How to log in to zte router. It won’t turn on

How to change ZTE password, how to enter the router and reset the password

We need to know the internal IP address of your ZTE router before we can connect to it.

If you don’t see your router‘s IP address in the list above. There are two additional ways to determine the IP address of your router:

Now that you have the internal IP address of your router, we’re ready to go in.

ZXHN F660: Features and Quick Setup of the Router

Router ZTE ZXA10 F660 (ZXHN F660). is a very popular among Internet service providers router, which allows you to access the network simultaneously to several different devices. computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Below we will look at the features and characteristics of the router ZTE F660 and find out how to configure this device.

Distinctive features

ZXA10 F660 from ZTE. is a router and ONT terminal that connects to the optical network provider. It has a very wide range of functionality. In addition to the standard distribution of Internet via wired and Wi-Fi, you can connect two telephones to the device and use IP-telephony. In addition, it is possible to connect USB drives, there is support for IPTV. The router can also be used to organize local WEB and FTP servers.

In addition to advanced functionality ZTE F660 has a high reliability. This is a distinctive feature of all network equipment from this Chinese manufacturer. But along with the obvious advantages there are disadvantages.

In early ZTE router firmware the WPS mode was enabled by default. In short, it is a function of simplified access to the Internet for netizens. The operation of this mode in itself is not so scary. The bad thing is that WPS pin code is the same for the majority of ZTE routers. This poses a serious threat to network security. So before you start using the router, make sure that this mode is turned off. If it is not, it should be disabled with the appropriate button on the router.

This model has another vulnerability. If any user dials a user clicks “Backup Configuration”, it will download the configuration in XML format, not only with settings, but also with passwords. So if you have this router, you should be very selective about letting users into the network.


  • PON. designed to connect the provider’s single-mode optical cable via SC/APC interface, supports GPON standard;
  • LAN. RJ-45 sockets for connecting wired Ethernet devices at 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps (4 pcs.);
  • Phone. RJ-11 sockets for telephones (2 pcs.);
  • USB. Connectors that support connection of USB 2.0 (2pc).);
  • Power. input for 12 V power supply, the included power adapter is connected here.
  • ON/OFF. enables and disables the device;
  • Reset. when pressed briefly restarts the router, if pressed for more than 5 seconds the device is reset to factory settings;
  • WLAN. WLAN connection;
  • WPS. switch on WPS.

Router supports Wi-Fi speeds up to 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz, up to 4,000 Mac addresses, up to four SSIDs and 128 clients per network.


To configure ZTE F660 GPON, first you have to connect it to a fiber-optic network of the operator and to the computer which will be used for the configuration. This is done as follows:

  • Plug the power adapter into a regular electrical outlet 220 V, and the other end to plug it into the socket “Power” on the router.
  • Connect the optical cable from your ISP to the “PON” jack.
  • Plug the connector patch-cord (cord) or cable into the appropriate port on a computer or laptop, and the other end to the first “LAN” port on the router. LED of the router should light up.

If the LED does not light up, then the computer has not connected. Then you need to check the settings of your PC network card, replace the patch cord, or check the cable integrity.

Now you are ready to configure the router. Parameters of the optical connection must be configured by your provider. Here are the steps to start distributing Internet via Wi-Fi:

  • All the configuration of the router is done using an ordinary Internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.).). Therefore, you should launch this program and in the address bar enter This is the IP address of the router. Then enter your username and password. They are the same. by default admin.

Note from Botan. admin-admin. standard login-password on the factory router. One of our readers had to deal with the model in the processing from MGTS. The login data is different on it: login. mgts, password. mtsoao.

Now you can configure the device. At the top of the screen you will see the main menu with the following items:

In the menu “Network” select the item “WLAN” and subitem “Basic”. Further it is necessary to fill the data on this page correctly. In the drop-down list of “Wireless RF Mode” select “Enabled”. In the “Mode” list you should choose “Mixed (802.11b802.11g802.11n)”.

