How to link google to your phone

To connect the app to your Google Account?

In the top right corner of the page, click on the profile photo. If you’d like to use a different account, please select Sign out and sign in. On your Android phone or tablet. New device.

Open the login page of the desired service (for Google accounts. Enter your username (up to “”). Enter your passwordCommon problems

Data and personalization

This tab collects settings for Google services so that they “adjust” to your preferences and interests. Т.е. Google simply collects as much information about any user as possible and uses it for its own purposes, including advertising.

Privacy settings

One thing to check first is your privacy settings.

  • Personalize your experience with Google services: app history and web search. Google keeps track of what apps you use, what sites and services you visit on the web, and remembers all your search queries;
  • Your location history. Google always knows where you are and keeps a history of where you’ve been. Т.е. essentially creates a map of your movements, which you can view on Google Maps;
  • information from your devices. Here you allow Google to save all personal data (contacts, calendar, notes, music) in your Google account;
  • Voice control history. When you give voice commands to Google or Assistant, your voice is automatically recorded. The company uses this information to improve its voice recognition service;
  • YouTube search history. Saves your entire browsing and keyword search history for all your videos. This lets Google recommend relevant videos for you to watch (based on your interests).
  • Set YouTube access settings: subscriptions and videos you like. Choose who has access to your videos and subscriptions, as well as your favorite videos and playlists;
  • YouTube action feed. You can allow/disallow to show your actions on the channel. I advise you to turn everything off;
  • Privacy settings for videos. When you upload a video to YouTube, you can make it personal, t.е. no one will see it. only you.
  • Set your Google preferences

    Turn on the options you think you want Google to keep:

    • App and web search history. Т.е. What programs and games you play on your smartphone, what sites you visit History of all your searches.
    • Location history. Google records all the places you’ve visited recently on a map. This can be a month, six months, a year, or more.
    • Voice control history. Record your voice, voice commands to Google Assistant and search engine.
    • Device information. information about your contacts on your phone.
    • YouTube search history: what videos you’ve seen and liked.

    Attention! You can always delete your entire history in your account settings (click on any category, then select Manage History). If you want to keep your personal preferences and places you’ve been to private, manually erase your past history and turn off all options.

    Activities and timeline

    Here you can edit or delete your saved activities (sites visited, videos viewed online) and your location history.

    The Google Maps app and History section opens, so you can see in chronological order where and when you were at a location. For example, you can track where your child, spouse, or girlfriend goes.

    Your activities and data

    You can see what services you’ve used and what information you’ve saved about them in your Google Account. You can manage the history of searches on the Internet and on YouTube.

    Personalize ads

    Here everything is clear. You either allow Google to show ads based on your interests, or you don’t. only on a general basis.

    Based on all collected data Google creates your ad portrait. Click “Customize Ads” to see what Google thinks of you. For example, here is my ad portrait: age, gender, popular sites, and my interests.

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    You can tweak your settings if they’re wrong.

    Disk storage

    Here you’ll find statistics about your use of Google Drive cloud storage. 15GB available by default. enough to back up all your phone data (except media files. better to save them on a memory card or computer).

    Connecting and setting up your Google Account

    First you need to go to “Applications” menu.

    Next, select “Setup”.

    Go to the “Accounts/Accounts and Synchronization” menu:

    Next, press the “Add account”/”Add account” button:

    The following question will pop up: “Add an existing account or create a new one?”If you are already registered at Gmail, choose: “Existing”, but if not, click on “New”.

    You will see in front of you the fields for the name and surname, which will become your signature in emails:

    After filling in, click “Next” button:

    Now you need to enter your mailbox name. If the name you have chosen is already occupied by someone else, then you will have to think up another one, or choose one of the options the program offers.

    Once you have entered the name of your email account, click “Next”:

    You have to think up a password, which must be at least 8 characters long. Your password should also include numbers and letters in different cases (lowercase and uppercase), only this way you can be sure it will be secure.

    After entering the password, click “Next” again:

    You will be prompted to select the appropriate question and specify the answer, so that if you lose your password, you can restore your account.

    You can join the number of users of the social network “Google” or skip this step (you can join later).

