How to make a movie on the iPhone

How to capture video on your iPhone

This article compiles the best tips on how to shoot the perfect video on your iPhone.

The Apple Camera app is nice enough to use, but it’s not designed to record the highest quality video. That’s why it’s better to use third-party solutions for premium video recording. For example, Filmic Pro (available in the App Store). One of the most valuable features of Filmic Pro is the ability to select a high video bitrate. You can select 50.0 Mbps in FP. It’s much better than the default 24Mbps of iOS Camera. You can get a higher bitrate simply by not using the standard app. Besides, Filmic Pro allows you to record video with different frame rates, control the focus, exposure and other parameters on which the video quality directly depends.

Creating a project, uploading photos and videos to iMovie on iPhone and iPad

Click “Create Project” and choose the “Movie” element.

Your device display shows the content in your media library.

Check the photos or videos you want to merge and click “Create Movie.

After that you can immediately see them in the timeline, so you can start editing.

Tap the video or photo on the timeline. A yellow frame should appear around it. Move the frames on both sides to trim your video to the desired length. If you happen to delete an extra piece, you can undo your action by pressing the rounded arrow button on the right side of the screen.

If you want to divide the clip you’re editing into several small chunks, select the file, drag the vertical white bar to the desired location, and click “Split”.

To change the sequence of clips on the timeline, drag the highlighted video or photo to the desired location.

To add a new video or photo, click the “” button.

To remove unwanted uploaded photos or videos from the timeline, just click on them and drag them up. A dust cloud icon will appear in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.

Quik Editor by GoPro

Popular free utility (recommended by Apple) that makes it easy to create slideshows and clips from photos. You can use up to two hundred images for a single video. Thanks to the simplified interface, the process of editing fragments and the whole video becomes less time-consuming for the user.

27 different styles with theme-specific effects and transitions. Share finished videos right from the app on your social networking site.

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Sometimes there are questions about how to download ready-made videos to the gallery on the iPhone, but since iOS 14 and it is not difficult at all.

Built-in iPhone features

Throw yourself into the arms of nostalgia with the built-in features on the iPhone is easy. This is what “Memories” is for.

Movie “Memories”. automatically edited video, showing photos and videos selected from the gallery, complete with transitions and music. To view the movie, you need to:

Here you can choose the mood: dreamy, light or epic. The duration is also customizable.

To further personalize the “Memories” video, you need to click on the “Edit” button or the edit key. You can make edits to:

  • title;
  • cover;
  • The duration of the clip (short, medium or long);
  • photos and their order;
  • musical accompaniment.

Let’s look at possible problems in a Q&A format.

For several years I worked in the mobile phone shops of two major operators. Well versed in tariffs and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially Android.

make, movie, iphone

Yes. To do this on your iPhone, select photos for your future video. Then click the additional information button (three dots) and click on “Add to Memories.

Yes. In Edit settings, tap the share button and select the appropriate option to send (via Messaging, inbox, etc.).д.).

Yes. In the settings, click on the “Music” button. Select “My Music” and the desired song instead of “Sounds Tracks.

So, you can create a video from a photo using the default settings or through apps. The appropriate program is chosen solely on the basis of your own preferences.

Turn your live photo into a video with the Lively app

The App Store has an app called Live, it can help you save live photos as videos or GIFs so you can share your live photos with your friends on iMessage, Messenger. Slack, Tumblr, and others. It’s free and only available in the App Store for iOS devices.

Step 1 Open the App Store and search for Lively to download this free app to your iOS device.

make, movie, iphone

Step 2 Once you’ve downloaded Lively, open it and give it permission to access your photos.

Step 3 After that, this app will display all the live photos in the Photos app.

Click on the exact live photo you want to turn into a video, and you’ll see that there are three options for you. You can save your live photo as a GIF, Movie, and Frame. To convert a live photo into a video, select “Movie” and click the “Export Movie” button.

Step 4 Finally, you can save the converted video in the Photo app or share it via Tumblr, E-mail, Message, etc. Д.