For Russia write down Russia. Other fields have to be filled in like below:

To save all the settings, it is necessary to press “Submit”.

Next, you need to find a submenu “Multi SSID settings”. It is on the left side. Here you need to fill in the fields “Choose SSID”. SSID 1, selecting the item “Enable SSID”, and in “SSID Name” to enter the name of the network invented by yourself. Do not forget to save the settings by clicking “Submit”.

Further down is the submenu “Security”. Here we fill in the following:

Here you need to come up with a password consisting of not less than 8 and not more than 63 Latin letters and numbers. Enter it in the “WPA Passphrase” field. Press “Submit” to save the settings.

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Simple passwords should be avoided to prevent unauthorized access to the network!

Now the router is configured and you can connect to it wirelessly.

To reduce the possibility of hacking “admin”, you need to change the password for the administrator. This is done in the admin section (last but one at the top), in the user management subsection. Everything there is simple and standard. First you will need to enter the old password, and then you will need to think up and save the new.

Let’s configure as a local WEB-server

Router F660 can be used as simple web-server. When a downloadable site with an INDEX file is prepared.HTM at the root, you should do the following:

Router configuration mgts gpon zte f660

Router ZTE ZXA10 F660. an advanced network equipment, necessary for connecting to the worldwide information network over a fiber optic line (technology GPON). In terms of its functionality, it is both an ONT terminal and a Wi-Fi router, capable of distributing the Internet via Ethernet cable as well as wirelessly to the end device.

In addition to the standard features of the router zxa10 f660 also provides the function of IP-telephony and the ability to create a local Web-server on the basis of the router.

And this article provides step-by-step instructions for configuring the router zte zxa10 f660 from mhts, and also considers some of the subtleties of connecting this device.

Router zte zxa10 f660: technical characteristics and design features

Router gpon ont zxhn f660 is an economical mobile Wi-Fi transmitter with a main operating frequency of 2.4 GHz.

The router’s functionality provides the data transmission speed of “Wi-Fi” up to 300 Mbit / sec., and the device supports up to 4 SSIDs with up to 128 users connected to each network at the same time.

Also, the router zte f660 supports WPS mode, so the device can be used to expand the WI-FI zone of another router.

On the back of the router are located:

  • – standard LAN sockets for connecting to zxa10 f660 devices via Ethernet cable;
  • – Two POTS jacks for IP telephony (to connect the RJ-11 telephone cable);
  • – Two USB-connectors for connecting external devices (incl.ч. to upgrade the device firmware and to organize a local Web-server);
  • – POWER socket to connect the power adapter;
  • – WLAN and WPS on/off buttons;
  • – RESET button to reset the router to factory defaults;
  • – router on/off button.

GPON socket for connecting a provider-provided fiber optic cable can be located both on the back and on the side of the zte f660 router.

Connecting a zte f660 modem

Plug the power adapter (supplied with the device) into a 220V power outlet, and its plug into the socket designed for it on the back panel.

Plug the optical cable with the green plug into the port designed for it, and the other end into a socket.

Insert the plug of the patch cord (Ethernet cable) into one of the four LAN sockets, and its other end into the socket of the network card of the computer, which will be used to enter the settings of the Mgts gpon router zte zxa10 f660.

When connecting the router to a PC on the front panel of the device the indicator corresponding to the active LAN-connector must light up. If this does not happen, it is recommended to check the network card settings on this PC.

Connection, testing and setup of optical communication is usually performed by the specialists of the company providing communication services.

If you install the optical modem zte f660 by yourself, then call the service provider, ask to configure the equipment and follow the instructions of the specialist.

Run any Internet browser you have on your computer and enter http://192 in the address bar.168.1.1.

In the appeared field indicate the login: admin, password: admin and enter the settings for your device.

In the window that will open there will be a menu with the tabs: “Status”, “Network”, “Security”, “Application”, “Administration”.

Go to “network” tab, “WLAN” submenu and its subsection “Basic”.

