How to Log in to Viber Phone

How to Log in to Viber Phone

Install Viber on the computer
(without smartphone).

1. Take from a friend a smartphone on Android, Windows or iOS.
If Viber was installed previously, uninstall it, saving the data.

2. Insert your SIM card.

3. Add the contacts you need to the mobile phone’s address book, because when you install on your PC, the contacts from the phone’s address book will be added.
(Alternatively, you can connect your Gmail profile in which your contacts are stored!)

5. Install Viber on the PC according to the instructions from the answer “How to install viber on a computer”.

6. Turn off Internet access on your smartphone and uninstall Viber. we don’t need a smartphone anymore!

Congratulations, the installation is finished.

activation is valid only for a month, then you need to do the above operation again.

Other Viber Questions

This circuit does not work.

As soon as a friend installs his vibe on a smartphone.

Your from pc “crashes”((

Author, what the fuck is a smartphone? The question is: how to register without a phone

in a different way! This application was originally created for the phone. And not a PC. Thanks to the author for the work of trial and error.

In general, for those who have the same problem as mine, how to install vibera on a computer without an android, and so on! I downloaded the emulator for android here!

Then I still had to register for google play, it’s not difficult, the main thing is to write your real phone as there will be a confirmation request with a code!

After which we open the emulator prog there is a bunch of all sorts of games, etc. but there is a search click on it!

looking for Viber, there were difficulties because I simply didn’t switch to English, I took it stupidly and wrote all the words and data that I need in the notebook and this is my data on the puffs. Well, actually the Viber word itself used ctrlc ctrlv to insert the words I need where the program is asking! The program will help download the vibe androyd and register in it as well with a request for confirmation of a phone number!

after which I stupidly downloaded the viber program on the computer and also entered my phone number there!

everything plows the code only entered into the computer the one that first came from the vibe, since the couple didn’t send it again, but he also crooked!

after which he demolished the emulator and with a smile on his face began to look for the contacts I needed manually!

I hope infa will help you and even on the emulator website download the current emulator since the rest of the actions personally did not bring results to me! Good luck!

Please tell me, After installing the vibe on bluestacks, the vibe stupidly crashes and does not work, it has already been reinstalled repeatedly. As a modem for the Internet, a push-button phone acts. in which there is a SIM card for reg. tion of vibe.
How to be.