    Now you need to set up your web search history, and decide if you want to have Google news notifications sent to the email account you have created.

    At this stage, you will be asked to enter the suggested phrase from the image.

    You’ll need to decide if you want to link your credit card to your account to make future purchases (this step you can also save for later).

    Now that you’ve successfully signed in to your account, you’ll be taken to the “Synchronization” section, where you’ll need to tick all the checkboxes.

    This completes the registration process successfully.

    Now you can use your Gmail and Gmail contacts at any time with Internet connection, browse Google Maps, participate in Google Talk chat, enter YouTube and watch videos, download various applications from Play Market, use Google search engine and synchronize calendar entries on your smartphone with Google Calendar.

    If you still have questions, use the comment form! Thank you!

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    How many google accounts can there be?

    Description All managed accounts, regardless of spending level, can be linked to a maximum of 85,000 non-managed accounts, including active, inactive, and closed.

    Log into the Google admin console. Use an administrator account (it doesn’t end in In the search box, type in your name or email address. In the list that appears, select the account you want and click on it to go to the corresponding page.

    How to connect Google Play with your Android device

    Every day there are an incredible number of devices with the Android operating system, the creator of which is Google. Android users get access to the specialized Google Play store, analogous to App Store for Apple users. Usually all devices have access to Google Play, but there are exceptions and this applies to too low-budget models of little-known manufacturers. So, how to connect Google Play to your Android device?


    • Because Google Play is a service provided by Google and in order to get connected to the app store it is enough to have a Google account (for example if you have Gmail, then you have an account). If you don’t have one, then you need to register and create, for example, the same email account. You can do this by going to
    • Now we have a Google account. The first time you turn on your Android device, you should see a notification that asks if you have an account. Since we already have one, enter your username and password. now your device is connected and synchronizes with Google.
    • To use the app store, just go to the standard Play Market app and download or buy the apps you like.
    link, google, your, phone

    Creating a site. Site Promotion. Earn money on the site.

    Losing access to email, documents, and photos is an unpleasant event in itself. Set up your account recovery options to get you back into your account quickly and safely.

    You do not need to give a backup email address or phone number. But you may need it if you forget your password or your account gets hacked. Use these to quickly restore access.

    No access to your account? You can get it from the Google account recovery page.

    How to change your Google Account on Android

    You need a Google Account not only to access your Gmail, but also other Google products. You can’t download apps from Play Store, use Google Drive, or back up data on your device (including passwords, usernames, and media files) without it.

    One account can be used on different devices. This is convenient if you want to set up data synchronization. If the Android device is used by more than one person, or if you just want to change the account to a new one, then we will tell you how to do it.

    Transferring music, photos and other files

    Here we get to the transfer of media content and personal files. If the new phone will be installed a memory card from the old one, which is often the case, it is enough to copy the necessary files from the phone memory to the memory card.

    Or you can use your Google Drive to copy your files from your old phone to your computer, and then to your new phone. A guide on how to transfer a file from your phone to your computer will help you.

    Disconnecting via settings

    The function of sharing information with the cloud is very useful, especially when working with multiple smartphones or changing the cell phone. Depending on the settings you choose, will be uploaded:

    Synchronization with other installed services and applications from third-party developers is available. It depends only on the number of products and type of products. The algorithm of the action is not different from how to remove synchronization from the Google account on Android.

    We go to the system settings of the phone. You can do this with the gear icon in the notification bar or with the “All apps” menu.

    Press the line “Accounts”. Shows apps that use the cloud pairing feature and Gmail addresses that are tethered to your phone. In our case there are 4 profiles linked to the smartphone, choose the right one. To completely disable the function, you’ll need to repeat the action with each mail.

    Recommended: Connecting the phone as a Flash card

    In the panel that opens, you can delete the account. Choose “Synchronize accounts”.

    Set all the sliders to inactive state. To make the changes take effect, click on the icon with three dots and in the contextual menu click on “Synchronize”.

    Important: for all data to be updated, the smartphone must be connected to the Internet. Do not know how to give Wi-Fi from your smartphone to your laptop? Read “How to Share Wi-Fi from Your Phone to Your Laptop”.

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