How To Make A Phone Reminder

A modern mobile phone can perform several functions at once. The Android system was developed so that it can become your personal assistant in various fields. With it, you can not oversleep to work, monitor your sleep and nutrition. The range of capabilities of the smartphone is regularly expanding. We’ll tell you how to set a reminder on Android so that you don’t forget about a friend’s birthday or an important meeting.

How to enable a reminder using the “Alarm”

If you have scheduled an appointment for the coming week, then there is nothing better than using a standard alarm clock. It will work exactly at the time you specify. We will tell you how to make a reminder on Android using this application:

  1. Click on the Clock widget on the main screen of your smartphone.
  2. In the “Alarm” section, find the “” button. Create a new alarm, specify the desired call time.
  3. In order for the alarm to sound on the day you need, after creating the alarm, go to its settings and activate the “Repeat” button. There you can call the alert mode: daily, on certain days, on weekdays, weekly. This will help you set an alarm, for example, to remind you of going to the doctor on Wednesday at 5 p.m.
  4. Next, configure the number of alerts. You can set them as an alarm clock so that the call will be given every 5-10 minutes, or choose a one-time option.

In some versions of Android, you can change the name of the alarm, write any text. This is very convenient, but not all versions of the operating system support this feature. For example, in Android 6, snooze functions are expanded, but you can’t change the name of the alarm.

How to create and set reminders in the Calendar

If the event that you want to remember is repeated annually or is scheduled for you only next month, then you can’t use the Alarm Clock to remind you of it. In this case, you should set a reminder in the “Calendar”. We’ll tell you how to make a birthday reminder on Android.

  1. Go to the “Calendar”. It can be one of two types, on modern smartphones there is Google Calendar, and on earlier versions, an application that does not have synchronization with your account.
  2. Find the desired day in the electronic calendar and click the “Add event” or “” button.
  3. Enter a time convenient for a reminder, write a short note.
  4. Select the frequency of reminders, for example, annually.

In new smartphones, you can choose the method of notifications. notifications on the screen or emails. You can also import data from other applications. Another important advantage is that reminders will be tied to your account and stored in the cloud. When you change your smartphone, you will not lose notes on anniversaries and important meetings planned for several months. Third-party applications for creating alerts and reminders can provide similar capabilities.

The convenience of working with the “Calendar” is that there can be several reminders. They can tell you about different events, in some versions of android you can even set a special color. For example, highlight important appointments in red, taking pills in green, birthdays in purple. You also have the opportunity to set up a schedule for yourself (without notifications) and plan your day in minutes. This application is actively used by those who are fond of time management.

What should I do if the reminder does not work?

If Android reminders do not work for you, then there may be several reasons for this from the failure of the operating system to the cache load. Experts recommend in this case to do the following:

  1. Check reminder settings. Perhaps you set up sending an e-mail, rather than receiving a notification on the screen.
  2. Also pay attention to the screen lock settings. To do this, go to “Settings”, find the “Screen lock” section. On some smartphones, with a locked screen, only calls and SMS messages remain active, and all types of reminders from the Internet do not work, including notifications from the organizer, as the connection to the server will be terminated.
  3. Check the “Sound” tab in the “Settings” menu. Set the alerts to an acceptable volume.
  4. Clear the cache of the application you use for alerts. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu, and then select the “Applications” section. Find your calendar or organizer by name and go to it, click the “Clear Cache” button. After which you will need to restart your smartphone and synchronize the application with the cloud server.

Do not rush to change the operating system, roll back to the factory settings smartphone. In most cases, the problem with notifications is solved in this way.

Another way to create a to-do list for the day and set reminders for upcoming tasks is to use the voice assistant. If you don’t like typing on the phone’s keyboard, just instruct an assistant to create a reminder for you on Android. You can use different applications for this:

  • Google Now
  • Ok, Notepad !;
  • Samsung Bixby
  • Microsoft Cortana
  • Google Assistant

In the near future, the ability to create reminders will also equip Yandex’s Alice. While she does not know how.

Of these applications can be called the best for creating schedules and reminders. “Ok, Notepad.” The fact is that its functionality is limited only by this. The rest of the applications are able for you to dial the desired subscriber, write him an SMS, go to social networks or find the necessary information on the Internet. In this application, collected:

  • 14 themes;
  • color marks for different tasks;
  • voice creation of reminders;
  • convenient widgets;
  • the ability to synchronize with other applications.

