How To Know Which Version Of Android On Phone

Bluetooth is a fairly straightforward technology for wireless data transmission, but it also has technical difficulties. For example, how do I know the bluetooth version on android? Is this version compatible with previous or next? What is the difference between different versions? We will analyze these technical points in the current material.

How to find out the bluetooth version on an android phone?

The easiest and most convenient way to find out which version of bluetooth is installed on your gadget is to look at the information on the network.

How To Know Which Version Of Android On Phone

First of all, look at the availability of this module in the “Standard” item. If the seller did not indicate the Bluetooth model in this paragraph, then go to the line “Interface”. all communication standards are presented here, including the version of the “blue tooth”.

What other ways are there to find out the bluetooth version of a phone?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to “About phone”.
  3. Open section.
  4. Find the line “Processor”.
  5. Enter the processor model in the search query.
  6. Open Wikipedia.
  7. View the bluetooth version.

The second way to find out which Bluetooth is built into the gadget is to use the “Settings” of the gadget. In many devices, developers add information about all the hardware installed on a smartphone or tablet.

Go to the Settings app, go to the very end of the list and turn on the Help menu. After that, open the “Hardware Information”. This paragraph contains the following characteristics:

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  • CPU
  • GPS version;
  • RAM
  • Battery version;
  • Version

Alas, this method is far from ideal, because: a) in modern versions of Android there is no such function for viewing the hardware characteristics of the gadget; b) the Bluetooth version may be reflected in an incorrect form (for example, instead of version 4.0, is displayed, and the user does not understand what bluetooth is installed on him).

Why do you need to know your version of Bluetooth on your phone?

Good question. Still, most gadget users are not interested in such topics, but in some cases it is useful to know your version of Bluetooth. We have already figured out how to find out which version of bluetooth is on the phone, but why do we need this information?

Secondly, the acquisition of a gadget with support for Bluetooth Low Energy. Chinese “masters” are able to create portable equipment that will turn off every hour. Still, wireless data technology significantly reduces battery power. You need to purchase a device that supports the low power consumption function, and such a function is implemented in the bluetooth module with version 4.0 and higher. To check whether your device supports this technology, download the “BLE Cheker” application from the Play Market: install it and, if it does not give an error, everything is in order.

Now, every gadget owner knows why it was necessary to analyze this topic, and it also became clear by using what methods it becomes possible to see the Bluetooth version of a portable device. By the way, finally, a small “life hack”: remove the box from the gadget from the cabinet and look at the characteristics on the back; it is possible that you will find the answer there. Good luck