How To Listen To Music On Huawei

You can believe it, you can not believe it, but almost every modern smartphone or tablet on Android FM has its own radio. That is, built-in. But hidden from the user. That is, from us.

over, in order to turn on this receiver and use it normally, you do not need any root-s and other jailbreaks, which the manufacturers do not approve of. You can get by with the usual mobile application.

And we about, of course we will tell. Right now.

So, first a couple more questions. Firstly, why does the manufacturer equip a smartphone or tablet with Android FM receiver and does not indicate it in the specification of the device, that is, nothing tells him about the user. And secondly, what is the use of such an ancient invention as an FM receiver in a new smartphone, when using a suitable application (there are a lot of it) you can stream music to FM stations from all over the world.

Let’s start with the last one. Streams “eat” expensive mobile traffic very well and efficiently, unlike the FM receiver (it also eats, but several times less).

Plus, to play music in streaming mode, the smartphone needs to use serious computing resources, which ultimately results in accelerated battery discharge and a significant reduction in the battery life of the device. In other words, you have to charge it more often.

And one more important point: in the catalogs of stations of popular FM applications (such as, for example, TuneIn or iHeartRadio), you most likely will not find your local FM radio stations.

How To Listen To Music On Huawei

But through the “native” Android FM radio in your smartphone. easily, and you will listen to music in normal quality, without compression, preloads and constant counting of spent megabytes of traffic.

And as to why the smartphone or tablet should be equipped with an FM receiver, it can be assumed that this is one of the requirements of Android for compatible equipment, even if later the user does not have access to this function in the OS itself.

And, obviously, manufacturers of Android smartphones have no longer considered the FM-receiver to be something that can be earned on, because new devices are not equipped with the appropriate applications. Thus, the FM-receiver in the Android-smartphone or tablet is, but actually in a deactivated and useless form for the user.

As we have already said, special “hacker” sophistication is not required for this. Enough and the usual application. It is called NextRadio. The program is free, but with ads advertising. Before you download it, it is better to look at list of compatible devices. As of now, NextRadio is officially operating in the United States, Canada and Latin America. In our area through the PlayMarket is not distributed, because you can install it so far only through the APK-file, for example, From here.

Nevertheless, if you are not in the States right now, or if you did not find your phone in the list, you can still test the program. By the way, if it does not detect the built-in circuit of the FM receiver, it will automatically offer you a list of stations that can be listened to in streaming mode.

Yes, and NextRadio also needs an antenna. It can be any headphones or even just an audio cable (it is not necessary to listen to music only through headphones), which can be connected to a standard 3.5-inch audio jack of a smartphone. The application allows you to output sound to a speaker or an external speaker, if one is available, but not via a Bluetooth channel, but through a wire. In this case, the external speaker cable will be used as an antenna instead of headphones.

As for mobile traffic, NextRadio consumes little in FM mode, exactly as much as it takes to download station logos, album covers, and other graphics. And even such traffic can always be turned off in the settings (Settings. Interface Tuner Only mode)

You can’t say about embedded advertising. It cannot be turned off in any way, and it remains to perceive it as a small fee for using a new musical feature in a smartphone or tablet.