You can also turn live photos into GIFs with this app. But this feature has a drawback. If you export a live photo as a GIF, the GIF image will contain a watermark. If you want to remove the watermark, you need to purchase this app for 2.99

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How to make a music slideshow (video from photos) in the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and share it

Apple offers two options for creating a slideshow.

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Choose the album you want to create a slideshow (movie). We learned how to create albums and folders in Photos in detail in this article.

Click the “-” icon in the upper right corner.

On the menu that appears, select “Play Video Memories.

A slideshow of album photos with music will start.

To change the slideshow settings, tap the screen. Choose a music option.

For more fine-tuning of the slideshow, press the “” button in the upper right corner and select the necessary tool in the popup window. Advanced options allow you to change the slideshow title, title image, etc.д.

In addition, the slideshow created will be placed in the “Memories” format in the “For You” tab of the Photos app.

In order to save the slideshow in video format to the Photos app or share it with friends, go back to the original screen (before pressing the “” button) and press the Share button in the lower left corner.

If the created slideshow contains a licensed song (soundtrack), the message “Can’t share song” will appear. In this case, click “Choose a soundtrack to share” and select another song.

In the menu that appears, select “Save Video”. The slideshow in video format will be saved in the Photos app.

A slide show on iPhone from photos with music

To save or download a slide show to your iPhone, or to share, you need to click on “Share.

If you use the second option, you need to:

  • select an album, check the first photo
  • highlight pictures;
  • Click on “Share.”
  • go to “Slideshow” (for previewing);
  • touch the screen;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • pick up a song from Apple Music or section;
  • define a style in the “Theme” section.

It’s important to know that videos can only be made and watched, you can’t save or send. In addition to showing on the gadget, you can stream to a TV equipped with an Apple TV set-top box.

To set your wallpaper as an animated slideshow on your iPhone desktop, you need iPhoto version 11 or higher and an iCloud account.

  • turn on “Photo Stream” in the settings (on “iCloud” and the switch);
  • turn on “Photostream” on the gadget (iPhoto, then on “Enable”);
  • Go to “System Settings”, then to “Desktop and Screensaver”, then to “Screensaver.

After selecting, you only need to select the parameters.

The iPhone 6s/6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus have “Live Wallpapers”. To use them, you need to turn on 3D Touch and tell the program the path to the photos.

  • enter “Live Wallpaper”, in the menu define a category;
  • scroll through and check the photo;
  • go to “Photos,” then “All Photos.”
  • Open a saved photo;
  • click on “Share”;
  • Click on “Wallpaper”, then “Live Photo” and “Install”;
  • then “Lock Screen”.
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The selected photo file will appear on the screen. Once pressed, it is required to hold down until an animation appears.

Top 5 video creation apps for Android devices


Magisto video creation and editing application is one of the best video makers with music for Android devices. The application has the ability to create slideshows from media files, such as images, soundtrack and pictures. The application is designed using a simple interface. Other features present in the app include automatic video stabilization, filters, facial recognition effect and transition. You’ll definitely enjoy using it.

AndroVid Video Editor

This is a professional photo video maker with music for Android that can help you cut, trim and add music anytime you create videos using this app on your Android phone. With this app it is easy to trim and delete any part of the video that is not required. This application gives you the ability to add text, frames and special effect to your videos. Other features of this app include free conversion of any video to mp3, slow motion playback of video clips and much more.

Video Maker Pro

Video Maker Pro. Is a movie studio app to make photo video on Android and edit, trim and add media files to your movie. It is easy to use and of course you won’t have any problems when using the app. It also has a slideshow creator that gives the effect of each image. It’s a terrific app with good user ratings.

Andromedia Video Editor

This video creation and editing app is one of the best tools to create and edit videos in different formats in a professional way. The app is free, and it can create high definition videos in 320, 480 and 720 pixels. It combines the same features of other video creation apps with some additional features such as support for other formats like MOV, WAV and others. It has a simple layout design, and it’s pretty easy to use.


One of the most popular video creation apps for users of Android and other platforms. It is generally considered to be the best app in this category with many great features and easy-to-use interface design. Other features of this app include transcoding your videos, capturing frames, and cropping. Although it’s not really free. However, there is a trial version to help you confirm if you really need it before you purchase the app.

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