program. For example, in a regular text editor Word, notepad or graphical editor Paint.

The latter is able to save a screenshot as a separate image, and also allows you to make any adjustments with it. For example, select the object of interest to you, cross out or underline something. So, to work in the Paint program, after pressing the PrtSc key, you need to open the Paint graphical editor and click the “Paste” button. Next, make the necessary adjustments.

After processing the image, the screenshot must be saved. This is done in the usual way: File. Save As. Then choose a save location and indicate the name of the screenshot. That’s all. Your screenshot has been saved and is ready for future use.

And I would also like to draw your attention to one caveat. When you press the PrtSc (PrintScreen) key, the screenshot will have a full screen image with all tabs open and windows minimized on the taskbar. And this, you must admit, is not always safe. If this is important for you, then use the Alt PrtSc or FnPrtSc key combination (depending on the laptop model), then only the active window will be displayed on the screenshot.

Today you learned: how to make a printscreen on a laptop. I hope the information was useful and understandable for you. Now the network has many programs for creating screenshots and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. If you still have questions. ask them in the comments) Well, lastly, we read how to find out which card you have. Good to all!