How to make a home button on the iPhone screen

How to transfer the “Home” button to the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch screen

Apple has a wonderful function on devices from Apple that can help many users. Output of the physical button “Home” on the screen of the phone or tablet. This function can fully replace the main Home button when it fails.

The need for output “Home” buttons on the screen of the Apple device may occur for several reasons:

  • The main button has broken, worn out. This happens with used phones and tablets. So if there is no possibility of attributing the device to the service to the service, then there is only one thing left. Transfer the button.
  • This function can also be used if you want to stop using the physical button so as not to break and not damage it.
  • The breakdown is optional: perhaps, for some reason, it is more convenient for the user to press the button on the screen than on the case.

Why display the home button on the screen what is AssistiveTouch?

The virtual “Home” button, as an auxiliary part of the iOS operating system, performs several tasks at once:

  • Simplifies life to users with disabilities;
  • Allows at least for a while, but abandon the physical button located on the iPhone or iPad housing, in cases where it fails, junk or failure, needs to be repaired or does not affect the system when used;
  • Opens access to Siri, Apple Pay and an additional menu without using the Power button located on top or right;
  • Helps to save the device in its original form, literally abandoning interaction with the body. Surprisingly, it is easy to overcome the interaction through the screen. And, as practice shows, in Asian countries they are saved from constant wear of “Power” or “Home”. Is it really possible to escape from the need to pay for repairs. That is another question. It is unlikely that the Apple technique with proper operation will not withstand 3-4 years of stable presses on the buttons located on the case;
  • Assistivetouch is available on all Apple smartphones starting with the iPhone 3GS version.
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How to display a virtual tool on the screen?

In the latest versions of smartphones from the “Cupertinists” the key is not launched. And therefore, in order to correct the situation, you must use the special service responsible for this button. To start it, you must perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • Next, leaf through the list until you find a section with the name “common”, sometimes “basic”.
  • Open it and find the subsection under the name “Universal Access”. Here we move on to the main part of the instructions on how to display and how to remove the “home” button from the iPhone screen.
  • In the list that opens, find an option called Assistive Touch.
  • Open it.
  • After that, a slider will appear in front of you. Just transfer it to a state in which the green switch indicator will burn.
  • Then leave the “Settings” application to the smartphone desktop. Virtual button “Home” should appear on the screen.

Important! Using the active dragging function, you can place this element anywhere in the screen in which you will be comfortable.

No Home Button

In order to proceed to the instructions on how to remove the “homebutton from the iPhone screen, you need to consider another important point. It concerns additional settings for this tool.

How to Use Your iPhone With a Broken Home Button

home, button, iphone, screen

We display the “Home” button on the iPhone screen

As a rule, iPhone users need to display the “home” button to the screen due to its inoperability, which can occur as a result of software errors or hardware malfunctions.

    Open the settings on the phone and go to the “Main” section.
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Following the instructions from this article, you can easily display an alternative to the physical button “Home” and assign the necessary actions for it.

How to display the Home button on the iPhone screen

To output the system key to the screen, it is necessary to perform several simple actions:

After that, on the main screen you will see the AssisitiveTouch button. It will be displayed in each menu item so that the owner of the device can return to the desktop at any time. But by default, Assisitivetouch may be assigned another action. Therefore, in the function settings, it is important to check that the “Home” button is assigned behind it. If problems arise when performing the operation, refer to video instructions. In it, a similar process is set out in more detail and clearly.

As soon as all the settings are set, you can start using the Assisitivetouch functionality. Initially, the treasured circle is displayed at the bottom of the screen, but it is easily transferred to a different area by pressing and moving with swipe. Thus, the user sets the control element in the most convenient place without any restrictions.

Iphone settings allow you to configure the transparency of Assisitivetouch. The button can be made almost invisible or, on the contrary, as saturated as saturated.

How to install a home button on the iPhone screen

Installing the virtual button Home does not take much time. It is necessary to follow the following instructions that include:

  • Now on the screen there is a shortcut we need, which will allow you to use all the necessary functions. Assistive Touch also allows you to move the button to a convenient place on the iPhone screen.

But it may be that along the standard path you do not find Assistive Touch. The reason is simple: a new OS firmware has come out, so the menu items have changed somewhat. In order not to waste time traveling on a menu, use the search. To open the search bar you need to brush on the home screen from left to right. The search line is open, introduce Assistive Touch into it, and then use the above instructions to move the “home” button to the iPhone.

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You can find the search line through the settings. To open it, just swip from top to bottom. Just start the swipe just below the usual so as not to open the notifications in the iPhone. Further actions are standard.

How to display the “home” button on the iPhone screen

Apple believes that the “home” button on the iPhone screen can be useful only to users with specific requests. Therefore, the activation of this button was hidden in the “Universal Access” section.

Open the iPhone settings and go to the “Universal Access” section.

Assistivetouch. This is the “homebutton in understanding iPhone settings. Rather, this is a kind of analogue that is an assistant for the user.

home, button, iphone, screen

Activate the switch to enable AssistiveTouch.

Now there will be a special button on the screen, by clicking on which you can access various options. Among these options there is an option “Home”.

Thus, from the screen button, it becomes possible to press the “home” button, which can be convenient and useful.

How to disable the “home

Here the instruction will be described, similar to the above, but with the opposite purpose: if the need to use the “Home” button on the iPhone screen disappeared. The button will be disabled and disappeared from the smartphone’s desktop after performing the following actions:

This article gave instructions on how to turn on the “Home” button on the iPhone screen, how to turn off the button, and the reasons why this key can be broken is indicated. Knowing all this, each user will be able to independently understand the operation of his device without using the factory button Home.

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