By its functionality, this application resembles the once popular program “Remember Everything”, which is now abandoned by the developers. You can increase the functionality of the assistant using plugins that are permissible to install in it.

Useful reminder apps

This free and very convenient application is a leader among organizers. In it you will find:

  • convenient desktop widget;
  • voice assistant (does not always work);
  • Create reminders in just a couple of taps.

When creating reminders, you can bind them to a location, specify routes, and much more. Today, this application is the leader in user ratings. The only drawback is that it needs refinement in order for the voice assistant to work properly. Now he can fail at the most inopportune moment.

This is a simple program suitable for many users. It includes all the necessary options:

  • Interaction with Android Wear
  • sorting tasks and reminders, marking them with color;
  • recurring tasks (you can set up weekly alerts or even daily ones);
  • widgets
  • simple and intuitive calendar;
  • hourly reminders for those who try a time management system based on task switching.
How To Make A Phone Reminder

This program is suitable for many users, as it can perform tasks of various levels, conduct your personal affairs and separate them from workers by marking them with different colors.

A unique reminder application for Android, which is based on the Eisenhower priority matrix. With it, you can not only set a reminder for yourself, but also set a priority for this task. Then it will be easier for you to schedule based on the ranking of tasks by importance. The application received the greatest response from freelancers, who need to schedule daily.

Additionally, a wide package of tools is available in the application:

This toolkit allows you to optimize your schedule and save everything important on a cloud server. The program itself is free, but if necessary, you can purchase its extended version. It is distinguished by the absence of advertising and finer tuning.

If you are used to writing notes on stickers for yourself, why not do it right on your phone. To do this, you can put this application. In it, you can create stickers and place them on one of the screens of your smartphone. On them you can write not only reminders for yourself, but also shopping lists.

The advantage of this application is that all notes will be displayed on the calendar, making up a visual schedule. The disadvantage of this application is that with its help you can only schedule meetings for the coming days, it will not be suitable for annual notifications of memorable dates.

One of the features of the Google Tasks app. It is currently under development, but with it you can set reminders and schedule. The advantage of this application is a convenient widget that allows you to bring to the main screen a list of current affairs.

The disadvantage of this application is that it cannot be transferred to an SD card. But your notes are saved to us by the remote Google server and you will not lose them when you reinstall the application. In the free version of the application, advertising is provided, in the free version it is not. The functions in both cases are completely the same.

This application has received multiple awards and wide user response. It is used to store a variety of information. It provides tools:

  • compilation of quick notes;
  • drawing up to-do lists and plans;
  • preservation of ideas;
  • collection of photos and files;
  • voice notes;
  • search through an array of internal memory (you can detect text in any MS Office files or pdf format).

In this case, all recorded information can be synchronized with other devices: tablets, Windows computers and gadgets on IOS. Reminders in the program appeared relatively recently, but they were already highly appreciated by users. You can even save a link or text from the Internet and set yourself an alert to read it later. The utility interacts well with others.

Buying a paid version significantly expands the functionality of the program: you get 1 GB of space on a remote server, the ability to protect your organizer with a password, offline mode without an Internet connection.

This is a simple reminder app. It will remind you of the time it takes to complete a task, help you keep track of the time it takes to complete a certain task (adjust the time period). Tasks can be repeated:

  • everyday;
  • annually;
  • every week;
  • monthly.

The application supports 7 languages ​​and makes it possible to schedule calls and SMS sending. Almost all functions are available to users in the free version.

The free version of this application is enough for personal use, the advanced functionality will cost 28 a year, but only businessmen need it. In the basic version you will receive:

  • the ability to create to-do lists;
  • widgets for the desktop;
  • the ability to configure repetitive tasks;
  • flexible settings.

This application can be run in shared mode with other users. It has proven itself and is able to synchronize with other devices.

A simple application that allows you to create tasks and configure them. Users can group tasks into categories, synchronize with Google Tasks, and view a to-do list on different devices. The advantage of this program is the absence of extra options and a convenient widget for the main screen. The disadvantage is that the interface is not very convenient.

Now you know all the ways how to set a reminder on Android. You can share your findings among the organizer applications and ask questions in the comments. Be sure to share information with friends through social networks.