How to Make a Blacklist on Phone

On this page we will try to briefly explain what a blacklist is on the phone and how to add a number to the black list on Nokia. And so let’s figure out why we need a blacklist on the phone, and we need it so that we can enter the phone number into which we do not want to answer. It sometimes happens that we sometimes do not want to answer some calls on the phone, for example, you gave someone your number, and then you would not want him to call you. But what to do in this case, do not constantly change your number because of one or two people whom you do not want to communicate with, so for this purpose they also came up with a black list function in the phone. Thanks to this useful feature, you can add unnecessary numbers to this list, so sometimes you get morons who randomly call different numbers or can torture you with their calls, and we also add such numbers to the black list.

Earlier, I myself simply did not pay attention to the black list on the phone and once noticed once that when I received an incoming call on my Nokia, there was no sound and vibration from the same number and so on every time. In the beginning I somehow didn’t pay much attention, but then I thought and decided that there was no sound due to some settings and looked at the melody settings on the contact and it turned out that the melody was there by default on this number. Then I looked at the general settings of the signals and everything is also in order there, but there is no sound on the phone with an incoming call from this number. Then I decided to find out what is the reason that there is no sound signal from one number and found out that the number was blacklisted in the phone, of course, I probably did it by accident or the children lost and added the number to the blacklist and I decided briefly about it write, maybe someone will come in handy.

Now let’s see how to blacklist a number on Nokia or how to remove a number from the black list on the phone. To add a contact to the black list on Nokia 108 and similar phones, there are several ways:

1) Open “Contacts” looking for the right one “Contact” press “Information” and choose “room” further “Functions” and “To filter list” done. Now the number is added to the blacklist of the phone.

2) Open “Settings” further “Call settings” further “Number filtering” choose “Functions” and add the number and confirm the action “OK”. In the same way, you can remove the number from the black list on the phone.

How to Make a Blacklist on Phone

3) On some Nokias, the blacklist settings function is located on the following path and is slightly different from the above methods. We go in “Settings” further “Protection” and further “Allowed Numbers”, default “All” you can add the allowed numbers to which you want to answer, all the others that are not in the list will be blacklisted, you may need to enter Pin2.