How to Listen to Music on Iphone 7

In September of this year, Apple introduced the iPhone 7. Apple fans were looking forward to the expensive and modern gadget. Unambiguous sympathy in such a gadget was caused by positive internal changes, such as a waterproof case, a new generation camera and a powerful A10 processor.

How to Listen to Music on Iphone 7

The main perplexing innovation of this model was the lack of a familiar 3.5 mm headphone jack. Fans of the company, having learned in advance about such a prospect, were very worried. Many Internet users decided to sign an appeal to Apple asking them not to remove the connector. Whatever it was, but the manufacturer still released a smartphone without the usual connector, puzzling its customers with the question: how to listen to music on the iPhone 7?

Ways to listen to music on iPhone 7

Apple has changed the way you listen to music on the new iPhone 7. Is it good or bad? Need to figure it out.

The new “seven” deprived of the familiar and convenient 3.5 mm headphone jack, so charge iPhone 7 and simultaneouslybut you won’t be able to listen to music through headphones. The desperate expectations of Apple fans in creating wireless charging also did not materialize. Many will have a question: what then to do with their beautiful and expensive headphones from the previous model? Alternatively, throw away or sell. But there is a way. Apple offers options for those who are sensitive to these changes. So, how do you listen to music on Apple’s new smartphone.

  1. Headphone adapter It connects to the Lightning port, and this will help to use old headphones. Such an adapter is not difficult to operate. Replacing it is simple and not expensive.
  2. Enjoy music with AirPods wireless headphones, the presence will delight users with its range, but whose cost is not small.
  3. Bluetooth adapter This is not a large Bluetooth clip, which has a 3.5 mm output. You can connect any headphones with such a jack to it. As an example, among many headsets you can bring a EuroBird headset. For its operation, the clip needs to be charged and inserted into the headphones. Then turn on the clip and bluetooth on the phone. The clip can be attached to clothes. After seven hours of operation, it will need to be charged. Any “music” fan of Apple will be pleased with such a device.

In the case of a categorical rejection of headphones with an analog output, a special adapter is included in the “seventh iPhone” model, which is included in the kit.

Although not everyone is comfortable with these methods, now it’s more or less clear how to listen to music on iPhone 7. Apple is determined to improve modern technology, thereby saving us from wires.

The developers of the gadget iPhone 7 want to make it a phone that is devoid of analog interfaces. We need to find out who will benefit from it. In this case, the suppliers of accessories and Apple itself will benefit.

Advanced buyers, of course, will experience inconvenience in such circumstances, which is inevitable when moving to a new technological era.

Opinions about the lack of a connector for listening to music on iPhone 7

The lack of headphone holes caused a lot of noise. Opinions on this subject were divided both among ordinary users and experts.

As a defender, the well-known journalist Jim Dalrymple from The Loop expressed the opinion that Apple, by abandoning the audio jack, will significantly improve the quality of music played in all new devices. This will push the IT industry towards faster quality development.

Well-known Internet entrepreneur Jason Kalakanis opposed Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Kalakanis completely disagrees with the rejection of the audio jack in Apple’s smartphones.

“Refusing the connector and forcing people to make a choice between charging the device and using it is complete incompetence,” Kalakanis said.

The opinion of Jason Kalakanis partly has some truth. In response to this, representatives of the respondent company called the connector for familiar listening to music in headphones “archaic and bulky”.

Be that as it may, but all this makes active smartphone users experience inconvenience while charging and listening to music, since the smartphone has only one Lightning port. But do not despair, Apple together with Belkin accessories manufacturing company have developed a special Lightning Audio Charge RockStar adapter, with which it is possible to simultaneously charge a smartphone and listen to music.