How to make a print screen on huawei

How to take a screenshot on Android Huawei

The need to create screenshots for many users arises regularly. Thanks to this you can show your location on the map, save a train or flight ticket, send messages from another messenger or just share your achievements in games. In all of these cases you need to take a screenshot. Let’s look at a few options on how to do it.

A screenshot is an indispensable thing in many cases. For example, on the screen of your smartphone, tablet or computer there is information that you want to save. That’s where the screenshot comes in handy. A screenshot is a snapshot of what you see on the screen of your device. You do not need a camera or other smartphone for this, everything can be done with the help of software.

There are several ways to take a screenshot on an Android smartphone. As an example, let’s consider a Huawei/Honor smartphone. But if you have a different Android device then you do not need to worry, the algorithm for taking screenshots for all mobile devices of this operating system is identical.

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How to take a screenshot on your Honor phone using the application

Honor’s standard screenshot tools don’t always satisfy users’ needs. They have the following disadvantages:

  • does not allow you to edit the image (e.g., change the color scheme, draw or write on it);
  • inconveniently determine the size of the captured screen area;
  • always use the default file saving path.

To solve the problem and expand the capabilities of your device, you can use third-party programs that are designed specifically for screenshots.

An example of such an application is Screen Master. You can download the program from the official repository of the Android operating system Google Play.

Screen Master takes high resolution screenshots and provides the user with a large toolkit for working with the image. It allows you to edit the obtained picture, create markup on it, make labels and pointers. The image is saved in the PNG format.

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Another popular program is Touchshot. It is also available for download on Google Play

This application allows you to create high-quality screenshots, fine-tuning the quality of the final image. In addition, with Touchshot you can make short video recordings of what is happening on the phone screen. You can edit an image obtained with the tool. Of course, it doesn’t compare to a full-featured photo editor. But for a smartphone, it’s not bad.

Screenshot with your knuckle

With this method, you can create a screenshot by sliding your knuckle across the display. Does not work with all firmware.

Find the “Manage” section and enter it.

Description of how the functionality works. in front of you.

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Three-finger screenshot

Tap on “Three-finger screenshot” item.

All you have to do now is slide three fingers across the screen to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot with the ADB command

Not only on Huawei and Honor phones, but also on other Android devices you can create a screenshot using the ADB utility. You will have to install it on your PC and connect your smartphone to the PC, activating USB debugging. You can find more details about ADB, drivers and Java installation in the instruction on how to transfer applications to your memory stick. When you complete the steps of the tutorial, open the “platform-tools” folder and, holding down the “Shift” key, right-click on the empty space. From the menu that opens, select one of the available options: “Open Command Window” or “Open PowerShell window here”.

Now run the following ADB command: copy it, paste it into the command line and press the “Enter” key. In Windows Powershell, add before the command./ or.\.

This will create a screenshot. In this example the image will be called “screen.png” and it will be saved in the root directory in the internal memory. But you can change the command. enter a different file name and path to get, for example, adb shell screencap /sdcard/Download/screen2.png.

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