How to make a calendar on your computer

Computer software to create calendars

Hello. I think that the importance of having a calendar in every home and with every person you will not dispute? How else will you know when it’s Underwater Chessman’s Day, for example?

Or take the end of the world. you can miss it without a calendar, and the ancient Mayans tried, scratched their calendar for you. Respect other people’s work, for Christ’s sake!

But the design of calendars is a really serious matter. Agree that the thing we constantly use and which we constantly have before our eyes (on the wall, desk or in our wallet) should be beautiful, pleasant to look at, easy to perceive and most importantly. be original and unique.

How to make a calendar

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There are many simple ways to make a beautiful calendar. If you need a calendar for work, you will probably use a special program or website. If you want to make a nice calendar for home, you can use some online template to order the printing of the calendar. If you want to be creative, you can handmade your own calendar out of paper or cardboard. This activity can be a great pastime for people of all ages.

  • It is probably best to opt for white cardboard or paper, since a white background will provide the clearest visibility of the calendar data, but you can also use yellow, blue, or other light colors.
  • As an option, you can use several colors of paper at once, so that the pages of all the months in the calendar are different from each other.

Fill in the names of months and days of the week and write the dates. Open the first worksheet and write “January” above it, turn the worksheet over and write “February” above the second worksheet. Continue in the same way until you list the names of all 12 months one by one. Write the names of the days of the week, beginning with Monday and ending with Sunday, in the top row of cells. Finally, copy the dates from another calendar for the same year to fill in the table. [2] X Source of information

Decorate all the top spread pages on your calendar. Use pencils, wax crayons, or markers to draw illustrations on your calendar. If you want to give the calendar a really decorative look, you can use glue and decorate it with sequins, feathers, and sequins. The calendar illustrations can relate to the seasons of the year (for example, you can draw pumpkins in October and New Year’s Eve in December) or be completely abstract. [3] X Source of information

  • For example, if it’s your sister’s birthday on May 6, cut out her picture and glue it to the appropriate cell on the calendar.
  • Use an image of a Christmas tree to mark December 31, use a St. George’s ribbon to mark May 9, for Easter take an image of painted eggs, and so on.
  • You can also put celebrity birthdays on your calendar.

Import the pictures you need from your hard drive or scanner. If you have images on your computer you want to use, upload them to the site using its built-in uploader. If you don’t have the pictures you want on your hard drive, you can scan them. You can also just download images from the Internet. Many people like to include their own photos and photos of their relatives and friends on their calendars, but you can also use funny pictures, pictures of famous artists or any other images you like for the calendar. [5] X Source of information

Decide exactly where to place your images. When you create your own calendar, you have the ability to choose exactly how to arrange the images on the calendar. Some sites allow you to post multiple photos in one month. Use the power of a customizable template, allowing you to beautifully place the images you’ve selected for your calendar. [6] X Source of Information

A specialized calendar for work and duty days

Creating a new calendar every month is a waste of time, but many people do it because they think they have to rebuild it to get the right weekends and holidays. But in fact, with a few formulas, 2 conditional formatting rules, 1 drop-down list and 5 lines of VBA code, you can create an automatic calendar that you don’t have to change.

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Create a list of months. Let’s start by writing the name of the employees in column A.

Before you move on to the next step, make sure that your toolbar has a “Developer” section. If not, add it:

Now select “Developer” “Insert” “List box”.

Now we need to create a list of months elsewhere on our worksheet.

Now connect the previously created “Field with list” element with this list of months:

A field with a list for each year.

Do exactly the same as in the previous step, but instead of months, enter the years you want. Under “Cell Relation” specify A2.

Write the first date with the function. Here we are going to reuse elements A1 (selected month) and A2 (selected year) and put them in the “DATE” function. This function looks like this: “=DATE(year; month; day)”.

So, for the year we set A22017 (A2 contains number 1, to get 2018 we need to add 2017 to it) and for the month we set A1. Write the resulting formula in cell B6 “=DATE (A22017;A1;1).

Stretch the date to the desired number of columns.

This step is very simple. We just have to add 1 to the previous cell to increase the day by 1. In C6, write the following formula and copy it to all other cells. The formula “= B61”.

Note! To stretch the formula and the other cells, grab B6 by the green square and literally stretch it by the number of cells you want.

Word templates

In recent versions of Word, a tool like ready-made templates is available. You can quickly create various documents, such as booklets, letters, business cards, calendars, etc. д.

To create a calendar using templates, click ” File ” in the toolbar and choose ” Other Templates.

This will open a catalog of templates. Here you type “calendar” in the search box and click the enter button.

As a result, templates for creating a calendar will appear in front of you. Some of the templates are already set up for the current year, and some allow you to select a year or month, after which the calendar is generated automatically.

Clicking on the template, you can view its description. If the template offers the user a choice of month, this will be indicated in the description. In order to create a calendar by the selected template, you should press the “Create” button.

If the calendar template assumes the choice of month or year, a menu will appear, in which you will be able to specify these data.

As a result you will get a calendar in Word, which you can edit, save as a file or print.

If the template was supposed to be customizable, a new tab ” Calendar ” will appear in the toolbar. On which you will be able to change the date or page design.

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Since the template is based on a table, you can also change the design of the created calendar through the table settings, which are available on the tabs ” Table Builder ” and ” Layout “.