  • In the column “Wireless RF Mode” select the option “Enabled.
  • – Then “Mode” should be set to “Mixed802.11bgn”.
  • – Country/Region”. “Russia”.
  • – “Chanel”. “Auto”.
  • – “Transmitting power”.”100%”.

Press “Submit” button and then go to “Multi-SSID Settings” subsection.

  • In the column “Choose SSID” select “SSID1”.
  • – Check the “Enable SSID” box (Make sure the other SSIDs are unchecked).
  • – Think of a name for your network and write it in the “SSID Name” field.

Click “Submit” button again and go to “Security” subsection.

  • Here in “Choose SSID” select the first option.
  • – In “Authentication type” set WPA2-PSK.
  • – Think up Wi-Fi network password and enter it into the “WPA Passphrase” field.

Password should be unique and contain at least 8 Latin characters. Standard and easily chosen password (for example, house address) is not recommended to set it, to avoid unauthorized connections to your WI-FI network.

Then click “Submit” to save your settings.

How to change the password from mhts zte f660 router?

To set a unique administrator password to be used to enter the settings of the mhts gpon zte zxa10 f660 router, go to “Administration” menu and “User Management” submenu.

It is also recommended to turn off the WPS function before operating the zte f660 router. For this press the relevant button on the back of the device.

Default password and user name of ZTE router

You need a username and password to log in to ZTE. All default usernames and passwords for ZTE are listed below.

H220N HPN Blank
MF28B None None
MF65 None Smartbro
MF923 None Attadmin
MF93D Admin Admin
Unite US Unknown Unknown
Z-917 None Admin
Z288L Admin Printed on router
ZXHN H208N Cytauser Cytauser
ZXHN H298N User User
ZXV10 W300 On On

Enter your user name and ZTE password in the appeared dialog box.

What is GPON technology: the principle of GPON router

GPON stands for Passive Optical Networking (PON), it also stands for Gigabit (G). Hence the first feature of this connection method. speed of 1 Gbit/s or higher. To compare, even 100 Mbit/sec speed is more than enough for very comfortable watching 4K video, playing online games (for example, World of Tanks) and for other purposes.

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Another feature of GPON. simultaneous connection to the Internet not one but ten or more users through one optical terminal (this is the name of the router which works with this technology).

An optical terminal turns the fiber optic link your ISP gives you into an Ethernet link

An optical terminal turns a fiber optic signal into an Ethernet signal. Each ONT comes with various functions ranging from the smallest router to the full-fledged router (with IPTV, telephony, USB memory sticks, etc.). д.).

What else you need to know: It’s not profitable for ISPs to lay a solid fiber optic cable from their station to a subscriber’s apartment or home. To recoup the cost, the company splits the signal in some areas of the line. Optical splitters are used for splitting. These devices turn a single fiber into several (three, five, nine, etc.). д.). Such devices in case of ETTH connection technology, for example, were switches, or switches in other words: fiber optic cable was laid up to the subscriber’s home and standard copper cable was laid up to the subscriber’s apartment.

Table: advantages and disadvantages of the technology

Pros of Cons
High channel capacity. you can connect several services at once, which will work qualitatively (telephony, digital TV, high-speed “Internet”). The fiber is very easy to bend. it is easy to damage, so it is not laid throughout the apartment. terminals are installed in the hallways. If they lay it, then under the baseboards, and it is already more expensive in time and money.
If you have an alternative power source for the optical terminal, when the power goes out (even across the city), you can access the Internet. If there are pets in the apartment, you need to hide the wires from them, because, again, they are thinner. a pet can easily chew through the cables.
There is no electrical voltage in optics. moisture will not affect it (within reasonable limits). The cost of fiber optic connection is quite high compared to other technologies.
High speed connection. already talked about in the previous section.

How to enter the router zte


To access the WEB interface of the given optical terminal (modem, router, access point, etc.) you must configure the following options.д.) you need to know the login and password.

For each profile there are basic login/password sets which are set by MGTS company by default.

Profile: User Option 1 Login: user Password: user

Variant 2 Login: WI-FI network name (default / Default), for example MGTS_GPON_D790 Password: WI-FI default password, like 26k265kc (usually the last 8 characters of the MAC address, in small characters)

Profile: Unknown profile, maybe. Administrator Login: root Password: admin

As of early 2018, there is only one default profile available to the user in the terminal for terminal settings: Profile: User, Option 2.

The administrator profile (mgts/mtsoao) is disabled by default, but can be temporarily turned on via Telnet or by calling tech. support of the provider company and ask to activate this profile. But when you restart the terminal, the profile will shut down again for permanent access through it.

Sometimes you need to reset terminal settings to defaults, but WEB interface passwords don’t fit, and often the Reset button is not helpful here. Usually Reset button on this terminal just loading a previously created file with settings instead of the current one. Then do the following: Via LAN or WI-FI go to “Russia Version” is set by default, select “Default Version” from the drop-down list and click Submit. After restarting the terminal, repeat the operations in reverse order, selecting the “Russian Version” mode, after the next restart the terminal settings are reset to Default, and you can try to use the default passwords-

Turn on the administrator profile (mgts/mtsoao) or assign administrator rights to the profile: User via Telnet.

How to connect the router zte mf920

Not all providers, even in large cities, provide Internet access to private suburbs, remote high-rise buildings, not to mention small towns and villages. To solve the connection problem, residents of such settlements find a way out by using high-speed mobile Internet. Router ZTE MF920 is just able to provide a stable connection and gives the opportunity to connect up to 8 devices wirelessly.

  • supports GSM and LTE standards;
  • Information transfer rate up to 50 MB / s, depending on the standard;
  • It is possible to use almost all mobile operators in Ukraine and Russia;
  • Working with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, all existing mobile platforms, as well as the ability to connect game consoles (Sony Playstation, Xbox);
  • The range of the wireless network is up to 10 meters;
  • 2000 mA/h battery.

Router ZTE MF920 is based on the Wisefone 7520 processor, which the manufacturer has specially developed for devices of its own production. It is characterized by high performance and low power consumption, which allows you to increase battery life.

The router itself can be considered a budget option, because its cost is about 40. At the same time, the technical qualities are almost no inferior to more expensive similar devices.

The external design of this model looks quite stylish and modern. It comes in two colors: black and white. As a rule, the first variant is sold in the cellular company Megafon, and the second in Beeline, although this is the only external difference between them.

Switching on and setting up

To begin with it is necessary to fully charge the router and insert the SIM-card into the slot provided for this purpose. After that, you need to turn it on and search for Wi-Fi routers on any mobile device, computer or laptop that has a wireless network adapter. By default, its name will be Beeline_NNNN or MegafonMR150-5-MMMMMMM, depending on which cellular operator store you bought the device from. In order to make a connection, you need to dial the access key, which is indicated on the case.

To change the default settings, connect the router to the device and open its web interface in any browser. Dial the address or for the Beeline or megaphone router, respectively. The password is admin, but you can change the password to.

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If you purchase this device from one of the cellular operator’s branded stores, you may have difficulty connecting to the Internet using another operator’s SIM card. The thing is that such “branded” models are firmwareed in such a way that it is impossible to connect to other networks, for example to MTS, i.e. the device is blocked.

Previously, nothing could be done about it and this device was really only available for specific operators, and when you insert another SIM card, a message appeared that you need to enter the code NCK. Now you can find such a code on special sites, which provide such information.

All you need is to know the device IMEI, which consists of 15 digits, and can be found on a sticker on the back of the router, or you can use Web interface, which also has this data.


  • ZTE MF920 router;
  • USB cable, which is needed to recharge and connect to a computer or laptop;
  • instruction manual;
  • configuration guide.

It is worth mentioning that charging from the mains is not included, but you can buy it at any specialized store.