Here you can change the colors used, edit lines, fills, etc. д.

Download Calendar Design

Destination: Great software for creating calendars on your computer
Program (Utility) Name: Calendar Design
Manufacturer (author): AMS Software /td>
Status: Free (trial version)
Category: Calendars
Installer size (archive): 160.4 MB
OS support: Windows XP,7,8,10
Interface Language: Russian
Security: No viruses
Related programs: Ultimate Calendar

Already described in detail and step by step the process of creating calendars in this program, so today I will pay attention only to some details that I forgot about last time.

Turns out that the Text tab has a nice and unusual feature. a huge collection of aphorisms that you can add to the calendar you create.

You can also easily customize the display of holidays in the program (change the background, font size and color, divide them into groups)

Absolute originality of the calendar can be achieved only by using in the design your personal photos from life (memorable dates, visited beautiful places)

Do not forget about convenient and useful panel at the bottom of the program window.

The manufacturers site also has its own description of how to work in the program (with ready examples), if you want. look at them.

Design Calendars is a paid program (it has a free trial period, without the ability to print created calendars) and many users may wonder why they would buy it to use it once a year?

  • By today’s standards it is very inexpensive
  • You have no friends and acquaintances (an original calendar is a wonderful gift for New Year holidays)?
  • You are the last year of your life (a hundred years to you)?

Now you know how to make a calendar with your own hands, go ahead. I suggest you watch a review video of the authors of the above program.

How to create a calendar in Word

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In this article, you will learn how to create a calendar in Microsoft Word on a Windows PC or Mac. You will need to use a calendar template from Microsoft to get the job done quickly, or create a calendar manually using a spreadsheet.

Wait for the calendar to load. When the template download is complete, it will automatically open in Microsoft Word.

Launch Microsoft Word. Find the dark blue icon with the white “W”. This opens the Word program’s home page.

make, calendar, your, computer

Set Month. Type the name of the month for which you want to create the calendar, then press ↵ Enter. Thanks to this, the name of the month will be shown above the calendar.

Open the Insert tab. The tab is on the blue ribbon at the top of the Word window. The Insert tab toolbar appears below the ribbon.

Create a table. Drag the mouse seven cells to the right and seven (or six, depending on the month) cells down, then left-click. A 7×6 (or 7×7) cell table will appear on the page and become your calendar.

Increase the size of the cells. Starting at the third horizontal line from the top of the calendar, pinch and drag the trimmer line down to enlarge the second row of cells. Repeat for all calendar rows until they are the right size.

Add the numbers. Select the cell that corresponds to the first day of the month, enter 1. Press Tab ↹ and enter the remaining numbers.

Enter the desired information. When all the numbers are in, add your events, holidays, appointments, and other information to the calendar. Select the cell with the corresponding date and press ↵ Enter. to start on a new line, then enter the name and details of the event.

Create other months. Add other months to the calendar. Place the cursor below the current month and press ↵ Enter a couple of times. and then repeat the steps above.

Create a calendar in Microsoft standard programs

You can download a third-party program or create a calendar online, but Microsoft has implemented a feature in its office products to create a calendar. Let’s look at ways to create a calendar in Word and Excel. Initially, let’s look at an example in Word 2010 (earlier and later versions of the program have this feature).

  • Calendar created. It now remains to fit the created calendar template to the desired date and year. To do this, you need to do the following: select the first cell (1 number). Delete or change to the desired. Next, use the “TAB” button to move through the following squares. The digit set there will be highlighted and you will be able to put the right date immediately.

Using Microsoft Word is easy. However, the only drawback is old templates with old dates that need to be manually edited. Although you can select the correct year in Excel and paste it into Word, where the table option is provided.

In order to create a calendar in Excel, you should do the following steps:

  • A calendar will appear. At the bottom, in the tabs, will be the right years. You can delete unnecessary calendar sheets by pressing the right mouse button and selecting the necessary command.

A calendar in both Word and Excel can be printed, saved, and sent by mail.

A program for creating calendars

This very good quality, user-friendly and understandable program is more than ten years old. It is actively being updated by manufacturers. they are constantly adding new backgrounds, templates, formats, styles and effects. For example, just recently a new version of Calendar Design came out.

These are just three annual templates, but here are three examples for the month.

Even lunar calendars can be made quickly and easily for yourself, relatives, loved ones or just friends as a gift.

Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket (one article won’t show all the options if I wanted to).

This great program really helps you make a totally unique masterpiece calendar with any background, any size, and any style.

How to use the calendar builder

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a calendar for free with Visme. Creating a shared link is also free. If you want to download a file in PDF format or as a high-resolution image, you need to go to the Standard Plan.

Our template library is growing and we currently have many options to choose from. Find a calendar style that fits your needs or create your own.

Yes! All templates are completely editable. You can change any element in any calendar template.

Of course. When you have a Brand Kit configured in Visme, it is available for all types of projects, not just calendars. To get the Brand Kit, you need to buy the standard plan.

Visme has hundreds of fonts ranging from fun and playful to professional and stern. If you have your own favorite fonts, you can download them and save them to your Brand Kit.

Yes, icons are a great way to mark off certain days on your calendar. You can also upload images to add to your calendar, to your header, or to individual dates.

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