Why buy a ZTE MF920 router and not similar devices?

  • With a full charge, this device is able to distribute the Internet up to 6 hours, besides, it can be recharged from the cigarette lighter in the car.
  • Its functionality is in no way inferior to the stationary routers, which provides full configuration, differentiation of rights, and data transmission is protected by WPA and WEP technologies.
  • Small size allows you to place it anywhere, even in the car it will not interfere.

Router ZTE MF920 is ideal for those who often travels with family or friends. Thanks to it, you can always be online and quickly open the necessary sites. Also for some people this is the only way to get access to the global network, because of the lack of cable coverage of one of the providers. And if we take into account that its price is not high, then we can say that this is not a luxury item, but a necessary attribute.

Router settings

To set up GPON-router ZTE ZXHN 670 from MGTS you need to do the following manipulations (the sequence of actions can slightly differ depending on the firmware version)

  • Connect PC or laptop with Ethernet cable to the router by inserting the cable into LAN port.
  • Open any web browser on your computer. In the address line type the IP-address of the router:
  • Enter login and password. user / user (or admin / admin) on the web-interface page and click “Login” interactive button.
  • After authorization the user will go to “Status” tab, where the model, serial number of GPON-router and other basic characteristics of the device are listed.
  • Select Network Interface (“Network”) tab on the left side menu of ZTE web interface.
  • Go to WLAN 2.4G and set the Wireless RF Mode (“Enable Wireless RF”) to Enabled or a checkbox in later versions of the web interface.
  • Click the Submit button (“Submit”).
  • Enter Multi SSID Settings tab to select local network ID. In the Choose ID (“Choose SSID”) column, the default setting is SSID1. You can replace it with 2, 3 or 4.
  • If you want to hide your Internet access point from unauthorized persons, you need to check the Hide ID option (“Hide SSID”). To turn it on. / off. You have to activate Enable SSID option. In the Max Clients (“Number of Users”) column, you can limit the ability to connect devices from 1 to 32 at the same time, and in the SSID Name, set any name you like for your access point.
  • To set up encryption you need to enter Network tab at the top of ZTE web interface in the browser (near the status). Select WLAN side menu, Security (“Security Settings”) subsection.
  • Change the data encryption specification using the Authentication Type option. ZTE router supports multiple encryption algorithms: public key and system, WPA- and WPA2-PSK, WPA-WPA2, and default value. WPA / WPA2-PSK.
  • In the menu item “WPA Passphrase” you must specify the code for the WPA network encryption, which can include from 8 to 63 lowercase and uppercase Latin letters, numbers and symbols. It is recommended to choose the password length of 10 symbols or more, use complex combinations, such as @AgHl13p7d or P@#mCSn8809eH. Using a secure password means you won’t have to worry about “unauthorized” users sneaking access to your Wi-Fi router.
  • You can select WPA TKIP or AES as the data encryption algorithm in the “WPA Encryption Algorithm” column.
  • Remember to hit the Submit button after making changes, to have them take effect.
  • Restart your router and try to connect to the Internet.
  • To set up the Internet connection on your PC or laptop Click on the wireless network icon located on the taskbar.
  • To find in the list of available connections the name of your access point, click on it with the left button of the mouse and press on “Connect”.
  • Enter router password.
  • To connect automatically in the presence of a Wi-Fi access point, it is necessary to tick the box “Connect automatically”.

If everything has been done correctly, you will have no problem accessing the Internet. If you could not configure the equipment yourself, then please refer to.


Choose “setup wizard” on the start page of the router.

Set the values as on the screenshot

Enter PPPoE username and password

Choose a port for IPTV service

If you want to change WI-FI settings, specify a new network name and password.

Save the settings, the router needs 120 seconds to save, then the router is ready to use

If you need more detailed settings or want to configure VoIP, you have to enter ZTE ZXHN H298A router under superadmin:

Password: Zte531zTE@fnXXXXX where X is last 5 digits of serial number (or Zte531zTE@dsl)

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